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Read how landlords and landladies of Hammersmith and London like, Bhupendra Patel and Michelle Lamb, and referencing Agencies, like, openly discriminate and abuse social power in London. Sanctioned to discriminate and abuse social power by London’s councils and our politics – OUR LAWS and our MPs…

What is happening in London is this, Landlords, letting agencies and referencing agencies are allowed to discriminate openly. And shamelessly so in the middle of the capital of Europe, London.

When I called my council, Hammersmith and Fulham council, early this year and told them. To make rules that stop open discrimination. Here I was told that “WE DO NOT TELL TO LANDLORDS WHAT TO DO.”

True you do not tell landlords what to do. But we do not allow landlords or anyone, for example, to get bombs and guns and knives and terrorise the city of London, do we?

But landlords and letting agencies by making ridiculous rules, by discriminating against low-paid workers and the unemployed, what do you think that they are doing?

They are terrorising London. These shameless, dignityless thugs of this city are creating a psychological horror and terror.  And sanctioned to do so by the politics of today.

Thus one of this thugs of the London city, a landlord called, Bhupendra Patel, who is among hundreds of thousands of others who think the same in London, said to me in a text message: “We are looking for tenants with a stable and sufficient earnings to pay the rent amount.”

Text message on what's app.

Another landlord or landlady called Michelle Lamb, that refused to give me her full name after discriminating against me but I found it out on SpareRoom, said also this: “We are looking for someone who is in secure employment, I am afraid.”

Michelle Lamb texts.

So if you psychologically look at the ideas of two different landlords in London, that do not know each other at all, you find out a unique similar way of thinking. That is of course a group or class way of thinking of course.

So their forms of discrimination and abuse of social power were pronounced so easily and so gently that one may think he and she and others are doing me and to us a favour by discriminating against me and against others in similar conditions. And by abusing social power.

But why are the letting agencies, landlords and referencing agencies discriminating and why is this discrimination becoming the New Normal way of life?

Because as I said above, these landlords, letting agencies and referencing agencies are allowed to do so. And thus they are saying, “Oh well, we are allowed to discriminate. So why shouldn’t we do that?

So we can discriminate between the rich and the poor, the unemployed and the employed, between the low-paid workers and the highly paid ones. And in this we can favour the rich.

So why shouldn’t we do that, eh?

At the end, the rich have been preferred and favoured by a 3000 years human history.

So, why shouldn’t these little HYENAS, these cruel, heartless and vampire-like landlords of London do that as well?

Do they know that socialism is a shared responsibility and that you cannot deny my right to exist in dignity with a roof over my head because you are a home owner?

They know nothing about human values. But they know everything about the consumption of GREED. They stand there like hungry dogs to pick up the bones of the dead and consume from the very oppressed. Unconscious of any human value.   But conscious of wanting more from the same humans they  want and desire to abuse.

There are no words to describe these voluptuous, valueless, feelingless beings. But there is a higher evil that is making their work of abuse of power and discrimination easy.

So, the question is: Who are those who are allowing these greedy, vicious and ugly monsters of our city to discriminate so shamelessly and abuse our socialist values?

Of course, what else? Our laws made by our politicians and the regulations of London’s councils – the abusive Ottoman Pashas of London who live from luxurious salaries. That they have fixed for themselves by abusing social power and allowing the abuse of social power in our town called, LONDON.

London’s councils, that lack anti discriminatory regulations.  And our parliament that does not make a law to stop discrimination against the unemployed and the poor in the housing sector.

A LAW that forces the GREEDY letting agencies, referencing agencies, and landlords of London to obey to human values, basic human rights and to what is human.

(For further in this topic read my blog - )

Now look how referencing agencies, like, for example, discriminates and abuses basic human rights.

In a recorded phone call,, told me that one needs to earn over £22,000 in order to get a room of £650,00 in W6.

Now to define this form of abuse of social power and abuse of basic human rights, you do not need the philosophy of Karl Marx or the logic of Hegel, you need a simple and humble philosophic mind. Like myself. Konstantin Bouki, Dr ACactivism.

What these referencing agencies do is get a £35 or something or more for themselves. And create a discriminatory and unjust form of referencing.

Why do I need to earn more than £22,000 to get a room of £650?

In a room depends my basic right to live in dignity in a civilised society where we share the responsibility of social power and social values.

You cannot be a state agent manager, a referencing agency owner or a home owner and go in a rampage and kill people, can you?

However, by discriminating against me as a poor, part time or unemployed person, you openly kill my rights to exist. And murder human beings in more cruel way than terrorism and terrorists.

For you drive people mad by taking their basic human rights and kill them slowly in pain and suffer. While searching like mad for a roof over their head in a civilised society where you as a landlord, referencing agency or letting agency refuse to respect and honour human values and social power.

And in this terrorism and terrorist thinking, you are aided and abetted by our laws and the regulations of London’s councils.

Therefore, you are worse than terrorists. And need to be stopped by ...

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Study shows Shelter charity Robs people of their money and Manipulates people of the U.K and LONDON by pretending to work to make housing fair and just. When they lie openly and abuse power just like the majority of social institutions in this country called, U.K.

On April 2021, I received an email from shelter saying that they had helped a woman challenge letting agents and win in court!

Saying this: “On 29 March, the judge at Worthing County Court declared by consent that the letting agents had unlawfully discriminated against Hayley.” Hayley was the lady Shelter had helped!

Now as a person who has been abused psychologically, and seen hundreds of others put through the same pain by the London’s councils. As a person who  was made homeless by an abusive and criminal council called, Hammersmith and Fulham. I said, oh well,. That is a victory!

“Good news” I said, “they achieved something!”

But then I made a search across Spare Room, Gumtree and Open Rent and I found out facts that show that still discrimination exists.

Open Rent - NO DSS. Further facts will be uploaded at the end of this blog.

And not only that. I further found out that there had been created NEW RULES to further abuse low-paid workers and the unemployed people. And discriminate against them, so to entertain the feelings of the rich landlords. And assure them over 120% that their rent is paid easily!, for example, confirmed to me over the phone, in a recorded phone call, that you need to get over £22,000 in order to get a room in W6, Hammersmith.

But according to the U.K gov, inside the Greater London, you need to earn £296.35 per week (£15,410 a year) if you’re a single adult for a living.

While more specifically, according to the Universal Credit, the monthly entitlement for a single person living in W6 and renting a room is £1,036.53. That is around £12,432.

So why has created a minimum of £22,000 of earnings in order to be able and rent a room or roof over your head in Hammersmith, London?


As a matter of fact, the referencing agencies have created their own rules to leave people on benefits and low-paid workers outside in the open. That means unable to rent. Discriminating and torturing and humiliating any basic human ideal whatsoever. And doing that under the watch and the support of the U.K Media monopolies, Politics and councillors of the London councils.

Further, the truth is that it is not the first time that the U.K government makes laws to support upper classes or leaves room for abuse of the low-paid workers or of the poor. This is a history of over 500 years that continues the same. Unchallenged in depth and continuously creating new ways of oppression and abuse of power.

Shelter has some ideas for change,. But their ideas are not complete and are wrong and manipulate people. So they are manipulating people to pay them money. But they do nothing important. For their ideas are basic and ridiculous.

In the above email, Shelter manipulates people in saying: "For every £1 you donate, £79p goes towards helping people struggling with bad housing and homelessness."

Even though, they explain in their website that this is only theoretical support. Here in the email do not mention that it is only ADVICE that they provide. That is they do not provide housing or as such things for the oppressed.

So manipulating people and making them donate through lies.

Further, in a campaign called, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Demand better from renting, in there,  Shelter says:  “We must call on government to ensure this new law scraps unfair Section 21 evictions and creates a landlord database – so the stress and anxiety that come with the uncertainty of renting finally ends.”

Very basic is their thinking. It contains no specific ideas that demand change and showing how this change should be delivered.

Evictions cannot be scrapped. For if you scrap that, you scrap all the rights of private property and capitalism.

But here you can scrap discrimination against the unemployed and low-paid workers and enshrine PRISON sentence for those who discriminate for profit – landlords and agencies.

Further, their advice or campaign on EndDSSDiscrimination also lacks essential thinking and manipulates people into making them think that SHELTER is making change.

Thus people donate, shelter continues manipulate and they lie people making them think that SHELTER is fighting for real change.  When in fact they have no ideas about REAL CHANGE.

Well, what is needed here to advice and bring change in our city?

So here is a need for a change in law to enshrine the rights of the low-paid workers and people in benefits in relation to shelter and housing.

And this can begin by first of all making referencing agencies to comply with the living standards of the people of London.

This compliance can be done or begin by respecting the earnings that I mentioned above, which are specified by the government. And by not abusing the living standards that are specified.

(for further read my blog - Enough Is Enough – Make Discrimination in the housing market against the unemployed and the poor unlawful by engraving our Human Basic Right for accommodation into a LAW – )

Now shelter people are saying is: Give us money or donate to us to fight for your rights.

And in one section of their website called, How we spend your money, Shelter says:

For every £1 you donate: 79p is spent directly on helping people through advice, support and campaign.”

That means they do not create a shelter for people, but advice, support and campaign.

But as a matter of fact, their advice is wrong. Their campaigns are ridiculous because they spend the money of people not for protests and a change in our laws, which is necessary. As landlords and agencies of this country are directly and openly discriminating.

So they spend people’s money dealing with certain individual cases. Which is pointless. And manipulative . For they make so much noise and get so much money and do bring no change in our society.

For a fight that is fair and just means a change in the law. A change that specifies the how and the what. and that does not leave it on the hand of the government the how and the what.

So SHELTER is not fighting for what is essential. And has no ideas to fight for this.

So they are saying donate to us, so we teach you how to live with discrimination . And abuse of our social power.

It is disgraceful; and sickening to see these charities abuse social power like this.

Therefore, I accentuate change here can be brought only through a law. Not through ideas that lie people and rob people of thousands of pounds that go on the pockets of these liars, manipulators and abusers of....

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For the Youth and those who love Knowledge – How to Free Yourself from Iron Cultural Prejudices and powerful media mind-controlling preconceptions and become a Free Thinking Human Being

Culture is accumulated over different many centuries and it is as powerful as iron. Hard to bend, and easy to set you in chains. That means, culture controls your mind to think in a certain way. And fills the human mind full of prejudices.

While media monopolies is the structure of thought that defends both culture and the rich in order to control the masses like sheep. While of course knowing the laws. And playing with hysterical screams to the masses. Setting the human soul on fire for what they, media monopolies, deem right. And setting the human soul on fire for what they, media monopolies, deem wrong.

Thus, the hysterical right and wrong of media monopolies become the new laws of the masses on top of the laws of our western world. And it is in this way that media monopolies create powerful wires and chains created to control human minds and their actions.  

It is time for people to break their chains.

Thus as we grow up, our minds get dressed from layers of thoughts which keep us in chains of a certain culture, like western or eastern culture. As we grow up, our minds get dressed of thoughts that tell us through the authority of the law when we should drink alcohol or...

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A true story – is it okay to not be okay or is it a shame?

The best way to express your feelings is to note them down as you feel them.

So to express the pain of what it is like to feel oversensitive. Or over depressed because of existential conditions created by the circumstances of the politics of the time?

What is like to live continually under the mental pressure of the threats of your local government? And continual anxiety?

What is like to not feel okay at all?

What is like to live continually under the mental pressure of the threats of your local government?

What is like to feel a subconscious feeling of panic attack try to choke you from within from the stress and endless worries that you get from the psychological torture of your local government?

What is like to see a friend die because of political oppression and inhumane psychological abuse of the local governments? Local governments who put people in animal stables and torture their spirt in depressive places that lack fresh air and a basic space for living?

What is like to feel and see pain? And so on with other feelings and other forms of human pain.

However, here is a problem. For if you dare and note your feelings as you see and as you feel them. And if you are conscious of your pain and able to see consciously the problem, this may anger people of power, who like to abuse. And who do not like you, as a citizen, to not know the connection that exists between condition and psychological torture.

And as such local governments want you to not the connection between continual threats and bullying and harassment and psychological abuse! They want you to feel the pain, keep your mouth shut and understand nothing until you die.

And then, they call an NHS doctor and tell, he or she died from a heart attack! And the matter is closed! Happy justice!

So, people who hold big local government power want you to be ignorant of the pain that you go through.

Some other people, however, by seeing that you do not show your pain all the time, they are so thick that they think that you are okay all the time. And for them, it is not okay to not be okay.

However, they do not know the struggle that you go through behind the scenes. What you do not express or show. The many hours and the many days that you disappear. The depressive sate of mind in which you are in, when they do not see you. And they are also unaware of the psychological torture that you have gone through as a result of a continual abuse of your local government,.

So what is the story and what is the moral of the story? 

Let me tell you first a true story. So we may get the moral from it.

On 27th January 2021 at approximately 14:15 p.m, I was having a chat with the owner of the lodge, where I am living at the moment.

And I said to him “that the place is too small, it is a box room only.

(This is a box room that may have been a single room previously. And now it is split into two to make space for capitalist gain. And that lacks the basic amount of space for living. And the basic amount of fresh air. )

And it is too depressive, too noisy. And I can’t even breathe in that place from the lack of space and the lack of fresh air. And so this place is affecting immensely my mental health. Making me choke into my throat many times.

And after, I expressed my pain, he said, “look, I want to be honest with you Konstantin. The council does not....

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On the Inauguration of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. Never Forget who created TRUMP – Liberal Media camouflaged once as genie of Good and once as genie of Evil.

“Today is a reminder, a painful one, that democracy is fragile. To preserve it requires people of good will, leaders with the courage to stand up, who are devoted not to pursuit of power and personal interest at any cost, but to the common good.“

Joe Biden @JoeBiden, 07 01 2020.

Before feeling overwhelmed with a false happiness, we should ask ourselves, How did we come to this point, where we saw a new Nazi politician settting children into cages, abusing power openly and swearing at anti fascist groups so proudly?

Yes, this is how it always happens. And the answer is similar to the thinking of Joe Biden.

That is, when we do not have fair and just people to preserve democracy. We also do not have people of good will, leaders with the courage to stand up, who are devoted not to pursuit of power and personal interest at any cost, but to the common good.

So, just like Biden said. When we do not have as such people to hold up our values democracy falls.

But why and how does this happen? How comes that our world falls into evil and into wrong just like that?

Let me say that democracy begins by holding up the ideals of freedom, justice, and equality. And it ends from the abuse of as such ideals.

And thus by thinking in this way, we go to those who pretend hold up as such ideals from big screens and those who have the power to abuse as such ideals from the same big screens. That are those who are in control of information.

And in order for us to understand better those, who speak like BIG BROTHERS from big screens, let us return a little bit back in time and see who created TRUMP.

For example, in the last decades, the genii or journalists of liberal media, who were in control of 95% of all human information, showed to have developed a “PENCHANT” for human attention. That meant they wanted at all costs to catch human attention. And increase media profits by all means.

And they also saw that by attacking immigrants and minorities. And linking immigrants and minorities to crime, and all the problems of western world, this increased immensely their TV views, their media clicks and their subscriptions.

Information, on the other hand, was controlled with a religious fanaticism by the same western Genii. And this form of thinking created a strain of thinking in the universal soul of humanity and a demand for change of whatever form.

So, Trump was born by the religious fanatics  of Western Liberal Media camouflaged once as Genie of good and once as Genie of evil.

How does this happen one may ask, and why?

The genii of Western world after studying journalisms and politics, they quickly enter into the world of media and power. Just like that through a school diploma and artificial values.

These Western Genii, however, are always taught to tout the values of their media policies and media bosses. Rather than tout human values.

And this happens so because these western Genii are discovered by the Western Aladdins, that are super paid media editors or billionaire media owners.

And the Western Aladdins, media editors and media owners, hold a Wonderful Lamp in their hands. That is, media power.

Thus, the Aladdins bring genii out of their lamp to make the world a mess by once representing truth through the good genie and once representing evil by spreading lies and hatred through the genii, that represents or that is camouflaged as evil for the time being.

In short, on the Inauguration Day of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris. We must never forget to...

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Can we ever share all what we have with others? Read a moral value from a true story

In the recent months, I have been plunged deep into depression, over stress, and suicidal thoughts and feelings.

And this pain has been caused by a calculated psychological and emotional abuse created by the Hammersmith and Fulham council. A powerful local government who have continually threatened and abused me  through different ways. Which I have already explained in my previous blogs. And which I have resisted up to the point of suicide.

So what is the story?

Last week I borrowed £300 from a friend. As I was badly struggling for food and the necessary things of living.

Tesco store in Bayswater, London.

Now, on a Saturday morning, 16 01 2021, as I was walking in Bayswater London, a homeless woman broke my heart by saying, "Can you buy me something to eat."

In this moment even though, I knew that what I had were borrowed money, still I couldn't deny the fact that I have something.

So I replied to her saying, what do you want to eat?

The homeless woman still begging for support to a cruel city.

She said, "Can I have a Swiss Roll."

I didn't understand at the beginning what she meant. So I replied, Sorry what is it?

Smiling in pain, she said,
"I can show you."

And as we headed towards a Tesco store that was just a few meters away. She added suddenly, "It's my birthday today."

Bayswater London

Damn I said to myself, how hard that our lives are here at the very bottom. And no one even bothers to try and understand us.

"Oh, happy birthday," I said. I didn't know what to say more. But her smile was all over her face. As she said, thank you.

So we entered into the Tesco store. And what this brilliant woman with a deep pain wanted was a £1 Swiss Roll.
We went up to the till. I paid and we left outside. Where we wished well to each other.

A Swiss Roll all what a homeless woman asked me!

What is the moral of the story here?

I shared with her the money that I had borrowed for myself from friends. That's the point. So I ask, "Can we share what we have with others? Would we ever rise up to the idea of humanity and what is human? Or remain forever in half humans, greedy and over ambitious and totally selfish?

Can we ever understand the fact that we all come from our mother earth and it is this all-nourishing mother that provides everything for us?

So why not share what you have?

Now it is in sharing and....

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Riots set Capitol Hill in Flames, – As it happened the Intelligent Senators, who abused truth and human goodness, found themselves in trouble cowering from a Mad Trump Mob!

Truth and goodness are holy. So, if you play with them, you play with humanity.

[caption id="attachment_4363" align="alignnone" width="690"] US senators cowering from the hatred that they sowed.[/caption]

But Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and other hallucinating US senators by protesting the official US election results, they played with good and truth. And with the ideal of humanity. Twisting and turning truth as they wished in front of our eyes and shamelessly so. Sowing resentment and hatred with lies for the sake of will to sick power. 

Now, to be honest hate and lies for Trump are nothing new. For we have seen plenty of 4 years of hatred and discrimination and abuse of power by Donald Trump.

[caption id="attachment_4364" align="alignnone" width="690"] 6th January Capitol Hill, police trying to stop the Trump mob![/caption]

For for plenty of four years we saw many a bad action in the US politics. We saw Trump setting children in cages in the US, discriminating against muslims. Killing innocent people around the world by dropping bombs from the air. Like dropping flower petals on the heads of innocent people in Middle EAST and elsewhere. Betraying the Kurds, who fought so hard terrorism on our behalf.

And we saw Trump trying to bribe the Ukrainian president to investigate a political opponent while in power. As well as ignoring the facts that said that Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing American troops. And other coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Therefore, all what I said above are just some of the facts that show Donald Trump to have abused power together with the majority of the wolves of the Republican senators.

Now, as if what Donald Trump did in office was not enough, he went so far with his ego as to appeal for hate and violence in the USA. With his love for the proud boys and his inclination for conspiracy theories. He thought he was set for victory over truth and over good by endlessly spilling conspiracy theories about official election results on Twitter. And across the social media.

[caption id="attachment_3419" align="alignnone" width="379"] Trump on 15 11 2020 showing his hatred for Anti Fascist groups and supporting unconditionally his fascist supporters.[/caption]


 So, since Trump lost to Joe Biden in the November 2020 election, he has been stoking flames of violence by quoting the worst conspiracy theories ever on his social media empire. And backing the braindead right wing followers to keep supporting their great prophet of hatred called, Donald Trump!

And with these proud boys, who don’t even know the meaning of being human, try to overturn a fair election. The will of millions of people. And the essence of democracy. Taunting American values around the world,. And turning America into the ridicule of the new world.


[caption id="attachment_4366" align="alignnone" width="690"] Trump fans defending conspiracy theories of their president![/caption]

Antifa is a Terrorist Organisation, stay out of Washington. Law enforcement is watching you very closely!
10:25 PM · Jan 5, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
Donald Trump said on Twitter on 5th January 2021.

[caption id="attachment_4371" align="alignnone" width="564"] Trump here contently, like a pig, he tweets from the Oval Office. After he had watched plenty of footages showing the escalation of violence on Capitol Hill.[/caption]

So, it wasn’t only the love for fascist groups but and the hatred for anti fascists that made Trump a distinct fascist politician. Sick for power and violence.

Trump, however, wasn’t alone for he was followed in his madness by the “Sanchos” of the USA. Like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and other disciples, who followed the hallucinating mad thinking of Donald Trump all the way to the end of Trump’s daydreaming.


However, it happened that this mendacious daydream ended after the Trump mob, incited and versed with conspiracy theories from their president, stormed Capitol Hill. Setting it in the flames of violence and gun smoke. Events that left five people dead and many others injured.


[caption id="attachment_4367" align="alignnone" width="690"] Trump mob inside the senate![/caption]

Further, Riots did not only destroy the daydream of the mad prophet, Donald Trump. For they also gave a clear message to those Intelligent Senators, who abused truth and human goodness by twisting and turning truth and goodness as they liked. For they found themselves in trouble cowering from a Mad Trump Mob! And fearing for their lives like wet chickens running away hastily from the pellets of hailstones and the fear of thunderbolts. 

Now, it happened that straight after the incident, the bully Trump issued a statement saying to those who stormed Capitol Hill, “We love you and go home.”

And hours later, the bully Trump turned foxy and issued another video statement appealing for the same people to be brought to justice. It is funny. Eh?

And more funny than this, however, it is the sick will for power of men.

For Jim Jordan, who rallied like a mad ox to overturn the official election result, also issued a statement condemning the Trump mob. A mob that he had two months that he educated, led and riled them up with hatred and lies.

Rep. Jim Jordan
Americans support peaceful protests, First Amendment activity, and the men and women of law enforcement.
What happened today is wrong and is not what America is about.
10:50 PM · Jan 6, 2021·Twitter Web App

At the end, we come to the philosophical conclusion that shows that the ego of certain politicians is too funny. For they go up to a point where they incite hate, kill people and set the world on fire. And when their EGO is done with all evil. Then they turn their eyes towards human values. And pray for peace!

But then it is too late, gentlemen, for a prayer!

So, justice can be done in this case by bringing the....

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My First Letter of Suicide Sent to Hammersmith and Fulham Council on 08 12 2020 in Protest of their forms of Abuse and Oppression and Bullying

Letter of Suicide. As a Protest for Council’s policies that Oppress and Kill people indirectly by creating as such conditions and circumstances as intelligent traps for the people. 24 hours from now I will protest by creating consciously suicidal thoughts and acting towards suicide.

Dear Chief Executive of the Hammersmith and Fulham council and dear, you other well paid organisers of discrimination and oppression,

I asked for support a few months ago. I didn’t ask you to put me through hell and abuse me with your corrupt ways of thinking and policies.
For, in two occasions, I was pushed to suicide by the conditions that you as council created. Like by throwing me outside of my temporary accommodation with all my belongings. Just like that with a very short notice. And using me like a lifeless object in many other circumstances. That have already been noted.

Now, when as such thoughts were created because of the circumstances and conditions, that you as a council created. I always stated a fact. And never asked for anything in turn. Nor am I asking you for anything in turn this time. Never. I prefer to live outside in the street rather than ask something in turn of something.

For I prefer to give not to take.

So I am sending a letter of suicide as a protest for some points which show clearly that your policies are wrong and therefore evil. And even though it is very hard for me to think consciously of suicide, as this stirs my stomach and pushes me a step further to the end. I will do this, the hardest thing I have ever done, as a protest against your cruelty, prejudice and inhumanity that you as a council show and have showed in these months.

That means, for the next 24 hours I will think consciously of suicide, search for places where I can commit suicide and send photos live via emails to you.

Why will I do this extreme form of protest?

First, as I was supported from you, I observed a fact. That means, I saw that you would support people and then suddenly cancel their accommodation. This made me see real pain, made me see people in tears who would fall on the floor from pain, cry and scream and shout. Because you would play with them. And use people like lifeless objects. Like unworthy commodities. To me this was CRUELTY. To you this may be humanity.

Secondly, I saw you as a council work with certain agencies that discriminate against the poor in their ads by saying. That they do not accept housing benefit recipients. Landlord’s mortgage/insurance prohibits renting to Housing Benefit recipients.

So the same people and agencies who discriminate against the poor, and bring us to this condition, the same people are being super paid by the council. And you as council overpay them for this service of discrimination. Increasing rent prices and making DISCRIMINATION a LAW.

So, for this I will protest.

Thirdly, you also seem to employ racist and prejudiced people that instead of trying to understand our pain. Create shameful lies to push us to suicide. This fact was fully proved and sent to you in my previous letter. For racist comments and shameful lies were given in writing by your racist CPA. A narrow-minded and prejudiced racist and shameful lier.

So, for this I will protest as well.

My fourth point of protest is the fact that you do not provide lower rent for people in need of housing. And hence you have created a suicidal environment into our borough, where the richest are only supported.
In this way creating tensions and strains of thinking in our minds that make depression and anxiety the only outcome for us.

Fifth point, I do not see you as council creating educative campaigns that fight domestic violence through educative and leading ideas. Which intend to make people aware of certain common sense form of thinking that forms the bases of being human. So to support education by promoting education instead of focusing only on oppression.

I see you as council collecting a dozen different forms of taxes, when we work, suck out our blood. And live like kings for yourselves. With the Chief Executive of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kim Smith, taking £1,69000 per year to discriminate against the poor. Paid by the very poor to discriminate the very poor.

I would not stand for that. I would not stand for these horrible and abhorring council policies that Oppress and Kill people indirectly by creating as such conditions and circumstances as intelligent traps for the people.

We see very well how oppression works from top-down and bottom-up of today intelligent machinery politics.
It is evident that if we lived in a just world, you would not be the people of the council. But people who are tried on courts for creating conditions that abuse human basic rights. And torment civilised people with criminal council policies.

For this, during the coming 24 hours, I will....

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The spirit of resistance says, dear Boris Johnson before thinking of a new national lockdown think first of all the mental health issues that it will bring on us, please!

The Soul of Humanity is seething from Mental Problems.
Isolation has shrunk many of us into a depressive state of mind.

Most of our living places are tiny, narrow, depressing and suffocating. And we barely get any fresh air from as such living places.

And further, we see every single day many house mates that we used to see only for Christmas. So bringing us closer to conflict rather than love.

And thus we have crowded into our shared houses, temporary accommodations and stifling places. And look like dizzy flies hovering above hot milk.

As a result subconsciously from isolation and the heat of the moment, we get hit hard in the head. And thus one after another we are developing mental health issues. That were unknown to us before the national locdowns and social isolations.

So, all what I am saying is please consider first the side effects that as such national Locdowns will bring.

For the spirit of resistance says, dear Boris Johnson before thinking of a new national lockdown think first of all the mental health issues that it will bring on us, please!

For perhaps these lockdowns, that you announce so easy from your palatial accommodations, will bring more problems to our....

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We demand justice, we demand fairness, we demand equality, and we demand Human Dignity for All – This, I think, must be the cry and motto of 2021!


2020 and Coronavirus or Covid-19 brought to light the historical pain that ever existed between master and slave. Or rich and poor.

[caption id="attachment_4156" align="alignnone" width="690"] Homeless Man sleeping rough in Bayswater London on the 31st December 2020.[/caption]



And I say that because I've seen first hand real pain and anguish in the city where I live called, London. And I have gone myself through tremendous mental pressure, anguish, stress and deep human pain. Where mental break downs, heavy depression, and anxiety due to the bad conditions of living were simply impossible to avoid.

And in the middle of this torment of the spirit, suffering, heartache, distress, and anguish of the oppressed, like myself. I realised or more exactly I lived this theory that we learn in political and philosophical books.

A theory that speak of ideas that exist to interconnect the oppressed and the oppressors. The weak and the strong. Like it is for example this form of interconnection that come from the idea of economy and money power.

In short, the oppressed showed to be vulnerable. Too vulnerable and powerless and exposed to hunger, great distress and extreme poverty by the Covid-19 pandemic.

While the rich simply saw our Covid-19 pandemic as a moment of escape and relaxation. As ever thinking in style from their money power. And partying in style from the economic power that they control. Consuming champaign and drinking old quality French wines! 


[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="265"]           The rich party in style, always![/caption]


So, during the Covid-19 pandemic the poor were shaken profoundly in the core of their existence by this form of historical injustice. That ever existed between the rich and the poor in our historical England.

Like how, what do I mean?

For example, the Poor were left crowding in stifling isolations afflicted by Covid-19 to grieve their miserable, joyless and destitute fate in their poverty and isolation of the worst forms possible.

The poor were reduced to living in tiny, suffocating and overcrowded accommodations, where panic attacks would repeat with every breath.  and unknown mental problems would crop up unexpectedly out of nowhere! 

Reduced to homelessness. Queueing in food banks. Hordes of people living together sharing the same spaces. Pushed to conflict and domestic violence.
And counting pennies for their food on the table. This was and still is the pain of the poor that has come as a result of Covid-19 pandemic. Madness.

This happened and still happens, however, from a deep and profound injustice created as a result of a historical unfairness and inequality. That has created a big galling gap between the strong and the weak, the rich and the poor.

James Dyson sucking money power through his business. And allowed to avoid paying a fair share of his taxes to the U.K!

On the other side of thinking, the rich, unaffected by the pandemic, checked for places they could go to get away from London or even leave the UK all together. Leaving London and the UK in hurry!

Looking forward to sunny and summery days. To spend their money in peace!

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="690"] Lady Eliza Manners and other socialites! For as such people isolation does not exist![/caption]


Gracious Jesus! How sweet that it is inequality, injustice and unfairness in our UK? And no one even ever bothers to even call this into question!

Or call into question our Values? Or our human rights?

So, the same rich people, who made their money by exploiting our today masses. And extorted the wretched and the poor working classes, now, in the middle of the Pandemic, they never gave up their thinking for a good life!

And this thinking for a good life in the middle of a misery and pain of course that it comes from the fact that they have. And the fact is that they have too much...

But what about those who have nothing, but their souls?  And count pennies for their food in order to keep their soul alive on our gracious and all-loving mother earth?

The rich as a matter of fact by looking to leave the same London, that they exploited and extorted through different manipulating ways. Like through tax avoidance. The rich by thinking and doing as we said above, they refused to share the responsibility of the human existence and socialism.

For a matter of fact, the oppressed and extorted working classes deserved to see the rich in these hard moments by their side. Like, say, we to see them stay here and give a hand to support those vulnerable people that were reduced to poverty, food banks and pain. Like myself and many other fellow citizens of London.

[caption id="" align="alignnone" width="690"] Homeless man has left his place, where he slept rough in Bayswater London.[/caption]


So, the injustice of today saddens your soul, the gap between the rich and the poor continues to widen. And we still forget to remember our rights. Our Rights. The rights of socialism and of our human existence.

And that's what we must never give up and think more than ever in 2021. And die on behalf of these rights not die killing and oppressing each other.

Hence, we must fall for and stand for our human rights and our human ideals.

For I prefer suicide or standing up till I die or lose my mind fighting for my rights over the Oppression and abuse of my constitutional human rights. And human Dignity.

Therefore, in the middle of this pandemic and pain, I dare say that in 2021 we should think different.

And never forget to say or remember that

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My Housing Problem has brought Me FACE to FACE with unreal Psychological and Emotional Abuse and Discrimination and Threats Being Perpetrated by the heads of the Hammersmith and Fulham Council and their Policies

 One question: Why is it hard in our England for people in positions of power to understand the pain of the people at the very bottom of our society?

Are these people blinded by the luxurious salaries that they get and the power that they control because of us, the slaves of today?

How comes that people who hold public office, abuse its citizens?

I say this because I saw unreal forms of abuse with my eyes and experienced this abuse with my feelings. And I saw real pain being created by the Hammersmith and Fulham council towards me and towards other people as well.

For example, as I was supported by them, I saw that they had a cruel policy of cancelling temporary accommodations.

Sometimes, for example, they would give you a few days of warning. Sometimes they would cancel your accommodation early in the morning. To make sure that you are in the street with all your belongings. And feel the sting of a poisonous pain as a gift by the Hammersmith and Fulham council.

Sometimes they would threaten you over the phone telling you unofficially to leave. Which meant you to become homeless. Sometimes, they would indirectly threaten you by telling you, that sooner or later you will be out in the street by our decisions.

“I cannot say when it (accommodation) will be cancelled and this decision will be made by colleagues in our temporary accommodation team as your review is now completed.” This is how the landlord, Hammersmith and Fulham, puts its threats mildly and sweetly.

In short these inhumane chiefs of Hammersmith and Fulham council put you through hell. And treated you like a lifeless object. Creating deep scars of pain in your soul.

So, I saw myself being thrown out of the temporary accommodation, which this council had provided, just like that. Like a piece of paper or like rubbish. With all my belongings and all what I had. With no feelings of empathy whatsoever being shown by the cruel highly paid clerks of the council.

Like for example, you as a council to think just a little bit what would happen to this person, when we throw them outside in the street and use him or her like that? Will he or she feel distressed and tortured in their spirits because of this cruel action of ours?

 Will he or she suffer there in the street, when she or he is thrown like a lifeless object outside in cold and rain and pain by our council cruel policies?

So the people of Hammersmith and Fulham did not seem to bother at all about this. And for them this was a practice supported by their laws or policies that they had created.

Happy and content like pigs with their policies. they thought they were doing the right thing. However, they were doing great wrong to the people.

For, it was not only me who was treated like that. For I also saw the same pain in others.

 I saw men and women crying, screaming and pulling their hairs in despair. Because the council had thrown them out of their temporary accommodations mercilessly.

After having decided to support him or her in the first place. Betraying people meanly. And using people carelessly like being inanimate objects. Not like humans with feelings and thoughts and that can get hurt. And sometimes lose themselves and their minds from great distress, pain and despair.

Now, I would say, thank you for the initial support, of course. But I also would ask, why do you as a council mistreat and abuse me as a citizen?

Because I asked for support? Or is it because you have fixed very good salaries for yourselves and it is very hard for you to understand my pain as a citizen?

And when your policies create real pain to me, why don’t you calm down and take some responsibility as a council?

As a matter of fact, the Hammersmith and Fulham council, and many others, have policies that abuse people in place. They employ people that discriminate in the council and that are racists. And they have a low very low understanding of the human pain.

Let me show you an inner thinking of this council.

 Why discrimination?

 Hammersmith and Fulham council worked with letting agencies that in their profiles in spare room showed to not accept housing benefits. So as such agencies discriminated against the poor.

While this council overpaid these agencies for offering some dirty and depressive places. Places with flies and rubbish. And in many occasions, they were located in places where the train would pass every now and then.

Secondly, they would support you today, and cancel your accommodation just like that tomorrow.

Now, the latter policy created immense pain and suffer.

For to see yourself being thrown outside with all your belongings was not easy to keep your cool. For stress would outweigh your thinking. And pull you down to the lowest moods and feelings.

And as a result, depression, panic attacks, a feeling of being choked into your throat and anxiety would weigh you down and grow subconsciously. Drowning you like an ocean from inside and outside of you.

Oversensitivity would create suicidal thoughts. And you would find yourself in a question of to be or not to be.

This is how I....

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People, who rushed to leave London just before tier-four restrictions came to power, share a Value with British Journalists. Read!

Suddenly, on 19 12 2020, just before the new laws of tier-four restrictions came to power, large crowds of people were seen at St Pancras station rushing to leave the isolation that London is serving…....

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UK Lockdown – The Poor lose again badly! As the Rich barely suffer of anything. Read!

Many of us may have thought that a pandemic will equalise all social structures. And make things equal, finally.

But, let's be honest, unfortunately, this thinking is not the case of the reality that we see.

Below is a picture that shows the rich fleeing London for a better life! For more peace, more luxury and greater harmony in their lives!

(the rich usually are visionary, they think ahead of the Poor! At the end, the poor do not dare to think like this! For it costs a lot, right?)

So, why would rich people suffer in as such times? I ask. What do they lack? What can make them suffer?

We see that their needs are treated with the utmost care, they travel a lot. Live in luxurious mansions. Have plenty of space around them. Slaves keep them happy in keeping their places clean and tidy. And they can go anywhere they like with the money that they have.

Farewell poor people!

So, I ask, is here anyone who is ignorant enough to say that the rich and the poor are sharing our today pain equally?

What about poor working classes, what would happen to them?

Let's be honest, working people can barely afford a ....

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Mental Health Problems can be bigger than you, human beings – Why I think that by taking care of ourselves, we can take care of the world

Neither mind nor body carries more than it can bear.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau, Emile

The recent economical struggle in my life has created a new mental struggle. And I have come to see the human mind as a labyrinth. That means you know something but not everything of it.

But why do you bother, in the today world, where technology is held as the new god? And anxiety and depression is creeping surreptitiously from the front and back door of today masses and new generations, who are ignorant of the self-knowing ideas? one may ask.

I bother because I love to know. And I love to spread this message and the importance of knowing by creating ideas. That's why I bother.

Secondly, I suffer myself many times from a form of dark energy that darkens my mind many times from different reasons. Reasons that I intend to explain in this blog together with the idea of dark energy in relation to thinking.

Further, the workings of the mind and life’s meaning have been for hundreds of years the work of philosophers. And to be honest, many philosophers suffered themselves greatly in their lives because of their love for knowledge.

Socrates, for example, was a poor man and condemned with a death penalty because of his ideas. Rousseau was prosecuted and forced to leave France because of his ideas. With Karl Marx it was the same. And so on with many others, like Einstein etc.,

Well, you may say that there has been no living man on earth without going through some hard moments in life. So are we all philosophers, then?

Somehow to be a human being means to be a thinking being. However, to be a philosopher means to be a thinking being that always is in love with knowledge. And loves to know even when suffer and pain hits you hard as a philosopher. 

So, if you are a thinking being going through hard moments in life. And in love with learning and questioning the world. Then probably you are on the way of becoming a philosopher.

For as you live and suffer yourself from the pain of human existence, you will be able to question, learn, and tell this pain through a philosophical lens. That is teaching others.

Now, to come to the theme of today. One thing that has concerned me greatly in the recent years has been the fact that I wanted to know myself thoroughly.
As well as the fact of knowing the ropes of the political world.

So, in hard moments, when depression and life hits hard. I hit back hard with questions.

And I ask,
“Why am I feeling this way? Why is depression weighing me down? And if I have anxiety or suicidal thoughts or any other mental feeling or problem, why do I have them?

What are the circumstances and the conditions that make me feel so? Why is my head feeling obscured, dark, or heavy?

Does this pain come from my inner thinking or does it come from the outer world and its conditions and circumstances?

And if I feel so, then what am I doing to change or fight it?

This is how I roll in my world. I learn and question everything. And when I fall, I learn from falling and I stand back up again.

For at the end, if I, as a philosopher, am not able to know myself and direct myself in the hardest moments, then do you think that I will ever be able to lead and guide others in thinking?

However, to be honest, is not guiding and leading that I want to teach here. More exactly, here I want to point out the depth and the weight of falling. Or mental health problems. Or what I call the creation of “DARK ENERGY” in mind.

So, at this moment, a question now asks us, “How is this “Dark Energy” created in our minds or in the human mind that makes us suffer greatly?

I see that this form of “DARK ENERGY” is created in the human minds from a serious effect. That is, from the....

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Brexit – The Witch-like Thinking of the British Politics is Shifting the Blame from Eurasia to…. “MILLIONAIRE MEDIA PROPAGANDA”



When you have a Millionaire Media control the public opinion. When you have LAWS made to support the rich. And when you don't respect human rights and human values. Then you turn from eating others to eating each other. And at the end, the sick cackling "Witch THINKING" will turn to eating itself... " this is how I replied to Andrew Adonis on Twitter.

Now, the today phenomenal thinking of the nationalist British media tells us that the greatest form of invention in rhetorical thinking seems to be in “BLAMING OTHERS” for everything!

And here I ask, "How many times has Britain been a friend of Germany and France and how many times their enemy, my brethren?" Countless times, right?

Well, you may say, that after the WWII, we, here in the imperialist Britain, found a safe heaven in blaming Russians and terrorists, like the IRA, Daesh etc. But today, whom are we blaming?

So we see that things change pretty quick in the world of politics. Especially in a 1984 like form of government. Where the blame is shifted from Eurasia to Eastasia.
And god only knows what happens with the politics of Oceania!

Thus, the machine of propaganda of the Oceania state writes to shift the blame once again from Eurasia to Eastasia! We are at war with Eastasia and at peace with Eurasia! And Merkel is the central point of attack. 

Hence, The Dail Mail, a big state propaganda machine, splashes a big headline across the front page of its billionaire media paper to spread the news, “MERKEL WANTS BRITAIN ‘TO CRAWL ACROSS BROKEN GLASS.’ 

We are at war with Eastasia! Please read the media propaganda machine!!!

Now just imagine how this "propaganda machine"  stirs the blood of the common people and of the public opinion. Making people switch feelings every now and then.

So, people soon irritate against Germany, and stand up in arms against Merkel. 

And a few days later, things change again, Emmanuel Macron of France is blamed. And the feelings of the people are hurt once again badly. But this time not against the politics of Eastasia but rather against the politics of Eurasia. 

We are not anymore at war with Eastasia. But are at war with Eurasia. And it has always been so" the propaganda machine claims. And the public opinion once again is changed. People are hurt in their feelings. And lies passed for truth. 


         In short, Brexit  tells us of the....

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Nothing pulls you so low and so down as severe Poverty in life – My Mild Depression and Anxiety get into a new level as the result of my housing problem and struggle for existence

I know many of us face housing problems in London and struggle for existence in a place where a few rich lords control the economy of the many slave.

Here, I fully understand your pain and the pain of many others, who have lost their minds as the result of this form of galling inequality.

However, as a writer who always followed big ideas and learning. And so neglected the ideas of money. Then I have a right to express my pain. Simply because I dare and you don’t.

Simply because I am honest of my pain and my struggle. And perhaps you don’t bother to express your ideas.

So in this blog, I intend to speak of the problems of my life, the struggle and the pain that I live as an author. And at the end, by taking my self as an example of this story and of this experiment. I will show my findings here through a philosophical conclusion.

What is my story, then?

Crammed in a single room in London with 200 books. (supported by one of London’s councils and on purpose left to suffer like this for reasons that I intend to explain in another blog.) My living place looks gloomy, dark and depressive

And simply by living in it and looking around my living place, it makes me feel low, and a bit more than confused and heavy in my head.

And then these feelings stir my anxiety, which in turn give me a kind of panic attack and choking in my throat. Which I try to control by thinking of different ideas. Reading. Or leaving the place all together when I get worse.

Now, worse than my feelings here is the fact that this story escapes the “why.” Why do I feel so? I ask.

Let us, see the condition of living and see if my body reacts spontaneously to its environment.

The space of the room is....

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Discrimination and injustice in the London housing market takes a whole new dimension – Live thee outside in Hell for the rich want warm and luxurious palaces!

Primitive man living separately and having women, food and plenty of land and animals for his survival needs, he didn't need any form of Justice.

But we see that Social world requires social justice in each time for a million different reasons. And the main reason for it, however, we see to be in the fact that shows us: that injustice and corruption never ends.

And so, in each epoch and each time in history, injustice and corruption simply take a whole new dimension of thinking and doing.

Now, to come to the theme of today.

It is evident that sheer injustice and the corruption of thinking in London has created a deep housing problem and a mess. And just imagine, all of this is done and allowed to exist by our laws, our public prosecution agencies and our judges in courts as well.

That means, today, the injustice of our housing problem has been allowed to take a new dimension by our legislative, judiciary system and executive system. Or say "state powers" have allowed discrimination against the poor on purpose.

For our laws, like Equality Act, leave plenty of room to be evaded by those who discriminate against the poor easily. While, the public prosecution agencies do not bother about this for they don't want to. 

And perhaps they also know that the judges and courts are reluctant to call a spade a spade. And refuse to prosecute those who discriminate against the poor.

Thus, as a matter of fact, this shows our state power even in the housing problem to think and act or be on the side of the rich. As ever it has happened in England, anyways.

Now to give an example from the old form of discrimination.

It is a fact to say that most of the working class people have known for years that most of letting agents and landlords do not accept people in benefits or benefit recipients.

So, for years many rich letting agencies and landlords shamelessly wrote on Spare Room and across internet a very short and simply phrase. That openly discriminated against the poor in the heart of London.

“No DSS. They wrote. And that meant that these landlords and letting agencies won't rent to someone on Housing Benefit.

However, this form of corruption or old form of discrimination finally achieved to be challenged in court. And those who so far discriminated openly for years by saying, "No DSS," all of a sudden dropped it from their usage! 

“No DSS: Landmark Court Ruling confirms housing benefit discrimination is unlawful.”, 14 Jul 2020.

“District Judge Victoria Elizabeth Mark declared for the first time that “rejecting tenancy applications because the applicant is in receipt of housing benefit was unlawfully indirectly discriminatory on the grounds of sex and disability, contrary to […] the Equality Act 2010.” According to Shelter.

So, straight after this historic victory for the poor, letting agencies and private landlords dropped this overused and banal phrase, “No DSS.” And replaced the same concept with something more intelligent. That puts the blame on more complex and powerful institutions.

That is, the...

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Why Social Isolation Creates Domestic Violence by distorting human minds and changing characters – Reasons why Local Governments should Support people in need of housing in the U.K

As a working class person, that has lived and still lives in London with different people and different characters in the same house. And that shares the same kitchen and bathrooms. I can tell a lot of reasons of why local governments should support people in need of housing in our time.

And one of these reasons is the fact that social isolation can change characters, distort minds and therefore bring unreal domestic violence in our world.

But how? one may ask.

I will take two ideas here to make my points. That are, physical inactivity and overthinking in isolation. And these two ideas, I think can change characters, distort minds. And therefore, they can create unreal domestic violence in closed spaces.

Now, before I explain the consequences of the lack of physical inactivity and the consequences of overthinking. Allow me here, please, to tell a little bit of my life story. That speaks of this form of social pain.

A point that intends to show somehow through examples the unpredictability of human thinking in many cases.

In London, for example, I have to live all the time with people that are of all forms of social backgrounds, uneducated and educated, violent and peaceful, nice sometimes and unpredictable most of the time.

People who can abuse you and become violent towards you without even them being conscious of that. Or realising that they are doing that. And also here, I have to live with people who would try to abuse you emotionally and even physically on purpose.

Now, my above ideas are facts that, I had to endure and see unfold in unreal forms of domestic violence at home and in certain vicious circles of working places in London for years. Things or parts of life which have created room for anxiety and depression.

Nevertheless, my philosophy, however, is that human beings are unpredictable. For even though human actions can be understood. Still it is unbecoming and unrealistic to say that one can predict for sure one’s actions.

For how do we know that one will in all circumstances act according to human values or against our human values? And what when pressure mounts on someone or when one's personal interest is lost?

So one then need to be trained in tolerance, patience and humanity and kindness to be predictable. But what about those big numbers of people who are not trained in as such ideas? 

Now, let me give you an example from my life. And tell you what happens with these people's thinking. People who are not aware of human values. And change just like that.

I remember, like now, back in 2013, when I said to a house mate, “Please do not throw the rubbish on the floor. Please put them in the bin.

Because at that time my housemate was throwing rubbish from the kitchen stove place to the rubbish bin, that was two to three meters away, on the other side of the kitchen. Like a basketball player. Doing that without any considerations for others, I mean.

To me, however, my statement didn’t sound that bad, “please do not throw the rubbish down on the floor.” But to him, god knows why, it sounded like death. Or say, he just didn’t want to behave humanly at that time.

So he grabbed a knife and chased me to my room. At that time, I ...

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Same day Fit-to-Fly Covid-19 Tests results cost £349 in London – How Private Companies are making Millions at the expense of Pandemic

Pandemic has hit hard our western world. And due to pandemic, some have ended up jobless, some homeless and some have passed away.

"However, the rich haven't been much affected by it, to be honest."

For you know, they live grandiosely in mansions not like myself, and perhaps many others, stored in single rooms of London with 500 books. And suffering from breathing and anxiety due to the horrible conditions of living.


And now you see why? It happens so because the rich are so intelligent that even in the middle of a Pandemic, they find ways to survive lavishly. And thrive by making big money at the expense of our unfairly shared social power. 


How can they do that? One may ask.

That's an easy thing to explain. For logically, the rich have money to invest. And they also have Capitalist ideas that stand ready to take advantage of any given opportunity. And thus make money. 

 Now let me tell you a story and show how things work. How London's private companies are making millions at the expense of the Pandemic. And how intelligently they take advantage of new laws and human pain.

Now, it happened that one of my friends had his father in coma in Corfu Greece. Because he had experienced a stroke.

And so he desperately wanted to see his father. And thus we searched a few places around to see how much costs a Covid-19 test.

For it is required to have a Covid-19 test certificate made in the last 72 hours, and that show the negative results, in order to travel to Greece.

Why not go and make it to the NHS? one may ask.

First it is immoral to make it to the NHS because it is not allowed for flight purposes. And secondly the results should be within the next day at least because you will not be able to travel otherwise.

So we surfed across the Internet for places who make Covid-19 Tests in London. And that deliver results within a day.



And as a result we found out shocking facts.

A Covid-19 test certificate ranged from £250, £349 and up to £450 and even higher.

What an extortion of the public trust and what a horrible thing to see in times of a pandemic. I said.

A time where Private Companies are making Millions at the expense of Pandemic. For just imagine how much money they can from all of this. 

So the rich again and again are finding ways to thrive by...

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America the Best Democracy is also the worst Tragedy. Why Dianne Feinstein, 87 years old, is a symbol of SOCIAL Power GREED

In the America, like in the UK, we have over 80-year-old politicians and journalists. And we have young people who can’t have an opportunity to participate until they die.

We have monsters of power, who control 90% of our common social power, and we have homeless people dying from hunger. And lacking motivation or hope that they will ever achieve anything in their lives.

We have corruption and media monopolies, who control the airwaves of the whole nation in the most UNSCRUPULOUS way possible, speak of corruption! And get paid!

Now, just think of this, gentlemen, Dianne Feinstein at her 87 year, she stands at the heights of social power as the senator of California!

Isn’t this but a symbol of social power greed in the best democracies of the world, like the U.K and the USA?

So we see that something big is lacking in our today people. And this is but the "Human understanding" of what makes us humans.

Like understanding this simple sentence, that humanity is about giving not taking forever. Like the symbols of greed do with our social power.

So, here I ask, what do you think that these people who demand to rule forever want to take or to give?

Logic is simple here. And it says that Life is short.

And there is no giving, logic says, in a being that forever wants to rule by controlling our social power. For the latter way of thinking is but taking. And therefore a...

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I have a Question, “Why is there always, a dead Silence across the left and right wing UK Media artistic world, when you criticise them from an unfavourable social position?

I have a Question, "Why is there, a dead Silence across the left and right wing UK Media artistic world, when you criticise them from an unfavourable social position?

The answer of this question has always baffled me. "Why are they silent, when I criticise them from an unfavourable social position?" I said to myself.

For what Values do these people stand for? What on earth do they learn here in British schools?

Why is it so hard for them to look at themselves? To examine their souls, their actions and their forms of thinking? Or say, to examine their social power, that produces NEW LEVELS of fame each time they appear on their media monopolies headquarters?

Thus, I always asked myself as I saw my voice drowned out by their media power.

Do they stand for their class interest above all? I said.

Do they call themselves, Media Monopolies Artists" because of their dishonesty, manipulative thinking, lies, and greed for power?

It always impressed me to see the journalists of a TV station, like BBC, being good friends with the journalists of another TV station, like the ITV.

Or in seeing the journalists of BBC Radio One being good friends with the journalists of KISS FM UK.

And then what happens when you criticise them and demand change from an unfavourable social position?

This is what happens, gentlemen. And what happens is but, a dead silence across the UK MEDIA artistic world. Artists highly paid thinking and acting unscrupulously to defend their class interest.

How unscrupulous and dishonest that these people are, eh?

At the end one may ask, when was that time in the human history, where artists were scrupulous and honest?

A few pens here and there working independently were able to...

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Hear hear, It’s big news in Britain, Claudia Winkleman replaces Graham Norton at BBC Radio 2. A TV wolf replaces a TV wolf. No Talent. No fairness. But Nauseating unfairness and corruption

British journalists today have been writing with high spirits. Spreading big news across the Internet world. And telling us how greatness is being unfolded in front of their eyes.

Greatness here is, Claudia Winkleman, a TV wolf, replacing Graham Norton, another TV wolf, at BBC Radio 2.

No one thinks here of Talents. Of fairness of equality or of anything as such. Because British journalists obviously and clearly, as in a blue sky, they are here to defend class interest, of course.

SO BIG NEWS! A TV wolf replaces a TV wolf!

Therefore, it is CLASS INTEREST that does not make British journalists think here of giving opportunities to the younger generations instead of TV WOLVES.

And it is the same CLASS INTEREST that does not allow as such journalusts to think of creating equal opportunities in participation on media Monopolies.

"Like giving a ten year contract or five year contract to highly paid journalists. And then getting them out of the media power. As everyone is entitled to rule and be ruled.

Yes, gentleman, here is a nauseating form of unfairness and corruption. And if this form of unfairness and corruption does not push you to vomiting. Then go to the...

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A heartbreaking story shows the Stark Reality between the West and the East on Google…

I opened Google search. And I felt totally heartbroken to see on its front page the " website" showing us that the daughter of Eminem had crossed two million followers on Instagram!

And below the story of Hailie Jade, there you see a headline by the Guardian. Telling us about the lives of thousands of Refugees, who face winter in makeshift facilities. That are made of tents and lack the necessary things of life.

A heartbreaking story that shows the Stark Reality between the West and the East even on Google to be honest…

Refugees in Lesbos preparing tents for sleep.

So, it wasn't the achievement of Hailie Jade and her fame that hurt me. But rather here, what breaks your heart is the injustice of life. That shows in national and international levels.

A form of injustice that we see in our UK daily between the rich and the poor, on google between the West and the East, in our lives, and everywhere on earth. A form of injustice that is as common as fresh air. 

Tents made ready for living in humiliating conditions.

Still we continue with our lives, our problems and our troubles without thinking much what is happening around. Somehow then, we live with a form of injustice.

A form of injustice that we shamelessly continue to support. And allow our world to be divided forever between the ...

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Today American Politics are a Pity. Intrigues, Conspiracy Theories and Witchcrafts are being promoted by the president daily and backed by Republican wolves!

American politics today are a shame and a pity to the eyes of the entire world. For they have become more than a laughing stock. And turned into a tragedy.

Where intrigues of all forms, the entire conspiracy theories of the internet and the witchcrafts of every individual, who has never educated himself or herself on Truth, are being mentioned, re-tweeted daily by the president of the United States on Twitter. And taken for absolute truths!

"Look at this in Michigan! A day AFTER the election, Biden receives a dump of 134,886 votes at 6:31AM!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) crying, as he always does, on Twitter on November 20, 2020.

"And the mad president of the United States, on the other hand, is backed daily by almost all the fawning Republican senators, like Jim Jordan and Lindsey Graham etc. That support the ridiculous and hallucinating claims of their president! "What a pity that today American politics are, eh?"

Now the tale of pity in the American politics continues with president's personal lawyer, Rudy Guiliani, the former New York mayor, and Trump campaign's layers. Who have have followed "conspiracy theories" about voter fraud.

And thus, they have become an appendage of the madness of Donald Trump's thinking. And a laughing stock in courts across the USA.

For example, in a federal courtroom of Pennsylvania. Rudy Guiliani and Trump's team tried to use two individual plaintiffs, that alleged that had their right to vote denied, to invalidate more than 6.8 million votes legal votes. What a joke, eh?

However, this way of thinking not only did it ridicule Trump's team the across social media. But it also lowered American politics to a miserable point. That is a point of filth and sadness.

Further, to show what a pity that American politics of Donald Trump are, we have certain facts that show that many law firms have...

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Where the citizen is driven into evil, says Rousseau, you should hang, not the criminal, but those who drove him into crime – Our Laws… and our Lawmakers… perhaps?

To think different from others sometimes it is an invitation for change. And it is an appeal for others to follow a right way of thinking and doing. But that is not always the case, of course!


Nevertheless, it came to pass that once Rousseau, while thinking and writing in certain educative ideas, wrote a scathing attack towards the universal politics of all times. 

Where he said that, “If in this world there is any condition so miserable that one cannot live without wrong-doing, where the citizen is driven into evil, you should hang, not the criminal, but those who drove him into crime.”  

Rousseau didn’t elaborate this maxim of his further. Perhaps from the fear of revenge from the powerful men of the 18thcentury. However, his maxim was a clear insinuated vitriol towards bad politics. Bad politics that he had indirectly blamed for all the evil on earth in many of his deeds.

And thus, with what Rousseau said, he clearly suggested that this should happen to the...

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Boxers, Players, Singers, Cringers and Creeps, Liers and Rogues are all loved by the GREAT of the GREAT. Well, but why are the men of IDEAS hated by the Great of the Great?

Dr ACactivism

Let rogues conduct the affairs of state; in your lowly rank you can still be an honest man.

Jean-Jacques Rousseau.

To cringe and lie to the great, creep and crawl before rogues, and despicably flatterer all what is base, ugly, and corrupt in society can give to one creature in our time not only a great position on media and political world. But also big accolades. My father once told me that even kings love to be flattered.

And he also said to me that there is something magical in those who flatter everything in front of them. And who serve with pride and who are quiet as lambs or compatible as sheep.

And this magical power, I came to understand it as being a godly power that open doors and makes one climb higher and higher in the dirty stairs of social power.

There where rogues and liers, also deemed as THE GREAT of the GREAT, rule and speak of honesty!

However, not only those who cringe and lie are loved by the Great of the Great . For it is also boxers, players, singers or trick artists who are also loved by the GREAT.

But why the GREAT of the great, people who usually are entrusted to control social power or rogues of all forms, do not like independent men of letters? Why they don’t like creative artists who put truth and reason on the table and measure the pain of their time with truth and reason?

And the answer is thus. A boxer knows how to box, a player knows how to play, a singer knows how to sing, a trick artist knows how to entertain. But they don't have a clue in what world they live.

 And thus, at the end, sportsmen, entertainers and mere artists are all power to the great. For they cringe and creep in front of the GREAT of the GREAT for their own benefit.

A man of letters, on the other hand, and an honest creative artist threatens the very power of the GREAT of the GREAT with his pen and truth and reason.

So, that’s why men of letters are not loved by the great of the great. Because men of letters threaten the very positions of the p...

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History has been Made for evil again – The Balcan States of the America of Donald Trump and Republican Thugs have….

The atmosphere has grown so contentious, Raffensperger said, that he and his wife, Tricia, have received death threats in recent days, including a text to him that read: “You better not botch this recount. Your life depends on it.” The Washington Post wrote.

( Ga. secretary of state says fellow Republicans are pressuring him to find ways to exclude ballots by Amy Gardner.)

Let's be honest Republican senators rally after Donald Trump like a pack of vicious wolves.

And no doubt that they do it for power. For their share in political power at the expense of the values of Justice and Freedom.

A Corrupt wolfish Republican senator called, Lindsey Graham.

So, I wonder what would the new generations think of what is happening today in the America of Donald Trump?

No doubt, the new generations will see the today wrong and bad choices made by people as being made while in want of revolutions and justice. In a world of a galling inequality and deep corruption.

And no doubt, the new generations will see in as such grave mistakes the repetition of history. Where people torn between extreme ideologies follow the instinct of revenge. Instead of rising for freedom and justice.

For the rise of Donald Trump, Boris Johnson and of other right wing and new Nazi leaders across Europe are no more and no less than the....

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Trump New Level of Thinking is Using Twitter to Incite Violence – Dr ACactivism Explains

In a recent rant on Twitter, Donald Trump wrote out of fury and anger, that characterizes his character, this ungracious tweet:

"ANTIFA SCUM ran for the hills today when they tried attacking the people at the Trump Rally," he said "because those people aggressively fought back..."

Trump supporters attack an Anti Fascist protestor

Here Trump shows clearly to use a language that incites violence. And use twitter to achieve to content his sick egotistical and anti human goals.

For example, his phrase "ANTIFA SCUM" is a phrase that...

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In Britain you get peerages and titles for open RACISM – Lord Kilclooney and “The Indian” story

I wonder how on earth do as such narrow-minded people, like Lord Kilclooney, get peerages and titles?

Unless, in Britain you get peerages and titles for open RACISM!

Muscle Research Legal Anabolics

"What happens if Biden moves on and the Indian becomes President. Who then becomes Vice President?" Lord Kilclooney tweeted thoughtlessly.

This caused on outrage on Twitter with many people, famous and ordinary people, accusing Lord Kilclooney for being racist.

Now, take it in whatever angel. Lord Kilclooney referred to Kamala Harris inappropriately. And in a derogatory way. And let's be honest about it, he sounded racist.

While, for example, the opposite of this thinking can be taken by Angela Merkel who said with passion and love:

"I congratulate Kamala Harris, the future vice president. As the first woman in this office and as the child of two immigrants, she is an inspiration to many people."

I want to say that those who have no hate in their hearts are easily understood through their speeches. That are the e....

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Alas! Now that Biden won, the mini Trump, Boris Johnson, must be worried about Business Deals and Money for the…

Historically British politics are foxy. That means, if they find a path, no matter how narrow or small it is, to get away with abuse, murder and oppression of all forms for the sake of money and power. Then they do it.

And in the last decades this has happened in front our eyes. And it has been an easy-peasy thing for the powerful of Britain who lick the boots of America. And bomb the hell out of the weak nations.

For example, we all have seen or heard the U.K politics do Business deals with Saudi Arabia. Give military and organisational support to Saudi Arabia to continue the cicvil war in Yemen and kill innocent people by the thousands. Sell arms  to the Israeli abusive politics. And so on with other war abuses and evil politics for money and power.

But why does this happen? one may ask.

This happens because British politics and British upper classes have no morals. And they have a profound desire for greed and money. And it is fear that stops them and fear that leads them.

(Note, the masses of Britain are decent ordinary people who have nothing to do with such greedy Liers and abusers that control the British politics.)

Now, if you don’t trust what I said, then have a look at the past history. And why not read and some Marx and Engels yourself to see what they say about the Brit politics also.

So, Boris Johnson, when he decided to support Brexit, he didn’t think about the European fraternity. A fraternity that brought to an end, the pain of many centuries. A pain, that in turn had brought countless wars and deaths and immeasurable amounts of hatred in the European continent.

But now that Joe Biden won. And the U.K economy has been hit hard by the fall of the British pound since 2016. When Brexit happened. Now, I guess that Boris Johnson must be worried a lot behind the scenes. Sorry Boris!

Thus, the mini Trump, Boris Johnson, must be worried about business deals and money for the rich. That he intended to multiply at the expense of the NHS and of the poor. While doing business with an amoral businessman and amoral politician called, Donald Trump.

So the mini Trump, Boris Johnson, perhaps he is biting his nails like an angry, old witch, relieving his stress, anxiety and boredom slowly, like a hippo or mini Trump in action.

For this little pig, mini Trump, now is to be pitted for his greed who created pain for us, the oppressed of this nation.  And who pushed the U.K towards hate and more divisions for the sake of greed.

At the end of the tunnel, that we traversed with the mini Trump and the Giant Trump, who is a gone story, now we see the light of REASON, don't we?

I mean, we see that Politics are an ominous reminder to the human thinking. An ominous reminder that says, “We trust politics for as long as...

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Hilary Clinton and Hunter Biden should make Media Monopolies Reflect. If you want Fair Elections then think to have a Fair Media that bases its Reason on Truth

The essence of media is based on truth. And human reason takes its god-like food from truth as well. 

For media as a means of information if it bases its thinking and ideas on lies, then automatically it creates slander. And makes crimes possible. 

Well, but what happens when a hysteric and monopolistic media can’t wait to hear of new scandals or new conspiracy theories that make big headlines? And create big sales? And drive human attention crazy into clicking into their online blogs? What then? 

Eh, what do you think, you billions of consumers and a few producers among them?

Here then, what happens is an unbridled ego that goes rampant after new scandals and new stories. And that is forever in search to increase their media power by holding HUMAN ATTENTION tight in their big media names. 

In short as such media does not think what or whom it hurts. What lies it spreads and who gets thrown out of 100th floor. What democracies it destroys or which elections it influences. 

AS SUCH MEDIA THEN IS ONLY INTERESTED ON MONEY AND POWER. And they care for nothing good and nothing human. And their media actions even tell us this, “To the hell with all what is human.”

And one example of as such media are media monopolies, like the Washington Post and Fox News who took an elaborate conspiracy theory involving Joe Biden’s son. And turned it into national news to weaken and hurt Joe Biden’s candidacy for president. And so they abused the truth, the reason and the faith of people in fair and just and democratic elections.

Then I ask here, shouldn’t the Washington Post and Fox News be prosecuted for libel and for having based their reasons on fake information, that was intended smear the personality of Hunter Biden? And thus influence presidential elections in the USA?

Say as if it wasn’t enough the smear and vilification that Media monopolies did to Hillary Clinton. Today before the 2020 presidential elections in the US, MEDIA MONOPOLIES, like the Washington Post and Fox News, continue unbridled in their hunt for new scandals, new....

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Melanie Trump or Borat’s Daughter? Why Unkind, Feelingless Melanie Trump behaves like Borat’s daughter character towards Trump

There is nothing more cursing to a man than having an unkind and feelingless wife or girlfriend.

And you must be blind to not understand or read the gestures of kindness and unkindness between Joe Biden’s wife and Borat’s daughter character or Melanie Trump. 

For example, after the final presidential debate, Biden’s wife goes up to Biden and gives him a kiss and a hug. Showing affection and love. A simple gesture of kindness that makes one a human. 

 While unkind and callous Melanie goes near to Trump and stands in front of him as cold as ice. Giving an example of an uneducated and greedy woman that is led by a sick ego. And that doesn’t know what kindness and affection is.   

Then Trump tries to say something and catch her hand, but she forcefully pulls her hand, like being Borat’s daughter. Spoiled. And brainless.

One may say here that she does it for a show. To catch the attention of the media. And tell us who is the boss!

Or one may say that she has a right to refuse to hold Trump's hand and refuse to give to Trump a hug.

That’s true. She has a right. But she hasn’t got a right to come up there in front of the world and give us a lesson on how unkindness and...

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Hate Speech is not Free Speech – Why all those pro-Trump Campaigners, who compare to or call Joe Biden a Pedophile are doing “HATE SPEECH” and need to be brought to JUSTICE

The inspiration of writing this blog I took after seeing some revolting and sickening photos. That a man called Rogan P’Handley had manipulated and created to smear, slander  and defame Joe Biden. 

Rogan P’Handley is called @DC_Dario on instagram and has 1.6m followers in it. And he has 312k followers on twitter. And is a staunch supporter of Donald Trump. That according to website, he has left a lucrative legal career to fight for Donald Trump on social media! 

What form of a Don Quixote can do that? Maybe a form of Don Quixote who is greatly paid behind the scenes to support Trump and smear his political opponents?

 For based on his retweets, likes and social interactions, to me he seems to have real followers. That have been achieved by throwing big money into promotion of his ideas, of course. 

For he is not any form of creator that stuns you with his creativity to absorb that form of attention.

Nevertheless, my problem is not to tell how much money he has thrown to buy his followers. Or who pays him to support Trump. Or who pays all pro-Trump Campaigners, who compare to or call Joe Biden a Pedophile.

Rather, my problem is the sick ambition of as such people that use “Bought Social Media influence” to create calumnies of a different level. And link pedophilia to the democratic candidate Joe Biden and democrats. And spread hatred towards others.

 And my problem is to tell them that what they are doing is HATE SPEECH. (See the screenshots below to see how the ideas of as such paid Trump supporters spread hate. Full screenshots will be uploaded at the end of this blog. )

Well, but how comes that a person like myself, who has always written in the support of Free Speech now speaks of Hate Speech? 

Here let me clarify my position. I am not speaking of censure. But of accountability. 

For one is free to say whatever one wants to say for as long as one does not show intention to harm another with what he says. And for as long as one bases his reason on truth.

In other circumstances, again one is free. However, one must be held accountable if he shows to hate or intend to harm others with his thinking. And again this person must not be censured from social media. But be punished by our laws. 

So, I have always written against social media censure. And I still hold the same position.

Because it is not the keepers of the public parks that should hold citizens accountable for their crimes committed in public parks. But rather it is our laws that should judge and hold accountable people who do make crimes in a public parks.

That’s why big tech should simply give the money to “Independent organisations” who enforce our laws. For even in hate speech it is not them, Big Tech, who should penalise us. But our laws. 

So?  What is hate speech, or why those pro-Trump campaigners, who compare to or call Joe Biden a Pedophile are doing “HATE SPEECH? And why should they be brought to courts by our law enforcement agencies?

First of all allow me to say here that hate speech is first of all hating others by showing intention of....

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Why Depression is caused by Political Injustice or Oppression? Dr ACactivism explains it through philosophical thinking

“We need to reverse the privatisation of stress and recognise that mental health is a political issue.” Mark Fisher, Why mental health is a political issue. 

In 2018, a total of 6,507 suicides were registered in the UK, 686 more deaths than in 2017 when there were 5,821 deaths (11.8% increase) according to the Office for National Statistics. (

While according to another trusted website, Mental Health First Aid England,, there were 602,000 cases of work-related stress, depression or anxiety in 2018/19 in Great Britain. 

And the same academic website says that we have 24% of women and 13% of men in England that are diagnosed with depression in their lifetime. 

Now, these stark and depressing statistics make up a considerable amount of the pain of today that call for thinking. A pain, that I as an author live myself, and that dare to call it into question.

And here in this blog I intend to explain this pain that we live. That is, depression. And show why Depression is caused by political injustice or oppression. 

As an author, I have written many blogs on Depression. But I haven’t published them because I wanted to know more of it. 

 Being both, the person who suffers from depression. The oppressed citizen, who is barley able to breathe from the oppressive system of today politics. And the philosopher who is curious to know what depression is. And what causes it. And how to deal with it. So we can find a solution.

So, for years, I kept learning both the practical and the philosophical world. Living in the capital of Europe. Where the extremes of wealth live close too each other. Having only a slight difference between them, of course. 

That is, the poor is down begging, while the rich walks by the poor, who is down, disgruntled for having to see his existence. And not having his slave services at all times and in all circumstances as the rich would want the poor slaves to be. 

And the rich instead of doing us a favour and giving a part of their wealth to support the homeless and those in need of housing or in need for employment and opportunities in our social world.   They even dare to complain for having to see the dehumanised homeless, who have fallen to as such level because of oppression of all forms that have created the conditions for them to fall. 

Now, in between the very rich and the very poor of this corner of the world, here also live the oppressed working classes who exist with a foot in the grave and one in their warm houses. 

That means, that if today employed working classes lose their jobs, they can also end up in the street. And be trapped by depression, anxiety and all forms of mental disorders. 

And it is this subconscious fact, that lives at the back of the mind of the employed people, that equalises the pain of the working classes, that feel anxious and depressed at all times. When they think of what they may lose if they lose their jobs. With the pain of the unemployed people, or the reserved army of Das Capital as Marx would like to call it, who are anxious and depressed of what they may never win. That is employment.

So, I ask, what’s the problem here? Why have mental problems, and particularly, depression, become a national problem in the U.K? 

Let us first of all define, the idea of depression and then see how politics created and still create the perfect conditions for depression to be created in the soul or mind of humanity. And thrive like never before in the human history.

The WHO organisation, World Health Organisation, for example, calls depression, a complex interaction of social, psychological and biological factors. 

And it does not explain to us what is this “complex interaction.” A complex idea, that WHO explains only superficially. And it even replaces the concept of depression with a phrase called, “complex interaction.”

So what is depression then?

Depression is an idea that goes beyond the employed and the unemployed people. And it affects all walks of life. While depression weighs more down the very oppressed of this society. It affects all walks of life in a society that is designed to serve to the very few. 


Hence, Depression as a concept is no more and no less than mind being ove...

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On Social Media Censorship! The Censorship of Free Speech can be Swallowed but only from Pigs. Dr ACactivism Explains

The judges of today want to judge us without referring to a specific law! And without referring to the idea of Justice and Freedom at all!

So they judge us. Judges judge with an imperialist style in the courts of peace. Judges judge in the same way in the studios of the media Monopolies. And judges do the same in the heavens of social media Monopolies.

So judges judge and we hear without being able to have our voices heard. Drowned out by them. And suffocated by their social power. So, like pigs, we munch what they serve to us!

However, there is something to be pointed out. For we, the oppressed who dreamed and still dream to see a better world, remain dreamers. We remain dreamers who dreamed to be able and to take our rights.

Rights, like the right of being heard with ideas. And the right of participating with ideas on the studios of the BBC or the ITV or Sky News and mainstream media in general.

However, this dream and these human rights were impossible to be achieved by us, the oppressed. Simply because they didn't want you to be heard with ideas. And didn't allow you to be heard in their media studios with ideas.

Nevertheless, now we found this dream. We found this big social dream on our social media. A "magical place" where we all love to see this full dimension of human participation. And creativity.

But still, even here now comes out of nowhere a Big Brother, that has been produced out of the laboratory of money and power, to tell us what to say and what

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Without Good and True Justice promoted and applied, human existence is impossible to live in peace – Dr ACactivism explains why

Why is Good and True Justice worthy? You may ask.

And your question may be right for your characteristic mob thinking if you are part of London or European citizens.

Citizens that pay their taxes to a new form of imperialism that OPPRESSES people here in our Western world at home. And uses the same people to murder, rob and plunder many weak countries across the globe. Like they are doing in Yemen. Very good.

Now let me tell you a little life story that has a life moral.

A while ago, I put my bag upon a stool in Barcelona, Spain. That was behind me. And I began recording a short video of 11 seconds.

Within this short time, a professional thief took my bag.  And disappered in a city where thieves seemed to be as famous as the Journalists of media MONOPOLIES. Who prattle all day of an imaginary form of justice!

So, after what happened to me, I promised to myself to not make this mistake again. And not leave anything on the ground even for a second.

But it happened that the next day, I entered a shop to buy a phone charger. And once I paid for it. Someone suddenly shouted at me from outside to remove my bike from the wall across the shop.

Now I quickly rushed to remove my bike from there.  And forgot my phone on the till of the shop. So forgetting about my promise that I had just made to myself.

But we are humans. And to forget for a moment is just human. And thus, we simply can't be all the time over careful or over protective of thieves and murderers and Terrorists. So rather we need a better world.

But how? Now read the moral of the story.

Here I understood that without some form of

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Why MEDIA MONOPOLIES are EVIL and today Journalists are the Enemies of the People

"For the 'sorrows of a poor old man,' or any other pathetic case, no one is better than the Chalcedonian giant. He can put a whole company of people into a passion and out of one again by his mighty magic. And is first-rate at inventing or disposing of any sort of calumny on any grounds or none."

Socrates, Phaedrus, written by Plato.

So, to begin this pamphlet of TRUTH and pain, I ask these old Journalistic faces, who have been working for MEDIA MONOPOLIES for decades now, "What form of Justice is there, in a world where "INFORMATION" is controlled by the very rich. Who have piled media MONOPOLIES upon MEDIA MONOPOLIES for decades and even for centuries in row to control us?

For example, the Guardian was founded on
5 May 1821. That is, 199 years ago.

And its main media editors get paid super luxurious salaries. That are equal to the earnings of people who own ten or more small and medium-sized businesses.

For example, the former Guardian group chief executive, David Pemsel, received a total pay and benefits of £706,000 in 2016. Ashley Highfield of the Guardian also received a total pay of £556,000 in the same year. 
According to the Press Gazette.

While the Independent wrote on July 2019 that Gary Lineker was paid £1.75m in 2018 by the BBC. As former Radio 2 DJ, Chris Evans, was paid only £1.25m by the BBC.

And finally, Graham Norton in the same year earned just a small amount of £610,000 and £614,999 for payments for his Radio 2 presenting job. A salary that was above £1.2 per year. And which is a pity!!!

While MEDIA people such as, John Ridding of the Financial Times, who also pretend to be free of the leashes of media bosses, was paid £2.6 in 2018 according to the Guardian. A thing which sent the staff of the newspaper to rebellion.
And which lowered his salary just a little bit.

Now Financial Times is also part of the old mind-controlling papers of this country called, U.K.

For Financial Times was founded in 1888. That means, 132 years ago.
The BBC was founded on 1922. That is, 97 years ago.
As the Spectator was founded on 1828. That means, 191 years ago.

So here we have certain old papers that control the PERCEPTION of the people of this country called, U.K, from birth to death.

Now here in my few examples we are not speaking about MEDIA MONOPOLIES turnover. That is in millions and even billions.

More exactly, here we are simply speaking of the salaries of certain WOLVES of those assumed free and independent MEDIA MONOPOLIES. That control today information. 

And that logically by controlling INFORMATION, this MEDIA  MURDERS independent Thinking. And promotes only its agenda to millions of Controlled like SHEEP people.

So you see how evil MEDIA MONOPOLIES are? And what enemies of the people today Journalists and MEDIA editors or media people are?

Therefore, media MONOPOLIES are evil and its Journalists are the Enemies of the people because the financial interests of the Media MONOPOLIES, that are either owned by rich people like Murdoch or owned by super paid MEDIA people like the Guardianor the BBC,  are too high.

And here it is logical to say that these big Financial interests will twist and turn the minds of these Journalists in a way. That their minds reflect their money and class interests.

And what I said above, hence shows that the injustice of this country called, U.K, is too deep.

And first of all this form of injustice and unreal human Corruption comes from the MEDIA MONOPOLIES. And media people. That are Journalists, media editors and chief executives of this sick and Corrupt Imperialist Media.  All plunged and wrapped in big financial interests. And that war and fight for as such economic interests.

But JUSTICE, gentlemen, it's not an idea that is born today and dies tomorrow. And that is based on CORRUPTION and manipulative ways of thinking.

Contrawise, JUSTICE is an idea that is eternal. And it never dies. And it is based on certain eternal values as well. That never die. Values, such as...

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The Terrorists of Truth – a fact and example of how the SUN abuses TRUTH like FAKE NEWS MEDIA

A while ago, I was surfing online. Reading the mad thinking of some newspaper articles. Because I wanted to take some facts, that I lived myself, for a book that I was writing.

So, I decided to collect some facts from the "mad thinking" of the UK news media monopolies.

A mad thinking that spoke vehemently in favor of the RICH through the eloquent mouths of our current corrupt media monopolies, of course.

So, it happened that I encountered some of the past writings of the Sun. While I was surfing online. Some ridiculous allegations, through which, they tried to portray Jeremy Corbyn as low as it was possible.

“The Corbyn files, former Soviet spy makes shock claims that “Jeremy Corbyn was our asset… he had been recruited and was a paid collaborator.”   Wrote the Sun on 16 Feb 2018 in one of its many headlines against Jeremy Corbyn.

That was, however, a way of writing or “current media thinking” that took one’s hallucinating allegations as a fact for writing! Which is mad if you consider yourself a healthy human being that still believes in truth.

Further, the mouthpiece of the rich or the Sun would express devilishly  its mean thoughts in another headline against Jeremy Corbyn. Where it would say:

“M16 chief raps ‘naïve’ Labour leader.

(blog written on 16 Feb 2018 - JEZ SPY SCANDAL, Jeremy Corbyn urged to come clean over ‘links to Soviet bloc spy agencies’ as M16 chief raps ‘naïve’ Labour leader.)

Then in the first paragraph, the Sun would reveal that actually it wasn’t the current M16 chief who said that. Like it looks in the headline of the Sun.

But more exactly, it was a former M16 chief who spoke against Jeremy Corbyn.

And thus, the Sun made “fake news” a fact by twisting and turning, pulling and pushing an idea in a million different ways to make it appear as truth!

What a media, and what a form of journalism that is serious about truth and justice would do this?

A mad form of journalism that is created on purpose to catch human attention at all costs. And a mad form of journalism that intends to serve to certain political interests. And of course, to influence the masses in the UK in a way that supports their “Class interests.”

Then, gentlemen, aren’t the above facts showing that the Sun and other news media monopolies, who think alike, are but the...

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The English LAWS and the COURTS of NAZIS send a Woman for 2 years and 8 months in Prison for having sex with a 15-year-old man

A 15-year-old man can take responsibility for taking the knife and plunging it in your throat or your tummy. Or for smashing your face. Or for winning the Olympic games. 

However, a 15-year-old man could not ....

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In the Question of Palestine, the New Generations will See British, American and French people as we see the past Germans who supported HITLER to butcher Jews – Free Palestine

Every now and then, I hear of another innocent Palestinian person barbarically killed by the Israeli forces. I hear of systematic discrimination, of apartheid, of ethnic cleansing by Israeli politics. And I hear of Israeli politics ordering their gendarmes to bomb Gaza and open another war. 

I also hear of Israeli politics stealing Palestinian lands. Demolishing Palestinian houses to build Israeli houses. Denying the right of Palestinians to return. But giving houses and plenty of space to the Jewish people who decide to live in stolen lands.

We hear also of Israeli NAZI Politics Killing innocent Palestinian people. Bombing Gaza with imperialist military power. Terrorizing and keeping under siege an entire nation continually.


And we all know that the Israeli political actions are supported by American, English, French and other imperialist nations’ politics. So, the politics of Israel towards Palestine are but evil. 

Therefore, it is easy to logically conclude that in the Question of Palestine, the new generations will see British, American and French people as we see the past Germans who supported HITLER to butcher Jews.

Wake up now and say with me Free Palestine! And Free world.


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How Rudi Giuliani has Transformed in the last decade from a champion of Justice into a champion of Nazis

It is sad to see people of all classes and all stages of life leave their right way of thinking. And transform into something different from what they have been.

But, anyways, what do you expect when you leave people die in power and spotlight forever the same? No change. Say that the new generations are unworthy of thinking and leading!

Thus, one of these beings who has transformed in the last decade from a champion of Justice into a champion of Nazis and murderers is and Rudi Giuliani.

Rudi Giuliani in 1980s, for example, fought against mafia bosses. And a decade later he became the mayor of the New York City. A person who from his earlier works seemed hungry for justice and human values.

In the last decade, however, Rudi Giuliani, has transformed into a champion of murderers and Nazi politicians.

In 2014, for example, he championed Putin as a great leader!

“That is what you call a leader,” enthused Rudy Giuliani, the former New York mayor, after Mr. Putin invaded Ukraine without debate or deliberation. Wrote the New York Times in 2014.

Nowadays, or in recent years, Mr Rudi Guiliani has become the personal lawyer of Donald Trump. And has never stopped from defending and championing Trump’s Nazi political agenda.

And recently, Mr Rudi is even scaring people out of their wits with his resemblance to an intelligent mafia thinking.

An intelligent mafia thinking coupled with his demented thinking that continually champions what is wrong.

For by continually supporting and promoting Pres....

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Bravoo, Priti Patel, and to every Priti Patel who hates Immigrants and who deny our rights to exist

We hear Priti Patel preaching us the wishes and desires of the British people in a clear act of hatred and racism against poor and oppressed immigrants. And everyone thinks that this is okay.

Priti Patel wrote on Twitter,“I know that when the British people say they want to take back control of our borders – this is exactly what they mean!

What she said is a clear expression of Racist and hateful thinking against immigrants.

For she clearly shows to tell us that she sees the arrival of the oppressed immigrants as shameful and appalling.

So, is there any more clear indication of hate and racism than this truth in front of us?

However, not to worry much!

Because for this big political favour by British politicians, we can’t blame British politicians. Nor the British people.

For the problem is the English media that is morally and politically corrupt. And that doesn't care about us.

That means, English media is after their own economic and political interest only. And it doesn't care about immigrants or the oppressed or of the ideal of JUSTICE.

And I think so, because when you are an independent thinker and an immigrant. And the country in which you live, U.K, has not still given you the right to be heard.

Then what do ou expect from this country?

We expect to be hated and have OUR RIGHTS of existence to be denied as well. That's what we expect.

For if they deny you, your right to be heard, then they also deny you, your right to exist.

So the truth is that this form of racism and hatred against the most oppressed people of this country, immigrants like myself, has been inculcated DEEP in the soul of the British people. By a powerful and monstrous right Wing English media.

Like LBC, Daily Mail, the Sun etc.

And so hatred here has become a law of thinking. And we are supposed to keep bearing what the natives, the hateful, the bigots and the racists have got to express against us.

And without we being able to stand up for ourselves and be heard. You understand the pain of the oppressed?

For essentially, Priti Patel and every Priti Patel, that comes to power, has been educated by a....

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Ideas – How a good day begins?

A good day looks from far away, they say.

Like from early in the morning. And even, before the sunrise!

So, many people connect perceptively a good day to a sunny day.  And a bad day to a day of bad weather. 

But that is not the truth, however. 

For even though, weather affects our lives. And the way we think. Still, thinking stands above our feelings. 

But how does a good day begin, then? you may ask.

A good day begins with a...

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Court rules Caroline Flack Suicide as a result of MEDIA MONOPOLIES In…

An inquest found recently at Poplar coroner's court that Caroline Flack was distressed about the media focus on her life and reputation.

So it happened that because of this sick media intrusion, Caroline Flack took her own life. The most precious thing that all of us have.

Hence, the suicide of Caroline Flack suicide was as a result of MEDIA MONOPOLIES intrusion in her personal life.

Now, a quick question here, why are the people of MEDIA MONOPOLIES so viciously EVIL?

MEDIA as a means of Information has a right to inform, speak and raise awareness.

However, the historical problem of the UK MEDIA is that they are not honest with their ideas.

That means, that they are not interested in a better or more respectful or more humane world.

More exactly, they are interested only in money-grubbing philosophies.

That means, UK media journalists are money-grubbing beings that seek to control human attention at all costs and by all means.
And so try and make big money with this.

So when they write against someone, they write with the full meanness of the spirit. Using Media MONOPOLIES' reputation to stir up HATRED against someone or a certain person that they attack.

So in short, the journalists of the UK MEDIA MONOPOLIES have found a cool way of how to...

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The Hypocrisy of our London Citizens – My car needed a jump-start, and what happened is…

Human Characters are molded deep into the high seas of hypocritical ways of thinking that cannot be understood easily.

For example, in good times, when all is good and fine, and the sun shines bright on your side, people are inclined to watch zealously and usually want to take part.

Like when you are having a big party! And the passersby can't keep their ears shut or their eyes closed. So they glance at you as if wanting to take part from the corners of their gleamy eyes.

However, when it happens that you may need something from the people of our social world. Like a small favour. Being polite or sensitive or kind. And so on.

And you catch them in the real life. That means when they are not working and you are not in a position of power.

Then you see their real mean characters. Their madness that they don't hide in this case. Their anger that they show like being wild dogs. And their HATRED for others that they keep within them like a tank of poison.

Ready to envenom someone's blood or incapacitate someone's body. These are the good citizens when you encounter them out of their working places!

So it happened that my car needed a jump-start. And I asked politely a...

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Wiley was the latest person to be silenced on Twitter. So I wonder, who is the next Martyr or Scapegoat of this Middle Age English MEDIA Policing?

English people continue to be policed by the English Billionaire MEDIA. And everyone here thinks that this open murder of new Voices and human freedoms is Okay!

Media here, however, is simply a system funded by the very rich or controlled by highly paid media editors. Thing which it is the same. For money interests are big in both cases.

So it is the little sharks or crocks, English artists, who get paid luxurious salaries, that make the will of this EVIL MEDIA possible in both cases.

And the recent person to be silenced by these MEDIA sharks or crocks was Wiley.

Hence, I wonder who is going to be the next Martyr or Scapegoat of this English MEDIA Policing? Who is going to be judged and thrown out of our social Media by the wrath of this Middle Age priests or MEDIA personalities, who think that everyone should think like they think?

Gentlemen, let me educate you with some truth and Reason here.

Twitter is our ....

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English Journalists POLICE the MINDS of English People through a MONSTROUS RICH MEDIA

I wonder, and mostly in a depressing pain that pervades my entire soul and existence, “Why my voice and my ideas, which I work with my blood, do not matter in this country?

How comes that when we are threatened with a social issue in our own living areas, like violent crime for example. Or when we live in times of war or terrorism, how comes that our voices, our truths and our existence does not matter in this country?

How comes that we are not allowed to enter the studios of the rich English Media with ideas?

And how comes that our brethren are heard so fanatically, like being religious leaders, from the studios of the BBC, Sky News, ITV, and from other English media headquarters?

Have the English journalists perhaps become the puppets of the RICH ENGLISH MEDIA BOSSES or the puppets of their egomaniac editors, who seem to not even have a clue of what is human and what is right?

An example for the sake of example is my EXISTENCE and my generation that has been silenced for decades by this monstrous rich media.

Recently, I was thre...

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Someone attacked and tried to rob and stab Dr ACactivism in Wandsworth, London – Please share the video to raise awareness. He has a knife and can be anywhere in London. – Police has been alerted.

Today, at around 3pm in Wandsworth area, London, I was standing in my car with closed windows, editing some ideas near King’s George park in Wandsworth.

Previously, I had been in the park working in the same ideas. But because it begun to drizzle, I decided to go to my car and finish my ideas.

Now, as I was standing in my own place, suddenly a person came knocking on my car window. I wasn’t able to hear him because he was saying some unintelligible words.

So, I opened the door of the car and tried to understand what he wanted. But he suddenly pulled the door of my car like he wanted to rob me. Still at that moment, after a struggle, I achieved to close my door and prepared to leave.

But I caught his fingers in the window of the car door. So, I felt like I am going to harm him if I go. Because he pleaded for me to open the door again. So to not hurt his fingers.

So, I opened the door again. But then, he begun...

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Prince George, Prince Harry, Prince William every day in the Press – Does this sound Just or Fair to you in any way? – Wake up now. And Boycott MEDIA MONOPOLIES for a Better future

When you see the child of a prince or of any famous person being idolised and promoted, just because he is a child, across the media MONOPOLIES. Does this stir up anger in your soul?

Or you feel that it is okay for you as a British or non-British citizen?

Don't you as people think that there is something unjust and corrupt smelling out of this behe...

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Shocking – U.K Police, U.K Judiciary system and Media Frame an Autistic Man of attempted murder Responsibility

It is shocking to see police frame an autistic man of attempted murder responsibility.

However, here make a note. For when I say, he has been framed, I mean he has been falsely incriminated into taking responsibility for that crime.

For it is true that he committed the crime. And here I do not argue that. Rather, here I speak about responsibility, perception and thinking of the autistic people. And the Hypocrisy of our system.

So, to begin with my philosophy, there are many authors, like David Shoemaker, that accept that autistic people must not be held accountable for their actions.

And I...

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Young People in England can’t even buy Red Bull! It’s not allowed! Mad Human Control by the Political System

Laws need measure and balance. For laws without measure and balance by a simple logic turn into abuse of human freedoms.

So it comes to pass that I go to a shop in London. And I wait five minutes to a self check-out machine for a person to come and check that I'm not under 16! Because in England, you need approval, that you are over 16, to buy a red bull.

These are the rules of the big brother! We over-protect you because we love you. Not because we want to control you like puppets.

Well, here, let me ask you something, you people of media and politics, who so viciously control young people in imperialist nations. I ask, if you really can stop young people from buying red bull by an oppressive law, can you also stop young people from SUICIDE, then?

You see then, that oppressive laws are made to control. Not to EDUCATE. For the masters, who demand to control the young like sheep. In this way of oppression, they predict the young to become their future slaves. Who pay deeply and greatly attention to what they say.

Who are you to tell me what to drink? You who pretend to protect me or perhaps over protect me with a purpose to take my freedoms? Who are you then, when I can....

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Why do we Need to share, value, and honour Positivity or any form of Positive thinking now more than ever? – Share the LOVE

Human history tells us that positivity is always a good and a great idea.

However, in times of quarantines and mass isolations due to pandemics, where our human minds are in great stress and depression, positivity and positive thinking are needed for one reason more than in other times.

And that reason is or means here to keep us or our human existence closer to what is human.

So that’s why now, in our time, we logically need to value positivity or any form of positive thinking more than ever.

But, well, what does it mean to be positive? Or how can we be positive? one may ask here.

To explain my philosophy, allow me to take the example of a garden here.

So, for example, suppose that we, humans, have in front of us a garden, that is made half with dry and shrivelled flowers. And half with blooming daisies and all sorts of blooming plants.

Now, while we watch this garden together like a single humanity, the question is, where do we focus? On the blooming daises and others sorts of blooming plants? Or do we focus on dry and shrivelled plants?

A positive mind here would br...

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Life is a battle that needs to be taken with a….


With honesty for my existence, allow me to say that sometimes, I see myself plunged deep into depression.

And this makes me think that no one is immune of the harshness of life, and depression, that is the consequence of as such conditions of life.

And that comes from or that is conceived from the cruel injustices of the powerful and of the corrupt men of this world.

And it was these corrupt, greedy and unjust conditions that an unfair society creates. That made once Plato to say: "Be kind for everyone you meet is fighting a hard battle."

Now living in an unfair society that continually creates pain.  I understand that I have to be kind even in pain. And I honour that.

"For, I'm honest about my battle. And by telling here the story of my battle, I intend also to make others, who live their lives as unconscious of their existence as animals,  aware of this battle."

But what is my battle? One may ask here. 

Political oppression, for example, that never ends. My drowned-out voice by the artists of my time, who work for media Monopolies. My struggle for existence. My will to be independent and exist fairly in a corrupt world. Economical inequality, where I struggle to exist. This is my battle. 

"And thus the weight of this life's battle brings a heavy burden to my mind in my life. And weighs me down through the oppressive and unjust politics of my time. That's logical."

And further, here it is also logical to say that this weight of stress and oppression can weigh down even mythological, divine heroes. Like Hercales. Let alone humans. 

"In short, I want to say with this, that we are all susceptible and bendable from the weight of stress and oppression."

And we see these life's facts daily in our lives. For we see people bending and falling  and going mad every day.

And thus, plunged into our daily hypocrisy, we simply hope that it is not us tomorrow, who would bend and fall and go mad.

For we see homelessness, we see madness, and we see all sorts of human fall and human breakdowns.

"So then, facts are not lacking but human universal consciousness, that cares of humanity, is missing in our world."

In my own life, for example, I admit, this heavy weight of stress and oppression sends me
crumbling down to the ground like a controlled building demolition. And I fall.

The bombs here, however, have been set in by body by the system cunningly before the explosion. Like a Trojan horse.

So to make sure that I, and people in such positions, fall willy-nilly.

But you know how it is with us humans. Sometimes, we learn a lot from life. And even though we fall seven times. still we stand up eight times.

So while on the ground, pieces of my being search for meaning. They are curious to stand one more time, to feel existence again, to be in being and think once more. And see the problem of life and existence perhaps from a different angle.

The harshness of life and oppression may make you think of the...

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The System Thinks, writers write – U.K Media Writers and the vocation of Truck Drivers comparison

It was writers who created all the gods and the religions, once Nietzsche said.

And let's be honest about this, writers are simply great in the matters of composition, fantasy and imagination.

The only thing, where writers are bad, however, is when writers write for their food on the table. Or their economic interests or will to power, like the UK MEDIA writers do, for example.

For, you know, that action or thinking twists the idea of composition in writers. And brings into being ugly matters and ugly things. Which support one's food on the table and will to power rather than the ideas of writing.

"Well, but what has the vocation of truck drivers to do with the great vocation of the U.K media writers? one may ask."

Truck drivers are human beings, like all of us, who drive trucks for their food on the table. And the vocation of the truck drivers consists on the skill of driving trucks.

While the vocation of the U.K Media writers consists on the skills of twisting and turning a pen, that writes, or a keyboard, that types, as they like.

"Now, therefore, we see that both of these vocations follow a certain way of thinking. The former follow the roads of driving. While the latter the roads of twisting and turning a pen, that writes, or a keyboard, that types, as they like."

Therefore, now allow me please to give you an example from a recent thinking of these forms of writers, who write for their food on the table. And maybe for a career and money. Somehow for the same reasons that truck drivers drive their trucks.

For example, before the release of the much-talked-about and awaited Russian report interference in the 2019 General Election,
the U.K press had gone straight to the doorstep of Jeremy Corbyn.

And a Sky News journalist is seen in an online video questioning Jeremy Corbyn at this point. When logically, the press should be questioning the corruption of the Tory government. And the millions of donations that they received from Russian oligarchs in years. Or the murders that they committed in Yemen and Palestine and Syria recently.

Further, in a video that is circulating online, a Sky News cameraman is caught saying while showing to be embarrassed somehow by his actions, “It comes with the job, I guess.”

And this saying is true, for all the thinking and doing of media people come with the job.

For logically, this journalist and this cameraman has been sent there by the masters of the Sky News to muddy the waters of the real problem within the report.

Here, however, is not important the last example or all the past examples of the U.K media. What is important here is the essence of the U.K Media journalists who do not think for themselves.

For it is the system that thinks and the U.K media writers that write here. Or say the system instructs journalists to think in a certain ways.

For the system has taught, educated and instructed journalists to write in a certain way. Say for example, to follow matters that create controversy. Or write about ideas that do not harm their class interest. And so on.

Further, it is logical to think that if the journalists or writers go agai....

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Justice Delayed is Justice Denied – Shamima Begum Brings to Light the Hypocrisy of British Writers, British Justice system and British Politics

The court of appeal has ruled that Shamima Begum, who went to join DAESH while she was at the age of 15, should be allowed to come to the U.K. And allowed to appeal the UK government’s decision to remove her British citizenship.

"The Court concludes that SIAC fell into error in confining itself to the principles of judicial review, since its function is to conduct a full merits
appeal" the Court of Appeal said.

Now the British judges are a bit mealy-mouthed when they judge the government. Because they are part of the same class of people. The ruling class.

For even though the court says that the law has been broken in the case of Shamima Begum. They do not state who should be brought to justice for this. Or who should be sent to prison for this. Which it is hair-raising and heinous as a practise of thinking.

But well, if the court and the government are Corrupt. Then what about the British writers, who are supposed to use their brains and their pens for good and for justice and for humanity?

Here let us be honest now, during these years that the trial took place the British media put Shamima Begum on the cross. And she lost her children while waiting for the country, that educated and raised her up, to help her.

And now that she won by the same justice system that put her down. Which is somehow an absurdity. Now BRITISH writers again do not....

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Why the Murdoch question must make any sensible British man Ashamed of their existence

The success of Murdoch in controlling information, that is our most important human ideal, to this level is beyond anything human. And it should make any sensible British person ashamed of their existence.

And I will tell you why.

So I think that British people must make some form of catharsis of their souls. And ask themselves when clean and pure,
“How on earth did we allow a single person monopolise our must important human ideal, information, through media and money?”

An individual led by greed and a sick will to power, and who knows the power of media well, comes to Britain and builds an empire of media! And the majority of people here think that it is nothing wrong with that!

How good is this thinking?

Of course, Murdoch knew human psychology. He was keen in testing the public contro....

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Defunding the Police Means Funding what is…– Dr ACactivism

The way oppressors and the manipulators of political philosophy come to power is by promising justice and economic equality. 

But theory and practise rarely meet in politics. And we all know this from experience. 

Anyways, without much ado, let us take into question the thinking of Boris Johnson. 

Was it a right thinking of Boris Johnson to think to employ 20,000 new police officers?

Or perhaps to employ more police officers means here to strengthen state power and fortify the idea of oppression? 

Now the manipulative and greedy thinking of Boris Johnson, that intends to oppress people by pretending to bring justice, is older than Oxford University. Where he and his famous bodies have studied. 

But people still do not get the manipulative thinking of politicians. Because it is subtle like women's beauty. And since the ancient times, people continue to be blinded by the grace of the manipulative thinking. That is the most powerful skill in many politicians. 

For here it is logical to say that by diverting state funds towards more police officers. Boris and his cronies have left behind those people and those walks of life that need these funds as a matter of necessity. 

So, defunding the Police then means funding what is.....

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The Beauty of Life was lost during the quarantine, but not so the hope

It seems as if before the recent, large-scale, government-mandated quarantine, that was due to the recent pandemic that we are still living, we didn’t understand or appreciate everyday little things that made our social life possible.

And it seems as if our social life and our civilisation and we, as human beings, made sense by using these little things that we have created to make our civilisation possible.

We made sense in a coffee shop ordering a morning coffee. So, to wake up.

In a restaurant or in a pub eating and drinking, in a library studying, in school and university learning from others or teaching others.

We made sense working in an office picking up a phone or in a private or public meeting discussing ideas, in traveling abroad or coming back to work.

We made sense in a cinema watching a movie, or in a playhouse watching a play. In dancing, singing and entertaining and so on.

Here, I want to say that it seems as if it was these tiny little everyday things that gave to us the beauty of life and living. It was thinking and acting socially that made our social life beautiful.

And now it seems or it seemed, while we lived under quarantine for over three months, as if without these tiny little things, the beauty of life is lost. And the coherence of civilisation is not more plausible.

So, everyone during the quarantine or during the isolation from social life was looking for something. Searching perhaps for what made us, us. That was the world that we had created.

For otherwise, in other circumstances and without a social life we all long for our ....

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BRITISH MEDIA has Metamorphosed British People’s perception to a Doggish Perception. When British Media barks, British people bark. When British Media keeps barking, Brits keep barking! When British Media is silent, people are silent too! Read How!

When you see Dominic Cummings or Piers Morgan or the royals or the today celebrities trending on twitter or in our social media,  do you ask yourself, “Why does this happen?”

And why aren’t stabbings and murders and deaths and homelessness and domestic violence and injustices of all forms and kinds and manners never trending? And people never thinking that there should be a creative solution to our problems?

So, dear reader, I want to be as candid with you as a ray of sunshine is when it fills our hearts with light and warmth. 

For the depth of sadness to me in this moment is as deep as that sadness of living in a world of the dead. Or say in a world where only animals exist. An absurd world. 

They say that truth is painful.

And so is the fact of today that show the British people, the people of the nation where I live, being metamorphosed into a doggish people.

To understand this, I suggest you bring into mind a human and a dog or a dog owner. 

And now think how a human achieves to incite a dog to bark against someone else. Or how a human makes his dog imitate his actions.  And finally, how a human achieves to appease dog’s feelings by throwing to his dog something that the dog likes. 

So, nowadays, when Media barks, British people bark. When Media keeps barking, British people keep barking! And when British media is silent, like they are in things that really matter, the British people are silent too.

Left, right and centre, these people and this nation thinks like their favourite media headquarter thinks. And hence in this nation, the philosophy of thinking and doing is, media think, people follow.

Wow! What a humanity and what a people! Damned, let this doggish and sheepish existence be. 

FACTS, please? How is it possible that British people have metamorphosed into a DOGISH PEOPLE?

To prove these facts, it is enough to see how thou...

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WAKE UP! War CRIMES against Palestine and Palestinian people are always perpetrated with the CONSENT of British and American Media Monopolies – Read and Share the Truth

In our western world in general billionaire mainstream media has hundreds of years of authority and reputation. And so their power over people is gigantic and monstrous. 

And their power over people comes but from these centuries-old values of reputation and authority.

So, through their power, they have turned into a BIG EVIL for us who demand change.

For when we shout, and when we scream and when we beat our chests in pain. And say that we demand a Free Palestine or an end to the bombing of Yemen by the British allies. Or an end to Homelessness and discrimination in our western world. Still we are not heard.

While some crocodiles of the mainstream media, like Andrew Neil, Adam Boulton, Robert Peston, etc., speak once and the world pays attention.

So, how comes that the Crocs Media are heard forever? But we are not heard at all? Because we are never allowed to participate with our pains and our ideas on the studios of the BBC, ITV, Sky News etc? Right?

So, now you see the difference? You see the big injustices of today? And how, we, independent writers and dreamers of today, are suffocated by a billionaire, monster-like MEDIA?

So, in short, journalists and media owners, who have billions and trillions of money in their banks, are controlling INFORMATION. And they are claiming a birthright in relation to INFORMATION. Here in our western world.  

Say that INFORMATION belongs to them from the moment that they put their hands on media to the moment that they die. 

And thus MEDIA, by controlling INFORMATION twists and turns the perception of the masses as it likes. 

And one example of this twisting of human perception in our U.K and western world is in the Palestinian question.  

For example, the BBC and the CNN, and FOX News, or in general U.K and USA media pretend to not know the values of humanity. When it comes to crimes committed by the Israeli occupation on Palestine and against Palestinian people. 

And, when Palestinian protests happen in London or in the U.K most of the time, the BBC, the ITV and even the Guardian st....

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Reading Attack – We suffer from pain, but the U.K Media sees an opportunity to…

Once the news of the Reading attack came out. And police said that it was a terrorist case. Then the U.K Media, like Sky News, The Daily Mail, The Telegraph, The Sun etc., began a saga of hatred.

And as always using their mythical, great skills of language and writing for bad and to attract human attention. Of course, they have learnt this in their famous educational institutions!

So, British journalists found a great pleasure in portraying the person, who committed the crime, as a terrorist and alien and so on with their excellent descriptions. Like they always do..

And as always, they fabulously link terrorism to one’s origin. Making the very oppressed of this nation feel happy like pigs. And making themselves become as rich in their hearts as misers.

Do you think the headlines of the mainstream UK media link the Reading attack to Asylum seekers and refugees by mistake? Or perhaps they do it because they know that this pulls the attention of the natives like magnet?

See pic below.

So, we see again and again that in every as such painful case, where people are killed and we suffer from the human pain of the human loss, the U.K Media journalists see a great opportunity for themselves.

For what opportunity am I speaking here? You may ask.

The U.K Media journalists in the Reading attack see the opportunity of...

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The FREEDOM of Speech is Dead – I shall tell you the Murderers of the Freedom of Speech

In the recent years, famous people like Oliver Darcy and Rachel Raley have campaigned hard to ban people from participating on big billionaire media.  And out of jealousy for others, they have preached the same thing to happen even on our social media. 

Here let me conceptualise the truth to you by mentioning a few names that have been banned from Twitter and other social media outlets.

For example, Alex Jones, Milos Yiannopoulos, Azealia Banks, Meghan Murphy, Paul Nehlen, George Zimmerman, Robert Stacy McCain, Daniel Sieradski, Anthony Cumia, Roger Stone, Katie Hopkins etc., have all been banned permanently from using Social Media accounts, such as Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.

Now many of you may hate these people, and you may hate their ideas as well. But regardless of how much you may hate them, still you don’t hate the idea of ...

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Why Americans should not lose their reason because they hate Police Brutality, – Rayshard Brooks is not George Floyd

It is true America experiences a lot of police brutality cases.

It is true George Floyd was mercilessly choked to death by a cruel and callous police officer. A thing which I have closely experienced myself. 

But here, let me say that idolising a murderer or someone who is about to become a murderer is good to no one. 

And in the case of Rayshard Brooks, we saw all the action in a surveillance video that is uploaded on YouTube. (click link at the end of this blog to watch it for your self..)

We saw that after a struggle with two police officers, Rayshard Brooks was seen running away with the taser gun of the police officer.  And at one moment he turned back, trying to taser the police officer. 

Now, just a question. What if Rayshard achieved to taser the police officer and took his gun, what would have happened? 

So, I think that here even the most illogical person would be able to withdraw a conclusion. And say that the murder of Rayshard Brooks was

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Shukri Abdi is a sorrowful case that describes both the pain of the children of Immigrants and the pain of the adult immigrants – Hated by Media, unwanted and abused by the people of this country

Even though we live and work in the U.K, we as immigrants are continually described by the billionaire imperialist U.K media as foreigners.

There are human beings living and working in this country. And once they break the laws of this country, they are continually described as the Albanian criminal, the Somali thug, the Islamic terrorist and so on in the famous multibillionaire tabloids of the U.K. Or on the news TVs, like Sky News, ITV News of the U.K.

And in this way, both the children of immigrants and adult immigrants themselves live in fear. And matter less in this society that is dominated by a native majority.

But why are immigrants targeted like this by the billionaire U.K media?

Immigrants are targeted just because they are foreigners. And for a reason that goes deeper than this, of course. 

Immigrants, who commit crimes, could be described according to their crime, for example, not according to their religious faith or nationality or background.   But that is not the case for a reason. 

And this is why. In the big imperialist nations, there is a need for the creation of an enemy or scapegoat.

And by creating an enemy and scapegoat, like immigrants, to blame others. And so to control the oppressed working-classes of the imperialist nations by blaming OTHERS. 

So here the problem becomes OTHERS, not the rich media and the intelligent manipulators in politics. 

A question, how can media organisations become billionaire media organisations simply by selling News? 

Of course, peddling hatred helps catch human attention en masse. And helps fill the pockets of greed and it accumulates big amounts of wealth as well. That’s the power of hatred in media.

And here is the smug face of Nigel Farage basing all his Brexit ideas on hatred against immigrants. And while working for the most recognised and followed and listened radio in the U.K – The LBC of hate and discrimination.

This is the famous Nigel Farage who works for the LBC Media Monopolies.

And what does this form of hatred cause?  One may ask.

This form of hatred pervades the n...
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Why do people hate Police in this country called, the U.K? Dr ACactivism explains it

Reason comes from truth, right?

So, based on the truth of the past and on the truth of today, I can say that people hate the police force or the police organisation in this country called, the U.K, for political reasons.

Now let me begin explaining these political reasons by explaining the failed war on drugs.

The failed war on drugs has become everlasting on earth thanks to oppressive laws and police power to enforce as such ridiculous laws on us. And shut down the mouths and souls of people by force. 

Laws that are made against the use of drugs boil down to the ideal of freedom.  Politicians and the ruling classes do not want us free.

And they abuse our rights and freedoms by passing illogical laws in parliament.

Illogical laws that make adult people subconsciously boil in their blood with hatred against oppression. Hatred against the Laws of this country. And therefore, hatred against police, which are simply the robotic puppets of the ruling class. 

For it is clear that the majority of the working-class people want but an end to the war on drugs. And freedom for the adult world.

Secondly, Institutionalized Racism. 

Institutionalized racism comes from both the political and media class. 

These two classes are somehow part of a class that is called “the ruling class.” For it is the political class that makes our laws. And it is the media class that influences as such laws. And they do it by controlling one among the very few big ideals of humanity called, information. 

Now, to begin with, Institutionalised RACISM mainstream U.K media for decades and years has painted immigrants and minorities of this country as criminals. And as people who do not have a right to live or be in this country.

On the other hand, writers, who come from minority backgrounds like myself, have always been drowned out and silenced by this U.K racist media. And the aim of this Murdering Imperialist Media is to reduce the number of voices that stand up for what is just in maximum.

The smaller the number of people that are heard the better for the news monopolies and those who create an institution of racism through Media Power.

The political class, on the other hand, makes laws that disc...
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Joe Biden is a Coward – he should be side by side with protesters demanding the….

America has a problem at this time. And this problem is Donald Trump.

Trump has been stirring up hatred for four years. And he has had the support of an entire Republican party.

And now it is a moment, where people feel like they have had enough. And want to vent their frustration and pain in full. 

However, at this time, when America needs a united opposition to... (please subscribe to read th e full philosophical blog)

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George Floyd Protests in the USA are proportionate to the pain of the people – The Murder of George Floyd was cruel and merciless – Read and share the love

The majority of the people disagree with violence. And so do I.

Further, sometimes I think that even Marx was wrong in saying that “Material force must be overthrown by material force.”

“No,” I say, “that’s wrong, Marx was wrong.”

So sometimes, I think that police brutality, different forms of murder by state power, choking people to death, like they did choke George Floyd, manipulating, bullying and intimidating the oppressed and the weak, and every state evil action can be opposed peacefully.

 Yes, can we, or can’t we always achieve this peacefully?

The Murder of George Floyd was cruel and merciless. For over 8 minutes the knee of the police officer was over the neck of an arrested man that was pleading for help and couldn’t breathe. That was a murder in cold blood and brutally and cruelly done so. 

In the USA, a continual form of injustice against minorities of all kinds had become the new normal. Black people were killed and endured abuse because of their skin colour, immigrants of all nations were threatened to be sent back, Hispanics were taunted by Trump. And the media keeping the side of their favourite political party. So the level of pain before the protests erupted was deep..

In short, the oppressed and the weak of the USA have been misled and abused by the leaders and the politics of a highly capitalist continent called, the USA.

Further, there is a white supremacist at the head of the USA state glorifying violence and greeting and respecting white supremacists. 

So here then is a case where injustice has been accumulated and accumulated for years. And people have had enough.

So, they want to make their pain and their voices heard. And they do not want a CNN or Fox News to... (please subscribe to read the full philosophical blog)

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Why Hate Speech is a Matter of Thinking for anyone but of Action for Police and Law Only

It seems that the task of the philosophers of each time is to defend with reason and truth the “big human values” that exist in each time.

Values like what? Values like Freedom, Free Speech, Social Justice etc. 

But how do we do that? Because, there still may be people who doubt their own existence!

So what philosophers do is put the thinking of each time in a weighing machine. And afterwards weigh and measure this thinking through the ideals of good and evil.


Now, I ask, “Why Hate Speech is a matter of thinking for anyone but a matter of action for police and law Only?”

Let me first explain this by beginning to say that we should be free to think and speak and act. For hate speech and any other human problem or theme or ideal is a matter of thinking and discussion for anyone. 

However, when it comes to actions, and punishment and other consequences of actions. Then we should answer for our thinking and speaking and actions only to a...
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Why is the Control of Information a Necessity for the Rich and the Corrupted Powerful of each time?

Whether it is the past speaking through a barbaric brutality or the today speaking through the money power. Where millions and even billions are thrown into the promotion of the ideas of the rich. There is logically a necessity and a reason for the control of information for the rich.

What is this reason and this necessity worth for? One may ask.

In this blog, I am.. (subscribe to read this philosophic blog)

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Forgive but don’t forget in a way that you….

The faculty of memory in the human mind has made humans a million times worse than all wild species on earth.

Through memory, people have been able to remember past wars, past hatred, past fights, and repeat a history of evil and violence forever.

So, shouldn’t we... (to read this philosophical blog please subscribe)

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Why the Artist is the God of Earth

When I say the artist is the God of earth, here I take into consideration the entire thinking and doing of the artist. Including the philosophy that the artist sets new trends by thinking differently from others and leads the world with his thinking. 

In this essay, however, I will try to strictly confine my thinking to the answer of this question, “Why the artist is the god of earth?” And why do I think so?  

Now let me begin this essay with this universal question, “Can one ever think of creation or creativity without one achieving first to raise his or her soul to the creative level of the artist?

Yes, sure, you may say that one can inspire oneself and think to cre...
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Stay Alert! Covid-19 is killing people, Mainstream Media appeals for attention! – I bet that most of you in the U.K consciously think what Sensationalist Piers Morgan-like Billionaire Media think – Hearken why!

The majority of the people in the U.K think what the mainstream billionaire media thinks. And they do it consciously, because their subconsciousness has ever since been hijacked by the billionaire media. 

Their subconscious thinking becomes conscious usually a while after they have read in full the daily billionaire papers. And thus what these papers say are reflected in the people’s thinking and daily expression.


Now here I ask, “Why is the Billionaire media making a big deal about the phrase of Boris Johnson, "stay alert, control the virus, save lives?"

The Guardian called it “a divisive muddle.” Metro U.K said, “It’s all Greek to us!” The Daily Mirror called it a “crisis.” And so on, we saw a rich media full of hysteria and hypocrisy!

Now I ask again, “Is this U.K billionaire media perhaps a sensationalist Media thinking for their own interest? 

A billionaire media that even in times of pandemic is all out to grab attention and sell as much as possible online blogs and daily papers?

A billionaire media that sows division, creates confusion, increases anxiety and abuses truth for the sake of money even in times of great pain. This U.K media then is but a disgrace.  Isn’t it?

Now to begin with my philosophy, here is an ideal that is called logic. Some know about it. And some others don’t. 

However, I think that one should be able to first perc.. (please subscribe to read the full blog and support independent thinking)

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How 9 Thuggish Members of Metropolitan Police abused me, Dr ACactivism, in Hammersmith London

Pic taken by Dr ACactivism when the police left after abusing his human rights.


On 9th May 2020, I had parked my car in a park in Hammersmith, opened its door, and I was sat with my bottoms on the car seat and feet on sidewalk. Looking at the sky above, reading some ideas of Tolstoy and drinking a beer. 

Suddenly, a van full of police officers stopped.  9 police officers got out of it. And one of them came close to me shouting, “get out of the car.”

 Here my night was on its way to be destroyed for nothing.

 (Note: here the law is a different thing from the abuse of power. Still it is true that an illogical law in itself is an abuse of human freedoms. And for further explanation of the idea of law and police powers please read the full blog.)

Why? I said.

The ignition of my car was not turned on. And I had only sipped one quarter of a small beer. And it was a proof that I was reading. Because he found me with my head on the computer reading. So?

The police officer, who came shouting and yelling at me, he didn’t wait at all. But grabbed me by my arm and took me out of the car by force. Like a thug. And suddenly all of them rushed surrounding me like a group of thugs. 

And that moment, one of them shouted and screamed at me, “don’t move.” Even though I wasn’t moving.

Bear in mind this was a provocation towards me. For if I moved slightly, they would use their evil powers and abuse me with physical power. But I didn't move. So I left them gobsmacked.

And thus the provocation continued with another police officer going where my beer was and kicking it with his feet while saying, “you drinking a beer, hahaha!”

Also that time another police officer went to my bag to check it. And threw my bank cards in the street. Plus, he scattered my other things around the sidewalk. So continuing their provocation in maximum.

Then feeling offended and abused by the police officers, who were acting like thugs, I said, “Can I take my phone please?”

“No” replied one of them. You are under arrest. So I could not film them. I could not defend myself. While they abused my rights! Funny!

However, this was not all of what happened, but just the beginning of an action made by the thugs of Met police U.K. 

After they began...
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Ideas – A song and prayer of Creativism Religion


Ideas, to you I pray!
And to you I believe!
Ideas, you are my god!
And you are my soul!
Ideas, you are my hatred!
And you are my love!
Ideas, you are my everythingness!
And you are my nothingness!
Ideas, with you and for you
I dance in my brain!
Like being a lightening in the sky
Of the past, today and of the future.
Ideas, with you and for you
I create with my blood
Like a painter on the canvas
Who is possessed by creativity!
Ideas you are the rock
Of my Creativism Religion.

Ideas, you come and go
In my mind like a thunderbolt.
And when I note you down
I make you mine forever.
Ideas, you invisible power
That come to me in a
Moment of inspiration.
Ideas, you have the force
To change the world
For ... and for ...

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Hatred for others surpasses love for self – Dr ACactivism explains why we should forever keep the feeling of HATRED under control

The field of philosophy is as broad as the universe. And it goes as far as the idea of nothingness goes. However, philosophy does not deal with petty ideas and unimportant things.

So rather philosophy deals with logic, universal and particular ideas, and what is important for humanity. Not gossip and trash talking.

So as a philosopher, in this blog, I would like to speak about a very important universal and particular feeling that is called or that we call, hatred.  

Now you may ask me, “How comes that the feeling or ideal of hatred surpasses the love for self? Don't we love ourselves more than others?

Even though in the first sight, the feeling of HATRED looks hard to comprehend, in reality it is very simple to define and understand it. 

Let me give you an example. So you can better understand my philosophy.

When we get into v.....

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“Are we going to continue to Harm Children to protect Vulnerable people?” The ITV NEWS prepares the mood for mass deaths with a clear Nazi Question to end Coronavirus lockdown

With the suffer of oppression that I have lived in London, all created by this monstrous media power, I could have imagined that I will also live this day. A day where human attention is brought back to us. 

And we are not blaming others anymore. So now we have to blame each other. No other option left because of Coronavirus.

And because of Coronavirus we now can blame the weakest part of our population. End the lockdown. And carry on with our lives with blood or without blood in our hands. 

How could one even imagine this day, when until yesterday we were blaming others anyways? Others, eh?

At the end, if you as a thinker of the time in all your life have seen poignant writers of media monopolies drive human attention away from the things that matter. And do anything possible to control us like sheep. Then what would you think in a crucial moment like this?

Then wouldn’t you think that there will come also one day that will show the true colours of the talented and skilled writers, who made possible all the evil on earth for the sake of their Media power?

A day where they will make Nazi questions. And appeal for cannibalism for the sake of their EGO and impatience?

For if in the past British media, through its silence, left Yemen to be butchered by British politicians and left Palestine oppressed, today they appealed for us to eat each other in a clear-cut Nazi way.

Bear with me, I will explain my reasons to you. 

So in a blog written on 05 Apr 2020, the ITV said,

“In broad terms are we going to continue to harm children to protect vulnerable people, or not?"

But why is this question a Nazi question, you may say.

It is a Nazi question because the ITV seems....

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The Contain, Delay and Mitigate ideas of Boris Johnson seem to have a Nazi Strategy – “Many loved ones will die” and the T4 NAZI Euthanasia Program comparison

I am not a writer of conspiracy theories at all. For I love philosophy, - truth and reason only. And I am good with that.

So then as a philosopher, I rather prefer to hear you talk first and then act. And it is at that time that I judge your actions based on your thinking and doing. 

“Many loved ones will die” philosophy of Boris Johnson

Now, the strategy of Boris Johnson that says, contain, delay and mitigate seem to have as a purpose to allow the spread of the virus for some reasons. And kill the people of a certain class for economical interest.

Was there any lesson to be taken or way to be followed, so to stop the spread of the Coronavirus infection?

Let me say here, please, that we could have taken the lessons of what happened in Italy or China. And at least temporary close pubs, bars and restaurants, schools and mass gatherings until we had a vaccine. Or until, coronavirus was under sure and proper control.

But you see? That was not the case of thinking of the U.K government. For Boris Johnson kept hiding his innermost thoughts by bringing a few scientists and doctors in front of the cameras to brainwash the masses. And so telling us that the U.K would not become a second Italy! And that we are different!

Wow! Say, that we are not humans! 

T4 NAZI Euthanasia Program 

Hitler and the Nazis had created a program through which they intended to kill the chronically ill patients and the elderly people. 

These people were considered to be “useless eaters and burdensome lives” by the Nazis. Therefore, to kill them was good for the then Germany!

This political philosophy, however, had been an idea of Hitler from the very beginning. So to kill people that are incompatible or unworthy of living. And make the Germany youthful, and in full working order. So cleaning it for the sick and the old people.

Now to come to the coronavirus and the policy of Boris Johnson’s thinking and its results. 

According to the recent resear... (please subscribe to read the full blog)

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Millions of Refugees or “Displaced Animals” are dying from COLD AND HUNGER, please share it in your social media to raise awareness – thank you all for your love and kindness towards Animals

In this blog, I do not want to refer to the “refugees” of Syria and Middle East as humans. That’s right. For that does not raise awareness, anyways. More exactly it does not touch the kind minds and hearts of the Western people.

 A united people that in the recent decades seem to love more animals than humans. 

And thus, when our soldiers bomb Middle East and our politicians murder innocent people in Middle East. Responsibility for these ghastly and gut-wrenching political actions is the last thing that our fellow western people want to take! 

Say that our taxes pay not our western governments, but the governments of Middle East! 

However, when these kind and courteous Western people watch in the news Media, Australia burning, or a certain sort of animal living in captivity. Then suddenly they become emotional, empathy shows off in their hearts. And they deeply feel that they need to express something and contribute for a better world!

So, adults and teenagers go up in flames in our social media platforms. And share in their stories and feeds with broken hearts and sad minds, the stories of “captivated animals or the stories of animals dying in Australia or Africa or elsewhere in our world! 

However, when it comes to the Refugees and humans, there is a total silence in these people’s social media platforms! Wow!

For example, the latest eruption of violence in Idlib, northwest Syria, stirred one more time the nev

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Caroline Flack is a Case where U.K Media Journalists ate one of their own by bullying, harassing and Intimidating – CPS and the ITV also have directly pushed Caroline to Suicide

“Whatever she said publicly, she told those close to her that she had in effect been sacked,” the source is quoted as saying.

The Mirror, said on 16 FEB 2020.

Next is the ITV itself.

“Flack was arrested and charged with assault by beating after police were called to her flat in Islington, north London, on December 12. But former professional tennis player and model Burton does not support the prosecution and insists he is not a victim.” The ITV wrote on 24 December 2019.

I will explain to you later on, why I showed you what the Mirror and the ITV said. 

For now, please allow me to focus on a universal way of thinking which tells the psyche of this degenerate and corrupt U.K Press or media.

To begin with, in the recent weeks people have signed up a petition that calls on the U.K parliament to create laws that can prevent the British press from bullying, harassing and intimidating people.

At the end of the day, isn’t the press an institution of truth and justice, where humanity must be held above all and whatever? So why are the people worried about a press that is supposed to keep their right?

In an ideal world, the press must be objective, balanced and unbiased searching for the ideals of justice and truth. 

But can you have as such press when media owners get billions and media journalists hundreds of thousands of pounds?

Unfortunately, there where big money enters is almost impossible to be objective, balanced and unbiased. For the power of money as the biggest power on earth would drag you willy-nilly towards the opposite of humanity and of what I said. 


U.K media journalists have hundreds of years that know that “Information is power.” So, that’s why, they do not care if they harass, bully or intimidate for the sake of information or catching human attention.

They don’t care if they oppress someone’s voice on the other hand. They don’t care if what they do is good or evil or hate or meanness of the soul. They don’t care of what is human or anti human.

All what the U.K Media journalists care is catch human attention. And make money for their papers! 

So the case of Caroline Flack shows that the U.K Media journalists turned into Wolves. And thus, they ate one of their own, Caroline Flack, by twisting, exaggerating and alienating truth. And by bullying, harassing and intimidating her.

Before her death, Caroline Flack had said, “truth has been taken out of my hands and used as entertainment.”

Now let me show you some facts that show how degenerate and corrupt the U.K media is.

Firs the ITV.

The ITV for example instead of dema... (please subscribe to read the full blog)

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Roman Polanski, – Syria is Burning, Refugees Gassed in the Turkey-Greek Borders, still the French, the British and the Americans inspired by the Rich Media are enraged with jealousy and Hatred against Roman Polanski!

The attention of the RICH MEDIA MONOPOLIES is on POLANKSY not on Syria that Burns or on Refugees that cry for help! All because of our IMPERIALIST WESTERN POLITICS.

It is impressive to see the attention of the RICH MEDIA MONOPOLIES on POLANKSY
at a time when Syria Burns and Refugees are crying for help. All because of our IMPERIALIST WESTERN POLITICS that have created hatred in there by murdering innocent people by the thousands for economical interests. 


Just look at the USA-UK-EU Journalists, and their educated people, how they scream under the influence of the feelings of hatred and jealousy against Roman Polanksi. At the same time when Syria is burning down from the French, British and USA politics. And poor refugees are gassed in the Turkey-Greek Borders.

It all looks like a conspiracy theory. Or like a 1984 unreal occurrence.

Journalists scream from billionaire media headquarters and squalid little blogs. And common people, inspired by such defenders of our murderous political system, find a Roman Polanski to express their negative feelings. And feel above him for a moment on Twitter and social media!

Leave the Syrian problem, the war problem, the refugee problem, and throw all your anger and negative energy on Roman Polanski!

It seems, like our prob.... (please subscribe to read the full blog and donate to support independent thinking.)

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Greedy, Hypocrite Journalists or MEDIA Wolves, Like Samira Ahmed, Fight who gets paid more at BBC or in the UK Media – Millions of Voices remain unheard because of the corruption of MEDIA MONOPOLIES


Journalists, media editors and media owners are doing the greatest injustice to the present-day world.


They fight who gets paid more at a time when millions of voices remain unheard. What equality are you telling to...
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Your BRITISH-NESS PRAYS for OPPRESSION. BRITISH People are Taught with a Culture of Oppression – This must stop because it is PURE EVIL

It impresses me to see on twitter under a hashtag “Free Tommy” many British people crying out loudly against the BBC. And the reason for that is because a woman, that was a fan of Tommy Robinson, had been allowed to participate with ideas at Question Time show!       

She didn’t have a bomb, she didn’t carry a knife with her and she didn’t threat any one. So? Why do you as people appeal for the oppression of her voice instead of appealing for the BBC and the U.K MEDIA in general to create much more opportunities for people to participate and be heard with ideas?

This way of thinking of the British psyche seems to have its origin in the 600 hundred years of capitalist oppression. So they can’t endure the idea of giving more freedom to them. That’s why they appeal to rich billionaire media monopolies to create more oppression for them.

Say that the oppression of ideas that is in place is not enough! Wow, what an incredible thinking!

I will upload at the end of this blog the facts that show how much the majority of the British people appeal for oppression.  And hate the ideal of FREEDOM.

Well, but what is the evil of this way of thinking? you may ask.

Now let me explain it to you, please. To appeal to the big rich and monopolist media to silence the voices of certain people means to give to them, the incredibly rich and powerful mainstream media, the...
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Democracy is Dead – Donald Trump and Today American Politics confirm just that

On 05 February 2020, the American Senate shamelessly acquitted President Donald Trump of the charges of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress. 

This was but a clear historical evil. Or history made to demonise our humanity or human ideals. And so create evil. And pass it for good.

Was here Justice twisted through cunning Reason and turned into corruption or a clear form of Injustice?

There was strong evidence that Trump withheld military aid to Ukraine to demand political investigations. So to prosecute his political rivals. And win the upcoming elections by abusing his power.

At the end there was a legal obligation for all the senators to be impartial. But unfortunately the Republican senators were not impartial at all.

By law the Congressmen of America are supposed to be fair during an impeachment trial of their president. Like to judge the president of America fairly during an impeachment trial, to hold the right, the truth, and stand above political interest and above partisanship. When justice and their duty calls them to do so.

However, during the Trump impeachment trial, the Republican congressmen did just the opposite. The Republicans blocked witnesses from testifying, blocked facts. And they left Trump win for their political interest’s sake.

For decades now, America has led and inspired the world through its respect for the law, its passion for justice and work for equality. 

But what the Republicans, and the American Congressmen did was but a disgrace to humanity and to the meaning of Democracy.

For if Democracy is about using a cunning reason to twist truth and call corru....
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Islamist-inspired? The Creatives of the UK Media have coined a New phrase to link Islam to Terrorism – Good

I can't deny the fact of the matter that the journalists of the U.K media are intelligent creatives! They always create and think how can they forever be on the top of others?

For example, in the past, I used to hear a lot as such phrases, like "Islamic Extremists or Islamic Extremism or Islamic Terrorism and so on.

Nevertheless, after the latest Terrorist attack in Streatham, the UK Media journalists seemed to have coined a new phrase and somehow become more creative in linking Islam to Terrorism.

Once the media learnt the name of the attacker, Sudesh Amman, and once they learnt that he is Muslim, then they began creating and using their famous imagination to link Islam to terrorism.

"Islamist-inspired" rumbled hard the news MONOPOLIES of the Sky News, Daily Mail, Yahoo News etc. Very good the intelligent, eh?

To be honest UK Media journalists are too good at linking the weakest part of this world to evil. And in doing that, they create scapegoats and keep us happy by...
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Terrorism in Streatham, Why I, Dr ACactivism, think that we should neither thank the Police nor the Politicians nor the Media

It is logical to say that when terrorism hits us, the weak and the oppressed of today like myself and you, we should not rush in praise for the Nazis of today. 

Because what makes the world a dystopian world or a bad place is injustice and corruption that is created by the leading class. The political class. 

Secondly, our politicians by waging wars in Middle East and around the world, they create the conditions for us to be killed and butchered here. So why rush in praise?

Thirdly, let me be you and in your mind.

“Well, but why not thank the media or the police at least?” you may ask. 

To you, I would answer thus, “Is there in our world any organisation that is richer and more corrupt and more controlling than the U.K Media?

So then I logically showed that the politicians and the media do not deserve to be thanked.

 But again you may be curios to ask, “Why shouldn’t we thank our police officers that save lives at last?

If you think so, then I would answer to you thus.... (please subscribe to read the full philosophic blog)

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FREEDOM OF SPEECH, PLEASE. Katie Hopkins, Alex Jones etc., are being Silenced by the New Nazi Media Personalities, like Rachel Riley of Channel 4. A Billionaire U.K MEDIA that wants to Murder Free Speech and impose their IDEAS on us – READ

Me, you and everybody should answer only to a clearly defined...

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Nicholas Parsons died at the Age of 96! While He Was Working for the News Monopolies of the BBC – Why this form of Death must make us happy

In one thing I can’t, and I would never be able to agree with this sick festering British artist thinking that sees taking and never giving as a good and right way of thinking and…...

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A Poem of Sycophantic Journalism Inspired by the great LACKEY, BBC’s News Editor, Amol Raman

Tony Hall, oh, director-general,
Thank you for all!
Thank you, oh cher, Tony Hall,
For teaching us, BBC’s sycophants,
That hatred is love, yes it is love!

Now you know, I was and still I am
Your favourite editor, Amol Rajan,
A man in love with every "Ism"
Especially, in love with sycophantic Journalism

You see, dear thee? I make history!
As the greatest and the biggest
Lackey in the history of the BBC!
I'm your slave, master, Tony Hall!
I'm your slave! Your slave forever.
Until my last breath is given to heavens!

And now for the sake of pity
Here allow me to speak
Of something that I call artistically pretty!

For example, master.
I'm not allowed to speak
Against a majesty like you!
Because BBC's rules
Say never speak against
That's true!

But never mind, big elephant, 
I can be your sycophant! 
Yes, I can be your sycophant!

Is that a problem for you?
I hope it is not!
For it has never ever been
A problem to be a sycophant
In the human history, you see?

Dear, lord, dear thee!
You see, how dear sycophantic Journalism
Is to me? If not, please,
Let me tell thee what else
I can be!

I can be,
A sycophant journalist,
Who grovels for will to power!
Like a worm after a heavy shower!

I can be your yes-man
To aggrandize you up
To the grandeur of big bang!
Tony Hall,
My dear director-general!
PLEASE, please, please,
Listen to my poem of
 journalism in peace!

You are good, you are great!
Your are like all of us, excellent!
You did a good job for us!
You didn't inspire hatred
Through BBC's policies at all!
You didn’t link a big religion
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I Teach You a Steel Will. Do we Create because we Hope or do we Create without Hope?

I ask, “How are we supposed to believe in something and stand for something in our highly capitalist and imperialist world. When those who control us are very few and more powerful than the terrifying monsters of Greek Mythology in the same time?


And I ask you again with all the honesty of my thinking and doing, "Who is this man who does not fall or kneel in front of these monsters when they attack you either with their corrupt ideas of their controlled news media monopolies, like by distorting truth and accusing you for something that goes against their common class taste, or with their corrupt and slavish police or army forces?


So then to stand up with thinking and philosophies against the powerful monsters of your time, you need Creative Ideas. And some Creative ideas and long-term projects need a Steel Will. And that's why logically one needs a Steel Will to keep going forward and creating.


               So what’s the reason of writing this blog then?


The reason of why I am writing this blog then is to teach a “Steel Will” to those who take creative ideas or creativity as their thinking and doing. And want to move the wheel of the world forwards by recreating the world anew in each time and each epoch.


So without further ado, let me begin with some questions:


When we create a certain idea or project do we create because we hope that our projects or ideas will produce certain desired results? Or we do create because we have a certain vision in mind. And we hope in nothing but only in finishing our projects?


In short do we create while having the idea of“hope” in mind or do we create w..... (to read the full blog please subscribe and please donate to support independent thinking)

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Daily Corruption in London and in the U.K is created Daily by a Manipulative, Monopolistic, Evil of All Evil, U.K Media News Monopolies

Today, 9 January 2020, I enter a local shop to top up my oyster card in South East London. And I see the Daily Mail U.K, a news media monopoly that has been created since 1896, and the entire U.K media news monopolies showing on their front pages Prince Harry and the pretty Meghan!


Wow, I was shocked by this. "Why" I asked myself, "isn’t there any other more important thing going on in London or in the U.K than the faces of Mr Harry and his wife, Mrs Meghan?

(picture taken at local shop in SE London)


Now let me tell you how important things are brushed aside. And instead stupid things take the attention of our corrupt Monopolistic Media. And the purpose is to control our minds through some do-nothing brain-dead celebrities. Of course.

For example, yesterday, that is a day before U.K Media bursting with Prince Harry and Meghan headlines, in my area, I saw almost 30 police officers arresting a black woman. A black woman that appeared to not have ID.


And when I approached the police officers and asked them what is going on, they said me “Go away. It is not your business.” And imperialistically so.


Of course, because the police of Boris Johnson have made "stop and search" a racist routine now. And the U.K media have made Prince Harry and the pretty Meghan their daily business as always. Speaking about them and selling millions of papers daily!


What about daily violence that we experience ourselves in our London and U.K? What about police and state injustice? Isn’t there any other more important message than Prince Harry to be written or put in the front pages of the News monopolies of the Daily Mail and of the U.K media in general?

Ej, you, U.K Media what are you doing to our humanity? Why are you playing with us always? To control us like sheep because so it suits to your class interest?


We see daily homeless people begging for food. We hear daily here and there of stabbings, drug dealings and death. We hear daily of political mu...
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The Cry of Losers! Labour MPs, who lost their seats, Appeal for a party election Review that Intend to make LABOUR Anti Human and Anti Human Values


The tragical-comical politics of today in the U.K have continued with a letter titled, Stand up for Labour’s record in office. A letter that was written by some crying losers, labour MPs, who lost their seats because the British Soul changed direction from pro human to anti human.


This letter strangely and tenaciously appeals for a party review in the labour party. Instead of appealing for the British people to make a serious soul-searching and introspection for their hidden votes that were generously given towards a racist, bigoted and pro imperialist wars Tory party.


Here in this letter of crying losers, however, we do not see “a cry” of the losers that intend to put right what has been wrong. Of course that no. Contrariwise, here we see a cry of losers that intend to make labour more anti human and anti human values. By wanting to see the labour party pro Western and pro imperialist wars in the future.


These former labour MPs or crying losers for sure that they haven’t caught the crux of the problem in the U.K politics. And so they cry like three-year-old children when they lose in a game between kids of the same age, where candies and chocolates are involved. And the winners take them all!


For example, they intelligently call, an 'obsession,' the condemnation of the war in Iraq. And they call 'wrong' the public condemnation of labour’s spending. Which has been a right criticism by people and a wrong party policy by the past labour government. So they are lost, basically.


“Not just internally, with the obsession of many with Iraq, but externally to the wider public by attacking the accepted narrative that Labour’s profligate spending caused the economic problems that necessitated austerity.” They said in their letter written to the news monopolies of the Observer.



Secondly, the cry of the losers speaks of their rejection from people.

“We were rejected on doorsteps not just because of our woolly, changing position on Brexit, or in Scotland because of our weak commitment to the union,” they said “but because the very people we were supposed to be.... (please subscribe to read the full blog of Dr ACactivism and please donate to support Independent thinking)

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Twitter Hashtags are another fact of the today that tell us daily that the British Soul is mind-controlled like sheep by a few corrupt Media Monopolies

People of all classes and all fields and all professions contribute daily with their tweets on Twitter through different hashtags.

And they do this right after they have watched something on the mainstream media or heard something from the big radios. That means, when they have watched certain journalists speak or when they have heard these famous hypocrite journalists on big radios of the rich.

And most of these tweets are written under certain hashtag, say, Piers Morgan, Andrew Neil, BBC, ITV, Good Morning Britain, Andrew Marr, Sky News, Stormzy, and so on.

In short, whatever goes into the minds of the journalists of the mainstream media is reflected in the hashtags of Twitter daily by the British people.

Wow! What a mind-control of a people!

Some of these people are angry, some are funny and laughing, some taunt other people.

Still the minds of the British people reflect the topics and the...
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The Democrat Congressman, Adam Schiff, Can Become a Political Hero if he Achieves to Remove from Office one of the most corrupt USA President ever and the most Powerful one that is politically linked with Corruption

The Passion of truthfulness through which Adam Schiff appeals for Justice is something to be admired and upheld as human and a righteous way of thinking.


“Those who excuse the President’s conduct because of partisan loyalty betray their oath of office.

But I intend to uphold mine.

I voted to impeach Donald J. Trump.” Mr Schiff said in a tweet shared on 19th 12 2019.


We have already learnt to not be lied from beautiful words, but Adam Schiff has showed to us also beautiful actions.


For Trump is now impeached. And all what remains is but his removal from office. Thing which is the hardest thing. Because Adam Schiff will face the entire wolves of the Republican party who will logically call “truth” untruth for their political interests.


Now the question is, can Adam Schiff become a Political Hero by achieving to remove Donald Corrupt Trump from Office? A president that is one of the most corrupt USA Presidents ever and the most Powerful one that is politically linked with Corruption.




Many past philosophers have asked themselves and argued about this question “Does history make heroes or people make themselves... (please subscribe to read the full blog and donate to support independent thinking)

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Impeachment Day! Anyone still doubting the intelligent power of Adolf Hitler, and Nazi supporters, Benito Mussolini and fascists, today must watch the Republican Congressmen in the USA and see how Intelligently they defend injustice and the corruption of their president, Donald Corrupt Trump

Let me tell you that many Republican congressmen on purpose do not see the impeachment of Donald Trump from office as a matter of justice.


But what is this purpose? you may ask.

This purpose of course that consists on the fact that the Republican congressmen do not want to lose the chairs of power. And that’s why they run scared, like chicken, from truth and reason. And defend intelligently injustice for the purpose of social power by twisting truth through corrupt reason as a matter of fact.



For example, the Republicans in the USA senate try to make appear or to explain the impeachment of Donald Corrupt Trump as a political thinking of the Democrats that want to nullify the 2016 votes. So in this way they intelligently avoid the quest for justice by twisting what is the right thing to do. That is defend the justice of humanity.



To show you a more detailed picture I will give here an example.



Douglas Collins, a Republican congressman, said in regard to the impeachment vote, “Today’s impeachment vote is going to be a... (to read the full blog please subscribe and please donate to support independent thinking.)

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The Tragedy of the British people! The Old Goriot of Balzac and the Evil Soul of the British People, who over voted the NAZI politician called, Boris Johnson. Dr ACactivism explains

A man named Goriot, who was once a rich merchant, is now a poor, wretched man, scorned by most of the tenants, who call him "Old Goriot."

Honoré de Balzac, Father Goriot


When Honore De Balzac was asked by his critics to describe or define the character of the Old Goriot in his own words. He had said then in the 19th century, “Old Goriot is like a murderer's dog, who licks the hand of his master when it is soiled with blood; he does not argue, he does not judge, he loves.”




Now what has a character of Balzac got to do with the universal thinking of a nation called U.K or specifically a people called "British?"

Here let me explain certain facts.

The British people do not argue against the murders that were committed by the Conservatives while they were in power for 9 years. Do they? They do not judge the murders of a political party called, the Conservatives, do they? So what I said means that the majority of the British people love the Conservative party unconditionally. And in the last general elections, the British showed their love to this party of criminals by gaving to the Conservative party a super victory with their VOTES.

Fact. Didn’t the British people over vote a barbarian and New Nazi called, Boris Johnson?


And before the general elections wasn't the same British people who, with their taxes, gave the right to go and murder innocent people in Yemen to the Conservative party?


So then we see how evil and barbaric and mean the universal soul of the British people is.

Therefore, in order to give an answer to this universal evil of a people. I was trying to find a book character to describe the VILE and EVIL soul of the British people who voted for Boris Johnson.


A soul of a people, that is rotting with GREED and licks the blood of the...
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General election 2019, Jeremy Corbyn or Boris Johnson, Labour or Conservatives? U.K hasn’t got a political choice, but to vote Hypocrites and Barbarians

Some questions rack my mind for years. Questions like, “Where was Jeremy Corbyn at the time when innocent people were killed in Yemen by U.K participation in new wars? Where was Jeremy Corbyn at the time during which Israeli Politics created and never lifted the blockade of Gaza? A political action that made Gaza the biggest prison in the world.

Here are many other things that have gone wrong in the last decade, like the infiltration of the Russian and World’s dirty money in the U.K. But my point here is that at all these cases, where injustice was crystal-clear, Jeremy Corbyn either was little active or silent.


But why was Jeremy Corbyn and his Labour Party silent then? Was he waiting for the moment to win the new elections like a cat standing in front of a good toast? Wow! Why is change created only when you come to power? Have organisations of people, peaceful protests until justice is made, and appeals for justice  lost its meaning?

So during his time in opposition, Jeremy Corbyn never stood firmly against... (please subscribe to read the full article and please donate if you can to support independent thinking)

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Many Albanian nationals have been deported from Dublin Ireland. As an Albanian Writer and Thinker, I can’t be heard and take a stand. Because I live in the U.K Where Media MONOPOLIES Murder your Voice Daily

Many Albanian nationals have been deported today, 5 December 2019, from Dublin, Ireland. Their exact number is unknown. The number of the Albanian people that are abused by courts with harsh sentences, or police or laws, again is unknown.


For the U.K Media does not speak for these facts and forms of pain. Because it hurts the name and reputation of an imperialist European country called, U.K.


Now you hear my pain. I am part of a nation that is being abused daily by imperialist powers. Still I, as a writer and thinker of this oppressed nation, can’t have my voice be heard and speak of these rights that I have.

Therefore, the point that I want to make here, however, is not about the number of the Albanians that have been deported from Dublin to Albania. But rather I want to make a point of justice and rights.


For the rights of my Albanian nationals are and have been abused. While I as an Albanian writer can’t be heard or take a stand for what is right. For the rights of my oppressed nationals and nation. You hear my pain?


First, as an Albanian writer I see my personal rights being abused in the middle of London and U.K. And I see the rights of my Albanian nationals being abused as well.

What rights? one may ask.

In the national level, we are Europeans. Still we do not have rig...
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Why I, Dr ACactivism, and you, oppressed people of the U.K, should Mourn the Victims of the London Bridge Terrorist Attack. And why this tragedy is man-made?

In this world of suffer and pain, in this world of corruption and injustice, nothing remains to us, humans, but mourn the victims of natural and political tragedies.

A few days ago, I was mourning the victims of a natural tragedy, that happened in Albania. Today, 01st December 2019, I will mourn the victims of a political tragedy or man-made tragedy. And I will tell you why the second tragedy is a political one.

The tragedy that happened in Albania is authentically a natural tragedy and needs no explanations. While what happened in London is politically man-made. And it needs thinking to unravel and discover its inner meaning.

So first of all let me explain my reason by speaking in a subjective way of thinking. And so telling you why I will mourn the victims of the London Bridge Terrorist Attack in the same way that I mourned the victims of the natural tragedy that happened in Albania.

Where over 40 people were killed, hundreds injured and thousands left homeless.

London Bridge is a place where I walk at least two or three times per week. And some times I pass there more often. So in London bridge could have been me, could have been you or anyone that lives in London, U.K or that visits us here.

So then, I will mourn because U.K and London is my home already for ten years and the place where I call my home and live. And that’s why U.K for me is equal to Albania.

Now to come to the political part. And to the political ideas and ideals. And to politicians and journalists in particular that with their wrong way of thinking and doing endanger our lives daily.

So let me tell you here why it is the ruling classes of today that have alienated the people of today beyond... (please subscribe at Dr ACactivism to read the full blog and donate if you can to support independent thinking.)

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