There are a few books that I have loved in my life. And they are but Tartuffe by Moliere. Macbeth by Shakespeare, Don Quixote by Miguel de Cervantes and the books of Machiavelli.

Moliere, Miguel de Cervantes and Shakespeare  teach negative characters while Machiavelli preaches to people as such characters.

In short in all these books, I find people like KATHERINE VINER and her lackeys, that are included in this package of hypocrisy. Like Patrick Wintour and Jim Winterson and others at the head of today the Guardian. People that are led and bred by the ideas of lies and deep human hypocrisy.

Now allow me please, dear reader, to explain how Katherine Viner has metamorphosed the only left wing newspaper in the U.K called, the Guardian, into a Nazi Newspaper.

For example, let us take a historical fact from 2015, that shows an important moment in history. Where Katherine Viner should have stood up against the powerful right wing U.K media monopolies. Such as the BBC, that were totally prejudiced in their descriptions towards Muslims.

However, instead of standing as an opposing reason and force in the U.K, Katherine Viner veered The Guardian, like a corrupt captain, towards New Nazism to attract attention and gain social power – They are called, views and sales.

For example, in 2015 and before that time, Tony Hall, former director-general of the BBC, decided to follow a New Nazi path of thinking at the BBC by linking Muslims to Terrorism openly like a proper cultural imperialist thug.  Thing which I have written and called for Tony Hall to be sent to prison. However, my voice was and still is shut down by U.K media monopolies.

Anyways, let us turn to our theme. In June 2015, 120 MPs signed a letter, that was written by Rehman Chishti. Where they urged the BBC and media organisations to adopt the name “Daesh” for those terrorist groups that assumed themselves for being “Religious people.”

Tony Hall refused to listen. For he was expressing his personal feelings by linking Islam to terrorism. Gaining power, attention and giving an outer meaning to his inner feelings of hatred and sick egoism. So while in power and holding the reins of a media monopoly, the BBC, he seemed to truly believe that Islam was the problem not man’s will to power!

And there was no one to oppose Tony Hall. For our voices were politically assassinated. And the Guardian was left as a leading VOICE and MEDIA MONOPOLY to represent us, the oppressed immigrants!

So the Guardian, that the majority of European and U.K people assumed to be a left wing newspaper, wrote in support of Tony Hall at that time betraying every human value and every human ideal, “The Guardian, in common with several other media groups, uses Islamic State at first mention, thereafter Isis.”

So, the Guardian of the Katherine Viner together with her package of slaves, editors and CEOs below her in power, simply did what other U.K media monopolies did. And did not counteract with criticism to show an opposing reason and force for that time.

Katherine Viner, Editor in Chief of the Guardian, with the eyes of Adolf Hitler and his famous moustache – photoshoped!

Further, a few months later, the faithful dog of Tony Hall, Andrew Neil, followed the path of thinking of Tony Hall, former director-general of the BBC, going as far as to call terrorists, “Islamic Scumbags.” Openly showing us that Andrew Neil was following the thinking of his boss, Tony Hall. And that in the U.K media was something so wrong.

I was boiling inside me. But my voice like many voices of that time was assassinated by U.K Media monopolies.

Dr ACactivism is an independent thinker and philosopher standing up for human ideals.

Thus, on 20th November 2015,  this abusive thinking of Andrew Neil is word for word repeated at the Guardian of the New Nazi, Katherine Viner. And celebrated with a capture, “Andrew Neil attacks ‘Islamist scumbags’ who will never defeat Paris – video.”

So we see no criticism there or any opposing idea. But a big fact to show the guardian as a newspaper that followed hatred and a new Nazi form of thinking with no pangs of conscience whatsoever.

 Thus, while I was screaming and tearing up my lungs against the BBC, Katherine Viner and the Guardian were one single item with BBC and other U.K Media monopolies. Juts like we saw from the above facts.

The fact of Andrew Neil and Tony Hall is a crucial moment in history that showed that Katherine Viner loved the new Nazi leadership of Tony Hall and his faithful dog, Andrew Neil, and others. Who were seen as the fathers of the British nation for their abusive cultural imperialist thinking.

If anyone doubts the fact that say that Andrew Neil through the above facts shows himself as a right wing closed-minded new Nazi, then I suggest them to see the history books. That show us that Andrew Neil joined GB News, a prejudiced TV and newspaper ran by millionaires, at his age of 72 after leaving the BBC. So to show his personal feelings as a writer of our time. Idolised for his dogish faithfulness to those above him, media editors or media directors. Such as Tony Hall.

Now allow me to continue with further facts and reasons.

Let us here mention certain ideas from the latest essay of Katherine Viner called, “Times change but the Guardian’s values don’t: 200 years, and we’ve just only begun.”

Where Katherine says; “All Guardian staff know that their work is not done to generate profits for others, or to buy influence. We are all here for a reason, and that is the biggest unifier. We all work for an organisation, as laid out by CP Scott, that “is a public service, not an instrument of private profit or power”. Our mission is based on a moral conviction: that people long to understand the world they are in, and to create a better one. To use our clarity and imagination to build hope.”

Hold on a second, the fact that you seat at the top of a news media monopoly with 200 years of history, that swallows the right to be heard and participate of hundreds of thousands of creative artists like myself.

And the fact that you earn £391,000 plus extra money, that you make using the influence and the reputation of the Guardian. A news media monopoly that together with a very few other news media monopolies in the U.K as a matter of fact and crystal-clear logic eat the food from the table of many creative artists by monopolising information.

The fact that you as a newspaper do not stand truly and fairly for the ideas of freedom, justice and fairness and equality, which I will further explain below, make you think that you “build hope?”

You murder hope, dear Katherine Viner. Perhaps you have in your mind, abuse of social power, corruption, injustice and control of the people’s minds through gigantic reputational media monopolies , when you describe the moral convictions of the Guardian which show but a farce and sham of thinking. And a form of hypocrisy that is so unbearable that makes you jump to suicide. From the sickening nature of the corruption of thinking of people like you.

To continue my explanation and thinking, allow me to mention a personal life fact.

In almost all my protests that I have been standing with other U.K citizens against the Israeli occupation of Palestine, I have not even once seen the Guardian come to the protests or write or speak about it! Unless there was a big war going on and the Guardian of Katherine Viner could not hide the elephant in the room!

Further, apartheid in Palestine created by the New Nazi Israeli politics, and the abuse of human rights against Palestinian people by Israeli politics are portrayed as a new form of humanism at the Guardian.

I mean, at the Guardian of Katherine Viner’s leadership, there is nowhere a firm appeal for justice and freedom.  Like appealing for protests across Europe, for the UK government to recognise Palestine as a nation. For the U.K government to stop arm deals with today Israeli politics. And those responsible in the U.K to be brought to courts.

We is there no fair and just thought expressed by the leadership of the Guardian. Why you ask?

Let me mention a few more facts before I tell the why. So you comprehend my better by laying out the facts and reasons first.

Secondly, the war in Yemen supported by the west and U.K government has been mentioned so brusquely by the Guardian.  With no tone of voice, power and appeal for social justice. Like not asking the prosecution of the U.K to bring politicians to courts. Nor asking or appealing to Hague to stand up to the imperialism of today. And imprison War Criminals like David Cameron, Theresa May and Boris Johnson.

Further, homelessness in London and the abuse of basic human dignity by today London’s landlords, the bully and thievish nature of London’s councillors that get hundreds of thousands of pounds from taxpayers for their job roles, barely does get a mention at the Guardian.

Furthermore, the question of Julian Assange. A thinker and highly intelligent for good and truth HUMAN BEING,  that has produced lofty and excellent forms of journalism, revealing big truths and allowing us to see the lies of today politics. This question rests in limbo.

And regarding the latter question, the Guardian has neither power nor will to call out the NAZI job of the British judges that have barefacedly abused human rights and human dignity simply because they can. Giving the green light in the British courts so far for Julian Assange to be extradited to the USA.

In short, the National and international political analysis of the Guardian by Katherine Viner’s tenure are a laughing stock or painful embarrassment of an editor that is greedy and afraid to stand up for what is fair, right and just with the right tone of voice at the right time.   A Tartuffe of all Tartuffes in history.

Why is Katherine Viner the biggest Tartuffe of our time?

The above facts, that I mentioned, go against the Hypocrisy of the latest “essay” of Katherine Viner called, “Times change but the Guardia’s values don’t; 200 years, and we’ve only just begun?”

 For in this essay, Katherine viner flamboyantly brags about her attitude to continue the work of past editors.

A lie and a big lie. For since Katherine Viner came to power as a matter of fact the Guardian has become more right wing, following anti-immigrant voices, silencing the voices of minority writers, like myself, and standing with the imperialist British Culture.

Another example, when certain immigrants happened to do something in the Europe of 2015 and 2016, the racist European media would name and shame, the immigrant’s origin of this person, their families and even their clothes’ color. Making a mountain out of a molehill, to drive online sales and make money.

The hatred of such German, Belgian, Italian, Austrian and French media sends you straight to the pattern of thought of Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini.

While Katherine Viner would not go so far as to mention “baseless stupidities.” Still the Guardian of Katherine Viner would follow the stream of hate. Linking immigrants to crime. Linking Islam to terrorism. Supporting the news monopolies of the BBC and the Murdoch media empire not going against them.

For the incidents of the New Year’s Eve 2016, Katherine Viner brought in  hateful and cynic journalists, some of them also were former editors of the Guardian, to continue the stream of hate catching attention and driving sales like all those hateful and sickening European media did.

Michael White, a former editor of the Guardian, for example wrote an article for the Guardian on 12 01 2021 called, Cologne attacks: we must avoid the risk of ‘sexual jihad.’

In this blog the Guardian killed two birds with a stone. Liking Islam and immigrants with what happened on the 31st December in Germany.

The phrase ‘sexual jihad’ to be honest, I had not even heard even from the most hateful right wing writers. Yet, Michael White was not without hatred and “imaginative lies.”

For in this blog, Michael White brought in a story of his globe-trotting wife from the New Zealand. And according to him his wife was sexually molested at Notre Dame in Paris in 1960s by young men of north African appearance. And she was saved by a young American selling the International Herald Tribune who took her to a cafe to recover.

Oh my! Is any right-minded human being who cannot doubt the lies of this cynic? Saved by American and molested by north African appearance! A story told to fan the flames of hatred against immigrants that right wing Nazis had started in Germany exaggerating things beyond measure,. And linking immigrants to crime. Just like extreme right wing media did from Germany to the U.K of Tommy Robinson and Nigel Farage.

Thus, Katherine Viner in all above example show a form of leadership that was unable to perceive the right course of thinking. Unable and afraid to stand up against the likes of the Daily Mail and the Sun etc. And unable to perceive what is human and what is anti human. An uninformed  and incomplete editor at the top of a news media monopoly.

A  true Left Wing MEDIA of the past and of today meant and means but a media that firmly stood and that stands against powerful right wing newspapers as well as today monstrous western politics.

Katherine Viner has failed to pass this test of time. And has turned the Guardian further to the right and also made it but a New Nazi newspaper.

     Let me give further examples of then shambolic political analysis of the Guardian’s editors.

Did you read the latest blog of the Guardian written by its editors, like Katherine Viner?

You can google it, “The Guardian view on Russia’s Nato demands: upping the ante”

In this blog, that is about the Russia’s and today western politics, the editors are but sickening horrible. Lacking essential political analysis and betraying ideas that they assume to stand for.

LIERS and HYPOCRITES. And why are they as such?

For example in this blog, the editors of the Guardian portray Putin with warmed-over adjectives as bully and revanchist and sabre-rattling.

That Putin is a bully that is no doubt a fact. But the editors of the Guardian miss the crucial point.

Why is Putin a bully? This question is the same like saying “why was Hitler, Hitler.”

However, the question of today, like the question of yesterday contains the politics within the question. That is, the thinking and doing of the time.

The butchering of Syria by the west, the destruction of Yemen and the continual oppression and apartheid of a called, Palestine, the exploitation of labour market around the world through western companies. These and other important matters embolden Putin and further put him into a survival mode against the strongest.

In short, Putin understand that the western world is unjust and corrupt, thus he stands ready with a knife and a gun in hand.

Here it is a case of what Albert Camus explains as “shared guilt.” In an unjust world, one cannot be innocent.” Camus suggests.

Katherine Viner fails to understand the guilt of the western politics. And this makes Katherine Viner go against another value that she shares at her essay, that I mentioned above. And that is her 5th value called;  “We will report fairly on people as well as power, and find things out.”

An absolute sickening lie. For the only thing that Katherine Viner show to not do in the above blog about Russian politics today is report fairly the circumstantial thinking and exploitative circumstances of today that create the “CONFLICT OF TODAY.”

Allow me to further show the sick hypocrisy of Katherine Viner.

When it comes to our western world in this blog, they use “adjectives as “western or uncomfortable or phrases where the “intelligence” idea is highlighted. Like in the phrase called, “Western intelligence officials.”

The political analysis of the Guardian go up to a point of thinking that describes Putin’s politics as “Omnious or counterproductive .”

Katherine Viner and her cronies write; “the combination of massed troops on the Ukrainian border and Mr Putin’s willingness to publicly demand the impossible seems extremely ominous.”

However, as I said above, here we see no explanation of circumstantial thinking or exploitative circumstances of….

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