Western Imperialist Politics in supporting GENOCIDE in Palestine, They have justified Vladimir Putin’s actions in Ukraine– REMEMBER TO HOLD THESE MASS MURDERERS TO ACCOUNT

“The number of Palestinians killed in the West Bank and Israel by Israeli forces from January to August 2023 is 172, wrote OCHA-OPT on 28th August 2023.

Did the western media cry for these lost human souls? Did Antony Blinken, Joe Biden, Emmanuel Macron and Rishi Sunak speak of the importance of a Free Palestine and social justice between Israel and Palestine or for a two-state solution as a matter of urgency to be discussed now and while we exits?

None of these things happened. Contrariwise, the BBC, CNN and the entire western media continued and still continue shamelessly to defend oppression and oppressors in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict. That is, they defend the oppressive and genocidal Israeli regime.  And thus allow the conflict to claim more innocent human lives on both sides. And pain to burn alive in our souls as complicit western taxpayers. 

Husam Zomlot, the head of the Palestinian Mission to the U.K, told the BBC on 09 10 2023, “How many times has Israel committed war crimes, live on your own cameras? Do you start by asking them to condemn themselves? Have you? You don’t. You bring us here whenever there are Israelis who are killed.”

What Husam Zomlot said shows clearly the plot of the western imperialist media behind the question of Palestine. They only bring the question of the Palestine on the table and raise their voices when certain Palestinians happen to commit a crime against the Israeli. 

Then we see that the latest Palestinian-Israeli war, that begun on 7 10 2023, has shown the true dynamics behind the scenes of western imperialism. The face of…

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