A Letter from Hell!

Central of Europe and culture
London town 2024!
A sound from 21st century!
That sounds like something
From out of space!
What a hell of history! Eh?
How many people
Do in my time live life
As miserable pitiful beings?
Knowing nothing of what
Is human?
And doing nothing for
What is human?
Isn’t it so anti human
To live your life in the dark
Like a lifeless object
With no natural feelings
In you!
Natural feelings like
Compassion or care!
To live an empty life
Not knowing that a want for truth,
It is like a want for sunshine!
To live life
With no positive creativity
In your human mind!
To live life like a cheerful clown
For other’s wishes and ideals!
If you do not think and work
For what is human.
Then you have no right
To complain for what is not
For the first maker of what
Is not human, then,
It is you – the individual human.


Wars, death, misery
And deep…

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