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Dr ACactivism is a Philosopher, Activist, and the author of many Books that can be found on amazon. He is currently working in his upcoming Novel called, Pushed to Suicide by the System. A Novel which will show the struggle of Dr ACactivism or main character against the system and also express the history of the last 10 years through thinking.



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My Political Theory –  Humanist Socialism. Link – https://www.dracactivism.com/humanistic-socialism-new-political-theory-by-dr-acactivism/

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My Motivation? “To make a revolution of thinking in the world through my political and religious or philosophical thoughts.”

A Message to anyone who visits my site – This is My Story – I continue to be Oppressed for over 13 years by the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES or Murdering Nazis.

I have been living, thinking and creating for over a decade in LONDON, UK. And for over a decade my voice continues to be assassinated and oppressed on purpose by the UK MEDIA MONOPOLIES or Murdering Nazis that work for this vicious and anti human media or global means of information.

Who controls the U.K Media Empire and why do I call, writers and editors, who work for the U.K Media Monopolies, Murdering Nazis?

The U.K Media is controlled by three mean, wicked and evil SPECIES.

The first mean, wicked and evil species are the very rich who invest big money on media to influence the politics of the time and have control over current politics.

Examples here are both old and new. An old example is the Murdoch Media empire, another example is the Global Media. The latter is controlled by a rich and criminal owner called Ashley Tabor-King, that invested money made in gambling. And thus he made a media empire called, Global Media.

A very recent example is “GB News” that show but a direct link and example of how much the rich desire to invest big money in the U.K Media in order to influence politics of the time. And have control over political decisions of the time through sold journalists or Murdering Nazis.

The second mean, wicked and evil species of the U.K Media Monopolies are but U.K Media editors and U.K media chairmen.

What does make these grovelling and oppressive species mean and wicked? you ask.

The rich salaries of media editors and media chairmen, like The Guardian and the BBC, are but a direct threat to fairness, freedom and social justice. For the rich and luxurious salaries that these media editors and media chairmen get make them think and act religiously based on their personal interest. And secondly their luxurious salaries make them think of their media and class interest rather than making them think to protect what is human or human ideals’ interest.

Now, you ask, do the U.K Media Monopolies defend or abuse HUMAN IDEALS, that as such institutions and as such people are supposed to defend? 

The first two mean, wicked and evil species of the U.K Media Monopolies murder and assassinate HUMAN IDEALS through their thinking and doing as a fact. For their thinking and doing is first based on self interest. And secondly on group or media interest. So they never rise above self and group interest. They never reach the idea of humanity and of human ideals.

And thus as such group of people use the media to control, manipulate and enhance their careers. Thus abusing their SOCIAL POWER and therefore abusing Social Justice. And abusing human ideals. Rather than doing their duty to defend Social Justice and defend Human Ideals.

Why do I think? you rightly question me here.

To this curious question, I would respond with a question, “How on earth can one ever think of a media institution as being fair and right and just when they fanatically control media or the means of information of millions of people? It is but absurd to consider or think of the U.K Monopolies as being fair or right and just when they show truthfully to control information with Middle Age Religious Fanaticism. As an example here is my oppressed spirit or ideas and the oppressed spirit and ideas of the creative people of my generation that I saw and lived myself.

The Third mean, wicked and evil species of the U.K Media Monopolies is “U.K MEDIA JOURNALIST SPECIES.” 

The individual U.K Media journalist is like a solider. He or she think and act based on the values and interests that either media owners or media editors and media chairmen have laid out for them to follow religiously.

Why do I think so? you ask me again.

As a matter of fact if you write to a certain media editor, then you will hear from them answers in writing, that say: “Have you seen what kind of writing or blogs do we write?”

With the above fact, I want to lay down the fact that says, that if a certain journalist does not think and act religiously according to the rules and values of certain media monopoly. Then he or she will not be writing for this media monopoly.

So, the U.K Media Journalist is something between a lackey and a solider. I like to call this wicked and mean species or U.K Media Journalist a WORM that dreams to METAMORPHOSE into a crocodile. That is clad in media power and media glory and media fame.

Now you may rightly ask: Why do I call the U.K Media Monopolies, Murdering Nazis?

The facts that I laid down about the Three Mean, Wicked, and Evil Species show the U.K Media Monopolies to abuse first of all human ideals. And secondly show the U.K Media Monopolies to abuse their Social Power and hence our big Ideal of Social Justice. And thirdly my facts show the U.K Media Monopolies to use the power of media to manipulate, control and influence the politics of the time. While silencing and oppressing and assassinating the opposing reason of the time.

As a matter of fact, I have over a decade that I oppose the U.K Media Monopolies. And for over a decade they do anything in their power to silence, drown out and assassinate my opposing reason by continually denying my right to be heard or participate in any way through my creative thinking and creative ideas.

Further, NAZIS did not have HORNS in their heads. They simply had a desire to manipulate, control and oppress. And furthermore, one also is not called a NAZI based on the number of people that one has murdered but rather based on a way of thinking that intends to control and oppress. And that abuses HUMAN IDEALS through intelligent means of thinking and doing. Or say by using intelligence to do wrong or evil in history and time.

Lastly, allow me to write and say that despite the oppression and the assassination of my voice by the U.K Media Monopolies, for over a decade I continue to create. And create under straining unbearable conditions. And, obviously, I will die with my pen in my hand while defending HUMAN IDEALS. Such as Fairness, Equality, Social Justice and Freedom despite circumstances.

So anyone who subscribes here, he or she is supporting the voice and the pen of a philosopher to defend HUMAN IDEALS.  And therefore, you are also the believers and defenders of the Human Ideals.

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