A Few Questions and Reasons for Lea Ypi!

A preface on Lea Ypi’s greatest Hypocrisy

My Albanian Pain and Lea Ypi, –  Syria and Albania Comparison

Lea Ypi’s Fascist great grand-father, bootlicking grandfather and corrupt parents or Albanian politicians. Facts and Reasons show Lea Ypi wanting desperately to Defend her family of politicians.

1997 and Albanian Civil War. Unforgivable, Lea Ypi defends the murderers of 1997.

Privatisation, Structural Reforms and Capitalism

Why Lea Ypi humiliates Marx, Rosa Luxemburg and Che Guevara

Socialism and Communism  – The confusion of the professor of LSE, Lea Ypi!

Communism and the Albanian fixed reality

Yugoslavia and Kosovo. Lea Ypi does not mention Kosovo’s Pain at all!

On Fake Feminism. Lea Ypi Paints Western Women as Losers and gives a Great Reason

A faint Critic on European Imperialist Hypocrisy 

A summary of the Political Thinking of Lea Ypi

A Few Questions and Reasons for Lea Ypi!

“Since the rise of the pyramid schemes, the Albanian economy has become largely illegal and founded on corrupt practices. Corruption is everywhere. At the highest level, it affects institutions, judges, and public and customs officials. At the lowest level, it obliges citizens to renounce seeing a doctor, even when necessary, unless they are able to pay a bribe to obtain treatment.”

DANIELA IRRERA,  The Balkanisation of Politics: Crime and Corruption in Albania.

As early as the Bufi Administration [June, 1991]; “extortion, prostitution, drug-running, indeed, crime per se [were] the order of the day.

…Liberalisation had brought with it corruption and profiteering by ruthless men who were diverting much needed aid deliveries, leaving the police with little they could do.


Obviously, I see Lea Ypi’s hypocritical thinking and doing, just like a Syrian opposition may see a writer of Bashar Al-Assad’s side. And I will tell you why, dear reader.

It is funny, however, to read British writers jump on a high horse and write about Lea Ypi without having read half a page of Albanian history!

Anyways, psychologically speaking, it seems that as such British writers seem to want to seal their superior, imperialist thoughts even there where they know nothing. 

Now, however, allow me, dear reader, to begin with a few questions for Lea Ypi.

First, “In the Albania of the years between 1992 and 1997, a nation where crime and political corruption were the order of the day. In a nation where organised crime and political corruption had blended into a single body of thinking and doing. In this Albanian time and space, your father, the general director of the biggest Port in Albania and later on, a politician, and your pretty mother, with deep political links in the Democratic Party, that had links to organised crime, all were good and just and revolutionary?

 And who told you to “lie” like this, dear Lea Ypi? Those writers of the U.K Media monopolies that control who enters their media studios with a 15th century religious fanaticism?

Those writers who shut down the voices of many generations in order to increase the salaries of certain journalists to millions of pounds?

      Those writers who recognise no human value whatsoever but will to power and greed?

Or were you told to “lie badly, so badly and so openly”  by the fanatics of the LSE who control the education system with Tartuffe-like fanaticism?

Another question is; Why do you Lea Ypi try to tell us our Albanian pain through the characters of your corrupt family that were part of the most corrupt political party in Albania, that has been linked to organised crime, and that butchered Albania in 1997?

Couldn’t you create a few characters as a professor or slave of the cultural imperialism of the universities of imperialist culture and so tell us our Albanian pain? What a pity that you are! 

Even though there are reasons that show Lea Ypi as a clown of the today imperialist culture. There are also reasons that show that Lea Ypi is pithy, intelligent, sarcastic at certain times and poignant at some moments during her book. Despite the fact that the structure of her book was messy up to a point.

 Like for example, her first two chapters start with Lea Ypi 11 year old and the book continues with Lea Ypi 6 year old on the fourth chapter. This structure of thinking sounded to me like as we grow, we become younger!

What a joke that Lea Ypi and Penguin editors seem to be in the structure of thought and composition.

The character development of Lea Ypi is a bit unethical or unrealistic as well.  For example, on page 48, Kindle Edition, Lea Ypi says; “How bizarre, I thought, that all these religious zealots disagreed with one another about what exactly God looked like, and yet all believed that parts of us will survive after we die.”

I mean, how can a kid compare ideas to this level of thinking? One cannot portray a 5-6 year old kid like a philosopher, can he or she?

Anyways, above all and despite a few mistakes in composition, it is true that Lea Ypi is highly intelligent.

However, because of the fact that I have grown tired of the intelligent, I may say that there is the intelligent and there is the intelligence of the intelligent, like for example culture. That is, to think and make ideas out of your mind in a similar fashion to a certain indoctrinated people. Or like the idea of hypocrisy, that show one’s character in similar fashion to all hypocrites.

Here allow me to say that reading Lea Ypi is somehow similar to reading Katherine Viner or Russell Brand. For they are part of a same group-think people. And hypocrisy and “will to power” dresses up their dark souls and dark minds.

Nevertheless, the hypocrisy of Lea Ypi is a level higher, for with her book she comes to defend her fascist great grand-father, her grovelling grandfather and corrupt mother and father.

In short, she comes with knowledge to turn mud into water and depict what is bad as good. So she can throw dust in the eyes of Albanians. And one day, she can come to the helmet of Albanian politics, like her family of elite politicians did.

Lastly, allow me to express certain facts and ideas from circumstantial politics and political circumstances of a certain time in history, that Lea Ypi avoids to criticise on purpose, with as preface.

A preface on Lea Ypi’s greatest Hypocrisy.

At the end of 1997, my father, an independent philosopher in Tirana, said something to my 16 year old brother once which hurt me a lot as a 10 years old boy. He said to him while staring in distance, “you know where is the problem of today, son?

“Where?” my brother replied eagerly. “The problem is that those who murdered us today” he went on saying, “will send their children to study in the best universities abroad, tomorrow.”

“And you know why?” He asked.

“I have no idea,” My brother replied laughing and while passing his ball to me.

 “So tomorrow they can defend their families and the murders that they committed in the Albanian Civil War with a pen and a paper and the thinking of their intelligent children.” He said.

Then, my brother turned towards him frowningly. Thought a bit and straight after changed his facial expression smiling ironically and saying; “No worries, father, something will be done – they cannot win forever.”

And then my brother said to me that it is time to go. And we both went out playing football with some courageous friends.

 And this “something”, of course, is this book review or blog for the latest work of Lea Ypi. The latter seems to have been sent by her parents to study to Italy. And how did they achieve that? While working for the Democratic Party of the then Albania, robbing and pushing Albanians to kill one another, right?

The majority of Albanians know this, the elite of the Albania of the last 30 years have sought to educate their children abroad for a reason.

On page 280, Lea Ypi’s book says it itself, “Babi said, if we find a way, they will send me to Italy.”

 And the reason of why Albanian politicians have sought to educate their children abroad was obviously to see their children one day return and conquer again with a European diploma. Which personally it makes me VOMIT.

Thus, now, in 2022, I hear that an Albanian writer from the elite of those who caused the pain in Albania comes to London and makes an entire book about defending her family of politicians that caused as such pain!

Obviously, one does  not need much brain to understand that Lea Ypi has made this book as a statement to defend her family of politicians. And also to write a “political manifesto” as a future dream to climb the power steps of Albanian politics. So Lea Ypi here, then, shows but a deep and shameful hypocrisy. And I will tell you why.

For example, in an interview for the Guardian, Lea Ypi says;

“I’d like to contribute to the country somehow, to return some of what it has given me, but I don’t know if running for office is the right way. I’m not sure there is a party there that shares my ideas right now and I don’t think one individual alone can do much to challenge the system. You need a sufficiently strong movement to even get started.”

This paragraph clearly shows the future dream of Lea Ypi that is Will for Political Power. And the reason of why Lea Ypi spoon-feeds the corruption of Democratic Party of the Albania from 1992 to 1997 throughout her book. And why she does not criticise the barbaric and murderous regime of Sali Berisha that terrorised Albania and Albanians. With consequences that still reverberate badly through and for the lives of all Albanians.

My Albanian Pain and Lea Ypi, –  Syria and Albania Comparison

When I see the name of Lea Ypi for me is just like a Syrian opposition seeing a writer of Bashar Al-Assad’s circle talk of Freedom.

For me is like being in the opposition side of today and last decade Syria and see the children of the circle of Bashar al-Assad  try to defend a brutal and barbaric political system.

Why is it so? you ask

I will respond to this question with a question; “How can those who destroyed Albania come and defend their evil thinking and doing through nice books and the support of imperialist media monopolies? This is a question.

As a matter of fact the pen of Lea Ypi defends the elite of every single political system of the history of Albania that she speaks in her book.

However, the Albanian Civil War of 1997 is close to my heart and too personal to me, obviously.

Why? You ask.

It is so because I lived In 1997, I was only 10 years old. When I heard of the gangs of the Democratic and the Socialist Parties of Albania that robbed, shot and killed people for the interest of their respective political party and also personal profits.

Fellow Albanians were suffering from unbearable depths of pain. Some friends and relatives were drowned in the sea while trying to leave Albania and some others were killed in the borders of Albania for pigs.

I had friends and relatives drowned in Otranto or more exactly killed by the Fascist Italian border patrol. And I had friends and relatives maimed by bombs and guns and bullets of the abusive gangsters who supported their favourite political party.

I saw many things and real pain with my eyes. Like bombs, guns, plenty of ammunitions and explosives. Fellow kids and friends of mine without hands or without fingers or legs or eyes. Lorries loaded with different forms of munitions and Kalashnikovs and political gangs making the rules of the strongest.

So, in reading the book of Lea Ypi, I understood one thing very clear. That is, the happiness of a happy social pig that come out of the upper classes of a nation, that political corruption has destroyed the lives of the majority of its citizens, to defend as such upper classes. A social pig that is greedy for more power, Lea Ypi neither understands herself, that is number one rule of becoming a philosopher, nor the pain of her people or the pain of the world.

However, she understands every well the pain of her family.  And through this book called, Free, and which sets you in chains naturally, it is clear that Lea Ypi comes like an intelligent professor with a pen and a paper to defend her family and those who bloodied Albania and pushed Albanians to kill one another in 1997.

The deeper psychoanalysis of the thoughts of Lea Ypi, what she said in her book together with what Lea Ypi said in an interview at the Guardian, show the book of Lea Ypi called Free as a dedication that intends to absolve her family from guilt. And Lea Ypi to make connections in Albanian politics for a possible return to power with one of the leading political parties of Albania.

Lea Ypi’s Fascist great grand-father, bootlicking grandfather and corrupt parents or Albanian politicians. Facts and Reasons show Lea Ypi wanting desperately to Defend her family of politicians.

The Great-grandfather of Lea Ypi

For example, in her book, her fascist great grandfather, Xhafer Ypi, the 10th Prime Minister of Albania, is portrayed in Lea Ypi’s book as a character that had no other choice but accept and climb for power in the brutal fascist regime. When in April 1939, Albania was invaded by the Fascist Italy.

Lea Ypi says on page page 27, “He did nothing wrong. Was he a fascist? I don’t know. Maybe. Did he defend freedom? It depends. To be free, you have to be alive. Maybe he was trying to save lives.”

And how does one save lives? By becoming one with an oppressor and opening the doors to fascists?

Say that he could not die with a gun on his hand like a leader defending the honor of his nation from foreign oppressors. But once fascists came to invade Albania, he stretched his hands out to the fascists like Lea Ypi stretches her hands out to the abuse of…

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