According to the U.K government website, the basic salary for an MP from 1 April 2020 is £81,932 per year. Plus, obviously, MPs also receive expenses to cover the costs of having somewhere to live in London or their constituency. And travelling between parliament and their constituency.

However, this amount of money is not enough for MPs who are champions of human rights, and champions of equality and fairness and freedom, such as Dianne Abbot.

For example, from 2nd February 2021 and 14 January 2022, Dianne Abbott registered at the U.K parliament’s register, that is Members’ Financial Interests, the earnings of £1,358 for working for a few hours for the Guardian and the BBC and delivering a speech.

And also, Dianne Abbott registered on 24 March 2021 for having received £18,450 from Viking Penguin. It says;  “by way of an advance for a book. Hours: 80 hrs to date.”

This is not explained further. Simply there is a fact, money in the pocket of the champion of human rights, Dianne Abbott, using her political influence.

Like every other member of parliament, anyways!

Dianne Abbott.

Plus in the same register, there is a mention of £2,631.51 donated to the pocket of the champion of Human Rights, Dianne Abbott, for a trip to Ghana in November 2021.

Essentially not all the money is earned in 2021. But all the earnings are reported in 2021. And further, I doubt Dianne Abbott has been 100% honest.

For example there is a fact that creates this doubt. For the register for Members’ Financial Interests says that Dianne Abbott earned £258.80 on 19 October 2020 for 1 hr 30 mins work for The Guardian. Yet it was registered only on 02 February 2021.”

The question is; Why was it registered almost a year with delay? This makes one doubt the honesty of the assumed champion of human rights, Dianne Abbot.

     Anyways, as a matter of fact Dianne Abbott has used her influence as a Member of Parliament to work with a book company monopoly, Viking Penguin. And Dianne Abbott is paid by the Guardian and the BBC for doing the job of a writer or speaker which is totally unethical. And Dianne Abbot has also accepted donations with both hands.

Obviously, you cannot say “No Thanks to Bribe.” Some get a little bit like Dianne Abbott. Some get much more like Boris Johnson.

I mean, GREED recognises no genders, colors, no political parties, and it is universal.

So hurray for corruption and injustice that in this country called U.K is called, justice and fairness of a new level!]

I mean, the GREED of the soul and political corruption recognise no genders, no colors, no political parties. They are universal.

So hurray for corruption and injustice that in this country, U.K, as such CONCEPTS are called: justice and fairness of a new level!

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