The U.K is suffering from a deep cancer in this century that is the corruption of upper classes. And so is Europe.

This deep cancer or corruption of the upper classes translates itself to us but as an intelligent media and political class that have sealed their power over the British working classes, here in the U.K, of today generations by working for their respective media monopolies or political classes.

And so things seem to be all across Europe. For upper classes all across Europe rule with impunity. Like kings above the slaves – today working classes.

These two very distinct, yet very cordial to each other, classes have two important tasks to carry out. One class makes the laws and leads the politics of the day, while the other informs the people. With journalists like Boris Johnson turning politicians and with politicians such as Jackob Rees-Moog and David Lammy and the former prosecutor, the thick-minded, Sir Keir Starmer, working like journalists or media presenters. While they also get paid as politicians!

So, to be honest, it is not a new year but a new day continuing the same with old values and old ideals and old forms of corruption.

However, if for the sake of political analysis, we turn our eyes back. Then we can clearly see but a “2021 year” that was just another year. Where we heard of endless crimes, people ending up in suicides, people butchering each other in knife crimes. We heard of a Tory sleaze row where dozens of MPs were getting lucrative salaries on top of their £82,000 MP’s salaries. And no one went to prison for that because media monopolies do not appeal for that.

We heard of media monopolies informing us through the same studios with old voices and getting luxurious salaries for themselves. We heard of more depressed and more homeless people. We heard of a £20-per-week cut from the Universal Credit claimant’s food in this country. And we heard of Media monopolies turning against activism and activists.

Degrading and insulting the ethical work of Insulate Britain. Making people think that they have a right to abuse activists.

In short, U.K and Europe is living its darkest days in history, the raging conflict in Ukraine since in 2014, the continual oppression and abuse of a nation called Palestine and the happiness and abuse of power of these two criminal classes, the British politics and British monopolistic media, tell us that what we need is more and more and more activism.

We need to hit the streets with leaflets, pamphlets and speeches. So we raise awareness to a sleeping population that needs to wake up daily about the abuses of these two criminal classes.

The rich and the powerful U.K media monopolies class does not represent us. And the corrupt political class that continues its old ways of thinking. Supporting the rich and abusing the minimal rights of the poor of this country.

The Universal credit system, the London and U.K crime scene, the depression of today population, with me included as a result of today oppression. So all these facts show a criminal and abusive political class in the U.K that should be stopped or that can be stopped through activism.  

And hence, the reasons of why the Goal of 2022 should be less trust on Media Monopolies, less trust on Politics and more Activism against the class of corrupt Politics and Corrupt Media Monopolies all across Europe, these reasons come from and are based on…

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