Is the Heartless Imperialist U.K Media Finally Implementing Change with Focus on the Victim not on the Criminal? Or are they simply playing with the idea of change?

I have written for years for change in the corrupt U.K Media thinking. What kind of change? You ask.

There is many ideas that I have suggested and that require the time and space of a book. Yet one of these ideas that I have suggested and demanded for change was media to focus on the pain of the victim, when writing news about crime and punishment. And not focus on the idea of the criminal.

Why? Did I ask for this form of change. I asked due to the pain that the old way of thought was creating to people and humanity. For further information please visit the link below to read my blog from 2016.

Link to the above blog:

Nevertheless, no one ever stopped to listen and reflect. For it is in the nature of the callous, heartless, monstrous imperialists to use force to make you listen to them. Force here is the laws of this country that do not give me and to people of my time our rights to be heard on the media of this country. Like they are heard.

So as such form and kind of imperialists never should stop even for once to reflect and listen to others’ thoughts.

Unless, you have an army close to the BBC and U.K Parliament. Then they listen. Then they stop and listen and reflect almost like a pack of wolves when facing the idea of fear and a force that show bigger than them.

At the end, it is in the very spirit of the animal world to stop to think only when they are forced to do so. And animals do think instinctually though in a way somehow like the Imperialist U.K Media writers.

You remember the famous headlines of the last century and beginning of 21st century of the U.K Media?

Among many as such poisonous ideas we have heard many hateful headlines that went on like this: “Albanian Criminal, Islamic Terrorist, Asian Grooming Gangs etc.

Now this philosophy of hatred kept the consciousness of British people, and the consciousness of people all across the world where the heartless, callous British Imperialist media has its influence, tight on daily hatred. And thus, they fed the spirit of the time and the spirit of the people of this time with hatred and all what is negative on earth.

No media journalist or media editor or media chairman or media regulator ever took responsibility for this action of evil. For responsibility is what they speak all day and responsibility is what they dread, what they dislike most. And what they are scared of. Hence they control media fanatically almost like a pack of wolves. And they are scared that one day they will be toppled like all dictators, fanatics and fascists are toppled in time and history.

At the end, if you are a lucky Dictator like Stalin or Enver Hoxha etc., you may not be toppled by people. Yet, death will topple you. When snakes and worms would attack your flesh and blood in graves and swallow your body shape with the same passion that you as media dictators swallowed human souls with your corrupt callous and heartless thinking and doing while in existence.

Why am I writing this blog?

Let me begin with my ideas in particular. I saw somewhere in passing, while opening my email, that a certain brute called, Nasen Saadi, had stabbed a woman to death. And so I googled his name to read more about what had happened.

Now this brute obviously seems educated by the negative ideas of the U.K Media, who for centuries and decades has made the criminal an example of society instead of making an example the pain of the victim. And thus making humans more compassionate with the victim rather than hardening the human soul. And making them subconsciously more criminal in their feelings.

Like for example you do as media when you link the idea of Islam to terror or Albanian to crime. In this way humans feel strong hatred against an innocent nation or people who has nothing to do with the criminal in question.

So after googling the name of Nasen Saadi, I see on the google first page, where the unfair controlling imperialist media monopolies show, the face of the victims across all headlines.

Wow! What is that? Did the callous, vicious imperialists wolves of the U.K media finally put their egotistic nose down and stopped to ….

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