In a recent blog called, “Priti Patel backs police investigation of LSE protest against Israeli ambassador” written by the Guardian diplomatic editor, Patrick Wintour and Sally Weale, we read a sickly tone of voice. That makes you feel heartbroken for lies that they spill like a Nazi artillery.

In this blog, these New Nazi writers of the Guardian neutrally report news for which they should be heavily critic.

Why critic?

Because the new Nazi face of the U.K, Priti Patel, with others and others, who try to think like her, want to silence activists and protests. And tell us who makes the rules.

Here the oppressive thinking and doing against a democratic action of LSE protestors is obvious and clear as day. The entire media monopolies and politicians seem to bellow like angry chimpanzees against a democratic action. Wow!

But how on earth can you be sorry for a protest and protestors that ran to challenge democratically a New Nazi ambassador that is guilty for the oppression of millions of people and the deaths of thousands? Eh?

But if you achieve to make people feel sorry for a humanist and democratic action nothing has remained but to treat them like animals in stables. And take out of their soul all their human rights. That is how the New Nazi writers of the Guardian show to think in their recent blog. (the video that shows the challenge of the ambassador of today Nazi Israeli Politics.)

We see that history has changed of course. We are not fighting anymore Oceania, but Euresia. And soon we may be fighting Eastasia. So history has not only changed but it changes every single day, right?

However, certain imperialist, Nazi and Fascist forms of thoughts seem to stick to the bed of history like dark clouds to the bed of the world’s sky. For they return forever in the bed of the world’s sky through same forms of thoughts and same cloud colours -dark Nazi, Imperialist and Fascist cloud colors.

That is, metaphorically , from water vapour on earth, they rise up to the world’s sky of thought – Nazim, Fascism and Imperialism are ways of thinking and will remain so forever as distinct from humanist ones.

For as matter of fact, the today assassins of the U.K Media Monopolies that support murdering Israeli Nazi politics of today are but the same Nazi Media of 1937 of yesterday. For, how can you stay silent in front of the oppression of an entire nation, you Nazis and tell us that here is nothing wrong with that?

So, why are the media monopolies screaming against the LSE protestors anyway?

At the LSE protest, there was nothing physical and everything within the borders of what is human and Einstein-like. For we heard screams and we saw an action. Someone running to democratically challenge a person that is responsible for oppression and pain. A heroic, just, fair and right action.

So, Patrick Wintour, who is harvesting the fruits of the news monopolies of the Guardian, that a dreamer created for justice and fairness hundreds of years ago, tells us of how sorry that he feels against a democratic action by writing the words of a political animal; “The Middle East minister, James Cleverly, said: “We value open debate and peaceful protest. The aggressive and threatening behaviour directed at Israeli ambassador Hotovely last night was unacceptable.”

Gentlemen, with what I saw in the video, that was shared widely on social media, there was nothing concerning. And i say it again and again. James Cleverly, this political animal, is blind by his political interest. And cannot judge nor see a humanist action. So are his cronies in the U.K politics that are guilty for murdering women and children and innocent people in Yemen and Palestine and Syria.

So, in the last blog of the Guardian, here we see the never-ending evil rhetoric of a Nazi Media that tries to smear the ideals of good and bad with their money-interest and political interest CONCEPTS. Calling evil, good and good, evil. As it fits to them. Wow! The assassins of the U.K News Media Monopolies.

 Protestors were doing their jobs. They touched no one. And screamed out of their stomach a very loud and proud phrase, which you Murdering Nazis of the U.K Media monopolies, that for decades shut down our voices, know very well. They screamed out of their stomachs, “Shame on You.”

And I dare say, SHAME ON YOU, New Nazi writers of the Guardian who with your latest blog made your mark in history by telling us officially that the Guardian is a New Nazi Newspaper that makes you sick to Death.

For LSE protestors with the way that they challenged Tzipi Hotovely, the ambassador of the new Nazi Israeli politics,  show to be but  BRITISH DEMO…….

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