In 2007, a 30 year old man called, Ashley Tabor-King, with a dream to invade media and control the ideas of this country called, U.K.  This ADOLF HITLER-like kind of artist  comes and invests his money on media.

And thus a dozens of different radios, like Heart FM, LBC, Capital FM, XFM, Gold Radio, Choice FM, and more, all have conglomerated within a few years under the same name, hung for capitalist profit by the same person and under one single dictatorship – THE GLOBAL MEDIA.

In 2015, I asked Melvin Odoom, a half friend of mine then, to give my right to participate and be heard and express a few revolutionary ideas at Global Media. And bring change.

I was blocked immediately. And never saw him again and never saw my rights given anyways. In 2016, 2017, I have been many times protesting outside of the Global Radios and demanding change. No one ever spoke. My voice assassinated by the SLAVES of a rich British man – Ashley Tabor-King and his 1000 slaves or Artists.

On 7 January 2022, I asked Global media for Transparency. Asking questions for the salaries of politicians who work as journalists at GLOBAL. And they replied saying that, “Global is a Private Limited Company and therefore we are not required to disclose such information.”

So people who are supposed to be transparent and open to the public because they control means of information. They are the ones who fanatically conceal the ideas of TRANSPARENT SOCIETY. And obviously supported to think and act so by our politicians. That as ever make laws to support the rich and abuse human ideals.

What a genius that Ashley Tabor-King is, eh?

These forms of geniuses obviously can be found only in the ranks of Nazi and Fascist thinking. The extreme desire of these philosophies, that is to control humanity. And their ignorance of what is human that shows a lack of in-depth understanding of human ideals. All these forms of clever thoughts go but to the blood and thinking of Nazis and Fascists.

And what money, you ask, did Ashley Tabor-King invest?

Obviously, the money of his father Michael Barry Tabor, who has made the money by robbing the people of this country. People that are addicted to gambling.

The Sunday Times wrote in 2008 that “Michael Tabor generated a great fortune from bookmaking.” That is a gambling practice.

The rich Father of a greedy Nazi – Ashley Tabor

The Guardian writes in 2012,  “Bankrolled by his father, multimillionaire racehorse owner Michael Tabor, Global was created with the £545m purchase of GCap Media and Chrysalis Radio.”

The Guardian goes on saying that in 2012 the underlying profits of Global grew by 12.5% to £56.6m.

The latter fact shows how much money that the RICH make by abusing HUMAN IDEALS and human rights.And as always, the rich using artists as slaves to carry out their ideas.

Dr ACactivism is an independent thinker and philosopher standing up for human ideals.

1000 Slaves working as Sold Artists and Ashley Tabor-King” explained by Dr ACactivism.

Artists of GLOBAL MEDIA are metamorphosed into Middle-Age slaves. And controlled by the rich like puppets. Artists performing the orders of the rich and increasing their profits.

At the end, one here may say, artists have been the slaves of the rich for over 2000 years. So why do you wonder? For how did the rich build their castles and paint their churches? one asks.

Obviously, in all human history, it was only a few philosophers that made the difference of thinking. And paid harsh prices.

From Socrates, that was poisoned, to Rousseau and Marx that were pushed in exile,  and to Rosa Luxemburg that was beaten to death by the Socialist Democrats of the Germany of 1919.

So, I mean one cannot expect justice from these slaves. Here, my voice, my artistic spirit and my ideas, that are silenced for 11 years in row by these slaves, are a fact of what I said.

From where on earth does one get the MORAL of controlling and monopolising and abusing the ideal of information by monopolising and controlling it?

As a matter of fact, from truth to reason. Piling media monopolies upon media monopolies is an act of unfairness, of injustice and sickening form of corruption. It is a M.A.F.I.A act concealed through abusive laws.

A form of corruption that is performed and created by the power of MONEY. And that has no fairness and no True Justice in its structure. And take it in whatever angle of thinking, it is M.A.F.I.A-like and Nazi and Fascist in nature.


For on media as a means of communication and on information as the main ideal of this means of communication, there, in such ideals, depend humanity and human ideals. And that is why.

What is wrong with the rich investing money on Media? You ask.

And why do the rich invest on media and not on property or oil and gas or other expensive commodities?

Obviously, it is the desire of the rich to control, monopolise information and by controlling and monopolising information to control humanity. And then consciously so or unconsciously, that is because of Nazi ignorance, they abuse human ideals and humanity.

For information that is an irreplaceable and irreplicable IDEAL is turned into an EXPENSIVE COMMODITY. And here is where all the conflict comes into existence.

But I ask, this lightweight abuser of human ideals, Ashley Tabor-King, and all the heavyweights, who think like Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolini, “Who are you to control my ideas by controlling media?”

Do this investment of money to hell, to the sun, to the moon or wherever. When it comes to INFORMATION.

There should be investment led with ethical human ideals.

You cannot take our rights to participate, be heard and make this world a better place. Simply because your dream is a dream clad in the spirit of Nazis and fascists and M.A.F.I.A. That is to control and monopolise INFORMATION. And abuse our rights to be heard and participate.

This world is my world, is your world  and is the world of the like of Ashley Tabor-King as well.

But one cannot take what is human and what belongs to what is human simply because one is rich.

And this goes out for the like of Ashley Tabor-King and his 1000 or more slaves, the artists of the global radios.

Let us get to the ideas and ideals one by one.

The people who come to own or lead British Media lack one thing profoundly and clearly. And that is the understanding of Human Ideals.

Certain human ideals cannot be abused neither with laws, nor with media monopolies nor with corruption.

Fairness, transparency, equality of participation, the right of being heard, equality of control of social power, free thinking. These ideals all lack at Global Media of Ashley Tabor-King. A man who is controlling media.

Another question is, what is wrong with these artists that obsequiously grovel like the worst forms of slaves to work for media monopolies that abuse human ideals?

In all human history, the artists of each time have…

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