Iran Israeli War or Recent Conflict – Who is to be Blamed and why Western Powers are back to doing the wrong thing in history?

On 1st of April 2024, when the Israeli’s army attacked or struck the Iranian consulate in Syria’s capital Damascus killing 11 people and breaking the international law, the world stood divided as ever.
Like say, the ideal of justice and murder means different things to different leaders of the world.

In the same time, the majority of nations in the international community rallied behind the U.S politics like faithful dogs in wrong and right.

Now you ask: “How did the U.S and the world react to the Israeli’s strike in the Iranian consulate?”

The U.S simply showed a concern about the idea of escalation or creation of further conflict. The U.S politics nevertheless did not bother to say that the Israeli’s politics must be brought to justice for their heinous and criminal act of terror and murder.

The European Union, on the other hand, waited until 3rd of April to put out a hypocritical message in condemnation of the Israeli’s strike on the Iranian consulate.

Further, Russia and China and Muslim
Countries, that included Iraq, Jordan, Oman, Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates condemned the attack.

Why are the EU hypocrites? You ask.

On 14th of April after Iran launched an air strike against targets in Israel, the European leaders condemned ….

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