Nottingham Terror Attack is Another Example and Fact of the Double Standards of the U.K Media Monopolies Reporting Style that Shock The Thinking Humanity with their Intellectual Abuse of Power

15 years of independent thinking haven’t been easy. But I continue to resist, and this is what matters.

I continue to stand up to the corrupt collective UK Media Monopolies, even though I’m unpaid and unheard for my work. Even though UK Media Monopolies for years have silenced and drowned out my voice on purpose so. Because I opposed them and because I’m of a foreign origin.

While the UK Media Monopolies have been manipulating people from the media headquarters, they have made sure to never invite me, Dr ACactivism, to challenge them.

Thing which shows the UK media both oppressive and racist. For even though U.K media loves foreign lackies who lick their boots, they hate those foreign thinkers who oppose them. Like myself, Dr ACactivism.

Yet, even under these straining conditions, I continue to show the facts to British and non-British people about the corruption of the spirit of the British Media Writers that are equal in thinking to Intellectual Mafia.

And the latest facts of what I just said, can be withdrawn from the Nottingham Terror Attack.

For example, the double Standards of the UK Media reporting continue to shock the Thinking Humanity.

Just read the headings of the national British newspapers that are covering the….

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