According  to the ITV News, “Downing Street staff were invited to a drinks party in the Number 10 garden during the height of nationwide lockdown to “make the most of the lovely weather”.

This balling or party, it is said that happened on May 20, 2020. With more than 100 Downing Street staff invited to bring booze and party hard with Boris Johnson and friends. Encouraged to social gatherings in the time of the first lockdown by the Prime Minister’s Principal Private Secretary, Martin Reynolds.

Boris Johnson here looks like in those ancient parties in the ancient Athens – an undisturbed and unperturbed kind of god!

So, at a time, when British people could meet outside of work with only one person from another family. And people were struggling with harsh lockdown rules, depression, poverty and homelessness. Then, No 10 staff seem to have been balling hard into “Private Parties.”

Obviously, this leaked email shows one more time the extreme hypocrisy and abuse of power of this political system. 

A Party like the ancient Greeks at Acropolis!

Obviously, this act of injustice and corruption of the spirit shows but that there is one rule for us, common people, and another for our rulers, British Politicians.

But shouldn’t British people demand justice?

Obviously, British people should stand up in peaceful protests until those responsible for breaking the rules are brought to justice.

We are all equal, aren’t we?

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