The LEFT WING PRESS IN THE U.K is More Evil than the Right

A Mind of Death and Deep Hypocrisy. How Katherine Viner, Editor in Chief of the Guardian, Metamorphosed the only left Wing Newspaper in the U.K called, The Guardian, into a New Nazi Newspaper of the world – Dr ACactivism – Philosopher

The News Monopolies of the Left Wing Press, like the Guardian, in the U.K are More Dangerous and Evil than the Right WING New NAZIS of MURDOCH MEDIA or the BBC or LBC OPPRESSORS. – Dr ACactivism – Philosopher

Ash Sarkar, another vicious and wicked left wing Hyena born and bred as a Commodity by the Imperialist Universities of the UK – a product of Hitler-like Artist – Dr ACactivism – Philosopher

Left Wing in Imagination but Fascist in Thinking. Andrew Adonis, many other Labour MPs, and Left Wing Thinking in general in the UK Prays for Oppression not Freedom – Arron Banks must be banned from speaking on TV! Madness itself! – Dr ACactivism – Philosopher

My Philosophy and Message of Suggestive Education for the U.K Media Journalists: Why I call you, U.K Media Writers of left and right political spectrum, New Nazis and Enemies of Justice and Freedom – Dr ACactivism – Philosopher

I have a Question, “Why is there always, a dead Silence across the left and right wing UK Media artistic world, when you criticise them from an unfavourable social position? – Dr ACactivism – Philosopher

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