In this blog, I will speak about a U.K government study in the housing market called, Housing prices in London – an economic analysis of London’s housing market. A document written by Joel Marsden who was paid to study and write by the Greater London Authority.

Now, to begin with my philosophy, allow me to say first that this study spoke with high spirits about certain facts and figures and ideas that they thought “drive the market of buying and selling homes in London.”

However, their facts were not correct and structured in such a way as to picture or give a positive picture of the U.K government and of the U.K politics.

For example, Joel Marsden says that the reason of why less people are owning their homes and more people are moving towards rental housing is because high and unaffordable house prices have pushed more and more people towards renting.

Now that is logical to say. Because if you cannot buy a home then you are going to rent. For people cannot live in the street, right? 

So the question here is then, “What did create high and unaffordable house prices and bring London to a dark and miserable time, that we live today, for the oppressed?”

When time comes to explain this question, here, essentially Joel says that it is the lack of housing supply that has increased demand and prices.

In essence though, Joel Marsden, does not mention the original sin of this problem.

And thus he shows the corruption of the U.K in the housing matter in the good light. For he is paid by the U.K government bosses to do the study. So how can he be up in arms against them, anyways? He can’t!

Thus instead of the original sin, that are U.K laws and M.A.F.I.A dirty money,  here Joel Marsden mentions facts that are secondary in importance in the housing matter and expresses reasons based on his created secondary facts.

For example Joel Marsden says that “Demand for housing in London is partly driven by….

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