David Cameron Justifies Genocide committed in Gaza by Israeli-British-American Nazi Politics with a “Never-again Holocaust Appeal” – Hypocrisy in Politics has never been greater. We have to Hold Politicians Accountable 

It is 2024, and we are still living in the memory of gas chambers of Adolf Hitler and Nazis while committing GENOCIDE in Gaza and supporting the crimes of apartheid in Gaza and Palestine. And wiping out of earth’s face over 25,000 innocent Palestinian people just like that. Like the innocent Palestinian people are “potatoes” while we are the higher beings!

We are saying “never again” to senseless murders and deaths committed by the Nazis and Adolf Hitler. That is important and makes sense obviously.

But the timing of the highlight of the holocaust memories and the out-of-proportion promotion of this event across imperialist media is so bad though. Why? You ask.

As fact on 23rd January 2024, the time when David Cameron delivered a speech for the Holocaust Memorial Day reception, We or our imperialist British-American politics seem to directly tell, through our political support, to the Prime Minister of Israel, Benjamin Netanyahu, “Carry on boss with your revenge on Gaza. Raze neighbourhoods and cities to the ground in Gaza because we got your back, boy! Keep up the work of destruction, terror and brutal oppression. Because our ideas and speeches and war ships will defend you.

So, with this out-of-proportion promotion of the Holocaust Memorial Day at a time that a fresh genocide happens in Gaza, what is the Imperialist British-American media trying to do here? To fool us face to face?

Alas, do these people have any…

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