Vladimir Putin’s Interview with Tucker Carlson shows that we live in a world of Evil – Why I think that Western Politics are worse than Russian politics and that it is Western Politics that provoked Putin?

One question I have before I unfold my philosophy in relation to the Vladmir Putin’s interview with Tucker Carlson.
Speaking truth and reason as always.

So, I ask, now that we saw Vladimir Putin to be fine and well and so healthy in his mind in the Tucker Carlson interview. Now how will the western media justify their lies towards British people first and the world second? Lies that stated that Vladimir Putin has cancer, or that he is about to die, or that Putin has died or has a body double? Eh?

How will the British American people absorb all the propaganda lies that tried so openly to demonise Russia and Russian politics. And make western imperialism appear as good as possible in the controlled eyes and minds of sheep people?

So what was new about the new interview of Vladimir Putin to Tucker Carlson? the latter obviously is not only an obvious boot-licker but an opportunist and new fascist in full force.

In the Tucker Carlson interview in Moscow, Vladimir Putin shows his full imperialist character in display. And all his ideas some right and some wrong intended to justify Russia’s political war or military intervention in Ukraine.

The justifications of Vladimir Putin essentially are not without a reason. And this is because the bigger evil in international politics is but western politics.

Now let me give you an example by saying that Putin’s justifications for the invasion of Ukraine appear unacceptable only if we understand that the justifications of the western powers for the invasion of Gaza are also unacceptable.

If we understand that the crime of apartheid committed in Gaza for decades in row by Israeli politics and western full support is also unacceptable. If we understand that the crime of genocide committed just recently by Israeli politics in Gaza with British and American war ships standing by and with the help of western media dehumanising the Palestinian people to justify this war. These crimes are also unacceptable.

In short, if we understand the far too many evils of the western politics as being unacceptable, then we see that also the imperialist justifications of Vladimir Putin for the invasion of Ukraine are also unacceptable.

We are standing then but between two evil politics. The fact that we are ruled and controlled by EVIL upper classes is true from the beginning of human civilisation with ancient Greeks and ancient Romans leading the way with slavery and exploitation of people by people.

It is enough that you read some works of Marx and Engels to understand that the human civilization is founded on the exploitation of one class by another class. And that politics and politicians of all nations stand there to defend the interests of their classes.

However in this evil, we see clearly that western politics are more…

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