What kind of education on earth would teach “Lies” and manipulative thinking?

You may say Machiavelli philosophy would teach murder for personal benefit. You would say that Hitler would teach death for political power.

And you would say that the heads of the imperialist U.K media monopolies would teach lies and manipulative thinking for media power and money power and mass control.

(The facts, that show the reason in regards to the manipulative thinking of the U.K Media monopolies, I have told for years in my blog. Plus for years the imperialist U.K Media monopolies continue to lie the U.K public opinion in relation to the Freedom of Palestine and in relation to the oppression of my voice and many other things. Just a reminder of why I took the imperialist U.K Media monopolies as an example of lies and evil and bad education.)

Now, I do not disagree with you if you think so. But all the above reasons are detrimental to human existence. That is, as such reasons are injurious or cause injury to the body and mental being of the human being.

In short, as such reasons intelligently harm the human existence. And hence, even though, they are intelligent ideas, still they are not humanist.

Why are they not humanist, when they come out of a human mind? you ask.

The answer is very short and very clear, as such reasons do not defend the universal human cause on earth. And further, humanist education has been born like a candle of light out of BIG MINDS to lead people out of darkness through a humanist thinking that defends what is human for what is human.

Hence, a pen that does not defend the universal human cause is not a pen or thought that is humanist for it is detrimental or harmful to what is human.

Hence we come to the logical conclusion then that a Humanist Thinking, that is open-minded and intends to defend the universal human cause, begins with love or passion for truth.

But does a passion for truth make sense without tolerance? And how can we even be able to express truth if the other side….

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