Another Cynic Fascist of Met Police that abuses his Power and citizens – I got a £60 fine for Cycling in Kensington Gardens Park after I questioned the Sexual Abuse Touch of this Met Police Member

I would be prejudiced and wrong if I said all, but many Met Police members do not like questioning their actions. And if you question as such UK Police members, they get aggressive and pull a law out of nowhere to threaten with arrest or fine you.

Wow! How great is that?

So I got a fine of £60 at a Royal Park for cycling!

The fine of £60 does not even say for cycling!

And this happened after the question of cycling had ended. After I had apologised for cycling in the park of the old witch, the Queen of England! After we had done and dusted this matter.

However, after this finished, I questioned the aggressive approach or behaviour of this police officer and his sexual touch. And then he decided to fine me! For he could not bear or endure me speaking!

Facts? you ask.

Of course, if you watch one of my videos on Twitter, which show my interaction with a met police member. There you will see me opening the camera to catch his aggressive action.

(link of the video on Twitter – )

Now this is what happened, today 27 10 2021, I was cycling in a Royal Park, Kensington Gardens, and a police officer told me to stop. And I stopped.

He said me, “it is not allowed to cycle.” Okay and I stopped cycling.

That is where the action finished. Done.

The met police abuser who works for met.

But after we agreed about this matter.   I questioned him and opened the camera to catch his aggressive behaviour. He then turned even more aggressive and showed who makes the RULES by saying; “I am going to give you a fine.” So to silence me with his power.

Caught in the action of touching me again and again. Check my videos on twitter.

Here I can be heard on camera telling him “do not touch me.”

He continues to touch me on my shoulder and rub it in over three occasions! Like he has a God-like right to do so! The power that we give to these thugs is to defend us not abuse us though.

So basically after the question of cycling had ended, he turned aggressive. Touched me more than once on my shoulder. Rubbing my shoulder, which I perceived as sexual abuse. Threatened me with arrest. And gave a fine of £60 for cycling!

Jesus Christ and his 12lve disciples can only understand the abuse of power of these met police members.

Furthermore, here is another point to be made.

As the colleagues of this Met Police Member came to his defence after I questioned his touching.

His police colleague.

They called this action as being a normal thing.

“Oh well” I said to a woman police officer, “Can I touch you? “No” said the woman police officer, “we are not going to touch each other.” But, the police officer who rubbed my shoulder and abused me said; “Yes”. And turned his shoulder for me to touch it!

But after refusing to touch his shoulder, I said; the women of London wouldn’t like me to rub their shoulders without their consent. Would they?

The other police officer in the background.

The point of the colleagues of this Met Police officer here shows a thuggish organisational behaviour. That means met police or the majority of them at least support each other even in wrong doing.

Like they supported Wayne Couzens’s abuses, like certain complaints that had been made against him but not investigated at all like they should have been investigated, before murdering  Sara Everard of course!

Now, of course that I am aware of decent Met Police members as well, who do a great job in defending us from “alienated members of society, that recognise no human value at all.”

But these police officers who do not allow us even to express ourselves without being threatened with arrest or fines are something that is called, “alienated.” For like criminals and thugs of all shapes, they do not recognise the…..

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