Classified U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks in 2010 show U.S. government being against the Syrian regime as early as 2005. And supporting the Syrian opposition with anti-government propaganda and TV channels since the 2006.

(Cablegate documents on WikiLeaks –[]=cg&q=#result)

So according to the WikiLeaks’ released documents, The U.S. State Department paid  in 2006 $6 million to the Movement for Justice and Development. An anti-Assad political group that was based in London. And that financed different activities inside Syria. And outside of Syria, it used a satellite channel funded by the U.S. government for propaganda purposes.

The philosophy of the U.S. politics is also shown in certain emails of Hillary Clinton. The latter passionately appeals against Assad and in support of the Syrian opposition. Demanding to arm the Syrian opposition with a vision to overthrow Assad. That had as an intention to support Israel and weaken Iran and Hamas in Palestine – very clever Hillary Clinton!

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Why am I telling you all this? you ask.

I wrote certain facts above to show a truth and reason that show the U.S. imperialist politics as an absolutely painful embarrassment for our world. And through U.S. we see but the leading values of our western politics.

In 2011, the U.S. went into full political support of the Syrian opposition. And so did the U.K, France and Germany. They all supported the Syrian opposition. And they supported a divisive political theory that U.S. government had started in 2006 by funding Syrian opposition forces.

18,000 people trapped between Assad’s forces and Daesh or terrorist group forces in 2015.

 But when Putin went into the support of Assad with his military power, then what happened?

Western politics with France, U.K and Germany left Syria and the Syrian people butcher one another. While they were showered with heavy bombs from above by the Russian military forces.

So we see then that western politics or western super powers play with fire like circuit artists. And as these circuit artists hold fire with gloves, it is others  that get burnt.

What about the Ukraine question today? What are the western politics with U.K, U.S. government, France and Germany doing as super powers?

As a matter of fact it has been since the 2014 that western politics have thrown themselves in support of Ukraine.

Recently, Russia has amassed nearly 100,000 troops near Ukraine’s border. Demanding an end to the Ukraine’s membership in the NATO alliance.

Russian army captured near Ukraine’s border.

Now, while the west keeps accusing Moscow for planning to invade Ukraine and threatens Putin with strong sanctions, Ukraine continues to suffer daily casualties that continue uninterrupted since day one. When the conflict begun.

Where is the problem of western hypocrisy or hypocritical western politics?

The problem here is that rather than dealing with a matter seriously and with responsibility. Western politics think and act in a way that fan the flames of hatred between Ukraine and Russia. While they stay themselves from outside of the problem like cinema spectators. Watching the Hollywood movie that others play.  

So in the today pain and question of Ukraine-Russia tensions, Western politics shilly-shally and look confused like bewildered travellers. Playing with people’s lives. Showing but a shameful form of politics.

Early in December 2021, for example, the Ukrainian president, Volodymyr Zelensky said that he would prefer sanctions against Russia to be implemented now rather than after an invasion happens.

Volodymyr Zelensky

Secondly, let me show an example of western idiocy and confusion. As a matter of fact Russia has invaded Ukraine since 2014. When Putin’s politics annexed Ukraine’s Crimean peninsula. Now this war between Russia and Ukraine has claimed the lives of 14,000 people already and it is a fact.

So why are the western politics telling us that if Putin decides to invade Ukraine, we are going to impose sanctions as never seen or heard before?

In all cases, we see that today western politics are but a laughing stock. And a laughing stock form of politics that is claiming human lives.

Biden, Macron and Boris Johnson.

Further, let’s face the question, “If Russia decides to invade Ukraine, who would win?

Russia is superior to Ukraine in air and sea and even land forces and equipment.

As a matter of fact, Russia is a nuclear power.

General, Kyrylo O. Budanov, the head of Ukraine’s military intelligence service, said to the New York Times. “There are not sufficient military resources for repelling a full-scale attack by Russia if it begins without the support of Western forces.”

What is the solution? you ask at last.

Listen, you cannot play like this with the fate of an entire nation. Fan the flames of war. And stay aside yourself.

So the, the solution is very easy, either stand firmly in….

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