Bernie Sanders is the Perfect Hypocrite that Uses his Intellectual Power to Absolve American Politicians of the Genocide of the Palestinian people that they committed by Supporting New Nazi Israeli Politics

The images that Bernie Sanders brings to the world of politics is not about social justice. Rather he screams and bellows to absolve American politics, and especially the Democrats that are now in power, of the guilt of war crimes that they committed since Israeli Politics opened war to Hamas on October 2023.

It is a pity because he uses all his intellectual power to defend evil. He also is an inspiration for an appeal for change, for it shows us how precious that independent thinking is. And the reason why people should pay attention to THINKERS who are not associated with any media or political power.

For it is obvious that you serve best to the world when you are not associated with any political party. And Bernie Sanders is an example of an intellectual that appears socialists in imagination but fascist in thought and action.

And this clearly is because he is not an Independent Thinker. For he is a United States Senator. And political power clearly corrupts no matter who you are in life.

And thus he uses his intellectual power to absolve American politicians of the genocide of the Palestinian people.

I know at this point you are longing for truth. So Let me explain the facts and the truths through reason below.

On 4th November 2023, when Israeli army was raining down heavy bombs on Gaza, the CNN interviewed Bernie Sanders to take his point of view in relation to the response of the Israeli politics to Hamas.

(Hear what Bernie Sanders thinks about Israel’s response to Hamas attack )

CNN’s Dana Bash showed Bernie Sanders a short clip of the Democratic Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib accusing Joe Biden of supporting the genocide of the Palestinian people.

And then asked Bernie Sanders of …

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