Historical! Benjamin Netanyahu Wanted for War Crimes Committed in Gaza. Why Western Political Imperialists or Genocide Enablers also need to be Arrested for War Crimes?

It is in the nature of western politics to murder and butcher innocent people while also smiling to the camera and speaking like great statesmen! Remember Adolf Hitler and many like him in history, and remember Joe Biden condemning mass civilian deaths committed by Israeli Nazi politics in Gaza. While also shipping munitions and weapons of all forms secretly to Israeli politics to bomb Gaza and kill innocent people!

This is then what hypocrisy means and how it looks like in the political thinking of today. Never forget then that Genocide enablers in Gaza before and after the October 7 2023 were British and American politicians as well as other politicians or political leaders from the other imperialist nations of western world.

Is any facts to prove the above statement? you ask.

Obviously, there are many facts. First of all, let me ask, “When Benjamin Netanyahu and his New Nazi Israeli government attacked and opened war to Gaza butchering and setting the place on fire with the resentment and philosophy of mass punishment, then what happened?

Then we saw the British and American war ships making sure genocide and mass punishment is committed in Gaza while they stay and watch for any interference in genocide. So here is the first fact that show British American imperialism enabling genocide or making sure genocide continues under their military watch.

Further, after the U.N warned of genocide being committed in Gaza, the U.S continued to ship US-made 2,000-pound (907kg) bombs to Israeli politics. And the latter turned whole neighbourhoods to dust with the U.S weapons. Attacking hospitals, schools, civilians and causing tragedy after tragedy in front of our eyes. And breaking the International Law.

Here is a video made by the Al Jazeera that tells How US arms Israel’s war on Gaza, and the art of the US doublespeak-like politics.


On 30th December 2023, Al Jazeera wrote, “For the second time in a month, the US approves munitions for Israel while calling for an end to mass civilian deaths..”

So Antony Blinken and Joe Biden and the U.S politics told to the historical books what a …

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