U.K media writers have for a long time told us what a monster that Thomas Hughes and Emma Tustin are.

As always the majority of U.K media writers fall on the trap of hate or love feelings.

For they cannot tell us what is the way forward? And how should they lead the world of thinking and doing?

And they cannot tell us this because they do not have a broad philosophical mind. Which is understandable. Not all pens have this god-like gift.

Now as a matter of fact we have seen many as such monsters, like Thomas Hughes and Emma Tustin. And I think that this monster-like thinking and doing is the course of action of those who have never heard human ideals and human rights.

So allow me please to explain in this blog what I call Arthur Labinjo-Hughes Rights.

These rights are not taken, however, from human rights’ books or children’s books. But they are created out of the extensive thinking that I have withdrawn from the biggest minds of this world through reading.

     So let me begin with a fact; it is said by the court that, on one occasion, Arthur Libinjo-Hughes told his father; “I am in danger with you, Dad.”

Arthur Labinjo-Hughes – a little curious philosopher-like child.

This sentence does not only break your heart into pieces. But it sets you on fire as well against the power of the STRONGEST.

This six-year-old called, Arthur Labinjo-Hughes, was an intelligent philosopher-like child, who understood well, based on his circumstances. That he was in danger in the company of his own dad.

However, the child, Arthur, was unable to defend himself against his dad and his stepmother or carer. Not because he was not intelligent enough to fight for himself. For he would have defended himself if a child of his age attacked him.

So Arthur was unable to defend himself because of “physical weakness” – our common human origin. And he knew that he could not win. So he voiced out his pain to the strongest dad saying; “I am in danger with you, Dad.”

What a philosopher-like child.

 Somehow, Arthur was in a position that a philosopher is against State Power. We know that our humanity is in danger in front of evil state powers and evil state politics. But we cannot fight them physically.

     For who can fight against an army? So we voice out our pain against the strongest by saying; “Humanity is in danger with you, stop the corruption, stop the abuse of power, stop the oppression.”

Now, it is evident from facts that the one who has sanctioned the murder of Arthur Labinjo-Hughes is his father, Thomas Hughes.

For according to court facts, Thomas Hughes was convicted of encouraging the killing. And among other facts, there was included a text message sent to Emma Tustin 18 hours before the assault, telling her “just end him”. Thing which shows the cruelty of an ignorant father that was unaware of his child’s rights, and unaware of his child’s needs and weaknesses.

Now at this moment, here is the first point to be made. And that is; “ARROGANCE.” What is the problem with arrogance? you ask.

Arrogance is a feeling that deadens “sensitivity.” The latter is, the ability to put yourself in the child’s shoes in this case or in someone’s else shoes in other cases. And see what it is to be a defenceless child or defenceless and weaker being in front of a giant clown or giant clowns?

When arrogance is created and sensitivity is lost in relation between father and child or adult and child, here abuse is created by the strongest. And that is logical, the parent or the carer.

Now a moment in time that creates the feeling of arrogance and deadens “sensitivity” are certain forms of subconscious thinking that sees children like properties. Forms of thoughts that are  expressed rarely but that are forever at the back of the parent’s and carer’s minds.

For example, We usually hear all the time a saying that says; “He is my son or she is my daughter.”

This kind of psychological and historical thinking has given to parents historically a sense that a child is his and hers. And a sense of ownership like in owning a commodity.

And that means that they should decide their fate, their punishments and their merits and their future.

While in the case of a carer, here is the sense of non-belongingness. Like for example carers may think that, “He or she is not my child. So I have no reason why to honor the rights of these children like they being my children.”

Here is a point or moment in time, where a WRONG thought begins and arrogance appears in the minds of parents and carers.

But why is it wrong, you ask?

Let us begin with the parents’ case. It is a biological fact that a child is biologically created by him and her, that is certain.

But when you say to an existential being as being “mine.” You metamorphose this being into a thing and property.

A child however even though is created by you and her, they are not yours in a property-like sense.

For children have their own human rights and these rights should be respected in full.

While in the case of the carers.  Again it is wrong to subconsciously think that this child is not mine. And therefore I have no reason why to honor them or children’s rights like being mine.

In short, children be, they, yours or not yours, children have their own human rights. And need to be fully respected and honoured by the strongest, parents and carers and anyone else from the adult world.

But what are these Human Rights that I am not expressing here, anyways? you ask.

Once Rousseau wrote an entire book called, Emile or On Education. In this book, Rousseau took an imaginary child and educated him up to adulthood.

In a few words, Rousseau in this book created a prejudiced and fanatic human being with self-hate, prejudiced towards women and others. However, it should be said that the time of writing was 18th century. And certain prejudices and low forms of thoughts circulated among the scholars of the past and of that time as well.

Now, you know where was the problem of the book? The problem was human ideals that were not considered well in this treatise of education.

Now here it is what I call, Arthur Labinjo-Hughes Rights. And they are a series of human ideals which I think the adults owe to children.

Human Ideals such as the right to human compassion towards a child or children. Freedom and care towards a child or children. Patience and Empathy towards a child or children. And the right to educate children with a Humanist Education or thinking and doing. So children do not become adult social clowns and a problem to our world.

Let us first begin with the explanation of “The right to human compassion towards a child.

Human compassion is what many confuse with the idea of Love. Human compassion however, is a co-fee…

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