DEATH IN POWER. ALL DICTATORS HAVE SAME FEELINGS.  JEREMY PAXMAN RESIGNS AFTER 51 YEARS AT BBC due to Parkinson’s Disease. – When will the British see that their minds, freedoms and rights are set in chains by the Vicious U.K Media Circle?

According to the Guardian “Jeremy Paxman started his career in 1972 on the BBC’s graduate trainee programme.”

So he has been for 51 years working for an imperialist media system that swallows entire nations and cultures through its influence and oppressive and controlling media system.

But can anyone conceptualise what it means to work for 51 years for such a powerful monopolistic and imperialist media organisation?

There are many thinking people, for example, who do not live for 51 years. George Orwell, one of the biggest thinkers of all times, died at the age of 46.

I am turning 36 in a few days and still for over 13 years I demand my right to be heard at BBC and in the U.K media monopolies. And for 13 years in row this right is being denied, oppressed and assassinated easily by these crocodile-like and vicious and ugly monstrous souls of the U.K Imperialist Media Monopolies.

Here is the answer to this vicious U.K Media circle. They begin their careers in the same way like Jeremy Paxman with a trainee programme. Then grovel like worms for social power and at the end, they metamorphose into vicious crocodiles through media power.

And at last, they become the ultimate human on earth – DICTATORS OF HUMAN INFORMATION. How great is that?

As such are the souls of these monstrous creatures in the U.K Media that only disease or death makes them understand that they have to give up media power. And let others be heard and participate through this media that was created before them. And that still lives with a meaning to inform people not oppress thinking humanity. And thus control people.

Britain is plenty of talents and people who have ideas. Yet, these U.K media dictators are ruling and controlling the souls of this nation in the same way that 12lve century religious bigots did in this country and elsewhere in Europe or world.

But Why are the British media WRITERS metamorphosing into dictators and oppressors of INFORMATION? you ask.

The answer of the above question is understood in the understanding of dictator’s thinking and doing.

For example, the biggest evil of all dictators is their oppression of human freedoms and basic human rights. Like the oppression of a human right that gives to the thinking people the…

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