You Watch, You Read, You Support HATE! Studies Show The New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, and BBC all created HATE to dehumanise Palestinian People and Humanise Murdering Israeli Politics – Time for An Independent Organisation to Hold Media Monopolies to Account

Words have a meaning through which we express our ideas and feelings. And the meaning of words can be for good and for evil.

But what when you work with as such words, that we use to express the most evil ideas, to hurt a group of people, nation, race or humanity on purpose?

To use words, that we use to describe an evil action, for example, to portray and describe a nation and a people or their actions in reporting when they are defending themselves or are attacked means to use the language of Nazis and fascists de facto.

That is, to pass evil for good and good for evil. And obviously to create hate and hate speech purposefully. And the latter facts mean that we have to do with a dystopian western monopolistic media that belongs to death and destruction and hate. That it preaches and defends.

So in this blog I will prove that The New York Times, LA Times, Washington Post, and BBC have all created HATE or hate speech to dehumanise Palestinian People. And Humanise Murdering Israeli Politics.

Why do the media monopolies create HATE?

 As a matter of fact this is done to justify the support of western imperialist politics to criminal oppressive New Nazi Israeli politics. My reason is a conclusive equation. From truth to logic.

Where is the facts?

Data scientists, Dana Najjar and Jan Lietava, wrote in a study about the BBC that “we analyzed a…

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