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Ukrainian Counteroffensive – Western Politicians are Sending Ukrainians to their Deaths, ill-equipped and ill-prepared – Why I think that for each Ukrainian Soldier sent to Death, there should be a Western Politician sent to Prison

There is a saying from the 19th century England that says: Justice delayed is justice denied.

That means that if fair justice is available, but it is not delivered on time or is delayed for different bureaucratic reasons or on purpose. That is the same as if seeing “justice” to not have been given at all.

Now allow me, dear readers, to begin with the theme of today, please.

Verified footage, for example, that is shared widely by UA Weapons and Oryx, which has been quoted by the crocodiles of the like of The New York Times and Business Insider, show us that Russian defences have destroyed many western tanks. That have been donated to Ukraine in small numbers, with too much delay and after a lot of pain.

What do I want to say with these facts? You ask.

What I just said above also shows the truth of the matter and facts that we all have seen. The fact that Western politicians have refused to deliver to Ukraine the right military equipment for months. And that means justice delayed as a fact.

That means also that western politicians have allowed Ukraine to

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Violence in Kosovo mirrors the Thinking of a War Criminal called, Alexander Vucic. Who still Instigates Hatred and Violence in Kosovo 24 years after the War Ended

We see that whenever ethnic Serbs commit violence in Kosovo, there is Alexander Vucic supporting them and coming on the Serbian national TVs or international TV screens pretending to be the hero, saviour and defender of this conflict and this violence!

And this is happening year after year in the Serbian politics of our time.

Well, but to be honest, this kind of cunning political philosophy we have seen for almost 2 years with Putin and the conflict in Ukraine. So, there is no need to go back to history and tell to the dear reader an example of Nazi and fascist political thinkers, is it?

Thus, for example, in a long speech called, There will be no surrender, Serbia will win, on 31 08 2022, Alexander Vucic in there openly supports ethnic Serbs to not respect the authority of Kosovo. In this speech, Vucic totally ignores the democratic laws of Kosovo and suggests that Ethnic Serbs should not recognise Kosovo’s ID cards and car plate numbers.

And what happens if Kosovo enforces the laws of its democracy for all citizens equally? Like, for example, Albin Kurti did on 29th May 2023 by sending Kosovo police to allow the newly let Albanian mayors do their democratic job.

Then in this case, if Kosovo enforces its democratic laws, Serbia will win. For Vucic can send his army to the border of Kosovo. For he is the strongest Sheriff or Bully of the today Balkans.

And he can still threaten and intimidate Albanians with another war. Simply because he can! Because he is part of the strongest and a former government official of Slobodan Milosevic. So, he knows how bad things are done while delivering nice speeches!

Alexander Vucic in the above speech, like almost in all his speeches, he said that he prays for peace. But all what he expressed from that speech was hatred and pure human arrogance. The arrogance of the strongest, the arrogance of war criminals that are allowed to become presidents because our world has neither justice nor a just peace.

For if there was a just peace, we would have seen the like of …

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The King’s coronation Costs Millions to taxpayers! Yet there are millions living in Poverty! What is wrong with the U.K?

Different sources estimate the King’s coronation to cost millions of pounds. And sadly, the money will be paid all by taxpayers.

To see a King’s Coronation at a time of the cost-of-living crisis. Where millions of people are estimated to live in poverty even in the U.K. To see a King’s Coronation at a time when rents and food and living standards in general have risen beyond what is imaginable. I mean it looks more than improper to see a pompous fiesta take place at this time, right?

And we know that all this pomp and fiesta could have been avoided. Yet we also know that historical facts, that is the pain of the time in general, show all of this to be for the sake of hypocrisy and greed that has sprung from the dark hearts of the the rich and the wealthy upper classes.  That desecrate all what is human simply because they can. For they seat at the top of this society.

A fiesta for a mad king and a laugh from the upper classes costing millions of pounds at a time when millions are living in poverty! isn’t this a pity?

What is wrong with the U.K? Isn’t this utter madness, my British brethren?

Yet we see that this madness is at the core of this culture. And as a fact, it is at the centre of the attention of the today British upper classes for a reason. 

And the reason is simple. Promote those at the…

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British Politicians Write, Speak and are Paid By British Media. This Abhorrent Act of Abuse and Corruption shows but U.K STATE MAFIA in ACTION Collaborating with U.K MEDIA

Boris Johnson was paid £275,000 a year by the Daily Telegraph for writing a weekly blog at Telegraph back in 2018. While also working as a Conservative MP and getting a luxurious salary by the tax payers.

Hurray for Liberté, égalité and fraternité!

While THEY, our media and people of politics, who show to love liberté and égalité at least, they hold on the one hand the dagger to butcher our human ideals. And on the other hand, they hold the pen to write about human ideals and laws of Liberté, égalité, and fraternité!

Here I ask those politicians, who also do the job of a writer and speaker, why don’t they write for the U.K parliament or for their Political Party papers or websites but write for News MEDIA MONOPOLIES?

And how comes that you as News Media Monopolies pay politicians for writing and speaking, when an MP is paid £84,144 by British tax payers? That is £7,012 per month by the British tax payers.

And the latter, the tax payers, have paid politicians this luxurious salary to have them focus on their jobs and increase the prosperity of this nation through socialist and humanist ideals not to abuse these ideals and values, right?

 As a matter of fact, the amount of money that British MPs get, to not mention government cronies’ salaries, is equal to the salary of a business person that runs successfully at least two small businesses. And the salaries of British MPs are almost 5 times higher than a ‘£1500’ working class salary.

Now when you are paid this luxurious amount of money by the tax payers of this country. Then where on earth do you take your right as a politician to write or speak and be paid by News Monopolies?

  As a matter of fact, from truth to reason, this form of inner collaboration between Newspapers and politicians in the U.K is an open act of abuse of power.

This inner collaboration is an open abuse of the HUMAN IDEALS, like fairness and equality.

This inner collaboration between politicians and Newspapers is an abuse of the fundamental rights of a democratic society that intends to share the power equally.

This inner collaboration between politicians and Newspapers in the U.K dishonours any citizenship rights and Social Democracy that is based on Social VALUES.  

This inner collaboration between politicians and Newspapers has only one answer – THE WORKINGS OF THE U.K. STATE MAFIA that continue to fool British people, abuse their rights and abuse the Social Democratic values of this country openly.

 This abusive act or inner collaboration between politicians and Newspapers, however, is an act of abuse of social power that is used by the Left and the Right wing papers all the same. This abusive technical body politic or practical thought is used by Labour, the Conservative and other political parties in the U.K – Left, Centre or Right.

Call them as they wish, but as a fact, all of them use this MAFIA-like practice that abuses social power and social values and human ideals. And yes it is perfectly legal!

I mean this is another fact that asks: When were laws made to prosecute the powerful and serve to the oppressed in this country?

Further, this MAFIA-like, and unscrupulous political technique or tactic has a bigger vision.

For it deep down it intends to make Newspapers a playing field for politicians and politics of today the playing field of Newspapers, their editors, writers and speakers only.

So, leaving any independent voices unheard and unable to participate and take their rights in society. While politicians and media people hold absolute control over information, like dictators, of this country called, U.K.

This MAFIA-like act between British Politicians and British Media Monopolies is then but abhorrent and abuses any social democratic value that has been engraved by big minds and great pens on earth.

Hence, this Abhorrent Act of Abuse and Corruption must be Condemned not lauded and passed as the new normal of the now and of the future.

For this inner collaboration between politicians and Newspapers in the U.K, it is and it shows but …

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Can the Dictator of the world, Vladimir Putin, use Nuclear Weapons? Russia has 6,257 Nuclear Weapons. Dr ACactivism explains Current Politics and Putin’s Psychological Thinking

On 7 12 2021, I wrote that Putin is a cunning politician that can start a war against Ukraine to test Western imperialism.

And see if he can get away with his crimes against humanity, like he did in Syria. And it proved true. He ordered his army to invade  Ukraine. 

Now Vladimir Putin has ordered Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces to be on high alert.

Why is this happening? You ask.

Putin is Being Hum….

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Facts show that Justin Trudeau, a New Caligula, has metamorphosed into a Tyrant that brutally oppresses Peaceful Canadians. Dr ACactivism explains the politics of this great loser

Whenever people rise and demand their rights on the table, it is then and there that politicians show their true colors.


The Canadian police stepping on peaceful protestors with their horses like brutes.

In recent years, for example, we have seen protestors brutally being oppressed in Paris, in Amsterdam, in London, New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A and recently in Canada.

What does this all mean to a political system or to the politics of the day?

As a matter of fact a political system that tr….

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What is the point of Justice and laws if the Rich Buy Justice? Send all those who buy and sell Justice to Prison, The Accused, Judges of Courts and Victims that sell JUSTICE

Obviously, we are living in a 1984 world.

Everything around us is dystopian. Gagging orders or court orders, Non-Disclosure Agreements, (NDSs), etc.

As such things happen only in a world where common men are turned into smelling powerless rats. While rich men into …..

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If Putin Attacks Ukraine, The WORLD should Attack Putin’s Cave – Why the West Should send NATO Armies to Defend Ukraine’s Freedom and Dignity?

Where is the moral of human existence? Do we exist because of certain human ideals and human values or do we exist to butcher each other?

And what happens when a psychopath gets a gun and a knife or an army with guns and knives and attacks the weakest among us?

Naturally human beings are bound to feel pity and defend the weakest or when the weakest is attacked. And this psychological and philosophical human thought is seen from a million past and today examples.

For example, what would you do if you saw a…

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M.A.F.I.A on GLOBAL Media. A Rich British Media Owner and 1000 SLAVES working as Artists. Controlling, Monopolising and Abusing the Ideal of INFORMATION like M.A.F.I.A

On 7 January 2022, I asked Global media for Transparency. Asking questions for the salaries of politicians who work as journalists at GLOBAL. And they replied saying that, “Global is a Private Limited Company and therefore we are not required to disclose such information.”

So people who are supposed to be transparent and open to the public because they control means of information. They are the ones who fanatically conceal the ideas of TRANS….

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PROTESTS NOW! One rule for common people and another for British Politicians. Leaked email proves 100 No 10 staff were invited to party during lockdown

According  to the ITV News, “Downing Street staff were invited to a drinks party in the Number 10 garden during the height of nationwide lockdown to “make the most of the lovely weather”.

This balling or party, it is said that happened on May 20, 2020. With more than 100 Downing Street staff invited to bring booze and party hard with Boris Johnson and friends. Encouraged to social gatherings in the time of the first lockdown by the Prime Minister’s Principal Private Secretary, Martin Reynolds.

Boris Johnson here looks like in those ancient parties in the ancient Athens – an undisturbed and unperturbed kind of god!

So, at a time, when British people could meet outside of work with…..

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Free! An In-depth Analysis of the latest Book of the Culturized British, Albanian writer, Lea Ypi. That defends those who butchered Albania in 1997, her Fascist Great Grand-father, and the Communist Elite

“Since the rise of the pyramid schemes, the Albanian economy has become largely illegal and founded on corrupt practices. Corruption is everywhere. At the highest level, it affects institutions, judges, and public and customs officials. At the lowest level, it obliges citizens to renounce seeing a doctor, even when necessary, unless they are able to pay a bribe to obtain treatment.”

DANIELA IRRERA,  The Balkanisation of Politics: Crime and Corruption in Albania.

As early as the Bufi Administration [June, 1991]; “extortion, prostitution, drug-running, indeed, crime per se [were] the order of the day.

…Liberalisation had brought with it corruption and profiteering by ruthless men who were diverting much needed aid deliveries, leaving the police with little they could do.


Obviously, I see Lea Ypi’s hypocritical thinking and doing, just like a Syrian opposition may see a…..

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Russia-Ukraine Tensions – Why Western Politics are Risking to turn Ukraine into a Bigger Grave than Syria or Yemen?

Why do I think that today Western Politics are risking to turn Ukraine into a bigger grave than Syria or Yemen? You ask.

Before I explain and express my ideas in this philosophical blog about the today question and pain, allow me first to express the historical thinking of U.S. and Western politics in general. And the way they butcher the world.

For example, classified U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks in….

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Open Letter to my MP, Andy Slaughter, and to the MPs of London – Why the Housing Problem in London is a Matter of Urgency?

I feel like my brain is plucked out by the stress that I get from the abuse of power of today politicians.

“We dot abuse our power” may be the answer of all politicians after reading my first paragraph for sure.

But then, I ask; “How on earth, can you allow gaps in laws so openly that show that London’s landlords are allowed to abuse basic tenants’ rights in the most inhumane and cruel way and yet you tell me that today politicians are not abusing their power?

Dr ACactivism is an independent thinker and philosopher standing up for human ideals.

What is the problem? You ask, dear Andy Slaughter and you dear politicians and MPs of London.

As a matter of fact today laws allow landlords to abuse tenants’ rights in different ways.

For example, even though you pay your rent, landlords can threaten you with eviction for no reason. Some give you a tenancy agreement and so do not. They can bully you and they can harass you and even leave you without electricity or gas, yet police will not attend the case or bother about you as a tenant. When your rights are abused.

Why not?

It is obvious that today laws give super powers to landlords because they are the owners of the property where you live and pay rent!

So police forces, for example, seem to have been advised to tolerate the abuse of Landlords.  

And this is personal experience. My last call to Met police U.K is with reference 6230 15/12 2021.

Reference sent by Met Police

I called Met Police and said; Landlord is trying to open my door by force and threaten me with eviction. Even though I have paid my rent. Yet the police did not attend and said; this is a civil matter. 

And the police are right, for it is in our laws that landlords can evict you without a reason. And eviction is not a criminal matter but a civil matter.

We see then, that this, dear Andy Slaughter and dear MPs of London, is not a problem of the police. But a problem of the MPs like you. Who make laws to abuse citizens. And allow the strongest to get away with heinous and horrible forms of abuse.

Why the Housing Problem today is an EMERGENCY?

Housing or shelter today is a matter of urgency. Because of Covid-19 occurrences that have worsened relations between landlord and tenant to its lowest point in British history.

For example, before the pandemic even though there was plenty of discrimination in the London housing market, still there were ways to find shelter easier than today after the pandemic. While today the majority of London landlords, (allow me to avoid the class think prejudice) have become like vicious wolves. Absolutely abusive and criminal.

Why?  What happened? you ask again.

In the pandemic, citizens of London had to live with people, that they used to see once or twice a day before the pandemic, 24 hours a day.

Isolation and overcrowding created depression and conflicts and made life a struggle for existence. Personally, I was part of this struggle.

According to the ONS statistics “Almost one in five adults (19.2%) were likely to be experiencing some form of depression, indicated by moderate to severe depressive symptoms, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (June 2020). This had almost doubled from around 1 in 10 (9.7%) before the pandemic (July 2019 to March 2020).”

Thus, these unforeseen circumstances created conflict. And homelessness. And some people did pay the rent and some did not because of the unforeseen circumstances.

From April to June 2020, according to ONS, the number of households owed a relief duty, that is homeless people, increased 16.9% from the same quarter in the previous year, linked to the Everyone In campaign. And driven by the 29.7% increase in single households (households without children) owed a relief duty over the same period. The number of households in temporary accommodation had increased 13.9% from the same quarter in the previous year, also linked to the Everyone In campaign and driven by a 45.9% increase single households in temporary accommodation.

In 2020-21, according to the same study, “The most common reason for loss of last settled home under relief was due to domestic abuse at 9,460 or 31.8% of households with children owed a relief duty. This is a 13.6% increase from 2019-20.

Why am I saying these facts to you or what is the today problem? You ask.

As a result of the pandemic, the pain of people has become BIGER. But the GREED of the Landlords of London properties is increased as well. For they are becoming even more greedy than before the pandemic. And this is a big problem.

 For example, letting agencies have made rules or laws within our laws, which are unacceptable rules that intend to make sure that only those earning above their “imaginary expectations” can get in their properties.

So, Problem number one today is the fact that whatever form of bully and eviction threats that come from London’s landlords is not a criminal matter but a civil matter.

An example, I went to meet Mary Keane on 7th December 2021. We agreed for a six months tenancy through a verbal agreement.

But from the first night in the property, I was left to shiver from cold because she refused to tell me where the “heating switch” is and did not turn the heating on at all. The next day I made a complaint, and I said, politely and humanely to turn the heating on. I offered to pay for all the bills. Yet the EGO and the GREED of Mary Keane was impossible to negotiate to my pain.

Verbal Agreement with Mary Keane, an evil greedy landlady in. Hammersmith

So Mary Keane of Hammersmith refused to tell me where the heating “switch” is and also left me without electricity. And then told me to go.

Abusing my basic needs. And playing the Aggressive BULLY that eats your heart alive simply because our laws allow the Landlords of London to do so.

She said, this complaint is too much for me, get out of my property. So easy was for her to throw me out after only a few days in the property.

My pain, my tears, my struggle everything dashed to nothing despite being a respectful tenant.

Why? Because my fate, my life, my rights as a human being depend on the Greed and sick ego of every London landlord that may share as such values.

So, I am telling a little painful story, that happened to me and that has happened many times in the past. because I demand change. And a law first of all to make a CRIMINAL matter harassment and eviction threats and eviction in itself. So police can attend the case, make notes and file prosecution charges to the abusive landlords.

 Problem number two is the fact that to get a room in your constituency of Hammersmith, where I live,  and in many areas of London, one needs to earn  2.5 times above the price of the rent. And this is but incredibly horrible. That means one needs to earn £1875 for a £750 room. Which is mean, ugly, monstrous, and disgusting abuse of social power.

There are the majority of Letting Agencies that have made as such rules today.

Let us, dear Andy Slaughter and dear MPs of London, do some little maths.

The national minimum wage for people who are over 23 years old is £8.91.

£8.91 x 48 hours = £427.68

£427.68 x 4 = £1,710.72

£1,710.72 x 12 months = £20,528

According to, “On a £20,528 salary, your take home pay will be £17,621 after tax and National Insurance. This equates to £1,468 per month and £339 per week.

So these agencies are leaving out of their properties and denying the right to rent to the majority of working class people in London. And therefore the HOUSING PROBLEM in LONDON is a matter of urgency.

Problem number three;

Discrimination against the Housing Benefit Claimants continues for over 2 decades.

No DSS, screenshot taken on 15 12 2021

Housing benefit is not accepted by the majority of letting agencies and not accepted by the majority of the landlords of London. These facts are real and awash across the major letting websites, such as SpareRoom and OpenRent.

And we are seeing that you as MPs of London are not raising your voice for good in the U.K parliament to bring some form of change. And I demand a stop to this form of unbearable discrimination.

This problem of open discrimination towards London tenants, however, has been known since in 1998 at least.

A research paper called, Rent levels, affordability and housing benefit, that was written by Wendy Wilson and Bryn Morgan for the House of Commons Library  on 12lve June 1998. It says that “A recent survey by the Association of Residential Letting Agents found that existing housing benefit restrictions had

led to an increase in the number of landlords who refuse to let to benefit claimants; 48% of

respondents to the survey said they would not let to people on housing benefit.”

Problem number four, Rents are increasing with speedy steps. So we need a public organisation that can set limits to rents and allow us to breathe. A room in Hammersmith has increased from £650 to £750 within a year. And this is the fact that I see daily.

Screenshot taken on 15 12 2021

Problem number five – London councils abuse their power

Problem number five is the fact that Hammersmith Council works with letting agencies that discriminate and create pain. And no one can hold these thugs accountable.

Last, year, I told to Andy Slaughter how Hammersmith and Fulham council murdered a human being,  by driving him to hyper anxiety and over stress. Drove dozens and hundreds of people to tears, misery and pain. Evicted me illegally in the street with all my belongings. And pushed me personally to suicide through a continual and calculated  psychological abuse.

 Hammersmith council was caught red-handed working with abusive letting agencies that did not accept Housing Benefit.

I told you as my then MP of people screaming and pulling their hairs from the pain of the oppression of Hammersmith and Fulham council.

However, while living in the London’s temporary accommodation, I saw many London councils in general do the same. Cause pain, threaten people with eviction and driving people to tears and self-hate.

Yet, as of today, December 2021, I see no change.  And I have not even received  a phone call by yourself as my MP, dear Andy Slaughter, to come and sit down and talk. Even though, I have sent you emails and asked to read one of my blogs that spoke of change.  

Nevertheless, this latest appeal now goes to all MPs of London. For the housing problem in London is a matter of urgency. And we have come to this day and moment from a continual abuse of tenants’ rights by our laws.

SOLUTION. What is the solution?

There should be established an independent body, like those that were in England during 1970s and 1980s, that supervise the rent market. And a new law to engrave certain standards that comprise rights of the tenants.

And I think that this law should be made to create fairness and dignity through these standards.

Standard one; the law must make unreasonable eviction a criminal offence.  So police can get involved. And abusive landlords can be stopped on the spot.

Standard number two; the law should get rid of these ridiculous standards created after the pandemic by greedy letting agencies and cruel landlords. Facts which I mentioned as problem number two.

Standard number three; a law must once and forever stipulate the that it is criminal to discriminate against the unemployed in the housing market. Just like it is criminal to discriminate against colour of skin and sexual orientation.

Standard number four; the law should make rent limits and create public organisations that set the rent prices to a logical level. And as you see, we need a form of change that was brought by the Rent Act of 1977 that created the “Fair Rent Officer” ideas.

Standard number five; the law should punish councils, like any other public working body, that work with letting agencies that discriminate.   And councillors to be brought to justice.

Standard number six, lower the luxurious salaries of London’s councillors, who have turned into PASHAS, getting super luxurious salaries for themselves of above £200,000. While London’s councils are awash with homelessness.

As we see from the above facts and reasons, that there are a few things that are crucial to human dignity and fairness. And if a law considers ideas of fairness and human dignity then we shut down discrimination and abuse of power in the housing or shelter matter.

Failure to defend human dignity and fairness in this case is abuse of power in itself.

And this weight lies with you as an MP, dear Andy Slaughter, and with you dear MPs of London and with your colleagues who chose to become MPs in the U.K parliament as well.

P.S (Links that I have sent to you to read and consider;

Enough Is Enough – Make Discrimination in the housing market against the unemployed and the poor unlawful by engraving our Human Basic Right for accommodation into a LAW – Dr ACactivism – Philosopher

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Putin’s Politics are there to Threaten and Bully. Still They can start a war with Ukraine to test Western Imperialism and see if they can get away with it – Dr ACactivism explains Hitmen-like Politics and Why they exist

No doubt that it is western imperialism, with its decisions to hold Palestine under continual oppression, to destroy Yemen and to set Syria on fire and so on., that inspires Putin to think of “extreme self-defence measures.”

So then, it is logical to say that the red lines of Vladmir Putin and his screeching wolf-like voice in regards to Ukraine’s sovereignty and right to decide are but “extreme self-defence measures.”

Vladmir Putin is in pains of ” great economic loss” and lives in the fear that Ukraine will do better if they work with the West and so isolate Russia and make it even poorer.

Putin is a scared wolf doing hitmen-like politics

However, the wishes and desires of Putin’s politics are not only unacceptable but unrealisable. Putin does not want Ukraine to join NATO or the European Union at all.

He wants to keep Ukraine as its own little slave and be forever under Putin’s or Putin-like politicians’ rules!

In reality this does not happen even among real brothers.

For I ask; Who is my brother to tell me what to do?

So there is no moral point to support in any form or in any way the bully and threatening politics of Vladimir Putin in relation to Ukraine.

Ukraine is free, it should remain free and it deserves to be free for the sake of what is human and for what we exist here. That is FREEDOM and Social Justice.

Why is the Russian military amassing near the Ukraine’s border and what are they doing there? you ask.

Russia moves mass troops near Ukraine’s border.

The Russian military build-up along Ukraine’s border tells us that Russian politics are there in a way and manner doing the job of a Hitman.

That is, Putin’s politics in short are trying to threaten and bully and murder for as long as these politics can get away with what they do. In a way and manner, as such politics are but  Hitmen-like politics.

At the end, when the western politics get serious about human rights and stands up firmly in favour of Ukraine’s sovereignty, the hitmen-like politics of Putin will withdraw and go home.

Nevertheless. The hitmen-like politics of Vladimir Putin are but an extreme self-defence measure of a loser-like politician. Who is desperately trying to slow and counteract Western Evil Imperialism.

Somehow, we are set between two evil powers. And all we can do is scream and take to the streets in protests against WAR and for PEACE. For peace is better than war of course. And it cannot come without people, real people like me and you, asking for it.


Dr ACactivism

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Circumstances show Intentional Murder of Immigrants in The English Channel – Immigrants’ boat sank in the English Channel after it was hit by a container ship. Killing 27 people

Two immigrants, who survived from the last man-made tragedy where 27 people lost their lives,  have indicated that a container ship collided with their dinghy.

Now the question is; “But where is the container ship?

Why did they not stop or raise the alarm? What happened, how it happened and why it happened?

A dingy is not a dot in the ocean that cannot be seen. Something suspicious here looks obvious.

An evil rhetoric of the U.K media monopolies against immigrants in the recent months has been obvious.

They have not stopped writing about how much bothered that they are of immigrants.

And this wave of hatred may have inspired the sea captain to overthrow the dinghy on purpose. So to stop them from coming in the land of oppressors. Where hatred is called, love and freedom is called, slavery.

Intentional murder of immigrants has happened on 28th March 1998 as well. Where an Italian naval vessel, inspired by the hatred of Italian Media against Albanians, hit an Albanian ship heading to Italy killing 84 Albanians on board.

Albanian ship full of immigrants hit by Italian racists to kill and murder on purpose.

So, do not be surprised. Authorities should investigate the matter and bring to justice those who are responsible.

For circumstances here show but Intentional Murder of immigrants in ….

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Why the Political Animal of IMPERIALIST BRITAIN or U.K State MAFIA Rules without Responsibility? It is High Time that we think of real Change!

We live in strange times as never before in human history.

For in our time TRUTH and Honesty and pain are rendered powerless by Media monopolies.

A rich man, like those who pump with money the GB News today or like the Murdoch media empire that it has done continually since it was created, wakes up in the middle of the night. And says; “Let me create a media army or monopoly and influence the politics of today! Because this is how I like.”

Thus the rich go on top of everything simply because they are able to buy writers, journalists and journalism and have the power to create MEDIA MONOPOLIES.

Thus, philosophy sounds ridiculous if it is not expressed by the writers of the media monopolies. And humanity does not even make sense without there being a writer that is either writing from the media monopolies or supported by them!

Wow! What a strange time to be alive! Nothing makes sense but the authority and reputation of the UK, US, French and German media monopolies.

Independent thinking then has never in human history been so much despised. And media and political grovelling worms have never ever been so much admired.

Dr ACactivism in the office studying, thinking and creating!

 A journalist writing for the BBC, ITV or Sky News etc., A judge ruling from a corrupt court. A politician speaking out of a criminal parliament, that historically make laws that support the rich and the powerful in Britain. And a Prime Minster using  executive governing powers to create a war. These four STATE powers are today literally equal to the power of GOD in Britain of the 19th century in terms of faith, trust and admiration. Which are all qualities of god in religious theory.

But nevertheless, have you ever thought which kind of writer is more fair in his thoughts and writing?

 A writer writing for the ITV, like Piers Morgan that gets over 1.5 million pounds per year, or a writer that is independent and writes out of the pain of oppression and for a deaf and blind humanity that he or she intends to wake up with his honest and humanist thoughts?

This judgement I will leave to future generations who will be inspired with my passion for truth and reason and above all for what is HUMAN.

For now let me continue with my treatise.

What do I mean by the term, POLITICAL ANIMAL?

The U.K government is made of four assumed branches of power, the executive, the legislature and the judiciary and the U.K media monopolies.

The three first governing powers are official. While the fourth POWER is an unofficial governing power controlled either by rich media barons or highly paid media editors or funded by the state and the rich people’s donations. Like the media monopolies of the BBC.

Now all of these governing powers essentially pretend to be independent. And all of them are independent in judging the cases of working class people or immigrants. But when it comes to high crimes committed by the members of their class. They either stay silent or talk about these matters with sarcasm and irony and just in passing. “Hey we mentioned it, just another war where British imperialism takes part and murders innocent people – like Yemen or Syria etc. Nothing wrong with that.”

So these hypocritical powerful members in these four branches of power in the U.K is what I call the POLITICAL ANIMAL BEINGS. Vicious, hypocritical, greedy, unethical, abusive, mafia-like, criminal and anti-humans.

Some facts and truth please? you ask.

Let me pick a fact among a sea of facts to show the thinking of these four branches of power of the imperialist U.K or U.K State MAFIA.

For example, there is an example of pain and truth, like a civil war created in Yemen. And British soldiers that are caught red-handed supporting the Saudis. That have butchered Yemen for years.

Facts? Facts are showed by the U.K media themselves who could not hide the elephant in the room. And by many human rights groups as well. Like or Amnesty International.

On 17th December 2015, “Amnesty International wrote; UK Government breaking the law supplying arms to Saudi Arabia, say leading lawyers.”

So showing the U.K politics complicit in war crimes.

Years later, in 2017, the Daily Mail couldn’t hide the elephant in the room and the cry of the human rights groups for justice and peace. So the Daily Mail also wrote of the facts. See the screenshot below.

screenshot from the same blog –

However, as I said above, they, U.K Media monopolies, write in passing and skip the appeal for justice.  

That is, the way they present facts and report in this case are not even up to the morality of reporting the news when a U.K minister is caught having a sexual relationship with his secretary!

So they, U.K Media Monopolies like the Daily Mail or the Guardian, write in passing for attention, money and fame, when crimes against humanity are committed by U.K politicians.

Every one reads but no one bothers! Why?

“A writer is the educator of the adult world,” said once James Joyce.

So when these writers write without a passion for justice and without responsibility for their power, so the soul of the British people feels and thinks.

They think it is okay to murder others. A pint in the evening after a comedy show, a chat at work after a night out, a thought after reading or watching the news, an idea expressed after watching their favourite movie. This is the universal British soul.  They breathe in. and breathe out the ideas of the POLITICAL ANIMAL BEINGS.

The U.K media controls the U.K public opinion in short. And it is their media authority and media reputation that makes them appear as the higher intelligence.

So media monopolies write, British people think and follow. And this is seen in many hashtags on twitter.

Where after something is being discussed on Question Time Show, for example, we see British people write on twitter under a hashtag called, #questiontime or whatever the Guardian has written etc.

Can here be more clear the link of my thought between fact and reason?

So, on 25th November 2017, The Daily Mail is happy to report but unhappy to point the finger at the corrupt British Justice system that refuses to judge the heads of this big evil. That is made by the human hand and the human mind.

“The British Army is secretly training Saudi Arabian troops to fight in Yemen, where the country has been accused of committing crimes against humanity, The Mail on Sunday can reveal.

Up to 50 UK military personnel have been teaching battlefield skills to soldiers who will be deployed in the so-called ‘dirty war’.”

This is how the Daily Mail wrote on November 2017. At a time when Theresa May was the Prime Minster and Boris Johnson was the foreign secretary.

Then there, in Yemen, are heard casualties of human loss. Children are left to starve to death, women are murdered and innocent people killed just like that.

But I ask, “Who takes responsibility for the loss of the human lives where even graves scream out of their skeletons for JUSTICE?”

You like to be a politician and a Prime Minister or a prominent politician but refuse to take responsibility for your big evil thinking and doing, right?

You like to make the rules and have big money and power in your hand and become the most powerful person of this country. Yet you do not like any form of human responsibility!

Hold on, a second. For British universities produce politicians like Boris Johnson and Theresa May like commodities. Every month there can be a new Boris Johnson and a new Theresa May in Power.

But can we have a politician like Boris Johnson that is held responsible for his political actions? Eh?

We see then, that this simple just and fair humanist thinking has turned into an ideal.

Why is there no responsibility for the crimes and injustices committed by the Imperialist British POLITICAL ANIMAL? You ask.

Now it is logical to say that if we imagine a nation where we are all equal in front of the law, then a prime minster, a journalist and a judge are all subject to the law of this land like all of us.

But the question here is, “who is going to bring U.K imperialist politicians to justice or even to courts? The U.K police?”

According to a paper written by Jennifer Brown ( for the House of Commons Library, “The Home Office is responsible for policing policy for England and Wales. It is responsible for: • publishing a statutory document called the Strategic Policing Requirement (SPR). The SPR sets out the most pressing national crime threats and how police force should be responding to them.

…presenting the annual Police Grant Report to Parliament for approval.

….The Home Secretary is also (either directly or indirectly) responsible for key policing appointments including the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police Service (the most senior police officer in the UK), the Director General of the NCA and the IOPC, the Chair of the College of Policing and Her Majesty’s Chief Inspector of Constabulary.”

So, U.K police as a force and reason of this country cannot hold responsible their bosses for crimes committed outside of the U.K. And that is logical.

For how can you do that against your boss that has committed a crime in another country?

But U.K politicians are held responsible in the U.K of course. Like for having sex with their secretaries. But not sent to prison for lobbying, for accepting gifts from Russian kleptocrats or from Saudi Arabia  and from Qatar bosses. Or for cutting Universal Credit or for creating conditions for homelessness and unbearable poverty and so on with their evils.

So we see that even in the U.K, here is a big noise about things that do not matter. While things that matter are either avoided or mentioned in passing!

Why does this happen? Why is this vicious Political Animal World in the U.K not held responsible for crimes against humanity and murder in countries outside the U.K?

Here is a long history of this “political animal world” in Britain.

But historically like today, powerful upper classes, like the media class, made of journalists and media barons, the justice system class, made of judges and courts, and the political class, that is made of politicians,  support each other in Britain in a way and manner that MAFIA and thugs support each other with knives and guns and bombs in their thinking and making.

This has been so 500 years ago and this is so today. Marx said in the 19th century that “the English legislature is overdosed with genius. And he said also that “only against its will and under the pressure of the masses did the English Parliament give up the laws against Strikes and Trades’ Unions, after it had itself, for 500 years, held, with shameless egoism, the position of a permanent Trades’ Union of the capitalists against the labourers.

So, it is enough that you read certain works of Karl Marx to understand that the upper classes of Britain or the POLITICAL ANIMAL of Britain support each other up to the end of the 19th century.

Further, if you read the struggle of women’s right to vote in Britain. The story of Emily Wilding Davison, that was killed by the King George V’s horse. And the history of the National Minimum Wage, that was only fixed in 1999, after a 100 year struggle. Where the British upper classes magically used their rhetoric to enslave their own people with “low pay” up to the 1999.

And if you pay attention to the today history, where the POLITICAL ANIMAL Class rules without responsibility whatsoever. Like they did with the Covid-contracts and like they do with the rules of lobbying and in accepting donations. That in turn buy political influence.

Thus, if you read and understand the above ideas, then you will understand that British Upper classes support each other. And nothing has changed so far.

     These upper classes then are both a political animal and a  MAFIA body that have no sense of justice and humanity when it comes for the humanity of their people and for humanity at large.

So that means that in the past, their thought and thinking of justice goes as far as it concerns the upper classes of U.K. While today their sense of justice and freedom goes as far as it concerns the upper classes of the entire Western world as a group of people living in peace at the moment. 

However, when it comes to humanity at large, the British upper classes are silent. Here and there we hear of a voice that cries for responsibility. But that voice is easily and quickly drowned out with the daily celebrity news and daily shows of Good Morning Britain and Question Time and daily trash talk on media.

So these upper classes of Britain, like media, politics and the justice system, they call evil good, and good evil, when such ideals fit to their political interest. And do not bother of the responsibility of murder or manipulation or corruption in a justifiable manner, when political actions commit as such painful human made evils.

Boris Johnson was in power then in 2017, still is and seems to remain in power. Say that we are short of politicians here! Say that Britain is dead and has no sons to take care of her with honesty and human responsibility!

A corrupt British justice system with a corrupt prosecuting political body is silent. The U.K media is silent. The judges in courts of the British justice system continue with their fake wigs to send simple working class people to prison daily. But still big political animals such as Boris Johnson, Theresa May etc., continue to live the lives of Heroes.

Gentlemen, we still live in the Political Animal World. That is, Politics without Responsibility.

So, it is High Time that we think of Change. For British Universities Create Politicians like Commodities daily and even hourly.

So let us hold upper classes, journalists, judges and politicians responsible for their evil thinking and doing. Judges must be prosecuted and dismissed for not speaking up against U.K politicians. When they are not brought to courts. Journalists must be fired for not demanding Justice unstoppably. Like they do when a minster is caught having sex with his secretary.

For we gave power to politicians to hold up human ideals,. Not to abuse our ideals.

But like Rousseau once said, ever since politicians took power, they called simple people animals and slaves. Because they felt above people with political power in their hands.

Arrogance then, still rules the inner and outer world of today upper classes in the Imperialist or new imperialist Britain. And they still think themselves irreplaceable.

That’s why Media and the Justice system does not hold responsible politics. And vice versa, the politics of today keep media monopolies as the new gods and the justice system as being fair. When they are the evil of today.

 So here in this country is no justice and no change because here in this country is no political responsibility.

However, if we became a little bit more active and more humanist, we would see power rolling into people’s hands like in a communist ideal.

Here we would see that every year a new politician and a new judge and a new journalist can be in the chairs of social power where the fate of humanity and human ideals depend.

But as a matter of fact, we see that I pray for what is human in an inhumane world of political animals. For people are still not conscious that Political power is high social power. And as such it demands responsibility – social power responsibility.

For the POLITICAL ANIMAL OF BRITIAN has Been ruling, it is ruling and it seems that it will continues to rule without responsibility.

So I think that it is high time that we think of real change by taking real care or bringing to…

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ENOUGH Hypocrites. 44,286 knife crime offences recorded in one year in the U.K. So David Amess’s Stabbing is not above the Stabbing of any Citizen. Is it Corrupt U.K Media MONOPOLIES?

Today 17th October 2021, MPs are crying on the U.K media monopolies. There is the BBC and the LBC inviting MPs who show how dreadful that life has become for them!

Say that there is every day a citizen wanting to stab an MP! What a joke! People who get such luxurious salaries, that are paid by the taxes of the same people that they now fear and distrust, these people tell us that they demand bigger security. Because they cannot trust anymore those who pay their salaries!

WHAT A JOKE THAT UK POLITICS AND UK MEDIA THAT THEY ARE! Bear with me, I will show you how painful is life for us, working class people, here at the bottom. How many stabbings that we see in comparison to the class of MPs.

Hypocrite MPs who just recently allowed a pay cut of £20 to universal credit claimants,. MPs who campaign for an increase of their MP salaries and a pay cut for the oppressed. Now they are shaking from horror!

Journalists writing in favour of a pay rise to politicians,

And what horror? The horror that they make with the laws that they pass into the U.K parliament. A horror that they daily create for the working class people with the rules of the oppression and unfairness that they daily produce in action. From theory to practice.

Let us be daring and ask of this horror that we working class people live in the U.K: “How many working class people are stabbed in a year in the U.K? “

According to the ONS, a U.K government statistics website, there were 44,286 knife-enabled offences recorded by the police in the year ending March 2021. That is between March 2020 and March 2021.

Number of stabbings in 2020 – 2021

Killings by firearms.

LBC non stop speaking of the Stabbed MP.

most of the BBC news about the stabbed MP as well

So then, I ask, “Why is the stabbing of an MP hurting so much the class of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES and politicians? When the horror that working class people face in the U.K from stabbings is nowhere near a stabbing in a decade that MPs have faced, right?

Or is the stabbing of David Amess more worthy than the stabbings of 44,286 people in the U.K?

The answer. Because David Amess was one of them. So David Amess makes sense because he is part of the class of politics and media monopolies. Part of their animal group. Part of their family not part of the U.K family.

Now you see the difference. You see that U.K Media monopolies are not there to defend the British people but defend the interest of their class of greed and oppression.

What about the good that he, David Amess, made?

Politicians have never ever done any good to society. For it is the greed of politicians that decade after decade and century after century create further injustice, unfairness, corruption and abuse of power.

The housing problem is but the mess that U.K politicians have created with their hands. Brexit. The oppression of the Palestinian people and the arm deals with the Nazi Israeli politics. To not mention the business deals with the Saudi Arabia that butchered Jamal Khashoggi and continually abuses human rights.

So the reason why the U.K media monopolies pay so much attention to David Amess’ stabbing and care nothing, when it comes to working class people, is because of their common good or common class interest.

The U.K Media treats British people as aliens when they stab each other. That is a fact,. Do they pay the same attention with analysis and public discussion for each stabbing, that happens in the U.K, like they do to David Amess?

No, they do not do that. Because they do not care of the British working classes. They know deep down that political oppression drives man to crime. So they just write about everyday crime in passing, “Hey another stabbing happened today, enjoy it!”

While when it happens that the problem becomes any immigrant or Albanian, then they appeal to the Brits, “The Albanian…”

In this way, they unite all British people. The media here pretending that they care of British people by creating a common enemy – The Albanian Criminal or Albanian Mafia saga.

In short, the U.K media monopolies do not care of the British people. For if they cared they would pay to each stabbing, that happens in the U.K, the same attention. Like the attention that they pay to David Amess.

And through close analysis and humanist thought, we would probably think to give more to the oppressed. And make equality and fairness a law.

Yet the MEDIA MONOPOLIES do not do that.

Because all the U.K Media monopolies are discussing these days is the security of the MPS, when it should be discussed EQUALITY and FAIRNESS and Humanist education.

So people do not stab or kill or rob. Do not follow like sheep the thugs of upper classes. But idolise truth and reason and fairness and equality and stand up for….

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The Murder of the MP, David Amess, should send a warning to all of us – No one is secure in a CORRUPT WORLD. Dr ACactivism Explains

A few days ago LBC, Evening Standard, the Sun, the Daily Mail and almost the entire U.K Media monopolies called a gesture of great humanity, selfish. While a badly selfish action of an angry school-run mum, like they called her, great!

Somehow, these New Nazi writers of the U.K Media Monopolies by putting the idea of selfishness onto wrong sides, they turn mud into water. And they paint a good action as evil and evil action as good.

Can a Media of a time be any worse? Nietzsche would have called the today U.K Media monopolies a laughing stock that has the power to turn MUD into Water. A clown-like media that needs to be destroyed and replaced with a FAIR, RIGHT, JUST, HONEST and HUMANIST MEDIA.

Let us do some simple analysis here. If the kid of this selfish, ugly in her soul, school-run mum grows in a destroyed planet, then what life has she? The life of a kid that lives up to her or his death under the influence of an imperialist education that brainwashes them continually until they give up their souls?

 “Insulate Britain” had blocked the roads. A thing which was democratically, peacefully, fairly and rightly done for a good cause and change. That is, for the better of all us – British and foreign people. The activists sacrificing their time, lives and even going to prison for a better humanity and better future.

Now, an angry woman had been complaining that her kid lost a day at school! Somehow her kid lost a day of brainwashing. And the UK Media monopolies instead of glorifying the activists who suffer, like Jesus Christ on the cross, for the good of all us. They instead glorified and magnified a selfish mum! While calling selfish a great human action!

I want to say that we can go nowhere with this kind of selfishness. You are upset because your kids have not been brainwashed today. When you should be happy. You are upset for a delay at work and so have reduced your time of exploitation. You are upset because you didn’t earn much today because there was a road block and so on.

And you have a media that brainwashes you daily by calling what is GOOD, bad, and what is BAD, good!

Let me say this that we are nowhere doing good and right things with this kind of philosophy.

So then we need some fairness, goodness, honesty and justice on the table of thinking and doing.

Thus I think that the murder of the MP, David Amess, should be there as a WAKE UP call for good work.

For no one is secure in an evil and corrupt world. For as such world will metamorphose daily one of us into a criminal and do bad and evil to our world.

My above philosophy can be read daily in our media where the name of a criminal is quickly replaced by the name of another criminal. A world where criminals have been and still are in surplus. Like the surplus value and money power of the exploiters of the hyper capitalism of today.

Exploiters that basically in close work with politicians and media monopolies, that keep brainwashing the people and defend the capitalists, create the criminals.

So let us begin to think of some change. Let us do good deeds and truly so. Not hypocritically so like the selfish evil UK Media monopolies and our British New Nazi politicians think and do.

How can we do good? you ask.

So let us start from within. Start the humanist work from within yourself. Do some good to your inner self first by learning of a humanist thinking and human ideals. Do your humanist research first and become a…

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In a World of Two Ideals, Fairness and Justice, Truth is a Gypsy King, Tyson Fury Knockout Punch – Imperialist, Monopolistic Western Media has Murdered our HUMAN IDEALS. And given the AUTHORITY Of HUMAN IDEALS to their MEDIA Monopolies

Tyson Fury knocked out Deontay Wilder in Las Vegas on 10th October 2021. Showing a bigger power, higher level of skill and longer resistance in boxing over Denotay Wilder.

I am not a fan of the brutality of boxing, but I see in it a philosophical point. Like what? you ask.

 Like, for example, “How can one achieve a certain form of change in front of the GIANT MONSTERS of WESTERN IMPERIALIST MEDIA, like the BBC, NEW YORK TIMES, MURDOCH MEDIA, ITV, CNN etc?

How can you even be heard in front of them through truth? When they stomp in your voice of truth and reason like stomping on the head of a worm. Crushing your bodily and mind’s existence like crushing down a worm.

The Western Imperialist Media drowning your voice out in this evil way. While they daily unfold their media propaganda in favour of their respective favourite political party.

Is this right, fair or just in any way?

In a manner, then, the journalists of the imperialist western media act like proper lackeys and corruption enablers, caressing and pampering the tail of the POLITICAL BEASTS of the western world through their ideas. While they write and talk from the headquarters of the Imperialist Western Media Monopolies.

News monopolies, like what? you ask.

The Murdoch Media’s reach, for example, covers three continents and hundreds of millions of people. From Australia, to America and the UK, it controls a big chunk of the human information. And with it the HUMAN Brains.

While the BBC, CNN, ITV, the New York Times etc., are a few global CROCODILE HEADS. For their reach is global. And their News MONOPOLIES are but an absolute abuse and offence of FAIRNESS and therefore , absolute corruption.

So, how can you be heard with truth and reason in front of these giant crocodiles, like the BBC and CNN and the Murdoch Media etc?

When they have money and pay to promote their ideas through print, television and online? And thus they drown out, silence and control your human existence.

Further, this idea of MEDIA MONOPOLIES, how does it sound to you? FAIR, RIGHT, JUST? Or corruption in the heart and blood of whatever is human?

Simply the idea of MEDIA MONOPOLIES knocks out the idea of fairness and justice.

And this is the knockout punch of `Tyson Fury or the Gypsy King.

For you cannot think of fairness and justice in a world where MONOPOLIES rule and lead every single field of the human thinking and doing.

For it is these media monopolies that daily strangle and murder truth and justice.

And thus our Imperialist, Monopolistic Western Media by controlling information, it murders truth or our HUMAN IDEALS. And thus, our IMPERIALIST WESTERN MEDIA  gives the AUTHORITY Of HUMAN IDEALS to their MEDIA Monopolies.

Thus truth is our western media monopolies and western media monopolies are  the truth.

But in a world of two human ideals, such as Fairness and Justice, Truth is a Gypsy King, Tyson Fury Knockout Punch . That means it is heard, it is able to bring change, drain a swamp, fix a roof and build a new world for the sake of justice and human existence in peace and freedom.

Until then, continue to subscribe and listen those media monopolies who by fanning the tail of the imperialist politics, they make possible war criminals to evade prison. And continue to chop up the world.

Yemen, Syria, Palestine and now, recently, they are even trying to creating a close ally as an enemy – the fishing problem and France.

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Why Bernie Sanders is the New Tartuffe of America and of the Western World? Dr ACactivism explains

I like Bernie Sanders because he talks a lot of social justice.

This reminds me Tartuffe who spoke a lot of religion. However, Tartuffe never or rarely did what religion prescribed him to do in the play of Moliere written in the 17th century.

            Now, Bernie Sanders in power again speaks a lot of social justice. When he was not in power, he also spoke a lot of the same social justice idea.

However, Bernie never does what SOCIAL JUSTICE requires one to do. That is action. ACTIVISM. Bringing people in the streets to demand change, leading the crowds and the nation and the world through ideas and action. Making a few weeks and even years in prison for the people and for change.

So Bernie Sanders all his life every day speaks of Social Justice, but he never does what SOCIAL JUSTICE requires a POLITICIAN to do. We all see where Alexei Navalny is, right?

Bernie Sanders is then a TARTUFFE, dear you, gentlemen and you gentle ladies.

And the problem is that Bernie is doing this for a long time and no one is understanding the crux of the matter here. That is the fact that Bernie Sanders has turned into a broke parrot with a touch of satirical humour.

He entertains the feelings of the left side of the crowd of the USA, who also have turned into a SINGLE “YES FEELING.”

They enjoy hearing Bernie Sanders speak of social justice. They have turned him into an idol and meme of their sheepish vision.

 Bernie makes the “left yes feeling” feel okay or better. They clap and clap and buy his books.  While the broke parrot and Tartuffe of western world, Bernie Sanders, continues with his Tartuffe philosophy selling millions of books to the sheep. And doing nothing absolutely nothing of what SOCIAL JUSTICE requires one politician to do.

Dr ACactivism

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The Future Speaks Clearly of ACTIVISM. Hyper Capitalism has created MONOPOLISTIC MONSTERS in all walks of Life. So future GENERATIONS have the choice to die fighting for SOCIAL JUSTICE or die like Oppressed slaves

“Evil power demands unstoppable activism” Dr ACactivism.

Wherever I turn my eyes there is a monopoly of something meeting the corner of the black hole of my eye.

There is a monopoly of the news media like the BBC or ITV or the Murdoch Media. That shuts down your voice, your eyes and your mind. For their power is depressing. It makes you feel weak, small and not worthy of existing in front of these underworld monster-like powers.

There is a monopoly of coffee shops like the coffeehouse company of Starbucks.

There is a monopoly of labour exploitation and acc….

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US drone strike kills nine Family members, including 6 children, in Kabul, Afghanistan. Dr ACactivism asks: who holds Responsibility for these MURDERS? Joe Biden? Boris Johnson? American people or British people? Who goes to court and prison for the murders of innocent people?

Some media reports, like CNN, say that a US drone strike in Kabul killed nine members of one family – including six children.

A relative of the dead said to a local journalist working for the CNN, that they were an ordinary family. We are not ISIS or Daesh and this was a family home – where my brothers lived with their families.

A neighbour of the dead had said to the CNN journalist that there might have been up to 20 people killed in the air strike. But they cannot be recognised. For the entire house is destroyed and humans are turned into pieces.

U.S drone strike.

Oh well, but who holds responsibility for this cruel and macabre act of death and pain?

Who is brought to Court and who is sent to Prison?

Each innocent human being killed demands responsibility and justice.

An innocent human being killed demands and asks for justice. But where is justice?

Where is responsibility and accountability for those who want to be at the top of the world ruling with blood in their hands?

Where is our ideal of justice?

Is anything more evil than going to revenge the blood of the dead American soldiers by murdering other innocent people?

Since the end of the WWII this is the problem of our western world. We united among each other and became a single body of evil. Killing and butchering others.

So even though there are plenty of wars and plenty of murders of innocent people, yet there is no top military general or top politician going to court and prison.

But why do we have our laws condemning murder? Only for the working class people of our western world?

An entire family turned into pieces by the U.S drone strike.

You hypocrite public prosecutions, bring some murder charges on top military generals and top politicians and bring them to courts. While you judges with fake wigs when you see facts of murder and death, then judge it right. BRING THOSE GUILTY TO PRISON.

Or give up working for the justice system.

For the question here is and Dr ACactivism asks: who holds Responsibility for the MURDERS of these innocent people? Joe Biden? Boris Johnson? American people or British people? Who goes to court and prison for the murders of innocent people?

And the answer is….

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Where did the US-UK Imperialist Politics Fail in Afghanistan? Dr ACactivism explains

The Afghans once the friends of the US and the enemies of the Soviet Union, between 1979 and 1989, they turned into bitter foes of the US after the al-Qaida found shelter in Afghanistan. And the latter attacked U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

1983, Ronald Reagan meeting Afghan fighters that opposed the Soviet Union.

It all sounds like a dystopian novel. But that is how unjust politics led by greed and evil are essentially.

The Taliban were young students who in 1994 turned into fighting to defend their country for peace. And came out of mujahideen groups, that had the same religious teaching theory. And that were welcomed by Ronald Reagan in the White House a decade earlier.

Taliban armies now heavily armed with US arms.

Now the question is: “Where did the US-UK Imperialist Politics Fail in Afghanistan?”

From its very inception the war in Afghanistan was…

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The FREEDOM of Speech is Dead – I shall tell you the Murderers of the Freedom of Speech

In the recent years, famous people like Oliver Darcy and Rachel Raley have campaigned hard to ban people from participating on big billionaire media.  And out of jealousy for others, they have preached the same thing to happen even on our social media. 

Here let me conceptualise the truth to you by mentioning a few names that have been banned from Twitter and other social media outlets.

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Julian Assange’s Arrest means “Free Speech” is behind bars by Imperialist Western Politics

In the western world has begun a happy “Imperialist saga” that has no end. And this “imperialist saga” means that whoever achieves somehow to uncover the evil of the powerful politics and politicians must be oppressed.

So every time a whistle-blower rings the bells of truth, courts and politicians appeal for their arrest. It was the same with the hero, Edward Snowden, the same with Chelsea Manning and it is the same with Julian Assange.

Wow! But I ask here, “How can our western politics be so treacherous?
And what is this demand for the arrest of people who achieve to inform the people for an evil thinking and doing of a certain government?

We have seen for years the UK police standing like wolves in wait of their prey outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Their reason was sexual assault allegations made against Assange in Sweden.  Allegations for which Julian Assange has always maintained his innocence.

However, after Assange was arrested early today, CNN wrote, “Today, it seems, Assange was right.” That meant, the reason of why the U.K Government had been waiting for so many years in front of the Ecuadorian embassy had been to extradite him to the USA.

Theresa May was quick to highlight her treacherous thinking in the U.K Parliament by saying that no one is “above the law.” However, those who killed innocent people in Yemen, Syria and Palestine. And the backdoor politics of the U.K that supported all these murders seem to be above all and any human….

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What is the Meaning of LIFE?

What deep, deep down has pushed me towards philosophy or love for knowledge; it hasn’t been the idea of money and power. Even the idea of women and the idea of wanting to make a better world, that are the reasons of living, have been a secondary push for me.

So, what made me love knowledge so passionately and walk on the path of big philosophers, then?

The first idea that has pushed me towards philosophy and made me serious about “real knowledge” has been but the idea or the concept of….

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Capital Gazzete Shooting. Why It was the Media Monopolies and Political Corruption that Pushed Jarrod Ramos to Shoot 5 Journalists in Annapolis, Maryland

Almost three hundred years ago, Rousseau would say “Bad politics make bad people.”

But what does that mean? No doubt that it means that the most oppressed among us will take the guns as a method to survive.

Therefore, the most oppressed among us will kill. And that’s why we must stand for social justice. For we will be killed by the “Oppressed,” ones. Or live in fear. For it is the very oppressed that turn into criminals and terrorists. History has told us this. And history is telling us this lesson every day.

That’s the explanation of the idea that bad politics make bad people, and therefore criminals.
For no one is born a criminal. So then, it is oppressive politics and injustice that….

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“Extreme Political Activist” Term versa “Islamic Extremist” Term

What does it mean to call people who may commit violent actions on behalf of or by mentioning Islamic religion, “Islamic Extremists?” And secondly what do I mean by the term, “Extreme Political Activist?”

To call people who commit violent crimes “Islamic Extremists” clearly means you to link the idea of….

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