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Democracy is not a sole Idea. It is not a sole Value. It rather is a Complexity of Ideas and Values.


“If our generation fails to do its duty not only do we defraud our children of inheritance which we receive from our fathers, but we blast the hopes of the friends of the liberty throughout our continent, throughout Europe, throughout the world to the end of time.”

Edward Everett’s Oration July 4, 1848


A Preface 

 I ask, "What is our task today? Or the duty of our generation?"

Isn’t this task of today first of all for us to defend our liberty and our democracy? Ideals for which our forefathers fought with their blood.

And secondly, isn't our task today to unite the world and why not make it feel like one? Like it deserves to be. That is, a world that lives in peace and a planet where all conscious animals are free and equal?

However, today we see that this task is not an easy task.

For with Brexiteers whining, rumbling and rallying for right-wing power in Britain. With Donald Trump winning big in the USA and Nigel Farage winning big in Britain. With Marine Le Pen gaining momentum and power in France. 

 And with many neo-fascist movements cropping up throughout Europe and USA, Democracy is but on the losing side. Or perhaps it has lost for the time being. And our task, that is to make a better world, is not an easy task anymore.

"But, however, we must stay strong and keep fighting for what is human. Despite the fact that we are on the losing side for the time being.

Now one may ask, "Well, but what is the problem in seeing Donald Trump winning in the USA and Nigel Farage and his cronies, like Marine Le Pen etc., winning throughout Europe?

Here is a plain and fundamental truth at stake. That is, the fact of the matter that they do not stand for true democratic values. They do not stand for what we as people, as humans and as humanity stand for. 

In short, as such new-nazi movements do not stand for human values. And they even take advantage of our democracy to abuse democracy for their political group interests.  

And their extreme negative thinking is easily comprehended from their extreme thoughts that lead to extreme actions. That are full of prejudice and hatred for others. Like in pointing out immigrants and the most oppressed of our societies as being the problem.

When historically, we know that the problem has always been the strongest. 

Here is my first point on the idea of democracy. 

For example, we see that our today example, that shows evil people gaining power, also shows democracy in a new light or unfolds it as a philosophy that incorporates all forms of beings and all forms of thinking in its sea of thinking and doing.

And therefore, this tells that democracy is not a single word. To be comprehended just like that. It is not a single idea. And it is not a single concept. 

And further, of course that democracy is not a cup of coffee for the admirers of  demagogues. And nor is it a pint of beer for Nigel Farage to enjoy it in the pubs of London.

 “Hence, Democracy rather is a complexity of values and ideas and concepts that comprise the essence of humanity. And we can't allow demagogues and their admirers to abuse the essence of our human existence. 

 Thus now in order to understand democracy better we ask, "What is the essence of human existence, then? So we can comprehend democracy's essence and democracy better by understanding the essence of human existence.

The essence of human existence or of humanity is in....

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