The policy of the U.K government in regards to the EU Settlement Scheme family permit explains who can apply to come to the UK through this policy.

And in this policy, the UK government explains who you can join, what documents you must provide and who is eligible.

Now the U.K gov even though it says: “Join your EU or EEA family member in the U.K.” Still nowhere does it mention the brother and sister idea or the siblings in the family.

Wow, but do these 650 MPs even have any brother and sister at all?

Thus, in the second paragraph of the policy, the U.K gov makes sure to explicitly accentuate its abuse of a basic and logical human right. That is, the right of a brother to call his sister, a family member. And the right of a sister to call her brother, a family member. And they to be able to join each other anywhere in the world as family members.

Now let me explain what I call, a Technical Abuse idea that is used by politicians to make Laws that abuse human rights. 

The technicality of the abuse of the politicians consist in the fact that they pretend to give a right to people through a certain policy or law. However, they intend to….

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