What deep, deep down has pushed me towards philosophy or love for knowledge; it hasn’t been the idea of money and power. Even the idea of women and the idea of wanting to make a better world, that are the reasons of living, have been a secondary push for me.

So, what made me love knowledge so passionately and walk on the path of big philosophers, then?

The first idea that has pushed me towards philosophy and made me serious about “real knowledge” has been but the idea or the concept of “life’s meaning.” I was curious to know what is the meaning of life.

And thus, I hit the books unceasingly searching for meaning. Passing into my hand and through my mind ideas that were written from the very beginning of human History. That is, from Epic of Gilgamesh to the latest books of 21st century.

So this is the question then, What did I learn so far? What is my philosophy on life? And finally the burning question. “What is the meaning of life?

I learnt that philosophers begin with the idea of trying to explain the meaning of life. But some end up creating a new god, like Hegel did with his absolute idea. Some end up denying god like Nietzsche did. And so suggesting that life has no meaning.

And some other philosophers, like Sartre, suggest that that the meaning of life is in…

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