British Politicians Write, Speak and are Paid By British Media. This Abhorrent Act of Abuse and Corruption shows but U.K STATE MAFIA in ACTION Collaborating with U.K MEDIA

Boris Johnson was paid £275,000 a year by the Daily Telegraph for writing a weekly blog at Telegraph back in 2018. While also working as a Conservative MP and getting a luxurious salary by the tax payers.

Hurray for Liberté, égalité and fraternité!

While THEY, our media and people of politics, who show to love liberté and égalité at least, they hold on the one hand the dagger to butcher our human ideals. And on the other hand, they hold the pen to write about human ideals and laws of Liberté, égalité, and fraternité!

Here I ask those politicians, who also do the job of a writer and speaker, why don’t they write for the U.K parliament or for their Political Party papers or websites but write for News MEDIA MONOPOLIES?

And how comes that you as News Media Monopolies pay politicians for writing and speaking, when an MP is paid £84,144 by British tax payers? That is £7,012 per month by the British tax payers.

And the latter, the tax payers, have paid politicians this luxurious salary to have them focus on their jobs and increase the prosperity of this nation through socialist and humanist ideals not to abuse these ideals and values, right?

 As a matter of fact, the amount of money that British MPs get, to not mention government cronies’ salaries, is equal to the salary of a business person that runs successfully at least two small businesses. And the salaries of British MPs are almost 5 times higher than a ‘£1500’ working class salary.

Now when you are paid this luxurious amount of money by the tax payers of this country. Then where on earth do you take your right as a politician to write or speak and be paid by News Monopolies?

  As a matter of fact, from truth to reason, this form of inner collaboration between Newspapers and politicians in the U.K is an open act of abuse of power.

This inner collaboration is an open abuse of the HUMAN IDEALS, like fairness and equality.

This inner collaboration between politicians and Newspapers is an abuse of the fundamental rights of a democratic society that intends to share the power equally.

This inner collaboration between politicians and Newspapers in the U.K dishonours any citizenship rights and Social Democracy that is based on Social VALUES.  

This inner collaboration between politicians and Newspapers has only one answer – THE WORKINGS OF THE U.K. STATE MAFIA that continue to fool British people, abuse their rights and abuse the Social Democratic values of this country openly.

 This abusive act or inner collaboration between politicians and Newspapers, however, is an act of abuse of social power that is used by the Left and the Right wing papers all the same. This abusive technical body politic or practical thought is used by Labour, the Conservative and other political parties in the U.K – Left, Centre or Right.

Call them as they wish, but as a fact, all of them use this MAFIA-like practice that abuses social power and social values and human ideals. And yes it is perfectly legal!

I mean this is another fact that asks: When were laws made to prosecute the powerful and serve to the oppressed in this country?

Further, this MAFIA-like, and unscrupulous political technique or tactic has a bigger vision.

For it deep down it intends to make Newspapers a playing field for politicians and politics of today the playing field of Newspapers, their editors, writers and speakers only.

So, leaving any independent voices unheard and unable to participate and take their rights in society. While politicians and media people hold absolute control over information, like dictators, of this country called, U.K.

This MAFIA-like act between British Politicians and British Media Monopolies is then but abhorrent and abuses any social democratic value that has been engraved by big minds and great pens on earth.

Hence, this Abhorrent Act of Abuse and Corruption must be Condemned not lauded and passed as the new normal of the now and of the future.

For this inner collaboration between politicians and Newspapers in the U.K, it is and it shows but U.K STATE MAFIA in ACTION. Politicians and politics of today collaborating like MAFIA with the RICH U.K MEDIA Newspapers. Abusing the fundamental rights and the fundamental ideas of any social democratic society.