When the IDEALESS ROYAL FAMILY WOLVES with princes, the old witch, the queen, and other royal family dogs and wolves appear out of their houses, photographers and media journalists go crazy like ants in sugar! Say that Jesus Christ just came down on earth!


But why is it so? And why does continue to be forever the same way of thinking and doing in the U.K corporate media? You may righteously ask.


A simple answer is that this has been and still is a perfect way for the rich corporate media to control people like sheep. Like proper sheep. Photographers take pictures and get paid. Media journalists write and get paid. Common people buy and consume! Hurray for the sheep and the wolves then!


My gosh! This is how perfection talks then! But what when the thinking humanity that demand change strikes their breasts with pain. And ask for one opportunity from the mainstream media to express their pain? For the sake of change and innovation?



I am speaking here of people who have ideas to express. Not of IDEALESS ROYAL FAMILY WOLVES or members. But people who think and create, but that are drowned out by a giant media that controls 90% of human information. That controls people who do not create like animals. And leads them by the nose to do whatever they like them to do.

 (These are the Clowns that Big Media uses to control people like sheep!)

Excuse me? You have ideas and you demand to express your ideas on big media? For what? For the sake of raising awareness? But don’t you know that big media is only for FAMOUS PEOPLE?


You want to express your ideas? Go on YouTube, Twitter, Facebook. That is their answer. An answer that tells that BIG MEDIA belongs only to the people like ROYAL DOG FAMILY. The wolves, journalists and politicians and Hollywood PIMPS. And on the other hand, the sheep, those who consume whatever that they give them to consume!



So we, creators of today, go on YouTube and Twitter and Facebook, and see that even there, it is big media that monopolises all human attention and information. It is them that have millions of followers and views and likes.



And again they know how things work. Prince Harry, the clown of media! Prince Williams, another clown, and the witch, the queen, and other royal family dogs… Not only them, of course, Hollywood PIMPS, politicians and a few other famous animals. The only thing that is not wanted there is but the thinking humanity that opposes their ideals.



(When this Clown, prince Harry, went to Afghanistan, in 2012, MEDIA reported it to sell its newspapers. And the results were with two dead Nato soldiers. For that news incensed the Afghani fighters and they struck harder with all their might the NATO soldiers. But who did keep responsibility for that? No one. Two dead nato soldiers because media couldn’t kept its mouth shut or because they wanted to sell their newspapers. And more sales means more money, right? We all know that, but who cares of us anyways!)


So BIG MEDIA does not care of people’s pain. But care of their oppressors. Does not care of the freedom of ideas but care of the old witch, the queen, and those who keep their businesses offshore to avoid paying taxes! Or Hollywood PIMPS that pimp famous actresses with people of business and money!


What we as people are not yet understanding is the fact that INTELLIGENCE is not always GOOD. Especially this mechanical intelligence of media journalists and politicians that grovel like reptiles for power. And once they are in power then they show you what OPPRESSION and HARDSHIP mean. They control ideas through media and oppress the thinking humanity through the same media! Hurray for oppression then!


Nazis were all mechanically intelligent. Those who create wars to control us are all intelligent. And at last, those media journalists who care so much of this IDEALESS ROYAL FAMILY wolves are all mechanically intelligent. So be careful then of these intelligent snakes that oppress us, use us, and control us like puppets, or computer games!







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