Wherever I turn my eyes there is a monopoly of something meeting the corner of the black hole of my eye.

There is a monopoly of the news media like the BBC or ITV or the Murdoch Media. That shuts down your voice, your eyes and your mind. For their power is depressing. It makes you feel weak, small and not worthy of existing in front of these underworld monster-like powers.

There is a monopoly of coffee shops like the coffeehouse company of Starbucks.

There is a monopoly of labour exploitation and accumulation of social power from all over the world. Like for example the Amazon or the Ebay or Google do. Or like some clothing companies like Dolce Gabbana or Blueberry do. Exploiting the labour power of the third world countries. Paying them pennies. And selling their clothes for thousands in London, Paris, Milano and Berlin.

There is a monopoly of book publishing companies, like RLX Group. With billions of yearly profits. For according to Statista.com in 2019, RELX Group made 5.64 billion.

There is monopoly of restaurants, pubs, clubs, cinematography and almost in every walk of life MONOPOLIES and UNFAIRNESS have become the new way of living in our western world.

Labour power on the hands of the few, social power on the hands of the very few and billions on the hands of the very few!

But what do these billions do? I ask.

They buy social power, influence, reputation, authority and with these ideas, they buy humanity as a whole. That is as true as my existence on earth.

Here is something else that is even more evil than what I said. And that is the desensitisation of people. People care less nowadays of global warming, of what is human, of fairness and of social justice.

And this happens because those, who control social power, have made Life in Dignity and the food on the table or a basic living a 6 day work for the capitalists.

So the masses are turned into silent mass slaves and put asleep.

While the unquenchable Greed of the few is demanding control of forever more social power from the same world where ME and YOU came from and exist.

Now we see that it is enough a few new laws and a new political agreement to swing the mood of politics from peaceful to warful.

Brexit, the political agreement between U.K, US and Australia to build nuclear submarines, hate propaganda against Chinese politics by western monopolistic media or the mouthpiece of politics, all of this evil that streams and unfolds daily speaks to us of a change of political mood in front of our eyes.

The logic of this tells also that the UNQUENCHABLE GREED of the few will only send us to war. Not to peace. It will create more slavery not more freedom.

So silence is not an option. And activism is the future. For we live in the days of Hyper Capitalism. A full-blown adult MONSTER that is destroying our planet and the lives of millions of people.

But who and what was that created this MONSTER?

At the end of WWII, Capitalism gave birth to its child monster. That is Hyper Capitalism. A political theory that was predicted that will happen by thinkers such as Rosa Luxemburg and Vladimir Lenin.

Now Hyper Capitalism has grown into a full adult crocodile shape monsters.

There is a piece of a monster called ROBERT PESTON who speaks to me like a crocodile.  And makes the entire Europe pay attention through the News Monopolies of the ITV.

He and his cronies on media monopolies cover up political murders, abuse of power and corruption through then sheer power of INFORMATION. That they control through media monopolies.

For as a matter of fact news monopolies control the public opinion and the minds of the entire western world. Journalist who have no respect for fairness and for what is human. And who do the job of the slave with a pen in hand day in and day out working for the favourite party of their respective boss. That is either a monster media editor or a monster media owner.

Further, there is Ebay, google and Amazon exploiting labour power across the world. And making a few monsters live in luxury and a fairy tale lifestyle at the expense of the exploitation of the millions of people.

There is monopolies of some form or kind in all walks of life. With the heads of EVIL living and existing in London, New York, Paris and in the main capitals of the western world.

But what do these nauseating monopolies of all forms demand? Like this labour exploitation of people across the world. Like this behemoth accumulation of social power across the world by gigantic social media barons. Like this sickening manipulation of the public opinion by media monopolies. Like the labour exploitation of the third world countries and the robbery of the natural resources from the same countries by force?

What does this evil of hyper capitalism thought, that is made and created in our western world, DEMAND?

This form of evil demands POLITICAL PROTECTION.

Hence we have the trilateral pact of Australia, UK and US formed to build nuclear-submarines and defend the HYPER CAPITALIST MONSTERS of their respective countries.

Does this make you feel a bit of uneasy deep in your oppressed soul?

So then, our present time speaks openly and clearly of a deep pain of exploitation, abuse of power. Deep and high corruption. And it speaks of the child monster that has turned into a full-blown adult underworld monsters with many evil heads.. That is HYPER CAPITALISM. A black hole within our world.

An evil power that demands to exploit, control and use us like slaves or even worse like feelingless robots without meaning and without feelings. 

Therefore, the Future speaks clearly of ACTIVISM. For Hyper Capitalism has created MONOPOLISTIC MONSTERS in all walks of Life.

So future GENERATIONS have the choice to die fighting for SOCIAL JUSTICE or die like Oppressed slaves plunged into depression and abuse of all forms. That is suicide.

And we see again and again that evil social power on the hands of the very few monsters requires….

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