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Where did the US-UK Imperialist Politics Fail in Afghanistan? Dr ACactivism explains

The Afghans once the friends of the US and the enemies of the Soviet Union, between 1979 and 1989, they turned into bitter foes of the US after the al-Qaida found shelter in Afghanistan. And the latter attacked U.S. embassies in Kenya and Tanzania in 1998.

1983, Ronald Reagan meeting Afghan fighters that opposed the Soviet Union.

It all sounds like a dystopian novel. But that is how unjust politics led by greed and evil are essentially.

The Taliban were young students who in 1994 turned into fighting to defend their country for peace. And came out of mujahideen groups, that had the same religious teaching theory. And that were welcomed by Ronald Reagan in the White House a decade earlier.

Taliban armies now heavily armed with US arms.

Now the question is: "Where did the US-UK Imperialist Politics Fail in Afghanistan?"

From its very inception the war in Afghanistan was...

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Why I think that as time changes, laws should change to make society fair and just not corrupt and unjust defending and protecting old structures of power or new forms of corruption

As time changes, and the human history moves on forward, the intelligence of the human beings grows further, inequalities change, injustice takes a new shape and corruption becomes less perceptive.

Up to 2015 or 2016, the BBC, the New York Times, and media monopolies in general were the biggest monopolies in the world. Today, we have social media giants surpassing the monopolies of as such media monopolies. And becoming less perceptive but more abusive towards our ideals.

We have young people becoming more intelligent. And we have old laws abusing their rights by removing out of them, their right to vote, their right to participate and their right to take responsibility for themselves.

So then we see that  LAWS  remain the same defending old structures of power, old ideas and people who usually have 500 years of ...

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Discrimination and injustice in the London housing market takes a whole new dimension – Live thee outside in Hell for the rich want warm and luxurious palaces!

Primitive man living separately and having women, food and plenty of land and animals for his survival needs, he didn't need any form of Justice.

But we see that Social world requires social justice in each time for a million different reasons. And the main reason for it, however, we see to be in the fact that shows us: that injustice and corruption never ends.

And so, in each epoch and each time in history, injustice and corruption simply take a whole new dimension of thinking and doing.

Now, to come to the theme of today.

It is evident that sheer injustice and the corruption of thinking in London has created a deep housing problem and a mess. And just imagine, all of this is done and allowed to exist by our laws, our public prosecution agencies and our judges in courts as well.

That means, today, the injustice of our housing problem has been allowed to take a new dimension by our legislative, judiciary system and executive system. Or say "state powers" have allowed discrimination against the poor on purpose.

For our laws, like Equality Act, leave plenty of room to be evaded by those who discriminate against the poor easily. While, the public prosecution agencies do not bother about this for they don't want to. 

And perhaps they also know that the judges and courts are reluctant to call a spade a spade. And refuse to prosecute those who discriminate against the poor.

Thus, as a matter of fact, this shows our state power even in the housing problem to think and act or be on the side of the rich. As ever it has happened in England, anyways.

Now to give an example from the old form of discrimination.

It is a fact to say that most of the working class people have known for years that most of letting agents and landlords do not accept people in benefits or benefit recipients.

So, for years many rich letting agencies and landlords shamelessly wrote on Spare Room and across internet a very short and simply phrase. That openly discriminated against the poor in the heart of London.

“No DSS. They wrote. And that meant that these landlords and letting agencies won't rent to someone on Housing Benefit.

However, this form of corruption or old form of discrimination finally achieved to be challenged in court. And those who so far discriminated openly for years by saying, "No DSS," all of a sudden dropped it from their usage! 

“No DSS: Landmark Court Ruling confirms housing benefit discrimination is unlawful.”, 14 Jul 2020.

“District Judge Victoria Elizabeth Mark declared for the first time that “rejecting tenancy applications because the applicant is in receipt of housing benefit was unlawfully indirectly discriminatory on the grounds of sex and disability, contrary to […] the Equality Act 2010.” According to Shelter.

So, straight after this historic victory for the poor, letting agencies and private landlords dropped this overused and banal phrase, “No DSS.” And replaced the same concept with something more intelligent. That puts the blame on more complex and powerful institutions.

That is, the...

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Julian Assange’s Arrest means “Free Speech” is behind bars by Imperialist Western Politics

In the western world has begun a happy “Imperialist saga” that has no end. And this “imperialist saga” means that whoever achieves somehow to uncover the evil of the powerful politics and politicians must be oppressed.

So every time a whistle-blower rings the bells of truth, courts and politicians appeal for their arrest. It was the same with the hero, Edward Snowden, the same with Chelsea Manning and it is the same with Julian Assange.

Wow! But I ask here, "How can our western politics be so treacherous?
And what is this demand for the arrest of people who achieve to inform the people for an evil thinking and doing of a certain government?

We have seen for years the UK police standing like wolves in wait of their prey outside the Ecuadorian embassy in London. Their reason was sexual assault allegations made against Assange in Sweden.  Allegations for which Julian Assange has always maintained his innocence.

However, after Assange was arrested early today, CNN wrote, “Today, it seems, Assange was right.” That meant, the reason of why the U.K Government had been waiting for so many years in front of the Ecuadorian embassy had been to extradite him to the USA.

Theresa May was quick to highlight her treacherous thinking in the U.K Parliament by saying that no one is “above the law.” However, those who killed innocent people in Yemen, Syria and Palestine. And the backdoor politics of the U.K that supported all these murders seem to be above all and any human....

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