The News Monopolies of the Left Wing Press, like the Guardian, in the U.K are More Dangerous and Evil than the Right WING New NAZIS of MURDOCH MEDIA or the BBC or LBC OPPRESSORS.

Why the left wing media monopolies of the Guardian are even more evil and dangerous than the new Nazi right wing media of BBC, LBC or Murdoch media? you ask

Any human being with human values and human ideals in mind know of the danger of those WRITERS and POLITICIANS, who pick a fight with immigrants or minorities of their country.

How can people know the danger of hateful politicians or journalists, you ask?

Examples of these traps of thinking and dangers are rife in our today world. So we do not need to go back to Adolf Hitler or to the imperialism of Winston Churchill or to the 19th century Europe to understand the danger of as such forms of thought.

 For example, it is enough that we go to India and China today to understand what it means to create hatred against a certain group of people, that is a minority in thinking and doing in any part of the world.

For example, we see what is happening with Rohingya refugees. An ethnic minority of Myanmar or Burma, that have faced religious prosecution for years by the Myanmar politics. In close connection with the media of this country of course. We see what is happening to Uyghurs, a muslim population in China, who have been put into re-education and labour camps in China. And we see genocide in the muslims of India as well.

 Now as a matter of fact, these forms of hatred have been Intensified in the latest decade because of the Islamophobia that has been created by the CULTURAL IMPERIALISM of the Western Media.  And that is a fact.

A western media that has taken every terrorist opportunity to link terrorism to Islam.

So, with the above points, I want to say that when we say politics we mean, politicians, media writers and the justice system. For these ideas of social power are so interlinked, that it is enough one of these ideals of social power to be corrupt to produce mass corruption of the human thinking and doing.

And with the above points, I also want to say that through as such examples, that a minority of right-minded people know what the Murdoch media and the right wing media, such as the BBC, do in the U.K. They know who is Nigel Farage and Tommy Robinson and the LBC.

However, these people do not know of the evil of as such MEDIA MONOPOLIES, like the Guardian. That is the danger.

For the evil and danger and abuse of power of the Guardian is perceived in the minds and souls of the people as being good. And the consumption continues unbothered of consequences of as such thinking.

 So they consume the Guardian, that pretends to represent the voices of the oppressed and minorities. When the oppressed and the minorities of this country, like myself, are rarely or never represented truly by the writings of the Guardian.

The writers of the Guardian mostly British hands or foreigners, who are raised and born with the British imperialist culture and are therefore purely British in their thinking and doing,  do not represent us. The oppressed and foreigners who live in the U.K.

But they represent well their own monopolistic NEWS MEDIA agenda.

Writers of the Guardian promote the Queen and the royal family when they can. They say something in passing about the Palestinian question as if to throw dust in people’s eyes. However, never demand justice for the murders of innocent people that are committed in Yemen, Palestine or Syria and elsewhere through direct involvement of British politics.

They say little or nothing about the housing crises in London. About the Ottoman Pashas, the councillors of London who have made luxurious salaries for themselves and left the poor of London out of accommodation. Councillors who abuse social power so openly and in a thuggish manner and get away with crimes against the oppressed of the London city. Yet the left and the Guardian say nothing about them!

And even when the Left wing press represent the facts, they do not demand people to stand up for their rights. And fight corruption. They simply say something with the force and reason of a smile. So in passing for the sake of publicity and fame for the Guardian.

Everything at the Guardian is clad in sarcasm and the happiness of the spirit. That comes from the money that these crocodiles or writers earn from the power of MEDIA MONOPOLIES. Such as the Guardian News Monopolies.

Somehow, the Guardian, that represents the left wing press in the U.K, keeps the British soul happy with an innocuous form of writing. A form of writing that does not demand justice but that loves the status quo and fans their corruption.

Hence as a matter of fact. the Guardian or the left wing press in the U.K is more dangerous. Because it does not represent the pain of the minorities and oppressed of this country. It does not represent truly the ideals of justice, fairness and equality that they pretend to represent.

And their writers are mostly people who how are culturized with a British imperialist culture of oppression, foreigners or British, and do not represent the pain of foreigners or of minorities at all.

The fact that a DREAMER created the Guardian almost centuries ago for fairness, justice and humanity should not be translated as an idea that a thousand wolves should enjoy his creativity for a thousand years.

Enough is enough, you murdering Nazis understand that hogging and monopolising any field of social power creates unbearable pain and therefore deep and profound corruption in SOCIETY. And in the latter sentence is the thinking and doing of the Guardian and the left wing press in the U.K. For they hunt for monopolies and corruption like mad dogs blinded by the feelings of greed and will for more social power.

Forgetting that in creating monopolies, one creates inequality. And in silencing people’s voices through media monopolies, one creates, oppression. And therefore, corruption and injustice in society. And the latter ideas and facts are but reasons that clearly show why the left in the UK is even more dangerous than the …

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