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Facts show that Justin Trudeau, a New Caligula, has metamorphosed into a Tyrant that brutally oppresses Peaceful Canadians. Dr ACactivism explains the politics of this great loser

Whenever people rise and demand their rights on the table, it is then and there that politicians show their true colors.


The Canadian police stepping on peaceful protestors with their horses like brutes.

In recent years, for example, we have seen protestors brutally being oppressed in Paris, in Amsterdam, in London, New Zealand, Australia, U.S.A and recently in Canada.

What does this all mean to a political system or to the politics of the day?

As a matter of fact a political system that tr….

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A Rich British Media Owner and 1000 SLAVES working as Artists. Controlling, Monopolising and Abusing the Ideal of INFORMATION like M.A.F.I.A

In 2007, a 30 year old man called, Ashley Tabor-King, with a dream to invade media and control the ideas of this country called, U.K.  This ADOLF HITLER-like kind of artist  comes and invests his money on media.

And thus dozens of different radios, like Heart FM, LBC, Capital FM, XFM, Gold Radio, Choice FM, and more, all have conglomerated within a few years under the ….

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Free! An In-depth Analysis of the latest Book of the Culturized British, Albanian writer, Lea Ypi. That defends those who butchered Albania in 1997, her Fascist Great Grand-father, and the Communist Elite

“Since the rise of the pyramid schemes, the Albanian economy has become largely illegal and founded on corrupt practices. Corruption is everywhere. At the highest level, it affects institutions, judges, and public and customs officials. At the lowest level, it obliges citizens to renounce seeing a doctor, even when necessary, unless they are able to pay a bribe to obtain treatment.”

DANIELA IRRERA,  The Balkanisation of Politics: Crime and Corruption in Albania.

As early as the Bufi Administration [June, 1991]; “extortion, prostitution, drug-running, indeed, crime per se [were] the order of the day.

…Liberalisation had brought with it corruption and profiteering by ruthless men who were diverting much needed aid deliveries, leaving the police with little they could do.


Obviously, I see Lea Ypi’s hypocritical thinking and doing, just like a Syrian opposition may see a…..

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Russia-Ukraine Tensions – Why Western Politics are Risking to turn Ukraine into a Bigger Grave than Syria or Yemen?

Why do I think that today Western Politics are risking to turn Ukraine into a bigger grave than Syria or Yemen? You ask.

Before I explain and express my ideas in this philosophical blog about the today question and pain, allow me first to express the historical thinking of U.S. and Western politics in general. And the way they butcher the world.

For example, classified U.S. diplomatic cables released by WikiLeaks in….

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Open Letter to my MP, Andy Slaughter, and to the MPs of London – Why the Housing Problem in London is a Matter of Urgency?

I feel like my brain is plucked out by the stress that I get from the abuse of power of today politicians.

“We dot abuse our power” may be the answer of all politicians after reading my first paragraph for sure.

But then, I ask; “How on earth, can you allow gaps in laws so openly that show that London’s landlords are allowed to abuse basic tenants’ rights in the most inhumane and cruel way and yet you tell me that today politicians are not abusing their power?

Dr ACactivism is an independent thinker and philosopher standing up for human ideals.

What is the problem? You ask, dear Andy Slaughter and you dear politicians and MPs of London.

As a matter of fact today laws allow landlords to abuse tenants’ rights in different ways.

For example, even though you pay your rent, landlords can threaten you with eviction for no reason. Some give you a tenancy agreement and so do not. They can bully you and they can harass you and even leave you without electricity or gas, yet police will not attend the case or bother about you as a tenant. When your rights are abused.

Why not?

It is obvious that today laws give super powers to landlords because they are the owners of the property where you live and pay rent!

So police forces, for example, seem to have been advised to tolerate the abuse of Landlords.  

And this is personal experience. My last call to Met police U.K is with reference 6230 15/12 2021.

Reference sent by Met Police

I called Met Police and said; Landlord is trying to open my door by force and threaten me with eviction. Even though I have paid my rent. Yet the police did not attend and said; this is a civil matter. 

And the police are right, for it is in our laws that landlords can evict you without a reason. And eviction is not a criminal matter but a civil matter.

We see then, that this, dear Andy Slaughter and dear MPs of London, is not a problem of the police. But a problem of the MPs like you. Who make laws to abuse citizens. And allow the strongest to get away with heinous and horrible forms of abuse.

Why the Housing Problem today is an EMERGENCY?

Housing or shelter today is a matter of urgency. Because of Covid-19 occurrences that have worsened relations between landlord and tenant to its lowest point in British history.

For example, before the pandemic even though there was plenty of discrimination in the London housing market, still there were ways to find shelter easier than today after the pandemic. While today the majority of London landlords, (allow me to avoid the class think prejudice) have become like vicious wolves. Absolutely abusive and criminal.

Why?  What happened? you ask again.

In the pandemic, citizens of London had to live with people, that they used to see once or twice a day before the pandemic, 24 hours a day.

Isolation and overcrowding created depression and conflicts and made life a struggle for existence. Personally, I was part of this struggle.

According to the ONS statistics “Almost one in five adults (19.2%) were likely to be experiencing some form of depression, indicated by moderate to severe depressive symptoms, during the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic (June 2020). This had almost doubled from around 1 in 10 (9.7%) before the pandemic (July 2019 to March 2020).”

Thus, these unforeseen circumstances created conflict. And homelessness. And some people did pay the rent and some did not because of the unforeseen circumstances.

From April to June 2020, according to ONS, the number of households owed a relief duty, that is homeless people, increased 16.9% from the same quarter in the previous year, linked to the Everyone In campaign. And driven by the 29.7% increase in single households (households without children) owed a relief duty over the same period. The number of households in temporary accommodation had increased 13.9% from the same quarter in the previous year, also linked to the Everyone In campaign and driven by a 45.9% increase single households in temporary accommodation.

In 2020-21, according to the same study, “The most common reason for loss of last settled home under relief was due to domestic abuse at 9,460 or 31.8% of households with children owed a relief duty. This is a 13.6% increase from 2019-20.

Why am I saying these facts to you or what is the today problem? You ask.

As a result of the pandemic, the pain of people has become BIGER. But the GREED of the Landlords of London properties is increased as well. For they are becoming even more greedy than before the pandemic. And this is a big problem.

 For example, letting agencies have made rules or laws within our laws, which are unacceptable rules that intend to make sure that only those earning above their “imaginary expectations” can get in their properties.

So, Problem number one today is the fact that whatever form of bully and eviction threats that come from London’s landlords is not a criminal matter but a civil matter.

An example, I went to meet Mary Keane on 7th December 2021. We agreed for a six months tenancy through a verbal agreement.

But from the first night in the property, I was left to shiver from cold because she refused to tell me where the “heating switch” is and did not turn the heating on at all. The next day I made a complaint, and I said, politely and humanely to turn the heating on. I offered to pay for all the bills. Yet the EGO and the GREED of Mary Keane was impossible to negotiate to my pain.

Verbal Agreement with Mary Keane, an evil greedy landlady in. Hammersmith

So Mary Keane of Hammersmith refused to tell me where the heating “switch” is and also left me without electricity. And then told me to go.

Abusing my basic needs. And playing the Aggressive BULLY that eats your heart alive simply because our laws allow the Landlords of London to do so.

She said, this complaint is too much for me, get out of my property. So easy was for her to throw me out after only a few days in the property.

My pain, my tears, my struggle everything dashed to nothing despite being a respectful tenant.

Why? Because my fate, my life, my rights as a human being depend on the Greed and sick ego of every London landlord that may share as such values.

So, I am telling a little painful story, that happened to me and that has happened many times in the past. because I demand change. And a law first of all to make a CRIMINAL matter harassment and eviction threats and eviction in itself. So police can attend the case, make notes and file prosecution charges to the abusive landlords.

 Problem number two is the fact that to get a room in your constituency of Hammersmith, where I live,  and in many areas of London, one needs to earn  2.5 times above the price of the rent. And this is but incredibly horrible. That means one needs to earn £1875 for a £750 room. Which is mean, ugly, monstrous, and disgusting abuse of social power.

There are the majority of Letting Agencies that have made as such rules today.

Let us, dear Andy Slaughter and dear MPs of London, do some little maths.

The national minimum wage for people who are over 23 years old is £8.91.

£8.91 x 48 hours = £427.68

£427.68 x 4 = £1,710.72

£1,710.72 x 12 months = £20,528

According to, “On a £20,528 salary, your take home pay will be £17,621 after tax and National Insurance. This equates to £1,468 per month and £339 per week.

So these agencies are leaving out of their properties and denying the right to rent to the majority of working class people in London. And therefore the HOUSING PROBLEM in LONDON is a matter of urgency.

Problem number three;

Discrimination against the Housing Benefit Claimants continues for over 2 decades.

No DSS, screenshot taken on 15 12 2021

Housing benefit is not accepted by the majority of letting agencies and not accepted by the majority of the landlords of London. These facts are real and awash across the major letting websites, such as SpareRoom and OpenRent.

And we are seeing that you as MPs of London are not raising your voice for good in the U.K parliament to bring some form of change. And I demand a stop to this form of unbearable discrimination.

This problem of open discrimination towards London tenants, however, has been known since in 1998 at least.

A research paper called, Rent levels, affordability and housing benefit, that was written by Wendy Wilson and Bryn Morgan for the House of Commons Library  on 12lve June 1998. It says that “A recent survey by the Association of Residential Letting Agents found that existing housing benefit restrictions had

led to an increase in the number of landlords who refuse to let to benefit claimants; 48% of

respondents to the survey said they would not let to people on housing benefit.”

Problem number four, Rents are increasing with speedy steps. So we need a public organisation that can set limits to rents and allow us to breathe. A room in Hammersmith has increased from £650 to £750 within a year. And this is the fact that I see daily.

Screenshot taken on 15 12 2021

Problem number five – London councils abuse their power

Problem number five is the fact that Hammersmith Council works with letting agencies that discriminate and create pain. And no one can hold these thugs accountable.

Last, year, I told to Andy Slaughter how Hammersmith and Fulham council murdered a human being,  by driving him to hyper anxiety and over stress. Drove dozens and hundreds of people to tears, misery and pain. Evicted me illegally in the street with all my belongings. And pushed me personally to suicide through a continual and calculated  psychological abuse.

 Hammersmith council was caught red-handed working with abusive letting agencies that did not accept Housing Benefit.

I told you as my then MP of people screaming and pulling their hairs from the pain of the oppression of Hammersmith and Fulham council.

However, while living in the London’s temporary accommodation, I saw many London councils in general do the same. Cause pain, threaten people with eviction and driving people to tears and self-hate.

Yet, as of today, December 2021, I see no change.  And I have not even received  a phone call by yourself as my MP, dear Andy Slaughter, to come and sit down and talk. Even though, I have sent you emails and asked to read one of my blogs that spoke of change.  

Nevertheless, this latest appeal now goes to all MPs of London. For the housing problem in London is a matter of urgency. And we have come to this day and moment from a continual abuse of tenants’ rights by our laws.

SOLUTION. What is the solution?

There should be established an independent body, like those that were in England during 1970s and 1980s, that supervise the rent market. And a new law to engrave certain standards that comprise rights of the tenants.

And I think that this law should be made to create fairness and dignity through these standards.

Standard one; the law must make unreasonable eviction a criminal offence.  So police can get involved. And abusive landlords can be stopped on the spot.

Standard number two; the law should get rid of these ridiculous standards created after the pandemic by greedy letting agencies and cruel landlords. Facts which I mentioned as problem number two.

Standard number three; a law must once and forever stipulate the that it is criminal to discriminate against the unemployed in the housing market. Just like it is criminal to discriminate against colour of skin and sexual orientation.

Standard number four; the law should make rent limits and create public organisations that set the rent prices to a logical level. And as you see, we need a form of change that was brought by the Rent Act of 1977 that created the “Fair Rent Officer” ideas.

Standard number five; the law should punish councils, like any other public working body, that work with letting agencies that discriminate.   And councillors to be brought to justice.

Standard number six, lower the luxurious salaries of London’s councillors, who have turned into PASHAS, getting super luxurious salaries for themselves of above £200,000. While London’s councils are awash with homelessness.

As we see from the above facts and reasons, that there are a few things that are crucial to human dignity and fairness. And if a law considers ideas of fairness and human dignity then we shut down discrimination and abuse of power in the housing or shelter matter.

Failure to defend human dignity and fairness in this case is abuse of power in itself.

And this weight lies with you as an MP, dear Andy Slaughter, and with you dear MPs of London and with your colleagues who chose to become MPs in the U.K parliament as well.

P.S (Links that I have sent to you to read and consider;

Enough Is Enough – Make Discrimination in the housing market against the unemployed and the poor unlawful by engraving our Human Basic Right for accommodation into a LAW – Dr ACactivism – Philosopher

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Putin’s Politics are there to Threaten and Bully. Still They can start a war with Ukraine to test Western Imperialism and see if they can get away with it – Dr ACactivism explains Hitmen-like Politics and Why they exist

No doubt that it is western imperialism, with its decisions to hold Palestine under continual oppression, to destroy Yemen and to set Syria on fire and so on., that inspires Putin to think of “extreme self-defence measures.”

So then, it is logical to say that the red lines of Vladmir Putin and his screeching wolf-like voice in regards to Ukraine’s sovereignty and right to decide are but “extreme self-defence measures.”

Vladmir Putin is in pains of ” great economic loss” and lives in the fear that Ukraine will do better if they work with the West and so isolate Russia and make it even poorer.

Putin is a scared wolf doing hitmen-like politics

However, the wishes and desires of Putin’s politics are not only unacceptable but unrealisable. Putin does not want Ukraine to join NATO or the European Union at all.

He wants to keep Ukraine as its own little slave and be forever under Putin’s or Putin-like politicians’ rules!

In reality this does not happen even among real brothers.

For I ask; Who is my brother to tell me what to do?

So there is no moral point to support in any form or in any way the bully and threatening politics of Vladimir Putin in relation to Ukraine.

Ukraine is free, it should remain free and it deserves to be free for the sake of what is human and for what we exist here. That is FREEDOM and Social Justice.

Why is the Russian military amassing near the Ukraine’s border and what are they doing there? you ask.

Russia moves mass troops near Ukraine’s border.

The Russian military build-up along Ukraine’s border tells us that Russian politics are there in a way and manner doing the job of a Hitman.

That is, Putin’s politics in short are trying to threaten and bully and murder for as long as these politics can get away with what they do. In a way and manner, as such politics are but  Hitmen-like politics.

At the end, when the western politics get serious about human rights and stands up firmly in favour of Ukraine’s sovereignty, the hitmen-like politics of Putin will withdraw and go home.

Nevertheless. The hitmen-like politics of Vladimir Putin are but an extreme self-defence measure of a loser-like politician. Who is desperately trying to slow and counteract Western Evil Imperialism.

Somehow, we are set between two evil powers. And all we can do is scream and take to the streets in protests against WAR and for PEACE. For peace is better than war of course. And it cannot come without people, real people like me and you, asking for it.


Dr ACactivism

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Circumstances show Intentional Murder of Immigrants in The English Channel – Immigrants’ boat sank in the English Channel after it was hit by a container ship. Killing 27 people

Two immigrants, who survived from the last man-made tragedy where 27 people lost their lives,  have indicated that a container ship collided with their dinghy.

Now the question is; “But where is the container ship?

Why did they not stop or raise the alarm? What happened, how it happened and why it happened?

A dingy is not a dot in the ocean that cannot be seen. Something suspicious here looks obvious.

An evil rhetoric of the U.K media monopolies against immigrants in the recent months has been obvious.

They have not stopped writing about how much bothered that they are of immigrants.

And this wave of hatred may have inspired the sea captain to overthrow the dinghy on purpose. So to stop them from coming in the land of oppressors. Where hatred is called, love and freedom is called, slavery.

Intentional murder of immigrants has happened on 28th March 1998 as well. Where an Italian naval vessel, inspired by the hatred of Italian Media against Albanians, hit an Albanian ship heading to Italy killing 84 Albanians on board.

Albanian ship full of immigrants hit by Italian racists to kill and murder on purpose.

So, do not be surprised. Authorities should investigate the matter and bring to justice those who are responsible.

For circumstances here show but Intentional Murder of immigrants in ….

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Claudia Webbe’s Judgement is Rushed and Cynic. British Media and the Crown Prosecution are a Danger to Free Speech and to the SANITY of British and European people – Read Why.

Only a Stone Age or a barbaric people write without facts. And idolise hearsays at the expense of people’s pain.

For how on earth are you able to base your reason on something without facts?

How are you able to say that “I exist.” Without you first being able to see or feel yourself in a way of “I think therefore I am.”

So in seeing or feeling my existence, I base my reason and express my judgement.

Now look what a sham of writing that we see from the Guardian, to CPS, to Sky News etc.

A media and a Crown Prosecution that have no regard or love or any passion for truth and facts.

A media and a crown prosecution that in writing without mentioning any evidential fact, they show to ignore the HUMANIST cry for truth. And consider people as sheep who cannot wait to see someone punished with or without facts.

A media and a U.K Crown Prosecution that are thirsty for punishment even if the judgement of the judges of the courts are totally wrong and abusive.

Say that the UK Media, the Crown Prosecution and judges in courts are above the law themselves. Or perhaps they find a people that complies with their abuse of power. And so carry on.

Let us get some facts.

Well, you as media and as Crown Prosecution say that, “Claudia Webbe threatened to use acid against her victim.”

But what did she exactly say? Neither the Guardian, nor Sky News nor the UK Crown Prosecution say what exactly was said in those recorded phone calls that they deemed  “THREATENING.”

Fooling us, grown people, and using us like clowns.

So, the only fact that I read was the BBC that said; “The court was told on one occasion she made an “angry” call, used a derogatory term and added: “You should be acid.”


Evening Standard, on the other hand, elaborates a little bit further and says: “She then started calling me a slag and saying friends don’t send pictures of their tits and pussy to other friends, and it culminated in, ‘You’re a slag and you should be acid.” (words as expressed by Evening Standard,  – MP Claudia Webbe ‘engaged in campaign of harassment against woman. –’)

These Fact, which they mention, I do not see as threatening at all. For you should be acid means different things but not a threat.

You should be acid can mean, you should be acid because of your way of hurting my feelings.

Like for example, if I hear you hurt me with your offensive words, I can say: “You should be poison.”

But that doesn’t mean that I am poisoning you.

Furthermore, the word “SLAG” is well within the words of free speech,.

What are we trying to be with this form of total intolerance? A fascist small-minded Britain that cannot even tolerate someone express a feeling without threatening his or her freedom?

Britain is a country of generosity not of small0-minded Nazis like these corrupt today institutions are trying to metamorphose Britain,.

Without further ado, Let us read exactly how an abusive U.K media and an abusive Crown Prosecution writes;

     The Guardian wrote:

“Webbe was found guilty of harassing Michelle Merritt, a friend of her partner, with threatening phone calls. A trial was told she had called Merritt a slag, threatened to “use acid” and said she would distribute naked pictures of Merritt to her family.” The Guardian, MP Claudia Webbe given suspended sentence for harassing woman.


CPS wrote;

“In March 2019 Webbe spoke to her victim, threatened to use acid against her, and threatened that naked photographs and videos of the victim would be shared. There is no suggestion the images were real.” (Claudia Webbe MP guilty of harassment –




Sky News wrote in its heading:  Claudia Webbe: Labour calls for MP to resign after she avoids jail for threatening partner’s female friend with acid. (04 11 2021 – By Alix Culbertson, political reporter, and Ali Fortescue, news correspondent)


In short, with Media not mentioning the sources of full facts of the recorded phone calls of Claudia Webbe. And with facts as they stand, facts said by the BBC and Evening Standard, we see that the judgment passed at Westminster Magistrate Court is rushed and intolerant.



And the fact that neither the British Media nor the Crown Prosecution press do not QUESTION the judgement of the British CORRUPT JUDGES . I see but a STONE AGE INSANITY in regards to Claudia Webbe. And a danger to the ideals of tolerance and truth. A dangerous thought to the future of humanity. A Danger to Free Speech and to the SANITY of British and European people created by British Media first by a thuggish Crown Prosecution that  totally and wholly disregards fact and truth.

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U.K Government is Making Big MONEY from the MISERY and Suffer of British people. Manipulating people and Allowing Greedy Covid-19 Testing Agencies to ENRICH themselves from PAIN and Misery. READ and SHARE

Let us be honest, the majority of us, who live in Britain,  go on a short holiday to relax a bit. Get some sunlight because we live under continuous depressing cloudy skies.  And thus get some of our stress out of our heads.

But now because of Covid-19 rules and the greed of the U.K government, that looks to want to enrich Covid-19 testing agencies at the expense of people’s hard-earned money, we are redeemed with stress and anxiety. And a ridiculously expensive Covid-19 test that is making certain agencies billionaires from the pain and suffer of the British people and people that live in Britain.

Well, let us agree to the U.K government rules that keep changing.

But what about the price of the Covid-19 test? Is it worthy to pay £75 for a Covid-19 test? Which is required whether you are vaccinated or not.

And furthermore, is it fair to be manipulated by the Covid-19 testing agencies, that U.K gov suggests to us?

How does the U.K gov do the MANIPULATION?

On its website, the U.K government says: “You need to get tested for COVID-19 if you’re arriving in England from abroad.”

And the abuse of power of the U.K government is so ridiculously open that is easily recognised. For example, it says: “

Find a coronavirus (COVID-19) travel test provider if you’re arriving in England.”

Below it then it says, Find a test provider. Start now.

And when you click that button, it says “What type of travel tests do you need to book?”

And whether you choose day 2 tests or day 2 and day 8 tests, there is a manipulation of price and people.

For when you click the Covid-19 Testing providers, all the lists of providers show a different price from what they show in the U.K gov.

For example suppose you choose day 2 testing. And then click on the list of providers.

In the U.K Gov website, these testing agencies show a price that ranges between £4 and £16. A few weeks ago U.K gov showed a price range that was between £19.95 and £20.00.

But now they have diversified their manipulative thinking.

So a Covid-19 test in the U.K gov shows as low as £4.

However, once you click the links of these testing agencies, there the magic happens and prices change tenfold!

Let us take the recent examples of two Covid-19 testing agencies., for example, shows a price of £6.99 for self-swab on site at the U.K Gov website.

But when you click the link you see, £59 for Day 2 testing for fully vaccinated people and £99 for day 2 and 8 PCR Test.

While the self-swab test of £6.99 is in Chester. But only going to Chester will cost you double that amount.

The same thing is for 118 Testing.

The £14.99 Testing price, which also changes in amount every time I check it, is a self-swab based EAST KILBRIDE. That is Glasgow. While its day 2 testing goes to £75 and day 2 and 8 travel package goes to £149.

 Let us respect the rules of the U.K government, but can we respect their open MANIPULATION?

I think that it is high time to speak up, stand up and make things right. As this form of abuse of social power is simply incredible. And it is but open manipulation….

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Study shows Shelter charity Robs people of their money and Manipulates people of the U.K and LONDON by pretending to work to make housing fair and just. When they lie openly and abuse power just like the majority of social institutions in this country called, U.K.

On April 2021, I received an email from shelter saying that they had helped a woman challenge letting agents and win in court!

Saying this: “On 29 March, the judge at Worthing County Court declared by consent that the letting agents had unlawfully discriminated against Hayley.” Hayley was the lady Shelter had helped!

Now as a person who has been abused psychologically, and seen hundreds of others put through the same pain by the London’s councils. As a person who  was made homeless by an abusive and criminal council called, Hammersmith and Fulham. I said, oh well,. That is a victory!

“Good news” I said, “they achieved something!”

But then I made a search across Spare Room, Gumtree and Open Rent and I found out facts that show that still discrimination exists.

Open Rent – NO DSS. Further facts will be uploaded at the end of this blog.

And not only that. I further found out that there had been created NEW RULES to further abuse low-paid workers and the unemployed people. And discriminate against them, so to entertain the feelings of the rich landlords. And assure them over 120% that their rent is paid easily!, for example, confirmed to me over the phone, in a recorded phone call, that you need to get over £22,000 in order to get a room in W6, Hammersmith.

But according to the U.K gov, inside the Greater London, you need to earn £296.35 per week (£15,410 a year) if you’re a single adult for a living.

While more specifically, according to the Universal Credit, the monthly entitlement for a single person living in W6 and renting a room is £1,036.53. That is around £12,432.

So why has created a minimum of £22,000 of earnings in order to be able and rent a room or roof over your head in Hammersmith, London?


As a matter of fact, the referencing agencies have created their own rules to leave people on benefits and low-paid workers outside in the open. That means unable to rent. Discriminating and torturing and humiliating any basic human ideal whatsoever. And doing that under the watch and the support of the U.K Media monopolies, Politics and councillors of the London councils.

Further, the truth is that it is not the first time that the U.K government makes laws to support upper classes or leaves room for abuse of the low-paid workers or of the poor. This is a history of over 500 years that continues the same. Unchallenged in depth and continuously creating new ways of oppression and abuse of power.

Shelter has some ideas for change,. But their ideas are not complete and are wrong and manipulate people. So they are manipulating people to pay them money. But they do nothing important. For their ideas are basic and ridiculous.

In the above email, Shelter manipulates people in saying: “For every £1 you donate, £79p goes towards helping people struggling with bad housing and homelessness.”

Even though, they explain in their website that this is only theoretical support. Here in the email do not mention that it is only ADVICE that they provide. That is they do not provide housing or as such things for the oppressed.

So manipulating people and making them donate through lies.

Further, in a campaign called, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH: Demand better from renting, in there,  Shelter says:  “We must call on government to ensure this new law scraps unfair Section 21 evictions and creates a landlord database – so the stress and anxiety that come with the uncertainty of renting finally ends.”

Very basic is their thinking. It contains no specific ideas that demand change and showing how this change should be delivered.

Evictions cannot be scrapped. For if you scrap that, you scrap all the rights of private property and capitalism.

But here you can scrap discrimination against the unemployed and low-paid workers and enshrine PRISON sentence for those who discriminate for profit – landlords and agencies.

Further, their advice or campaign on EndDSSDiscrimination also lacks essential thinking and manipulates people into making them think that SHELTER is making change.

Thus people donate, shelter continues manipulate and they lie people making them think that SHELTER is fighting for real change.  When in fact they have no ideas about REAL CHANGE.

Well, what is needed here to advice and bring change in our city?

So here is a need for a change in law to enshrine the rights of the low-paid workers and people in benefits in relation to shelter and housing.

And this can begin by first of all making referencing agencies to comply with the living standards of the people of London.

This compliance can be done or begin by respecting the earnings that I mentioned above, which are specified by the government. And by not abusing the living standards that are specified.

(for further read my blog – Enough Is Enough – Make Discrimination in the housing market against the unemployed and the poor unlawful by engraving our Human Basic Right for accommodation into a LAW – )

Now shelter people are saying is: Give us money or donate to us to fight for your rights.

And in one section of their website called, How we spend your money, Shelter says:

For every £1 you donate: 79p is spent directly on helping people through advice, support and campaign.”

That means they do not create a shelter for people, but advice, support and campaign.

But as a matter of fact, their advice is wrong. Their campaigns are ridiculous because they spend the money of people not for protests and a change in our laws, which is necessary. As landlords and agencies of this country are directly and openly discriminating.

So they spend people’s money dealing with certain individual cases. Which is pointless. And manipulative . For they make so much noise and get so much money and do bring no change in our society.

For a fight that is fair and just means a change in the law. A change that specifies the how and the what. and that does not leave it on the hand of the government the how and the what.

So SHELTER is not fighting for what is essential. And has no ideas to fight for this.

So they are saying donate to us, so we teach you how to live with discrimination . And abuse of our social power.

It is disgraceful; and sickening to see these charities abuse social power like this.

Therefore, I accentuate change here can be brought only through a law. Not through ideas that lie people and rob people of thousands of pounds that go on the pockets of these liars, manipulators and abusers of….

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Jake Davison Psychology before Plymouth shooting calls for THINKING – The HATE of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES against MEN have Turned Women against MEN – Isolating men and Controlling Women

In one online video before the shooting, the 22-year-old Jake Davison had said that he was socially isolated and struggled to meet women.

It has always been and it always be this way: Women play the biggest part in men’s lives after the food on the table. Women give both a meaning to men’s lives and to their sexual desire, that is the feeling and power of human creation,. A feeling from where these sick controlling maniac-like new nazis of the British media also come from. 

The crime scene in Plymouth.

Without any prejudice or small-minded judgment, let us go deep to the psychological analysis from facts. 

This form of thinking, that Jake Davison expressed, shows the psychology of Jake Davison hours, days and even months before shooting. He was isolated and….

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A 20-year-old killed with a Glass beer bottle in an Illegal Rave in South Bermondsey, London. The Media Monopolies do not name or condemn the organisers who make MONEY from Misery and Death

A friend of my housemate was present at the illegal party where a 20-year-old was killed. He came to sleep last night to my house and said to me in the morning: I saw a big scuffle inside the warehouse beside Millwall stadium in South Bermondsey, London.

And then a few seconds later, he said, I saw a bloodbath with the victim stabbed with a broken glass beer bottle.

It makes me wonder though how BBC, the Independent and The Sun cover the crime. Without any condemnation for the organisers. And as if everything is part of the new normal for which we have police taking care of it. And we should do nothing to change this!

Just another crime scene, basically! The new normal, where media and police earn salaries and people butcher each other.

So, how shall we understand this?

Photo from the crime scene.

As a matter of fact young and old people want to party and get off the stress. The stress of the pandemic, and the stress of living in big towns, where isolation has destroyed people’s psychology. Far from nature and far from free movement due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

So, I understand to some point illegal raves or illegal parties. People want to shed stress and depression. And I understand the pain of the people.

But tell me this, tell me of the greed and of the inhumanity of the….

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Congratulations KOSOVO, Happy Independence Day – We stand for FREEDOM forever

When I bring into my mind, Kosovo, always comes into my mind my childhood. I, an Albanian 11-year old boy already having lived a civil war in the Tirana of 1997. And now watching on the Albanian TVs my people fleeing from Kosovo in terror and fear in the Albania of 1998 and 1999.

Meanwhile, the heart-breaking and distressing news that I watched on Albanian TVs as a kid, in Kosovo this horror and pain of the soul was a reality.

People’s homes and entire villages were being ravaged and turned into mere rubble. And innocent Kosovo Albanians were forced to leave their homes in Kosovo and run for their lives towards Albania, Macedonia, and Bosnia and Herzegovina.

In this anti human war and ethnic cleansing in the Kosovo of 1998 and 1999, many innocent people were badly killed and massacred. Some of them were wounded and left fighting for their lives. And some others achieved by luck to cross the borders of Kosovo. Fleeing in horror and panic towards Albania and other countries. And all of them shaken from the fear of the terror that was created by the then soulless Serbian army.

My friend, Kushtrim, who was in my age. And who had come from Kosovo in the late 1998, while being terrorised from the Serbian Army. He couldn’t sleep at night without waking up and screaming unconsciously all the nightmares that he had experienced in his long journey towards Albania. 

“Mam, bab, (father), we want freedom” I remember him saying consciously and subconsciously under the influence of psychological trauma or while disturbed at night.

His father and mother had been killed in front of his eyes by the Serbian Army. And he had been saved by his aunt, who had achieved to conceal him under some old clothes at the back of a lorry. And told to him to be silent.

And when the cruel Serbian soldiers had turned and searched to see to kill any young male among the Kosovo Albanian people, they had not found him. And so Kushtrim had survived but not his father, nor his mother who had stood with his father and refused to be raped nor his relatives, who had been butchered by a murdering Serbian political regime.

Then, there was no psychoanalysts to deal with the trauma of the children who survived the clutches of a murderous then Serbian army. But his aunt would appease him at the end, reducing his anxiety and trauma, with words of a good and bright future.

And the bright and good future, that the aunt of Kushtrim spoke in her lullabies, now is clear. It is to see Kosovo free and independent. 

And that’s what happiness is for us, oppressed Albanians. Happiness for us always has been and still remains Freedom and our rights to be given to us. 

And we as Albanians stand united forever under this word, Freedom forever. Down with foreign invaders and dictators of any form. Freedom for Kosovo and Freedom for all oppressed nations of the world.

Congratulations Kosovo on your 12lve year of independence. And Happy Independence Day.

By Dr ACactivism – Albanian Philosopher living in London – (2020.)

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