There is something so obvious that can be observed so easily in the News Monopolies of the U.K Media.

For example, in the Guardian, the BBC, ITV, Murdoch Media, we see NEWS MONOPOLIES.
And in these news monopolies and in the writers and people of these news monopolies, we see a peculiar thought pervading their beings and souls.

WHAT IS THAT? you ask.

That is their insatiable reptilian desire to hog and monopolise INFORMATION. And our economical power through the absolute control of information.

Now let us get to Robert Peston as the leading example of this INSATIABLE REPTILIAN GREED or monstrous and loathsome desire to hog and monopolise anything possible of the upper classes of Britain.

There is a pinned tweet on Robert Peston’s profile. A tweet written on 20 Sep 2018 that appeals to the social media to watch him live on Twitter.

Screenshot of the pinned tweet of Robert GREED Peston.

But why should we watch him on Twitter? Isn’t it enough the News Monopolies of the ITV that he used to cover up murders committed by British politics across the world? Eh?

This tweet is written almost 4 months after I took the microphone from Surie in Eurovision. Because my voice had been oppressed and drowned out for a decade by those in love of REPTILIAN GREED. ROBERT PESTON and his cronies. While the murders of innocent people in Palestine and Yemen was called Justice and Fairness through the silence of Robert Peston and his cronies on the U.K Media MONOPOLIES. YOU SEE?

Nevertheless, we know that murder does not matters when it is committed by the good boys of the U.K or USA or NATO.

So, let us return to the Pinned Tweet. Why is Robert Peston appealing to social media to watch him live?

Obviously, with that tweet, he wants to hog and monopolize the NEW MEANS OF INFORMATION by using the name, reputation and authority of the old means of information, old radio waves.

And now he demands to control the new means of information that are being possible through the new radio waves.

In short, this shows that the greed of Robert Peston is…

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