U.K Government is Making Big MONEY from the MISERY and Suffer of British people. Manipulating people and Allowing Greedy Covid-19 Testing Agencies to ENRICH themselves from PAIN and Misery. READ and SHARE

Let us be honest, the majority of us, who live in Britain,  go on a short holiday to relax a bit. Get some sunlight because we live under continuous depressing cloudy skies.  And thus get some of our stress out of our heads.

But now because of Covid-19 rules and the greed of the U.K government, that looks to want to enrich Covid-19 testing agencies at the expense of people’s hard-earned money, we are redeemed with stress and anxiety. And a ridiculously expensive Covid-19 test that is making certain agencies billionaires from the pain and suffer of the British people and people that live in Britain.

Well, let us agree to the U.K government rules that keep changing.

But what about the price of the Covid-19 test? Is it worthy to pay £75 for a Covid-19 test? Which is required whether you are vaccinated or not.

And furthermore, is it fair to be manipulated by the Covid-19 testing agencies, that U.K gov suggests to us?

How does the U.K gov do the MANIPULATION?

On its website, the U.K government says: “You need to get tested for COVID-19 if you’re arriving in England from abroad.”

And the abuse of power of the U.K government is so ridiculously open that is easily recognised. For example, it says: “

Find a coronavirus (COVID-19) travel test provider if you’re arriving in England.”

Below it then it says, Find a test provider. Start now.

And when you click that button, it says “What type of travel tests do you need to book?”

And whether you choose day 2 tests or day 2 and day 8 tests, there is a manipulation of price and people.

For when you click the Covid-19 Testing providers, all the lists of providers show a different price from what they show in the U.K gov.

For example suppose you choose day 2 testing. And then click on the list of providers.

In the U.K Gov website, these testing agencies show a price that ranges between £4 and £16. A few weeks ago U.K gov showed a price range that was between £19.95 and £20.00.

But now they have diversified their manipulative thinking.

So a Covid-19 test in the U.K gov shows as low as £4.

However, once you click the links of these testing agencies, there the magic happens and prices change tenfold!

Let us take the recent examples of two Covid-19 testing agencies.

0044covidtest.com, for example, shows a price of £6.99 for self-swab on site at the U.K Gov website.

But when you click the link you see, £59 for Day 2 testing for fully vaccinated people and £99 for day 2 and 8 PCR Test.

While the self-swab test of £6.99 is in Chester. But only going to Chester will cost you double that amount.

The same thing is for 118 Testing.

The £14.99 Testing price, which also changes in amount every time I check it, is a self-swab based EAST KILBRIDE. That is Glasgow. While its day 2 testing goes to £75 and day 2 and 8 travel package goes to £149.

 Let us respect the rules of the U.K government, but can we respect their open MANIPULATION?

I think that it is high time to speak up, stand up and make things right. As this form of abuse of social power is simply incredible. And it is but open manipulation….

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