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Ukrainian Counteroffensive – Western Politicians are Sending Ukrainians to their Deaths, ill-equipped and ill-prepared – Why I think that for each Ukrainian Soldier sent to Death, there should be a Western Politician sent to Prison

There is a saying from the 19th century England that says: Justice delayed is justice denied.

That means that if fair justice is available, but it is not delivered on time or is delayed for different bureaucratic reasons or on purpose. That is the same as if seeing “justice” to not have been given at all.

Now allow me, dear readers, to begin with the theme of today, please.

Verified footage, for example, that is shared widely by UA Weapons and Oryx, which has been quoted by the crocodiles of the like of The New York Times and Business Insider, show us that Russian defences have destroyed many western tanks. That have been donated to Ukraine in small numbers, with too much delay and after a lot of pain.

What do I want to say with these facts? You ask.

What I just said above also shows the truth of the matter and facts that we all have seen. The fact that Western politicians have refused to deliver to Ukraine the right military equipment for months. And that means justice delayed as a fact.

That means also that western politicians have allowed Ukraine to

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Mizzy Must Report to Police the Intellectual Thugs of Talk TV, Andre Walker and Piers Morgan, and Talk TV for Bullying, for Encouraging Violence and Abuse towards Mizzy

The Intellectual Thugs of Talk TV should not use their TV power and fame to offend and threaten with violence a Young Creator, should they?

Talk TV presenters, however, did so and they should be prosecuted for that. I, Dr  ACactivism, will explain the why and the facts in this blog.

To begin with, many of us saw that Andre Walker of Talk TV screamed and shouted and offended and threatened Mizzy on Talk TV. And he Got as angry as a hot metal towards Mizzy, a young and talented creator that comes from a very poor and rough area of London.

However, many keen viewers also saw that Andre Walker shot himself on the leg by saying that once a couple of people entered Andre Walker’s house by mistake. Thing which showed that as such mistakes happen.

So why do you try to portray Mizzy as a criminal, when he is a prankster with a message, eh? Maybe because you are an inner racist?

“I remember one time,” Andre Walker said, “I used to smoke cigars in my house, I left the door open and a couple of guys walked in. And thought it was a house party.
They got the wrong address.”

That meant that Mizzy’s prank was not as bad as they described it, then, right?
So, it was but pure hypocrisy to…

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There are Reasons that make you Think ITV Bosses may have covered up Child Sex Abuse in relation to Philip Schofield – Investigate it Now. And Remove the TV License of ITV until the investigation is Done

Eamonn Holmes has claimed that there is a ‘total cover-up’ by the ITV bosses in relation to Philip Schofield affair.

Further, the Sun wrote that “pals claim his career (the career of the boyfriend of Philip Schofield) was left in ruins when the tryst ended in 2020 after he was first shunted to Loose Women before ultimately leaving ITV.”

And now this person works at a remote pub miles away from London and miles away from the abusive ITV Bosses.

All these facts, and many more facts that I will note in this blog, raise more questions which lead one to think that there is or may be a cover up of child sex abuse by the ITV Bosses.

What does make me, Dr ACactivism, think so? you ask.

Questions, like why isn’t done an ….

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Violence in Kosovo mirrors the Thinking of a War Criminal called, Alexander Vucic. Who still Instigates Hatred and Violence in Kosovo 24 years after the War Ended

We see that whenever ethnic Serbs commit violence in Kosovo, there is Alexander Vucic supporting them and coming on the Serbian national TVs or international TV screens pretending to be the hero, saviour and defender of this conflict and this violence!

And this is happening year after year in the Serbian politics of our time.

Well, but to be honest, this kind of cunning political philosophy we have seen for almost 2 years with Putin and the conflict in Ukraine. So, there is no need to go back to history and tell to the dear reader an example of Nazi and fascist political thinkers, is it?

Thus, for example, in a long speech called, There will be no surrender, Serbia will win, on 31 08 2022, Alexander Vucic in there openly supports ethnic Serbs to not respect the authority of Kosovo. In this speech, Vucic totally ignores the democratic laws of Kosovo and suggests that Ethnic Serbs should not recognise Kosovo’s ID cards and car plate numbers.

And what happens if Kosovo enforces the laws of its democracy for all citizens equally? Like, for example, Albin Kurti did on 29th May 2023 by sending Kosovo police to allow the newly let Albanian mayors do their democratic job.

Then in this case, if Kosovo enforces its democratic laws, Serbia will win. For Vucic can send his army to the border of Kosovo. For he is the strongest Sheriff or Bully of the today Balkans.

And he can still threaten and intimidate Albanians with another war. Simply because he can! Because he is part of the strongest and a former government official of Slobodan Milosevic. So, he knows how bad things are done while delivering nice speeches!

Alexander Vucic in the above speech, like almost in all his speeches, he said that he prays for peace. But all what he expressed from that speech was hatred and pure human arrogance. The arrogance of the strongest, the arrogance of war criminals that are allowed to become presidents because our world has neither justice nor a just peace.

For if there was a just peace, we would have seen the like of …

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Philip Schofield is the villain of 2023 and the embodiment of the UK Media Class. A Class of people that are Meanly Obsequious, Oppressive, Controlling, Hypocrite, Dishonest and Greedy in their Blood and Soul

When a philosopher, like Dr ACactivism, speaks about people, he thinks of the character of certain people. Their values and their ideas.

Are they honest characters or mean and hypocritical? He asks. And then questions their thinking and doing.

Philip Schofield is…

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The King’s coronation Costs Millions to taxpayers! Yet there are millions living in Poverty! What is wrong with the U.K?

Different sources estimate the King’s coronation to cost millions of pounds. And sadly, the money will be paid all by taxpayers.

To see a King’s Coronation at a time of the cost-of-living crisis. Where millions of people are estimated to live in poverty even in the U.K. To see a King’s Coronation at a time when rents and food and living standards in general have risen beyond what is imaginable. I mean it looks more than improper to see a pompous fiesta take place at this time, right?

And we know that all this pomp and fiesta could have been avoided. Yet we also know that historical facts, that is the pain of the time in general, show all of this to be for the sake of hypocrisy and greed that has sprung from the dark hearts of the the rich and the wealthy upper classes.  That desecrate all what is human simply because they can. For they seat at the top of this society.

A fiesta for a mad king and a laugh from the upper classes costing millions of pounds at a time when millions are living in poverty! isn’t this a pity?

What is wrong with the U.K? Isn’t this utter madness, my British brethren?

Yet we see that this madness is at the core of this culture. And as a fact, it is at the centre of the attention of the today British upper classes for a reason. 

And the reason is simple. Promote those at the…

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Can the Dictator of the world, Vladimir Putin, use Nuclear Weapons? Russia has 6,257 Nuclear Weapons. Dr ACactivism explains Current Politics and Putin’s Psychological Thinking

On 7 12 2021, I wrote that Putin is a cunning politician that can start a war against Ukraine to test Western imperialism.

And see if he can get away with his crimes against humanity, like he did in Syria. And it proved true. He ordered his army to invade  Ukraine. 

Now Vladimir Putin has ordered Russia’s nuclear deterrence forces to be on high alert.

Why is this happening? You ask.

Putin is Being Hum….

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Ben Wallace and British Politics are Fanning the Flames of Hatred, Hostility and War between Ukraine and Russia. Read why

On 10 01 2022, Ben Wallace said to U.K parliament that Britain will supply Ukraine with weapons. And that a small team of British troops would be sent to Ukraine to provide training.

This thing of arm sales and military training to Ukraine, to be honest, has been ongoing since 2015. And we see no change. And no one is que……

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PROTESTS NOW! One rule for common people and another for British Politicians. Leaked email proves 100 No 10 staff were invited to party during lockdown

According  to the ITV News, “Downing Street staff were invited to a drinks party in the Number 10 garden during the height of nationwide lockdown to “make the most of the lovely weather”.

This balling or party, it is said that happened on May 20, 2020. With more than 100 Downing Street staff invited to bring booze and party hard with Boris Johnson and friends. Encouraged to social gatherings in the time of the first lockdown by the Prime Minister’s Principal Private Secretary, Martin Reynolds.

Boris Johnson here looks like in those ancient parties in the ancient Athens – an undisturbed and unperturbed kind of god!

So, at a time, when British people could meet outside of work with…..

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I wonder if Prince Andrew was a British Working Class Man, what would have done the British Media’s Fury and Vitrol to this British working class?

Here in this blog I will not argue whether Prince Andrew can sweat or whether he was at Pizza Express or not. Rather, in this blog I will write about why U.K media describes Prince Andrew like an upper class man? And why does the majority of U.K Media monopolies avoid to call a spade a spade in the question of Prince Andrew?”

First of all, based on the Prince Andrew saga and Tory corruption that stinks for years, I can say that it is clear that when crime and punishment is intended for upper classes, they get away with their crimes easily and sometimes with a little punishment. Or they are not punished at all like the Prince Andrew question.

So the question is, “if Prince Andrew was a British Working Class Man what would have done the British Media’s Fury and Vitrol?”

If Prince Andrew was a British working class man, he would have ended up hanging himself or some other form of suicide from the hatred and the fury of the UK Media monopolies.

Have you heard the descriptions of British working class men how they are described like being monsters of all shapes when similar allegations of crimes happen?

In the question of Prince Andrew, the Independent, for example, says that “Ms Giuffre’s civil lawsuit alleges that she was forced to have sex with Jeffrey Epstein’s friends when she was 17 years old, including the Duke of York, Prince Andrew.”

While the mealy-mouthed Emily Maitlis in her latest blog called, “Prince Andrew: Emily Maitlis says duke’s interview answers are critical to sex assault case,” in there she says, “Virginia Giuffre is suing the prince, claiming he sexually assaulted her when she was 17.”

Now either write and call a spade a spade or do not write at all. For “forced to have sex” and “sexual allegations” forms of descriptions do not call a spade a spade. And try to circumvent what the meaning of…

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A Worm turned into a Crocodile. The Underworld Monster of the BBC, Andrew Marr, is leaving BBC for the RACIST Radio of the LBC. Exchanging the studios of MEDIA Monopolies not going independent at all!

What did Andrew Marr do in his career as a journalist at BBC?

 Did he lead a revolution where people participated into politics and brought change?

Did Andrew Marr preach fairness and social justice?

Did he bring any form of social change? Like demanding the end to the control of information by a few media monopolies, or an end into the unfairness of today economy or a change in laws that turn the “status quo” upside down?

Nothing of that kind did he do. Rather he ruled like a DICTATOR. A proper twisted MONSTER with no love for what is FAIR and what is HUMAN. Imposing his ideas and the ideas of his class by the force of the MEDIA MONOPOLIES into British and EU people.

Have you ever opened Twitter and seen, hashtag #Marr or #marrshow? And do you know what that means?

That means scientific socialism. From fact to Reason. People have been watching the News Monopolies of the BBC and hence, they express the ideas of the BBC on Twitter. A crystal-clear fact of mind-controlling people.

At the end, Andrew Marr, this twisted monster and dictator, cannot be deemed to have done any form of change for good.,

For how can you do that when you dream like a worm to metamorphose into a crocodile for all your life?

And when finally, the metamorphosis happens through MEDIA MONOPOLIES, then you rule over media like a dictator?

Inviting at the BBC and MEDIA MONOPOLIES only those who think like they think – Underworld monsters.

My existential fact that I keep opposing and creating. And I continue to be oppressed in the middle of London shows the dark GREED of the Andrew Marr-like underworld monsters.

It is clear as day the philosophy that I express here. And that says that to think like a revolutionary being and bring change goes against the spirit of the political system of the time.

And that is logical. For example, How can you work for Tony Hall, when he was the director-general and used BBC to scapegoat an entire religion, and still be against Tony?

You need to be a PROPER worm to praise those above you and lick their boots in order to work for them. Look at Rianna Croxford how she licks boots and follows on the footsteps of the crocodile Andrew Marr.

That is literally the IDEA where a wormish being metamorphoses his or her larva into a full-blown crocodile through the reputation, authority and fame of the century-long swallowing MEDIA MONOPOLIES.

And now after a successful career as a Crocodile at the BBC, it is a pity to see that Andrew Marr is still not able to go independent. But still grovel and think to exchange the studios of the media monopolies instead of going out of them crying.  

In short, Andrew Marr still thinks to Give more power to the power of the media monopolies for which he should scream against. And tell to the world that “the control of INFORMATION in the forms of news or media monopolies should stop once and forever.”

Anyways, we see what we see, Andrew Marr has his eyes covered by GREED for more social power. A Worm that has turned into a Crocodile through the power of MEDIA MONOPOLIES. And now, like all dictators, who lose touch with what is human and who all have been once GOOD GUYS, now Andrew Marr is metamorphosed into Underworld Monster.

And it is his actions that show that. Like his action of leaving the oppressive BBC, that has stifled independent thinking for decades controlling information with 15th century religious fanaticism, for the RACIST Radio of the LBC, that has been the epicentre of Nigel Farage and Katie Hopkins,.

So, this underworld monster, Andrew Marr, is exchanging the studios of MEDIA Monopolies. He is not going independent.  For they cannot ever think of being independent WRITERS. For they have always thought to metamorphose into crocodiles and monsters.

Andrew Marr and his cronies cannot think to support FAIRNESS and Social Justice through clean hands. Like by disassociating themselves from media monopolies.

His close pal, Andrew Neil, he tried to go out of the MEDIA MONOPOLIES.

Thus it came to pass that Andrew Neil got lost after that. His insatiable greed made him follow higher MONEY INTEREST above what is HUMAN. And he came back crying from the GB News after he swallowed in his monster-like tummy hundreds of thousands of pounds. While hating and abusing the most oppressed classes of today.

This is ladies and gentlemen, the underworld monster that you follow, listen and tweet and idolise on twitter and elsewhere.

At the end, when you become a social monster and dictator is hard to become a saint again, isn’t it? For once a DARK DICTATOR means forever a dark dictator.

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Circumstances show Intentional Murder of Immigrants in The English Channel – Immigrants’ boat sank in the English Channel after it was hit by a container ship. Killing 27 people

Two immigrants, who survived from the last man-made tragedy where 27 people lost their lives,  have indicated that a container ship collided with their dinghy.

Now the question is; “But where is the container ship?

Why did they not stop or raise the alarm? What happened, how it happened and why it happened?

A dingy is not a dot in the ocean that cannot be seen. Something suspicious here looks obvious.

An evil rhetoric of the U.K media monopolies against immigrants in the recent months has been obvious.

They have not stopped writing about how much bothered that they are of immigrants.

And this wave of hatred may have inspired the sea captain to overthrow the dinghy on purpose. So to stop them from coming in the land of oppressors. Where hatred is called, love and freedom is called, slavery.

Intentional murder of immigrants has happened on 28th March 1998 as well. Where an Italian naval vessel, inspired by the hatred of Italian Media against Albanians, hit an Albanian ship heading to Italy killing 84 Albanians on board.

Albanian ship full of immigrants hit by Italian racists to kill and murder on purpose.

So, do not be surprised. Authorities should investigate the matter and bring to justice those who are responsible.

For circumstances here show but Intentional Murder of immigrants in ….

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Claudia Webbe’s Judgement is Rushed and Cynic. British Media and the Crown Prosecution are a Danger to Free Speech and to the SANITY of British and European people – Read Why.

Only a Stone Age or a barbaric people write without facts. And idolise hearsays at the expense of people’s pain.

For how on earth are you able to base your reason on something without facts?

How are you able to say that “I exist.” Without you first being able to see or feel yourself in a way of “I think therefore I am.”

So in seeing or feeling my existence, I base my reason and express my judgement.

Now look what a sham of writing that we see from the Guardian, to CPS, to Sky News etc.

A media and a Crown Prosecution that have no regard or love or any passion for truth and facts.

A media and a crown prosecution that in writing without mentioning any evidential fact, they show to ignore the HUMANIST cry for truth. And consider people as sheep who cannot wait to see someone punished with or without facts.

A media and a U.K Crown Prosecution that are thirsty for punishment even if the judgement of the judges of the courts are totally wrong and abusive.

Say that the UK Media, the Crown Prosecution and judges in courts are above the law themselves. Or perhaps they find a people that complies with their abuse of power. And so carry on.

Let us get some facts.

Well, you as media and as Crown Prosecution say that, “Claudia Webbe threatened to use acid against her victim.”

But what did she exactly say? Neither the Guardian, nor Sky News nor the UK Crown Prosecution say what exactly was said in those recorded phone calls that they deemed  “THREATENING.”

Fooling us, grown people, and using us like clowns.

So, the only fact that I read was the BBC that said; “The court was told on one occasion she made an “angry” call, used a derogatory term and added: “You should be acid.”


Evening Standard, on the other hand, elaborates a little bit further and says: “She then started calling me a slag and saying friends don’t send pictures of their tits and pussy to other friends, and it culminated in, ‘You’re a slag and you should be acid.” (words as expressed by Evening Standard,  – MP Claudia Webbe ‘engaged in campaign of harassment against woman. –’)

These Fact, which they mention, I do not see as threatening at all. For you should be acid means different things but not a threat.

You should be acid can mean, you should be acid because of your way of hurting my feelings.

Like for example, if I hear you hurt me with your offensive words, I can say: “You should be poison.”

But that doesn’t mean that I am poisoning you.

Furthermore, the word “SLAG” is well within the words of free speech,.

What are we trying to be with this form of total intolerance? A fascist small-minded Britain that cannot even tolerate someone express a feeling without threatening his or her freedom?

Britain is a country of generosity not of small0-minded Nazis like these corrupt today institutions are trying to metamorphose Britain,.

Without further ado, Let us read exactly how an abusive U.K media and an abusive Crown Prosecution writes;

     The Guardian wrote:

“Webbe was found guilty of harassing Michelle Merritt, a friend of her partner, with threatening phone calls. A trial was told she had called Merritt a slag, threatened to “use acid” and said she would distribute naked pictures of Merritt to her family.” The Guardian, MP Claudia Webbe given suspended sentence for harassing woman.


CPS wrote;

“In March 2019 Webbe spoke to her victim, threatened to use acid against her, and threatened that naked photographs and videos of the victim would be shared. There is no suggestion the images were real.” (Claudia Webbe MP guilty of harassment –




Sky News wrote in its heading:  Claudia Webbe: Labour calls for MP to resign after she avoids jail for threatening partner’s female friend with acid. (04 11 2021 – By Alix Culbertson, political reporter, and Ali Fortescue, news correspondent)


In short, with Media not mentioning the sources of full facts of the recorded phone calls of Claudia Webbe. And with facts as they stand, facts said by the BBC and Evening Standard, we see that the judgment passed at Westminster Magistrate Court is rushed and intolerant.



And the fact that neither the British Media nor the Crown Prosecution press do not QUESTION the judgement of the British CORRUPT JUDGES . I see but a STONE AGE INSANITY in regards to Claudia Webbe. And a danger to the ideals of tolerance and truth. A dangerous thought to the future of humanity. A Danger to Free Speech and to the SANITY of British and European people created by British Media first by a thuggish Crown Prosecution that  totally and wholly disregards fact and truth.

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ENOUGH Hypocrites. 44,286 knife crime offences recorded in one year in the U.K. So David Amess’s Stabbing is not above the Stabbing of any Citizen. Is it Corrupt U.K Media MONOPOLIES?

Today 17th October 2021, MPs are crying on the U.K media monopolies. There is the BBC and the LBC inviting MPs who show how dreadful that life has become for them!

Say that there is every day a citizen wanting to stab an MP! What a joke! People who get such luxurious salaries, that are paid by the taxes of the same people that they now fear and distrust, these people tell us that they demand bigger security. Because they cannot trust anymore those who pay their salaries!

WHAT A JOKE THAT UK POLITICS AND UK MEDIA THAT THEY ARE! Bear with me, I will show you how painful is life for us, working class people, here at the bottom. How many stabbings that we see in comparison to the class of MPs.

Hypocrite MPs who just recently allowed a pay cut of £20 to universal credit claimants,. MPs who campaign for an increase of their MP salaries and a pay cut for the oppressed. Now they are shaking from horror!

Journalists writing in favour of a pay rise to politicians,

And what horror? The horror that they make with the laws that they pass into the U.K parliament. A horror that they daily create for the working class people with the rules of the oppression and unfairness that they daily produce in action. From theory to practice.

Let us be daring and ask of this horror that we working class people live in the U.K: “How many working class people are stabbed in a year in the U.K? “

According to the ONS, a U.K government statistics website, there were 44,286 knife-enabled offences recorded by the police in the year ending March 2021. That is between March 2020 and March 2021.

Number of stabbings in 2020 – 2021

Killings by firearms.

LBC non stop speaking of the Stabbed MP.

most of the BBC news about the stabbed MP as well

So then, I ask, “Why is the stabbing of an MP hurting so much the class of the U.K MEDIA MONOPOLIES and politicians? When the horror that working class people face in the U.K from stabbings is nowhere near a stabbing in a decade that MPs have faced, right?

Or is the stabbing of David Amess more worthy than the stabbings of 44,286 people in the U.K?

The answer. Because David Amess was one of them. So David Amess makes sense because he is part of the class of politics and media monopolies. Part of their animal group. Part of their family not part of the U.K family.

Now you see the difference. You see that U.K Media monopolies are not there to defend the British people but defend the interest of their class of greed and oppression.

What about the good that he, David Amess, made?

Politicians have never ever done any good to society. For it is the greed of politicians that decade after decade and century after century create further injustice, unfairness, corruption and abuse of power.

The housing problem is but the mess that U.K politicians have created with their hands. Brexit. The oppression of the Palestinian people and the arm deals with the Nazi Israeli politics. To not mention the business deals with the Saudi Arabia that butchered Jamal Khashoggi and continually abuses human rights.

So the reason why the U.K media monopolies pay so much attention to David Amess’ stabbing and care nothing, when it comes to working class people, is because of their common good or common class interest.

The U.K Media treats British people as aliens when they stab each other. That is a fact,. Do they pay the same attention with analysis and public discussion for each stabbing, that happens in the U.K, like they do to David Amess?

No, they do not do that. Because they do not care of the British working classes. They know deep down that political oppression drives man to crime. So they just write about everyday crime in passing, “Hey another stabbing happened today, enjoy it!”

While when it happens that the problem becomes any immigrant or Albanian, then they appeal to the Brits, “The Albanian…”

In this way, they unite all British people. The media here pretending that they care of British people by creating a common enemy – The Albanian Criminal or Albanian Mafia saga.

In short, the U.K media monopolies do not care of the British people. For if they cared they would pay to each stabbing, that happens in the U.K, the same attention. Like the attention that they pay to David Amess.

And through close analysis and humanist thought, we would probably think to give more to the oppressed. And make equality and fairness a law.

Yet the MEDIA MONOPOLIES do not do that.

Because all the U.K Media monopolies are discussing these days is the security of the MPS, when it should be discussed EQUALITY and FAIRNESS and Humanist education.

So people do not stab or kill or rob. Do not follow like sheep the thugs of upper classes. But idolise truth and reason and fairness and equality and stand up for….

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BBC News Journalists Educate Abuse to the Youth of the U.K and Europe – read how these well-paid Thugs control the Youth and our culture – OnlyFans porn ban a ‘kick in the teeth’ for creators say the Preachers of Abuse from BBC News Headquarters

It is always the case with the majority of the British writers, that they report impartially when they like. Become heavily critic when they want so. And also become or show off as the teachers of the world through the authority of the MEDIA monopolies when they want.

For example when is the case of Julian Assange and war in Afghanistan, they simply report the news. Not demanding  war criminals to be brought to justice.

When it is the case of immigrants doing something wrong, they turn heavily critic against immigrants. Have you heard the theory of “Pakistani gangs or Asian gangs” how they openly discriminate using a machinery of hate against human values from the headquarters of U.K media monopolies?

Now, thirdly, when it is the case for porn or sex and education of the people of the U.K, they turn heavily into educative thinking through their analysis that do one thing greatly “PREACHING ABUSE and control of the feelings of the people in here.”

For example, at a blog written on 21st August 2021 cat BBC News website called, “OnlyFans porn ban a ‘kick in the teeth’ for creators,” BBC News’ journalists openly from the very heading of the blog call “CREA…

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