People wake up! Stop Thug-Life! Young people are dying. Hey! For goodness’ sake, let’s say all together down with this thug-life philosophy of the big radios like the BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra. And let us make our place where we live a better place.

These thugs that you see around London are mirroring and reflecting the thug-life philosophy of the big radios like BBC Radio One and BBC Radio 1Xtra etc. It didn’t start today. It didn’t start yesterday. But it rather is a cancerous ideology that got started forty years ago from some real thugs of Bronx New York City. And that continues to be so to this day that I’m talking to you through these words of grief and pain.

Young people are dying because of these messages of a “thug-life” that the big radios are spreading. Wake up! And let’s bring some positivity all together. We can do that. For we have had enough with the ideology of being sheep. And we have had enough also with the art of sleeping. So, therefore, it’s time to wake up and start spreading a positive energy in London and across the world too.

“Let’s create positivity” is my watchword.

And I am a Rapper, DJ and Writer that never ever got one single opportunity from the big radios of the drug dealers just because I oppose their violent ideas.

As a matter of fact the big radios promote a thug life ideology to catch the attention of the people. Google it. There are many writers that say that. Read my Hip-Hop Revolution book on amazon and you’ll discover many facts yourself.

Hip-Hop Revolution

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Now come the stories and the pain that young Rappers are dying in gang fights, but that BBC and BBC Radio 1Xtra and other big media moguls continue to promote “Thug-Life!”

And it is shame that people are still sleeping. For I think that people must wake up and think about the present and the future and say; “Down with this Thug-Life evil ideology that brings violence in our streets and lives.”

It is the second rapper that within 30 days period dies in gang fights in London Town.

The first sorrowful and heartbreaking story happened in my area in North West London where I live.

The Mirror said on 10th of March 2016; “A man died in a drive-by uzi shooting last night amid claims it was sparked by a feud between rappers over stolen jewellery.”

Link; http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/uk-news/harlesden-shooting-man-killed-uzi-7528822

“Harrowing footage seen by the Mirror shows a woman arriving at the scene and screaming “Oliver! That’s my son”.

Yes this is the pain of a mother. Her suffering spirit seeing her son die for nothing while the reputation of the BBC kills them mercilessly and refuses to take responsibility. The arrogant and haughty machos journalists and actors and directors of the BBC that refuse to take action and change this thug-life ideology into positive one.

And again it is they who silence by force of their media power anyone who gets in their way. I’m one of these people that have been silenced by the mighty BBC for many years.

“Locals spoke of increasing tensions in the area has in recent days after a video appeared online of a rapper appearing to taunt a rival over some stolen jewellery,’ said the Mirror.

You see a rapper! And these rappers, these thugs of my area listen all day everyday the radio of thugs that preaches negativity and violence. The BBC Radio 1Xtra and DJ Charlie Sloth and Fire In the Booth and other negative shows. And they make videos and get violent just like famous rappers have done in the past and still do. Example; 2 Pac was an artist and a criminal too. Suge Knight is an American Producer, music executive a.k.a thug-maker and a criminal too. Jihadi John was a rapper and a terrorist too. Also he was loved by the Djs and MCs of the BBC who in the past played his records.

So these young rappers and old ones reflect and mirror the big famous rappers of the BBC. These famous rappers all they know is “Guns, drugs and fights.” And it is this negative way of creating that the thugs who own the big radios call “art!” And that’s mad, my friends. Because they are promoting violence.

Here is another article where a thug turned into a zealous student accepts that he has been influenced by these famous rappers that preach a thug-life philosophy.



“One mum told the Kilburn Times her teenage son had been warned not to be on the street at night as “something would be going down.” Said the Mirror.

You see? Now they push us towards fear and hatred. It is not enough of being isolated in big expensive cities. But now we also have to be careful of thugs and their guns and violent ideas. That’s the cherry on the top of all present-day evil.

Again it is the BBC, the mother and father of Europe’s thugs, that is causing all this hatred and negativity to come into being. They are the source of all evil. Because they have the good reputation and fame that rends rocks. And if the BBC says; “Thug-life is art” like it has been saying so far. Then thug life must be art, the present day sheep think.

“Residents in the nearby Church End Estate, overlooking Church Road, said they have been left shaken by the event but were not surprised due to the area’s reputation for violence, drug dealing and anti-social behavior,” said the Mirror.

So this is smoke left behind from the machine of the BBC’s negative spirit. These negative people and immoral creatures recognise no borders. For it is their thug-life ideology that has brought this kind of violence, drug dealing and anti-social behavior into London’. They are the ones that preach all these anti-human and anti-goodness behaviors – the mighty BBC.

Therefore, the rapper in my area that was listening every day BBC Radio and BBC radio 1xtra and the show of the father of thugs a.k.a DJ @charliesloth #fireinthebooth he opened fire with a machine gun reflecting and mirroring the messages of the Djs and Mcs of the BBC.

Here is the second story and grief that happened yesterday on 3rd April, 2016.

Twitter news said; “Rapper, 17, stabbed to death in New Cross. Friends and fans have paid tribute to 17-year old rapper Mdot, real name Myron Yarde, who was found with fatal stab wounds yesterday in Camplin Street, South London. Two boys, aged 15 and 16, are being held and a murder investigation has begun.”

Now look at this tweet here, the guy behind the stabbed to death rapper uses his finger on the trigger of killing just like the rappers of the BBC do.


Now you tell me? Aren’t these young guys reflecting and mirroring the gangster lifestyle of the Djs and Rappers of the BBC Radio One and BBC radio 1Xtra?

I reason for people who have a reason, not for people who can’t think for themselves. I don’t reason for people who idolize the bum of Kim Kardashian and the thug-life of Kanye West. I don’t reason for people who think like power thinks. Nor do I reason for the people who think that two plus two make five, like the BBC or the Ministry of truth does think.

Therefore, I reason for those who want to live in peace and harmony. And understand that these thugs on big radios who are terrorizing our world are on the wrong path of humanity. And change and innovation must come.

Now you tell me?

But I think that this kind of violence that comes straight out of the BIG RADIOS is unacceptable. And it must be stopped. Rappers of the big radios are continually putting forward a message that guns and drugs and violence are good things to do.

They are influential and are influencing the minds of the young people. You can read the direct influence that famous rappers have in the young minds from the shoes that they wear like them, to the hats that they wear like them, to the lyrics and rhymes that they create like them, and up to the behaviors that they reflect and mirror from them.

I am a Rapper myself. And I remember their influence. So don’t be sheep British People. Therefore wake up and let’s make a positive world. For positivity is contained in the positive language and positive actions.

The father of London thugs a.k.a @charliesloth continually makes drug dealers and thugs famous. And he is a negative machine that the only thing he knows is thug-life and gangs. He was the one that made famous Jihadi John and dubbed him an artist.

DJ Charlie Sloth is a piece of barbarian that hasn’t got a clue of humanity. But this barbarian and Hun work for the BBC though! And he has the support of the entire BBC. That’s the trouble. And the BBC has security, power and laws that protect her, this big European prostitute, even when it spreads violence. That powerful the BBC is.

The greed, the cynicism and ignorance of this powerful criminal that is criminalizing the world must be stopped.

Charlie Sloth, a.k.a the father of London Thugs, is backed by the entire BBC. And his power is unreal just like his greed and ignorance is.

NW London where I live is continually becoming more violent. The more thugs BBC radio One makes famous, the more violent my area gets. Their brutality and negativity must be stopped.

My message is; “Stop the thug-life philosophy of 2 Pac and fans of 2 pac like the greedy murderer of humanity a.k.a DJ @charliesloth. And let’s make a hip-Hop revolution and bring up the good vibes and positivity. Let’s stop the scum and criminal messages of these illiterate Djs and MCs of the BBC.



You can find me;

twitter; @TruthAlsoWisdom

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