The old society is incapable of healing, because it never heals and creates, but only exists and enjoys. The animal world of the philistines neither act nor think but merely enjoy.

Karl Marx, quoted by Samuel Moore at the introduction of Das Capital.


So we who took up ideas and creativity to heal the illnesses of the present day society are silenced by the rotten to the core big media like The New York Times, Fox TV, ABC, BBC, The Sun, and The Guardian etc. These media moguls control the minds of the present day people and have turned the entire world but into sheep and slaves.


And these sheep and slaves of today also known as people think that whatever comes from the mouths of these underworld monsters and cronies is great! And it must be respected! But we who create the world with our own hands and ideas anew can’t have even five views neither on WordPress nor on YouTube! Just because we are not famous! And just because we don’t speak from the gorge of the big media! Just because we are not thugs and fathers and supporters of thugs like those who work for the Big Media of Britain and America are.


And of course, that’s what happens when the mind of the people is controlled just like the working machines are controlled by the suffering masses.


However, this kind of mind controlling, this kind of evil where the majority of people are turned into sheep and slaves, doesn’t this tell us of an implicit 1984 philosophy? Or a farm animal style where the sheep and horses comply with the orders of the dogs and pigs?



How comes that I prepared ten years, crossed the ocean and went in New York to confront the American Media and their evil ideas, but I was brutally subjected but their security forces?


How comes that I was arrested twice in New York City once inside the ABC headquartres  and the second time inside the FOX TV, and brutally kicked out of the building of the New York Times. But still no one from the American Media ever said that!



How beautiful that it is to arrest a man of ideas and creativity for speaking up against Violence? How beautiful that it is for the American Media to keep the bum of Kim Kardashian and the thugs of rap on their mouths, but to treat a true creator like a criminal?


How beautiful that it is for them to swarm like ants in sugar at Kanye West, the thug, or at the privileged Prince, but to not give a minute airtime to someone who has prepared for years and has come with a philosophy on his mind in New York City?


And on the top of that to arrest this man, push and kick and punch with your security power, and then to say to the American People or the American sheep that they are the good and the just?


How beautiful and reasonable that it is for the American Media to speak and taunt and mention the entire world in their papers! But when one goes to challenge them peacefully, they beat him up, treat him like a terrorist and arrest him like a criminal. And at the end of the story they do not even tell it to the world at all.

They keep it secret! The American Media! It looks that the American corporations that are enslaving the world though sponsor it.



But, isn’t this action of untruthfulness, base, criminal and even monstrous and inhumane? They could have shot or buried my body deep underground and still keep it off record. They could have killed me and still keep it off the record. They could have done whatever and still keep it off the record. They did it and they are still keeping my arrest off the record. This is how good that the American Media is!


But sure, on the record must be only their famous faces. Faces like Kim Kardashiaan and her family etc., the thugs of rap, the imperialist of politics and the neo-fascists of the American Media!


How much more lowly can these sick egomaniacs of the American Media go? How much more aggressive in actions can these negative evil creature be?


As much as it gets to keep up their GREED! But, their greed and their evil power must be stopped though before it is too late for humanity.




I went in America to say, ‘Down with their cultural imperialism.

And to say down with ‘The four evil philosophies of the present day world that they impose on us by force.‘ But still they pretend to be the good and the just!



I wrote to the American Media an open letter and explained their four evil philosophies and the reason of why I was there.


Evil philosophies of their imperialist culture, like a Thug-Life, A prostitute-life, a neo-Nazi press inclination and an imperialist political culture. Also I said that I was there to show you how to change the world for the better. And if possible to take the opportunity and make a Hip-Hop Revolution show at MTV and bring positive rappers forwards because rap industry has been for forty years bringing negative artists as means to an end – to catch the attention of the people through violence and make money. But this is imposed from the big media by the force of the cultural imperialism. People at the bottom mirror them, reflect them and trust them.


You can see that by looking at the videos or articles that come out of their studios. And you can see that by looking at their sales. They have millions of views and make millions of sales everyday. But we creators at the bottom can’t have five views on youtube and can’t sell even an article to pay for our food on the table. This is horrible. And all of this just because we oppose their ideas. “We” I mean those who are doing that. However in Britain and America I see no individual mind, but only sheep doping based in collective interest.


Now you tell me does the Big Media control the mind of the people or not?


The Big Media moguls are but the masters of the present day world. But these masters must be kept in check and made to turn their heads towards humanity not towards their personal or collective interest as Big Media.


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But, again where is the truth that the Big Media is supposed to say to the American people?


Where is the truth?


The truth is like Schopenhauer put it;

‘All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident.’


I am at the stage where my being on earth and my ideas of truthfulness and creativity are violently opposed by the American and British Media. But they oppose me in their melodramatic silence where they laugh up their sleeves while I choke and I asphyxiate from within my self because of the lack of the fresh air when I see drug dealers and prostitutes being the role models of my world. I choke and suffocate from within when I see the AMERICAN MEDIA spreading hatred but I not being able to be heard. Why?


It is because we live in 1984. The suffering masses are the slaves and the sheep as the few at the top are the masters.



This is the now. Blessed be our just and truthful world with criminals, neo-fascists and masterminds at the top.