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WE listen to politicians and to their politics all day speaking about freedom. And yet freedom is freedom for them but not freedom for the world. Freedom is freedom for a few maniacs at the top of the big powers that have enslaved the people of Europe and America and that have put on them, but a sheep-like mask!


 However, how comes that these people still sleep though? Let me be clear with my reason and say from the beginning that Freedom is not freedom for Europe and America, but freedom for the world. And the essence of freedom is but in care. I care for my self and I care about the world around me. And this is my freedom and the freedom of the other that is embedded in me.


So the question is; “How do the big powers still dare to restrict the free movement of the people around the world? Do they base it on their laws? But aren’t these laws men-made? And in these man-made laws once was discrimination based in the color of skin or nationality legal.



So I mean that if laws do not fit to the human logic or to our human reason, understanding and humanism then they are not human laws. Therefore they are but fake, biased and based in personal greed of the few at the top of the world. And the few at the top of the world are made of Politics, big Media, and the criminals of big corporations that have turned us into their slaves. 


 After my two weeks war and pain against the American Media, I came in London and I tweeted to some famous American TVs and journalists like this. 

Zarathustra @TruthAlsoWisdom #CreativeismMovement

When you use violence against those who challenge you with ideas @ABC @FOXTV @nytimes @oreillyfactor @seanhannity

 Zarathustra @TruthAlsoWisdom #CreativeismMovement

Then a Creator pees and pukes at your liberty, laws and whatever you have.

 @ABC @FOXTV @nytimes @oreillyfactor @seanhannity


Why did I say that to these famous people and TVs and newspapers of the America? I said because I went in the USA to challenge them with ideas and creativity. But they challenged me with the security forces and police brutality. They pushed and kicked and punched a man of ideas and letters. One hundred securities of the ABC and of the New York Times and of the Fox TV using violence against a man of books and philosophy. This is the American Media and their laws. Thank you!


And that’s why I went at the Statue of the Liberty and I peed on it. Because they impose their ideas and values on the poor and wretched people around the world. They think that freedom and truth is freedom and truth only when it fits and suits to the personal or collective interest of the American Media, corporations and politics.


And when a philosopher goes to challenge them with ideas and creativity like I did, they use police brutality and their security power to crush him down and throw him out like a piece of paper like they did to me in New York city. This is the American Media. The greedy barbarians and OPPRESSORS of the USA that derive their doings and values from their personal and collective interests.


But who on earth does derive his/her values and doings from the meaning of humanity and humanism?


So the American Media, corporations and politics base their laws and values on their personal or collective interest. And if in anyone gets in their way then he must be crushed and oppressed. This is their philosophy of doing and making. And that’s why we see terrorism being a threat for us ‘poor working classes of the now.’ And all this hate and fear is but the effect of the cause that is American greed of the big media, big corporations and imperialist politics. 


Who are the real terrorists then? Yes they are the real terrorists. The American and European gluttony wants us to enter into a third world war that presupposes unreal human destruction. They want to open the gas chambers and extermination camps for all of us. So people must wake up before it is too late and before we are all sent to the dogs.


 One of my favorite books as a teenage boy was The Castle that was written by Frantz Kafka. I don’t know why I liked it. Or perhaps I knew it. And it was my struggle for freedom. And so I identified my pain with pain of the protagonist known as K.

 K struggled for freedom with the puzzling bureaucrats of the village where he arrived at. He struggled to find a proper and right way to enter in the castle. As I struggled with the puzzling bureaucrats and neo-fascists of my time that were playing it like being democrats!  

K struggled to be legal in a rotten to the core surreal word, as I tried to understand the hypocrites of Europe that were laughing up their sleeves when refugees were getting drowned in the sea. K struggled for freedom and understanding and died with an implied notification suggesting that his legal claim to remain in the village was reversed. As I am dying while I struggle to make people aware that freedom does not mean freedom for the Big Cowboys of the Big Powers, but freedom means freedom for humanity. And like Heidegger suggested: “Freedom means to care.”


But where is the freedom of a corrupted system that has turned people into sheep and slaves and that brainwashes these poor people all day with a degenerated and greedy big media that wants everything for itself?


Where is the freedom of our world when billions of people are not free to move in their own planet?

Where is the freedom of our world when laws are made to serve the powerful, but not justice and humanity?

Where is the freedom or care of our world when children and women and entire families are being killed in the borders for pigs or getting drowned in the sea for nothing? And just because they want freedom! Just because they want to live in peace and harmony. Just because they want to be free like other citizens of the big nations of America, UK, France and Germany etc., are being free.


 Still these citizens of the big powers are free in an enslaved world where their big guys or big cowboys of politics, media and corporations indoctrinate them with fear and hatred through the big media’s rhetoric, enslave them through the big corporations, and have turned them into sheep through police brutality and political imperialism. Where these guys say either do like we say or face the consequences of our imperialist laws. That means that these Big Cowboys oppress their people through their military and police power and through them they enslave the world too.


These are the big powers.


On 23rd March, 2016 I entered into the headquarters of the Fox TV in New York and I demanded to speak with them as a human to a human with reason, ideas and creativity.



What did I just say? Reason, ideas and creativity! Huh! I was thrown outside like being a piece of paper. ‘We make the rules here,’ shouted 100 security officers as they threw me out and then handcuffed me through the police forces. Some machines that knew nothing about humanity or humanism. But that they knew their laws by heart, the sheep and the machines of the America.


So, this is the big American Media and the way that they treat a writer or philosopher that opposes their ideas. They treat you like a criminal if you oppose them. Because they have that fascist philosophy of doing things “either with us or against us.’ And this philosophy is in their media, politics and corporations. They didn’t mention at all the truth that I got arrested because I OPPOSED their ideas.


Therefore, this is how good that they are! They report news when the news fit to them and to their agenda but they hold back news that do not fit to their evil rhetoric.


Information is power, and illuminati knows this.

Having access to accurate and reliable information is power, and the ability to dispense false and misleading information is also power.’

Mark Dice, Illuminati.

 And this is the American and European big media.


 So, you people of the now can’t you see that it is pain talking here?




Now question;

“What do the American and European people think about freedom and truth? Do they think that freedom and truth means “America and Europe?” Freedom and truth means freedom and truth for Americans and “us” Europeans?


Let’s stick to the free movement and freedom.


What about the other people? What do they think?

Do the Africans think that freedom means freedom for Europeans and Americans? Do the Indians and people in the Middle East think the same? Do Eastern Europeans that are isolated in their own continent think the same? Do the refugees that are getting drowned in the sea think the same?


Do the plane stowaways, that hide in aircraft wheels or other hiding places, survive the below freezing temperature of the heights where the plane climbs or that fall in midway think the same? Isn’t that a human struggle for freedom in a world that is divided by nations? Do the European and American people think for themselves or is it that they are indoctrinated by a rotten to the core big media and hypocrite politics that control their minds with lies and their brilliancy in rhetorical skills?



Does the Daily Mail UK still write articles with cruel headings like this; “Horror of residents in plush London suburb as stowaway who had been clinging to a plane plunges to his death in the middle of street.”


And horror is here, not for the tragedy, not for the man, but for the residents! This is what the Daily Mail says; “Residents on the tree-lined road in Mortlake, on the south bank of the Thames less than ten miles from the airport, yesterday spoke of their shock on finding the body after hearing a loud bang.”


Boom! Hurrah! And a loud bang! The machines that the British society brings into life! The cruel, brutal, savage and inhumane journalists that seem to have nothing to say for the human struggle for freedom! Because they are ‘free Britons!’  They live in the land of hope and glory, the mother of the free! And they put the gun on the heads of anyone that gets in their way. Hmmm. You see? The free!


 But can the children of the empire of which the sun never sets understand that “human freedom” means freedom for humanity as a whole? Can these pampered children understand that free movement is the basic principle of the human freedom?


“Rule, Britannia! Rule the waves:

“Britons never will be slaves.”


For sure! And this can be translated like this:


Britannia rule the skies!

 Britannia! Rule the waves!

Rule, and other nations turn into slaves.

Britannia! Rule the skies and the waves.

And turn your working classes –

 Into sheep and slaves!

Britannia! Britannia! Britannia!

Thee be free! Be free! Be free… Free

But always, you know! Free! Free!

Love, love and a Master and slave philosophy!

Thee, thee, thee be free! Free! Free! Free be thee!


And while refugees wobble and bleed to death the American and British presses dance a great inhumane dance! Because they are free. They rule the waves and the skies too. The rulers of everything! The American and European Press! One press! One media! And their ruling classes, at the feet of whom they grovel, put the big guns on the heads of all nations and subdue them by force. The rulers of waves! The rulers of skies!


Greatness talks in here for the few at the top of the big powers! As pain talks in here for the many slaves of the big powers and humiliated and restricted in their own planet – the weak nations.


So, that’s what they think that freedom is: and freedom is freedom for the big moguls of USA and Europe! So they grab a passport, apply online for a visa and move freely from Europe to America and vice versa. And when they want to go to Africa or China or India or anywhere else in the world the doors for the European and American slaves or citizens are open.


But, personally, I as a European man feel shame to be able just grab my passport and go whenever that I like.


 Let me tell you a story. I used to share a house with an Algerian man in London town. He was 43 years old at the time, as I was 25. And amid other things, sometimes we used to speak about life and our human values.

So once he opened his heart and told me that he had come in London 25 years ago, but he still couldn’t have a British citizenship! And that was unbelievable! Wasn’t it?


“My friend,” he told me one day, as we were cooking in the kitchen. “In this country you get crazy. Madness here creeps in your psyche stealthily like a thief in the night. You don’t understand from where it comes from, but here is lots of stress and pressure. Be aware of this! I am telling you the truth.” He told me. “Why do you think so? I asked him then without believing what he was saying at all, and feeling arrogant just like a European man is.

“Listen, you young man, I came here when I was 18,” he then said. “But I wasn’t able to have a passport and be free like you are. I was an illegal immigrant and I remained so for 20 years. I did some low paid jobs for living. I did everything and all of this just to support my food on the table. Still I do not regret for working hard but what I regret is that I was used worse than a slave. People kicked me in the back and slapped me in the face if I didn’t do the dishes properly. And because of this kind of slavery and oppression, then I felt that human need, I felt that I wanted so much to see my family, but I couldn’t go back in my country because of the documents. You get me?”

 He then paused looking at me, as I avoided his eyes and began peeling off some potatoes and onions preparing my food and avoiding his pain just like a European man does avoid the pain of the other people.

 “It was crazy,” he then went on. “But I had no choice. And because of that now I have twenty-five years without seeing and without being able to see my mom and dad and they will soon pass away. Who knows what will happen to them! But I can’t see them. I haven’t got a passport! I haven’t committed a crime or anything like that, but still I’m not free. You understand me?” He expressed that last sentence with an air of disgust towards me and my being.

 “Yes,” I murmured wondering, unfeeling just like a European man is.

 “No you don’t and you can’t,” he then replied firmly staring at me as if trying to say with his look that I was an insensitive creature or piece of paper that didn’t know a thing about humanity. And he then added saying “You can’t understand me because you are an European man. You are a free European. You are born free. As I was not born free. You get it?”

 “Yes!” I uttered again, but this time mechanically focused more on the food that I was cooking than on what he just said. And just like a European man that cares only for his own business and his food so I did and said automatically, “I get it. I got you.”

 “No you can’t understand it,” he then replied bitterly. “ You can’t understand it because you haven’t lived it. But it is mad to not be free in your own planet – you cruel European man!” And he squeezed out the last sentence with a deep hatred and repulsion as if he wanted to say that you are but an animal that does not have a clue about freedom and humanity.

But I was cool and even cold in my blood just like a European man is. And I even felt that I could even kill him and again feel no remorse at all, a pure European in my blood and heart I felt at the time. And so I replied repeating what he just said mechanically and looking around the kitchen but not at all at his eyes, “Cruel?”

 “Yes,” he said staring at me again. “You think that freedom means freedom for Europe and your own people. But you seem to not think that freedom means freedom for humanity.”

 “Nah, that’s not true my friend,” I replied to him with an air of a know-it-all philosopher. “But, that’s true we are narcissistic a little bit, we just love ourselves and that’s it. And that’s true too; that if you try to cross our borders without a visa then that is illegal for you to come here. So it is in our eyes. And you can even get killed for that. You know what I am saying? That’s how our laws are. Our laws are above all laws. And we can’t change them even if we wanted to. Thanks!” Then I focused again at my food.

“Your laws! Your fake laws. Your laws of slaves and masters, you mean?” so he then repeated indignantly. And that told me that he was about to spit at what I just said.

Then he paused for a bit, grabbed the scoop and began stirring his soup up and wiping his cheek with his sleeves. It seemed that he was trying to hold back his tears. But then suddenly when I glanced at him and saw his tears sliding down his cheeks, I tried to sympathize with his feelings but not to empathize at all. “Yes life is hard. It’s hard!’ I said while I began washing my plate and getting ready to eat my fresh cooked food that was almost ready.

 Well, I had been for one year only in London town and I didn’t know much about big cities of that proportion. So I couldn’t say much. I say that not to justify myself but to point out that we always listen and learn, and the more we listen and learn the more we understand. That’s the point.

 So then, the Algerian man went on speaking and now with a low voice that whispered in my ears with suffer and pain and that could break your heart, but not the heart of a European man though!

 “And you know, loneliness, isolation and the rest weighed on my shoulder everyday the more,” he said. The stifling conditions in which life put me in, little by little became a heavy burden on the back of my mind. Stress and pressure was growing and growing everyday the more, until one day, young boy, I found myself in a madhouse.” He then paused, as his eyes seemed to be welling with a kind of liquid that spoke of a deep heartache, torment of the spirit and torture of all kinds.

 “Wow! I expressed then robotically just like a modern day American is, like a machine with no feeling and no human love at all. “Is that true?”

 “Yes” he said. That’s true. “In the beginning I was naïve and I thought that I will be forever strong. But time told me the opposite, young man. Be careful. We live in a mad world where people try to enslave and downgrade our dignity. But you can’t understand me because you are a free European man.” He said; and again disgust seemed to be rooted in his words and that was directed towards my being.

 “Maybe,’ I replied. “Maybe you are right, but did you ever try to talk to the authorities or apply for a passport at all?”

 “Hmm,” he murmured and looked at me with a bit of contempt as he stirred his soup again. “I tried many a time, young man. But, authorities are called bureaucrats young boy, – don’t you know that? I am sorry for you though!” He paused again and then turned his body and face towards me while telling his story.

“I tried to apply for a passport a few years ago, but I was refused before even trying. Some bureaucrats at the council told me that I couldn’t do that. Because I didn’t have rights! You get me? No rights for me!

But even today, 25 years after I first came in this country, they still are dragging it on and on.  They keep postponing and postponing it. It’s called bureaucracy! Maybe they want to give me a British citizenship after death. Maybe they want to give me freedom after death and they are still calculating the last days of my life.” He said painfully, and again some drops of tears slipped down his cheeks. His complexion was pale, his eyes were turning into red and even green, but he still could hold himself up. He looked good and happy in his misery. He had understood what the life was about that’s why he cried and smiled in the same time. He knew that life was and remains unjust. He knew that life was about masters and slaves and that we have to be strong in pain and firm in adversity. That’s why he cried and laughed at the same time. But that told me that underneath his superficial happiness and laughter, there was a deep pain piercing in his blood and body and being.


So I looked at him crying, but I felt detached like a man of a different planet that wasn’t able to empathize with someone that wasn’t like his kind or with someone that wasn’t from the same planet. I even tried to cry but my heart was cold. A cold European heart, like the hearts of the free Britons, free Europeans, you know. Cruel and barbaric! And that’s how I felt.

 But through listening and learning and overcoming and becoming, I learned how to respect other fellow human beings and separate myself from the free Europeans and free Britons and free Americans and free slaves or the present day sheep!

 After a pause he wiped his tears and said, “My friend I got a dream, but if I don’t take my passport, will you make me a favor and carry on my dream?’

 “Tell me,” I replied. I will try but I don’t promise a thing. “Well, I want to see a free movement in the world. I see that you like books, reading and writing so please try and make it part of your dreams and your writings. Who knows one day you may begin and write professionally.”

He then paused again and soon added, but a bit forcefully this time. “So you can make the world aware because this world is made of sheep and not of humans, you get me?”

 “Yes, yes, sounds good,’ I said hastily, cold again like an unfeeling European. “Yes, I will try if one day my pen becomes able to express itself, but for know I do not know what is going to be in the future. “No worries,” he said. Then he went on saying something similar. “Ah! I got another dream that is related to this one, but that is easier, can you try this one then? “Yes, go on,” I said as I saw that my food was ready and began pouring it on my plate, then I started swallowing a few spoons of spinach and rice just like a greedy European does. Greedily.

 “Listen” he said, “because you are a free European. If you ever go to New York can you please go to the Statue of Liberty and pee on it? It has been my dream for years but I don’t have yet the documents to travel and make that dream come true.”

 “What!” I said. Are you okay? “Please” he said insisting. “Do that because they think that freedom means freedom for Americans and Europeans as I have twenty five years that I can’t see my family and my relatives because of the American and European sheep that think so. Please do that.” And tears again began streaming down his face and that seemed like a river that was heading towards an unknown sea of owes and miseries of humanity and isolated nations. That told me of the hypocrisy of the big powers and their oppressive politics, their sheep-people and the terror and agony in the hearts of the weak nations.

 “Cool, I will try then, but I don’t promise!” So I replied to him just to make him feel better, but inside I was cold and hypocrite just like a free Briton or a free European or modern American is. I didn’t feel what I said. And then I left the kitchen with a full plate on my hand leaving him alone. That action though, told me that I just wanted to get rid of his painful form of expression. That’s why I fled from his company running towards my room and eating while walking just like an insatiable wolf, like a free Briton or a free European or a free American. And I ate with an appétit of a greed that resembled that of the French politics of 19th century or the capture of Napoleon III by Bismarck.

 But then different from the free Britons and cruel Europeans or even worse, Americans, I reflected. And in reflection I thought to make the world a better place and tell to these gobbling gargoyles of Europe and America that one of the basic principles of human freedom is “Free Movement.”  That means to be free to walk and go whenever that you like to go on the earth that bore you and that bore your being. To be free to walk on the earth that one dwells. You get it?


How dare those who exploited and sucked the blood of slaves dare to restrict the movement of people?

This planet is not only of Germans, French and the English. It is the planet of all of us. Right?  It is the planet of all of us.

 You remember the antonym of that man that said, “freedom is slavery,” at 1984. His name was, “Orwell.”

 So freedom is not slavery except if we think that freedom means freedom for the French, for the rulers of the waves and the skies, the Britons and the Germans and the greedy Americans!

 Can’t we really see the bare truth that the restriction of the free movement has torn apart families, it has destroyed people’s lives, and it is making our world a worse place to be in everyday the more?

 Janet Napolitano, United States secretary of homeland Security from 2009 to 2013, during an interview at the BBC speaking about immigration amid other arrogant and insensitive views of a macho culture that she is part of, she said, 

“It was time when we didn’t want to deport people but the law required to deport them.”

Yes the law of these unfeeling criminals that have been playing with the people like playing football. And people being the ball in here! The laws of hypocrites, where a few egomaniacs that created the laws control the minds of the billions. And the billions that follow them mechanically, they neither think for themselves nor do they respect those who have an individual mind. ‘The laws’ of the masters that impose them forcefully in the minds of the sheep that do not reflect. The non-reflective sheep!

 Frantz Fanon at his work, Black Skins, White Masks, said, “There is a psychological phenomenon that consists in believing the world will open up as borders are broken down.

The black Antillean, prisoner on his island, lost in an atmosphere without the slightest prospect, feels the call of Europe like a breath of fresh air.” And then he quoted A. Cesaire.

For we must admit that Cesaire was overly generous in his Notebook of a Return to My Native Land. The city of Fort-de-France is truly lackluster and shipwrecked. Over there on the slopes of the sun is “the city – flat, sprawled, tripped up by its common sense, inert, winded under the geometric weight of its eternally renewed cross, at odds with its fate, mute, baffled, unable to circulate the pith of this ground, embarrassed, lopped, reduced, cut off from fauna and flora.”


 So there is another point that makes people to not feel free in their native lands. It is the psychological character of restriction and oppression that is imposed by the fathers of the colonization, Europeans and the owners of slaves, Americans.

 And so the oppressed and restricted people around the world see Europe and America as a place of their dreams. When in reality Europe like America is a place of exploiters and big criminals and pimps where people in here pimp their daughters and mothers and exploit their children to death. They are but bloodsuckers and murderers of the true humanism.


But it seems that because of their restricted freedom, the monsters of all monsters appear in the eyes of other people as being their heroes.  And like Cesaire put it the present day sheep of Europe and America are cut off from fauna and flora. They are but machines and inhumane greedy barbarians that think only for themselves.

But still Europe and America are seen like a breath of fresh air or like a call for freedom. And this is the other bad side of the story.

 But if the people of other nations see the Americans and Europeans as their heroes then it is for these two reasons: first because they are oppressed by a corrupted system that issues visas. A system that evaluates and respects people based on the American principles of being “rich and poor.” But not at all based in the humanistic principles like “if they are good or bad or creative or non-creative.”

 And this was my case when I went at the American Embassy in London in 2013 where my visa to go and visit America was refused. And when I tried to ask the “Why? Then a women with long legs, a shiny face and brainless, came up to me with a fascist authoritarian attitude and said; “You are not financially stable in the UK. You are poor and we are afraid that you will stay there if you go! Therefore, you can’t take an American visa.”

 So this is your reason? I asked her.

 “Yes this is my reason, – can you leave now please,’ she replied strictly with her voice getting stronger and higher in pitch and tone. My question seemed to have irritated her. Even a simple question seemed to be of a great deal for the reasonable lady with the long legs, a shiny face and brainless. The lady of the American embassy in London!


However, thanks to ESTA later on I applied online and I got the USA tourist visa. And I went there; I saw their society of sheep and masters and came back to Europe.

 But at that moment when my visa was refused because I was poor I felt like an entire world of injustice had just happened to me. I went outside I sat on a curb of a sidewalk and I sobbed for hours while cursing the sheep and the shepherds of our planet.


 “I am poor and I do not deserve the visa!” so I kept repeating in my mind endlessly. But this is our truth and the bureaucracy that we experience everyday the more.   

As, the second reason why people of other nations see Americans and Europeans like heroes is because they are isolated and they do not know what they want. They are trapped in their own little space and do not feel free. This lack of freedom subconsciously creates in their minds a will for freedom of unreal proportions.

And because of the fact that they cannot have this kind of freedom, because the corrupted embassies are not going to give a visa to a poor man, then they see the people of the big nations as liberators. And again it is this that triggers a feeling of inferiority in relation to these people.


We saw recently how some people that spent millions to cross the border from Iraq to Germany later on they applied to return back home. Why? It was because in Europe they felt more isolated than in their own country and they found it hard to live there. But the thing is that they didn’t know that before. They were lied by the other people and the big media that makes Europe on big TV screens seem like a paradise! When Europe is but a place of slaves and masters, greed and oppression, cut off from being and cut off from human goodness and cut off from everything that has to do with humanity and humanism. That’s what Europe is.


Still, the poor and wretched immigrants wanted to try it by themselves and see what to be free means. What to live in an assumed “free Europe” means! And because they found it worse than they expected, then they went back home in the Middle East.


Therefore, I think that we have to give to the world its due and stop lying and isolating the people of the weak nations.


Free Movement is the most fundamental principle of the human freedom.


Therefore, freedom for the people and down with the oppressors.


 We must say; “long lives humanity and humanism.” But not long live “oppressors.”


 Therefore, I think that until we have a free movement in the world, people should not go to take pictures at the Statue of the Liberty.  Because in doing so they support the ideology of oppressors that think that freedom means freedom for America and Europe. But they should go to pee and puke at their statue of liberty until American Masters understand that freedom is not slaver and until American sheep wakes up and says that ‘Freedom means freedom for humanity. Freedom for all of us.


Therefore, I the creator of my own world daresay ‘Long lives humanity and down with oppressors and exploiters at the top of the world.



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