In this world of suffer and pain, in this world of corruption and injustice, nothing remains to us, humans, but mourn the victims of natural and political tragedies.

A few days ago, I was mourning the victims of a natural tragedy, that happened in Albania. Today, 01st December 2019, I will mourn the victims of a political tragedy or man-made tragedy. And I will tell you why the second tragedy is a political one.

The tragedy that happened in Albania is authentically a natural tragedy and needs no explanations. While what happened in London is politically man-made. And it needs thinking to unravel and discover its inner meaning.

So first of all let me explain my reason by speaking in a subjective way of thinking. And so telling you why I will mourn the victims of the London Bridge Terrorist Attack in the same way that I mourned the victims of the natural tragedy that happened in Albania.

Where over 40 people were killed, hundreds injured and thousands left homeless.

London Bridge is a place where I walk at least two or three times per week. And some times I pass there more often. So in London bridge could have been me, could have been you or anyone that lives in London, U.K or that visits us here.

So then, I will mourn because U.K and London is my home already for ten years and the place where I call my home and live. And that’s why U.K for me is equal to Albania.

Now to come to the political part. And to the political ideas and ideals. And to politicians and journalists in particular that with their wrong way of thinking and doing endanger our lives daily.

So let me tell you here why it is the ruling classes of today that have alienated the people of today beyond… (please subscribe at Dr ACactivism to read the full blog and donate if you can to support independent thinking.)

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