Many Albanian nationals have been deported today, 5 December 2019, from Dublin, Ireland. Their exact number is unknown. The number of the Albanian people that are abused by courts with harsh sentences, or police or laws, again is unknown.


For the U.K Media does not speak for these facts and forms of pain. Because it hurts the name and reputation of an imperialist European country called, U.K.


Now you hear my pain. I am part of a nation that is being abused daily by imperialist powers. Still I, as a writer and thinker of this oppressed nation, can’t have my voice be heard and speak of these rights that I have.

Therefore, the point that I want to make here, however, is not about the number of the Albanians that have been deported from Dublin to Albania. But rather I want to make a point of justice and rights.


For the rights of my Albanian nationals are and have been abused. While I as an Albanian writer can’t be heard or take a stand for what is right. For the rights of my oppressed nationals and nation. You hear my pain?


First, as an Albanian writer I see my personal rights being abused in the middle of London and U.K. And I see the rights of my Albanian nationals being abused as well.

What rights? one may ask.

In the national level, we are Europeans. Still we do not have rig…
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