According to the Twitter News, one of the men who helped thwart the attack has been revealed to be a convicted murderer on day-release from prison.


Now if we compare both ways of thinking here. The criminal, who killed two other innocent humans, and the criminal who became a hero after almost 16 years, then we come to the following conclusions.


Usman Khan, who went to kill others, was someone who had almost a year that had been released from prison.So logically this criminal, who committed a terroist attack in London bridge, has not been rehabilitated or educated properly. Or he has been re-educated with ideals of terror and terrorism. Or he has played dice with all thinking and pretended like he was interested on the good life.


While the criminal, who became a hero, is a person who has understood the meaning, power, and the right way of thinking among others in a peaceful and creative way.


So it does not need a big philosophy to come to the conclusions that what makes one a human, and what can also turn the eyes and minds of criminals towards humanity and human thinking and doing is….

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