Pandemic has hit hard our western world. And due to pandemic, some have ended up jobless, some homeless and some have passed away.

“However, the rich haven’t been much affected by it, to be honest.”

For you know, they live grandiosely in mansions not like myself, and perhaps many others, stored in single rooms of London with 500 books. And suffering from breathing and anxiety due to the horrible conditions of living.


And now you see why? It happens so because the rich are so intelligent that even in the middle of a Pandemic, they find ways to survive lavishly. And thrive by making big money at the expense of our unfairly shared social power. 


How can they do that? One may ask.

That’s an easy thing to explain. For logically, the rich have money to invest. And they also have Capitalist ideas that stand ready to take advantage of any given opportunity. And thus make money. 

 Now let me tell you a story and show how things work. How London’s private companies are making millions at the expense of the Pandemic. And how intelligently they take advantage of new laws and human pain.

Now, it happened that one of my friends had his father in coma in Corfu Greece. Because he had experienced a stroke.

And so he desperately wanted to see his father. And thus we searched a few places around to see how much costs a Covid-19 test.

For it is required to have a Covid-19 test certificate made in the last 72 hours, and that show the negative results, in order to travel to Greece.

Why not go and make it to the NHS? one may ask.

First it is immoral to make it to the NHS because it is not allowed for flight purposes. And secondly the results should be within the next day at least because you will not be able to travel otherwise.

So we surfed across the Internet for places who make Covid-19 Tests in London. And that deliver results within a day.



And as a result we found out shocking facts.

A Covid-19 test certificate ranged from £250, £349 and up to £450 and even higher.

What an extortion of the public trust and what a horrible thing to see in times of a pandemic. I said.

A time where Private Companies are making Millions at the expense of Pandemic. For just imagine how much money they can from all of this. 

So the rich again and again are finding ways to thrive by…

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