In the America, like in the UK, we have over 80-year-old politicians and journalists. And we have young people who can’t have an opportunity to participate until they die.

We have monsters of power, who control 90% of our common social power, and we have homeless people dying from hunger. And lacking motivation or hope that they will ever achieve anything in their lives.

We have corruption and media monopolies, who control the airwaves of the whole nation in the most UNSCRUPULOUS way possible, speak of corruption! And get paid!

Now, just think of this, gentlemen, Dianne Feinstein at her 87 year, she stands at the heights of social power as the senator of California!

Isn’t this but a symbol of social power greed in the best democracies of the world, like the U.K and the USA?

So we see that something big is lacking in our today people. And this is but the “Human understanding” of what makes us humans.

Like understanding this simple sentence, that humanity is about giving not taking forever. Like the symbols of greed do with our social power.

So, here I ask, what do you think that these people who demand to rule forever want to take or to give?

Logic is simple here. And it says that Life is short.

And there is no giving, logic says, in a being that forever wants to rule by controlling our social power. For the latter way of thinking is but taking. And therefore a…

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