As a working class person, that has lived and still lives in London with different people and different characters in the same house. And that shares the same kitchen and bathrooms. I can tell a lot of reasons of why local governments should support people in need of housing in our time.

And one of these reasons is the fact that social isolation can change characters, distort minds and therefore bring unreal domestic violence in our world.

But how? one may ask.

I will take two ideas here to make my points. That are, physical inactivity and overthinking in isolation. And these two ideas, I think can change characters, distort minds. And therefore, they can create unreal domestic violence in closed spaces.

Now, before I explain the consequences of the lack of physical inactivity and the consequences of overthinking. Allow me here, please, to tell a little bit of my life story. That speaks of this form of social pain.

A point that intends to show somehow through examples the unpredictability of human thinking in many cases.

In London, for example, I have to live all the time with people that are of all forms of social backgrounds, uneducated and educated, violent and peaceful, nice sometimes and unpredictable most of the time.

People who can abuse you and become violent towards you without even them being conscious of that. Or realising that they are doing that. And also here, I have to live with people who would try to abuse you emotionally and even physically on purpose.

Now, my above ideas are facts that, I had to endure and see unfold in unreal forms of domestic violence at home and in certain vicious circles of working places in London for years. Things or parts of life which have created room for anxiety and depression.

Nevertheless, my philosophy, however, is that human beings are unpredictable. For even though human actions can be understood. Still it is unbecoming and unrealistic to say that one can predict for sure one’s actions.

For how do we know that one will in all circumstances act according to human values or against our human values? And what when pressure mounts on someone or when one’s personal interest is lost?

So one then need to be trained in tolerance, patience and humanity and kindness to be predictable. But what about those big numbers of people who are not trained in as such ideas? 

Now, let me give you an example from my life. And tell you what happens with these people’s thinking. People who are not aware of human values. And change just like that.

I remember, like now, back in 2013, when I said to a house mate, “Please do not throw the rubbish on the floor. Please put them in the bin.

Because at that time my housemate was throwing rubbish from the kitchen stove place to the rubbish bin, that was two to three meters away, on the other side of the kitchen. Like a basketball player. Doing that without any considerations for others, I mean.

To me, however, my statement didn’t sound that bad, “please do not throw the rubbish down on the floor.” But to him, god knows why, it sounded like death. Or say, he just didn’t want to behave humanly at that time.

So he grabbed a knife and chased me to my room. At that time, I …

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