Truth and goodness are holy. So, if you play with them, you play with humanity.

US senators cowering from the hatred that they sowed.

But Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and other hallucinating US senators by protesting the official US election results, they played with good and truth. And with the ideal of humanity. Twisting and turning truth as they wished in front of our eyes and shamelessly so. Sowing resentment and hatred with lies for the sake of will to sick power. 

Now, to be honest hate and lies for Trump are nothing new. For we have seen plenty of 4 years of hatred and discrimination and abuse of power by Donald Trump.

6th January Capitol Hill, police trying to stop the Trump mob!

For for plenty of four years we saw many a bad action in the US politics. We saw Trump setting children in cages in the US, discriminating against muslims. Killing innocent people around the world by dropping bombs from the air. Like dropping flower petals on the heads of innocent people in Middle EAST and elsewhere. Betraying the Kurds, who fought so hard terrorism on our behalf.

And we saw Trump trying to bribe the Ukrainian president to investigate a political opponent while in power. As well as ignoring the facts that said that Russian military intelligence unit secretly offered bounties to Taliban-linked militants for killing American troops. And other coalition forces in Afghanistan.

Therefore, all what I said above are just some of the facts that show Donald Trump to have abused power together with the majority of the wolves of the Republican senators.

Now, as if what Donald Trump did in office was not enough, he went so far with his ego as to appeal for hate and violence in the USA. With his love for the proud boys and his inclination for conspiracy theories. He thought he was set for victory over truth and over good by endlessly spilling conspiracy theories about official election results on Twitter. And across the social media.

Trump on 15 11 2020 showing his hatred for Anti Fascist groups and supporting unconditionally his fascist supporters.


 So, since Trump lost to Joe Biden in the November 2020 election, he has been stoking flames of violence by quoting the worst conspiracy theories ever on his social media empire. And backing the braindead right wing followers to keep supporting their great prophet of hatred called, Donald Trump!

And with these proud boys, who don’t even know the meaning of being human, try to overturn a fair election. The will of millions of people. And the essence of democracy. Taunting American values around the world,. And turning America into the ridicule of the new world.


Trump fans defending conspiracy theories of their president!

Antifa is a Terrorist Organisation, stay out of Washington. Law enforcement is watching you very closely!
10:25 PM · Jan 5, 2021·Twitter for iPhone
Donald Trump said on Twitter on 5th January 2021.

Trump here contently, like a pig, he tweets from the Oval Office. After he had watched plenty of footages showing the escalation of violence on Capitol Hill.

So, it wasn’t only the love for fascist groups but and the hatred for anti fascists that made Trump a distinct fascist politician. Sick for power and violence.

Trump, however, wasn’t alone for he was followed in his madness by the “Sanchos” of the USA. Like Ted Cruz, Jim Jordan and other disciples, who followed the hallucinating mad thinking of Donald Trump all the way to the end of Trump’s daydreaming.


However, it happened that this mendacious daydream ended after the Trump mob, incited and versed with conspiracy theories from their president, stormed Capitol Hill. Setting it in the flames of violence and gun smoke. Events that left five people dead and many others injured.


Trump mob inside the senate!

Further, Riots did not only destroy the daydream of the mad prophet, Donald Trump. For they also gave a clear message to those Intelligent Senators, who abused truth and human goodness by twisting and turning truth and goodness as they liked. For they found themselves in trouble cowering from a Mad Trump Mob! And fearing for their lives like wet chickens running away hastily from the pellets of hailstones and the fear of thunderbolts. 

Now, it happened that straight after the incident, the bully Trump issued a statement saying to those who stormed Capitol Hill, “We love you and go home.”

And hours later, the bully Trump turned foxy and issued another video statement appealing for the same people to be brought to justice. It is funny. Eh?

And more funny than this, however, it is the sick will for power of men.

For Jim Jordan, who rallied like a mad ox to overturn the official election result, also issued a statement condemning the Trump mob. A mob that he had two months that he educated, led and riled them up with hatred and lies.

Rep. Jim Jordan
Americans support peaceful protests, First Amendment activity, and the men and women of law enforcement.
What happened today is wrong and is not what America is about.
10:50 PM · Jan 6, 2021·Twitter Web App

At the end, we come to the philosophical conclusion that shows that the ego of certain politicians is too funny. For they go up to a point where they incite hate, kill people and set the world on fire. And when their EGO is done with all evil. Then they turn their eyes towards human values. And pray for peace!

But then it is too late, gentlemen, for a prayer!

So, justice can be done in this case by bringing the….

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