Letter of Suicide. As a Protest for Council’s policies that Oppress and Kill people indirectly by creating as such conditions and circumstances as intelligent traps for the people. 24 hours from now I will protest by creating consciously suicidal thoughts and acting towards suicide.

Dear Chief Executive of the Hammersmith and Fulham council and dear, you other well paid organisers of discrimination and oppression,

I asked for support a few months ago. I didn’t ask you to put me through hell and abuse me with your corrupt ways of thinking and policies.
For, in two occasions, I was pushed to suicide by the conditions that you as council created. Like by throwing me outside of my temporary accommodation with all my belongings. Just like that with a very short notice. And using me like a lifeless object in many other circumstances. That have already been noted.

Now, when as such thoughts were created because of the circumstances and conditions, that you as a council created. I always stated a fact. And never asked for anything in turn. Nor am I asking you for anything in turn this time. Never. I prefer to live outside in the street rather than ask something in turn of something.

For I prefer to give not to take.

So I am sending a letter of suicide as a protest for some points which show clearly that your policies are wrong and therefore evil. And even though it is very hard for me to think consciously of suicide, as this stirs my stomach and pushes me a step further to the end. I will do this, the hardest thing I have ever done, as a protest against your cruelty, prejudice and inhumanity that you as a council show and have showed in these months.

That means, for the next 24 hours I will think consciously of suicide, search for places where I can commit suicide and send photos live via emails to you.

Why will I do this extreme form of protest?

First, as I was supported from you, I observed a fact. That means, I saw that you would support people and then suddenly cancel their accommodation. This made me see real pain, made me see people in tears who would fall on the floor from pain, cry and scream and shout. Because you would play with them. And use people like lifeless objects. Like unworthy commodities. To me this was CRUELTY. To you this may be humanity.

Secondly, I saw you as a council work with certain agencies that discriminate against the poor in their ads by saying. That they do not accept housing benefit recipients. Landlord’s mortgage/insurance prohibits renting to Housing Benefit recipients.

So the same people and agencies who discriminate against the poor, and bring us to this condition, the same people are being super paid by the council. And you as council overpay them for this service of discrimination. Increasing rent prices and making DISCRIMINATION a LAW.

So, for this I will protest.

Thirdly, you also seem to employ racist and prejudiced people that instead of trying to understand our pain. Create shameful lies to push us to suicide. This fact was fully proved and sent to you in my previous letter. For racist comments and shameful lies were given in writing by your racist CPA. A narrow-minded and prejudiced racist and shameful lier.

So, for this I will protest as well.

My fourth point of protest is the fact that you do not provide lower rent for people in need of housing. And hence you have created a suicidal environment into our borough, where the richest are only supported.
In this way creating tensions and strains of thinking in our minds that make depression and anxiety the only outcome for us.

Fifth point, I do not see you as council creating educative campaigns that fight domestic violence through educative and leading ideas. Which intend to make people aware of certain common sense form of thinking that forms the bases of being human. So to support education by promoting education instead of focusing only on oppression.

I see you as council collecting a dozen different forms of taxes, when we work, suck out our blood. And live like kings for yourselves. With the Chief Executive of Hammersmith and Fulham, Kim Smith, taking £1,69000 per year to discriminate against the poor. Paid by the very poor to discriminate the very poor.

I would not stand for that. I would not stand for these horrible and abhorring council policies that Oppress and Kill people indirectly by creating as such conditions and circumstances as intelligent traps for the people.

We see very well how oppression works from top-down and bottom-up of today intelligent machinery politics.
It is evident that if we lived in a just world, you would not be the people of the council. But people who are tried on courts for creating conditions that abuse human basic rights. And torment civilised people with criminal council policies.

For this, during the coming 24 hours, I will….

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